How to Acquire Sales Leads with Olark Live Chat?

What are the crucial parts of every business? Planning, marketing, finance and sale support. These are the key element to run a successful business. Proper planning is important to make things work properly. Marketing will let people know about your brand, products or services. Financial management plays a key role to calculate profit and loss. Sale support team ensure to provide better customer support to your prospects. Everything should be organized in a perfect way to generate better revenue.

Have you developed a quality product or service? Yes!!! You’ve done a great job. What next? It’s time to promote your products or services. Let the world know about your brand. Start promoting your brand on multiple platforms and acquire more sales. Entrepreneurs are following various strategies to grow their business – developing quality products to providing services through live chat.

Let’s talk about live chat support. Many businesses are using Olark live chat support to capture more sales leads, which is among top 10 live chat software . Olark believes the human connection is important for company growth. If you want to acquire more sales then you need to connect customers in real-time. Understand customers issues and provide the right solution. Also, gathering personal information and building strong profiles for every customer is now possible with Olark custom per-chats. Check here detailed olark review.

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Engaging Visitors Proactively

Whenever a new user visited on your website, a pre-chat window gets prompted automatically. The visitor is allowed to enter their name, address, email id and mobile number to begin the chat. These custom fields are used to create individual profiles for every visitor. The custom information can be used for multiple purposes like sending a newsletter,  notification, and more.

Every visitor is considered as a potential lead to your website. Olark offers a proactive chat to engage with visitors. It will let the customer feel happy that you’re here to solve their issues. Sound like a human while interacting with your customers. These days customers can easily identify whether they’re talking to robot or human. Depending upon the customers ask the right question such as “How can I help you?” If you’re running a discount on the entire website then provide information to your customers. For example, “Flat 50% discount on sitewide”.

Customers get excited when they receive customized emails or messages. Make them feel excited by sending customized texts like “Welcome back”. Follow various strategies and pick the right way to engage with your customers.

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Pre-chat Survey

A pre-chat survey is an outstanding feature provided by Olark. If you want to generate maximum leads to your business then it’s important to set-up a pre-chat survey. Many businesses are following the pre-chat survey before connecting to the customer support team. Integrating a pre-chat survey is the best way to increase the sales and percentage of chats. Besides, capturing customer personal information is easier with a pre-chat survey.

Using Olark, start creating customized chat depending upon your requirement. Create a pre-chat window and allow your customers to fill the details. Never ever forget to include email id in your pre-chat survey. Also, don’t ask too many questions for a customer. In some cases, customer can leave your website if the survey consists of more than 4 questions.

Are you planning to go beyond? Yes!!! Start including lead generation questions such as job title or company name. You can also include “How did you know about our brand?”.

You can ask more than 6 questions using Olark’s per-chat survey. Olark offers various styles, formats, paragraph text fields and personalized single-lines to make your task easier. Concentrate more on the pre-chat survey, it is the best way to acquire sales leads. Do experiment with a different type of questions. Collect the required information by asking fewer questions to your customers.

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Qualifying Leads

Successfully you’ve gathered information through Olark pre-chat survey. What next? It’s time to filter the qualified leads from them. It doesn’t matter how many leads you generate, it’s all about how qualified the leads are.

Lead qualification is a crucial element of the sales process. The more quality leads you to generate, the sales process will get efficient for both the sales agent and customer.

Thanks to Olark. With pre-chat survey information, the customer support team can easily identify and qualify a lead in a single glance.

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Create Space for Lead Acquisition

Are you getting a few lead acquisitions for your website? Yes!!! Then start using tag support chats in Olark. It works with a simple mechanism. It is used to categorize chatbox by page or product. When a customer gets stuck at a point, they can label on your website. This way, identifying and detecting the issue becomes an easy task for your team. Prepare a list of frequently used tags. Have a look at these tags where your customers feel difficult or confused. Identify and fix them as soon as possible.

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Acquiring sales leads is not an easy task. Keeping it simple, it is an important process to make a business survive. If you’re planning to skyrocket sales leads then look no further than Olark live chat support. The more you acquire leads the more revenue you can generate. It is the right option to grow your business. Make the great use of a pre-chat survey, qualifying leads and creating space for lead acquisition.
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