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Guest Posting Sites List 2024 (Well Researched, Tested & Updated in 2024)

200+ Unique Guest posting Sites List that accept Guest Posts 

Top 20 Best of the Blogs from our list which accept guest posts- We have listed  below curated best blogs from most used categories – Business, Technology, Finance, Marketing. Which have high rate of acceptance and well maintained quality blogs which we have tested and updated regularly.

Website/BlogSubmit MOZ Domain AuthorityCategories
MyvuContact for ArticleDA 55Business,Technology, Marketing, Finance
MyVenturePadSubmit Guest PostDA 50Business, Technology, Marketing, Finance
ZeenContact for ContributeDA 50Business, Finance, Technology, Marketing
InfoBeatContact for Guest PostDA 45Business, Technology, Marketing, Finance
PostlingWrite For UsDA 50Business, Technology, Marketing, Finance
JcountContact for Guest PostDA 50Business, Technology, Marketing, Finance
MeldiumSubmit Guest BloggingDA 45Business, Technology, Marketing, Finance
LocationarySubmit Guest blogDA 50Business, Technology, Marketing, Finance
TechmaishWrite For UsDA 40Blogging, Technology, Marketing, Social Media
ReadWritecontribute guest postingDA 80Startups, Technology, Business, Finance
TipsBloggerSubmit Guest PostDA 25Business, Software, Marketing, Blogging
Frugal EntrepreneurSubmit Guest blogDA 30Entrepreneur, Business, Marketing, Finance
KillerStartupsSubmit StartupDA 60Startup, Entrepreneur, Business, Marketing
TListsGuest Blog PostDA 45Technology, Business, Marketing, Finance
TechRapidlyWrite Guest PostDA 35Technology, Business, Marketing, Finance
TechGenraContact for Guest PostingDA 35Technology, Business, Marketing, Finance
NorthcuttGuest EditorialDA 40Digital Marketing, Social Media, Entrepreneur
Elite Personal FinanceWrite Guest PostDA 40Finance, Business, Make Money
GeeksGyaanSubmit Blog PostDA 60Technology, Business, Gadgets, Gaming
GentlexpContribute articleDA 20Technology, Business, Gadgets, Mobile
BloggersPathSubmit Blog PostDA 45Blogging, Web Design, Software, Marketing
W3JWrite for usDA 40Business, Technology, Marketing, Finance
FalconHiveContact for Guest PostingDA 35Blogging, Web Design, Software, Marketing
List of Technology, Business, Finance, Marketing, Blogging, SEO, Web Design and more Blogs

One of the proven ways to boost search engine rankings and the traffic to your website is contributing guest posts to relevant and authoritative Guest Posting Sites. But finding the right website or blog is not an easy task. With so many websites or blogs available in the market, finding the right blog can be tricky.

Here is the list, we have carefully compiled for you, We have listed unique blogs rather than same repetitive blogs like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Techcrunch etc. which are listed by many other bloggers and everyone knows about these.  So we decided to exclude popular blogs and list some unique blogs. This Guest Posting Sites List has over 200 high-quality websites or blogs that accept guest posts. Contributing content to the sites in the list will bring organic traffic to your website along with boosting your site rankings. Guest posting is highly effective if done right.  Contact and Submit your content to the list mentioned below and achieve positive results. 

Guest posting sites

Best of the List of Blogs That Accept Guest Posting

As you know guest posting is a perfect strategy to improve your brand visibility and audience base. But finding the right site for your business can be a daunting task. That is the reason why we have provided you with a list of blogs that accept guest posts. We understand there are times when even the search engine may not be quite helpful. When you search for the list of blogs that accept guest posts, every article list shows you the common list with sites such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Business insider etc. Yes, all these sites are amazing but they may not be right for your niche. We have conducted extensive research to find you unique websites that have great domain authority. 

In this list of blogs that accept guest posts, we have divided the sites based on their industry. We have made your work simple and easy, so find the right site for your website in the below-mentioned list of sites that accept guest posts.

Technology, Gadgets & Tech Software Blogs that Accept Guest Posting

Remember that using guest posting strategy will only be effective if you provide your new audience with high-quality content. Choose from the list, approach the site owner and boost traffic and search engine rankings to your website. Here is the technology guest posting sites list that allow guest posts. Check out the list and take your pick.

TlistsSubmit guest post

MyventurepadSubmit Guest Post


InfoBeat –  Contact for Guest Post

W3JWrite for them

TechGenracontact for Guest Posting

TechMaish – Write For Us

CentrinitySubmit Guest blog

ReadwriteWrite for them

Tips BloggerWrite for them

Buzz2foneSubmit guest post

GigaomWrite for them

Smashing MagazineWrite for them

MobileTweaksSubmit guest post

Techie BuzzWrite for them

HitechDroidWrite for them

Techie BloggerWrite for them

Jcount –  Contact for Guest Post

Digital InspirationWrite for them

Trouble FixersWrite for them

Devils’ WorkshopWrite for them

Calling All GeeksWrite for them

Inspiration FeedWrite for them

The Pragmatic BookshelfWrite for them

Site PointWrite for them

The KernelWrite for them

Tech WallsWrite for them

iTech CodeWrite for them

Tech At LastWrite for them

ComptalksWrite for them

Web and DesignersWrite for them

SlashdotWrite for them

Craving TechWrite for them

Business , General Marketing, Entrepreneur, Startup Blogs that accept Guest Posting

If you’re an entrepreneur and you want your business to reach a new audience and attract traffic, then guest posting is the perfect option for you. Send your pitch to the below-mentioned websites and take your website to new heights. Remember this guest posting will help you in both sharing and gaining knowledge. Here is the business guest posting sites list that allow guest posts.

MyventurepadSubmit Guest Post

MeldiumSubmit Guest Blogging

InfoBeat –  Contact for Guest Post


LocationaryWrite for them

FrugalentrepreneurContact For Guest blogging

Jcount –  Contact for Guest Post

CentrinitySubmit Guest blog

KillerStartupsWrite for them

W3JWrite for them


Blogging, Make Money & LifeStyle Blogs that Accept Guest Posting

If you’re a blogger and looking for guest posting websites that will help you in reaching a new audience then this list is perfect for you. However, the websites mentioned in the list are quite different from one another, so before approaching them it is beneficial for you to perform a background check. Here is the blogging guest posting sites list that allow guest posts.

InfoBeat –  Contact for Guest Post

MyventurepadSubmit Guest Post

Postling –  Contact for Guest Post

Jcount –  Contact for Guest Post

BloggerspathSubmit Guest Posting

MeldiumSubmit Guest Blogging

Business2CommunityWrite for them

Blogheraldcontact for Guest posting

BloggerstackWrite for Them

KISSmetricsWrite for them

CopybloggerWrite for them

FalconhiveContact For Guest posting

Daily Blog TipsWrite for them

Blogging TipsWrite for them

BlogsoluteWrite for them

ComLuvWrite for them

Smart BloggerzWrite for them

Quick Online TipsWrite for them

We Blog BetterWrite for them

Freelance Folder  – Contact

Blog Godown – Write For Us – Contact

Blogsolute – Contact Us

MillioncluesContact for Guest Posting

Copyblogger – Guest Post Guidelines

YoungPrePro – Submit Guest Post

Blog Engage – Guest Blog Here

Kikolani – Guest Post Opportunities

Allbloggingtips – Write For Us

Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media & SEO Blogs that Accept Guest Posting

If you’re a digital marketer or a person who has extensive knowledge on social media, SEO, SEM then this list for you. All the below-mentioned websites deal with different aspects of digital marketing. So if you want your article to feature on their website then you must send them high-quality content. Here is the digital marketing guest posting sites list that allow guest posts.

Moz – Submit Guest Post

Jcount –  Contact for Guest Post

Socialmediatoday – Submit Guest Post

MyventurepadSubmit Guest Post

MeldiumSubmit Guest Blogging

Qiel | Submit Guest Post

Search Engine JournalWrite for them

Search Engine PeopleWrite for them

Magnet 4 MarketingWrite for them

SearcheditorsGuest Blogging

k2seoWrite for them

DailySeoBlogWrite for Them

LocalseochecklistsWrite for them

SeoNickSubmit for them 

SeoTechyWorldSubmit for Guest posting

Web Design, Web Development, Software Development, WordPress Technology  Blogs that Accept Guest Posting

This list is perfect for WordPress enthusiasts or a web developer. All the sites mentioned in the below list cover all the concepts relating to web design, web development, coding etc. So before sending them you’re, check their website and understand their audience preferences to create high-quality content. Here is the web design guest posting sites list that allow guest posts.

FalconhiveContact For Guest posting

DesignrshubSubmit Design News

MeldiumSubmit Guest Blogging

ThedesignmagSubmit Guest blog

LogodesignerblogSubmit Guest posting

OnextrapixelWrite for them

NoupeWrite for them

Inspiration FeedWrite for them

SkyjeWrite for them

Web and DesignersWrite for them

Light StalkingWrite for them

Steve’s DigicamsWrite for them

I Heart FacesWrite for them

ColossalWrite for them

InhabitatWrite for them

Daily Art FixxWrite for them

Finance & Investing Blogs that Accept Guest Posting

All the below mentioned websites mostly handle general business, finance, investments etc. So make sure you deliver them a pitch that showcases your expertise along with your quality-content. Here is the finance guest posting sites list that allow guest posts.

MyventurepadSubmit Guest Post

MeldiumSubmit Guest Blogging

GabbrWrite for them

I Will Teach You To Be RichWrite for them

Five Cent NickelWrite for them

Modest MoneyWrite for them

InfoBeat –  Contact for Guest Post

InvestopediaWrite for them

ComFree BlogWrite for them

Investor GuideWrite for them

Fat WalletWrite for them

Money Saving MomWrite for them

Wise BreadWrite for them

Saving AdviceWrite for them

One Cent at a TimeWrite for them

Financial HighwayWrite for them

Financial SenseWrite for them

Health Blogs that Accept Guest Posting

 Here is the health guest posting sites list that allow guest posts.

HealthSentinelSubmit Guest Post

TechPuzzSubmit Guest Post

Automotive Blogs that Accept Guest Posting

Here is the Automotive guest posting sites list that allow guest posts.

SupMagSubmit Guest Post

Food Blogs that Accept Guest Posting

Here is the food guest posting sites list that allow guest posts.

TheFoodXPSubmit Guest Post

OkEasyLifeSubmit Guest Post


What is Guest Posting?  

If you’re a blogger then you must have already heard about Guest posting and the guest posting sites. It is a strategy in digital marketing to boost your blog’s search engine ranking and traffic. In simple terms, guest posting means posting your content on someone else’s blog or website. It is one of the most effective approaches to build a relationship with peers in the industry whilst building your brand awareness. There are many Guest Posting Sites that accept guest posts. 

And in this article, we are providing you with a Unique and Updated List of Guest Posting Sites you can approach and beyond.

The concept of Guest posting is quite simple – when you contribute content for someone’s blog in return you would get exposure and an external link. It is beneficial for both parties involved and your network with other bloggers makes new connections that may prove to be helpful for you in the future. It may indirectly help you in increasing your influence on social media platforms too. But it is important to remember that guest posting sites are also highly skeptical before accepting a blog post. There are so many factors they consider before posting the blog on their websites. 

This list of guest posting sites helps to post your content on their website if they think it is relevant, genuine and will educate their users. With the Guest posting, you can target and reach a new audience. Posting on new sites will present you with an opportunity to reach new audiences who might take an interest in your content. But most people think guest posting is dead. If you’re one of those people, then it is high time you change your opinion. Guest posting works even in 2024 if done right.

Guest posting, аѕ the name implies, іѕ the асt оf creating interesting content publishing on another wеbѕіtе. Make sure that the topic of the post іѕ interesting and focused on your target audience. Guest Posting Sites has the power to increase the trаffіс and also get your business or website nоtісеd by a larger audience.

If you want to reach a wider audience base then guest posting is the answer. You always post content on your website, so it is natural that you would gain your own audience base. But, if to want to tap into a new audience then start guest posting to get your brand out into them.

It is still one of the most relevant approaches to gain high-quality links. But over these past few years, guest posting has gained some negative reputation. It is because of the black-hat SEO techniques followed by spam bloggers. These bloggers bribe the blog owners to post the low-quality content blog for their SEO and link-building benefits.

Following such spammy approaches will do no good for your blog. And all of these approaches have only made Google tighten their guidelines. So instead of posting low-quality content, create high-quality content that is relevant and provides information to their audience. And the most important thing to remember is that providing the new audience with high-quality content will only make them curious to know more about your blog or website. So when they genuinely take an interest in your content they will be automatically drawn to your websites.


Benefits of Guest Posting

list of Guest posting sites

As you have already known, guest posting has become a victim of negative popularity because of all these black hat techniques.

If уоu own a business, and yоu want tо create more awareness for  your products оr services; Guest posting would be very beneficial to your buѕіnеѕѕ success, so use this guest posting sites list. Writing interesting articles about a new product, might not only be bеnеfісіаl tо уоu but аlѕо to the ѕіtе uѕеrѕ оr rеаdеrѕ, who might соmе across some useful information in your article. Thіѕ is why your аrtісlеѕ needs to be interesting and informative, аѕ muсh аѕ possible.

Wеll, you might think іt іѕ uѕеlеѕѕ to try this out, аftеr all уоu hаvе your own website, ѕо why роѕt in other’s wеbѕіtе using this guest posting sites list. If уоu compare the gаіn you would receive in retrospect to the little effort you put in, there are many reasons why one must consider guest posting.

Here are a few benefits of Guest posting just to remind you of its importance in your digital marketing strategy.

Boosts Traffic

Traffic is one of the main reasons why most people are interested in guest posting. It is not an exaggeration to say that most people invest their time and effort in it for the quality leads it sends. When you post your content on guest posting sites, their audience will reach your website if they find your content original and interesting. If you contribute quality content to others’ websites, you will automatically see a rise in the traffic to your website. Simply put, a guest post can drive traffic to your website and improve your conversions.


Approaching guest posting sites will improve your network and help you in building meaningful relationships with your peers in the industry. Everyone knows that building mutual friendships in the industry will only do good for your business. You can frequently collaborate with them, learn from them and most importantly help each other. And what else is a better way than guest posting? Through guest posting, you can get to know the site owners and build strong connections within the industry.

Brand Awareness

Do you want people to recognize your content? Then, guest posting is perfect for you. When you post on guest posting sites, you have a chance to reach their audience and present them a preview of your content, blog or website. This is one of the brilliant methods to build your brand. Writing on such popular sites will showcase your ideology, thought process and skills. And if a reader finds your content intriguing they may visit your website, social media and become your loyal follower. So, place all your focus on creating the best content and the rest will follow you.     

Social Media Following

When people like the content you have posted in the guest posting sites, it is natural that they will visit your website and social media page. And if you regularly post interesting and interactive content on your social media platforms, your followers will automatically increase along with likes and shares on your posts. Simply put, the best way to improve your online presence is guest posting. Always remember to add your social media accounts to your contributor’s profile.

Sales Cycle

By contributing to the guest posting sites, you’re not only generating quality leads but also shortening your sales funnel. Confused!! When you post your content on popular sites, you are building familiarity between your new target audience and your brand. So rather than waiting for a potential customer to find your website. You’re introducing your brand value by providing the new users with quality content.

How to Pitch a Guest Post and be a Perfect Guest Blogger?

How to guest post

In any content marketing strategy guest posting plays a major role. But it’s definitely easy to get the approval of the editor or site owner. On a daily basis, the site owner receives more than 10 pitches. If you want your content to go through without any hitches then you must put in extra efforts to create unique high-quality content in the niche your new audience would be interested in. 

Here are few tips on how to pitch a guest post and stand out from the crowd.


There are many reasons why a pitch could be rejected. It could because of the low-quality content. Not meeting the site owner requirements. Misaligned content or content that does not match the needs of the new audience. Remember if you want to get your guest post published then you must focus on creating content that the other websites readership would enjoy. So it is important that you must do your research. Check out the site you’re interested in, read the content posted on their website. Understand their audience and the type of content they’re posting on their page. So the first and most important thing before you even start working on your pitch is to conduct your research. Because no guest posting sites approves of a piece of content that is not catering to the needs of their audience.

Build a Relationship

Guest posting is not about creating content and posting it on their website and going on your way. It is much more than that. With a pitch you are not only tapping into the guest posting sites audience, but also building a friendship with them. You’re connecting with peers in the industry and building your connections and network with others to collaborate in the future. Not only that you know that having connections within the industry is key for a new blogger. They will help you in grabbing roles within the industry. So instead of sending them your pitch directly, first send them a personalized email and don’t forget to introduce yourself. Start with your name, it is a great way to build the message. Don’t give them your whole story. Just introduce yourself in two or three sentences. There are high chances for the site owner to open your mail.

Killer Subject Line

The guest posting sites receive hundreds of pitches daily. If you don’t want your email to disappear in the sea of emails the first thing you must do is write an interesting subject line. Apart from your email id, the only thing the site owner can see is your subject line. So make it as quirky and interesting as possible. Because the first impression does matter. Spend more than 75% of your time on the subject line and the rest on your pitch. If you have impressed them with a headline then there are high chances of them opening your email.

Present them with your Best Ideas

Ideas are the most important part of your guest post pitch. It all starts from this. There are many things that can go wrong or right from this point. So you must first do your research and come up with as many ideas as possible. Remember that if you suggest ideas that are already published in the sites then your pitch will definitely get rejected by the guest posting sites. The only way to avoid it is by performing thorough research. Make a list of all the topics that you would like to write. And then go through the blogs content and see if they have already written on the topics you have shortlisted. This way you will get an idea on the type of content they’re more likely to accept. You can also get aid from tools such as SEMRush. Once you find an excellent idea they have written on, include it in your pitch. But don’t just go with one idea, offer at least five ideas. So that you have more chances to get approved.


Once you have carefully included all the important details in your proposal then it is time for you to write your regards. Wondering why you must be careful of regards too. Every single thing related to your guest posting pitch is quite important. Studies show that there are many ways to sign off, you can give a creative signoff so that there are more chances of you getting a reply back. But before sending your email. Give it a double-check or if necessary check it thrice. Proofreading is a must. It would really damage your image if you sent them an email with typos and grammatical errors. So take your time before clicking the send button. Lastly, just sending the mail doesn’t mean that your job is done. Follow-up is also necessary, so send them a follow-up email. 

How to Find the Best Guest Posting Sites – Methods Used 

search guest posting sites

Wondering if there are any other methods to find the best guest posting sites? Yes, there are many other methods you can use to find the sites that accept guest posts. 

Finding guest роѕting sites to роѕt іѕn’t аn еаѕу tаѕk. However, sоmеtіmеѕ the top blоgѕ in the nісhе аrе unwilling to publish оr even look аt guest post rеԛuеѕtѕ. In some cases, it may be vеrу dіffісult tо get your posts ассерtеd because оf the sheer volume of other guest posts the blog owner rесеіvеѕ.

Here are a few methods that you can use to find the websites

List of Search Queries – Google Strings

Search engines are the popular and efficient methods to find any information on the Web. So why should it be any different for finding the guest posting sites. 

This is one of the most useful methods to find sites that are willing to take guest posts. All you have to do is put the advanced search query in the search bar and press enter. Once you get results for a particular query you can check and find out potential sites and start the process. 

General Search Queries in Google

“Write to us”

“Guest Posting”

“Blogs that accept Guest posting”

“Guest blogging”

“Free Guest Posting Sites List”

“Contribute to our site”

“Guest blogging Sites”

“Guest Post”

“Blogging Sites”

“List of guest posting sites”

“Guest Article Sites List”

“Guest Posting Sites”

“Blogs for guest posting”

“Guest posts wanted”

“Guest Posting Sites List”

“Become guest blogger”

For Categories Search – Add category name along with a query

  • “Write for us” Technology
  • Technology + “Write for us” 
  • “Technology blogs that accept guest posting”
  • “Marketing Guest posting Sites”
  • “Marketing blogs that accept guest posting”
  • “Finance blogs that accept guest posting”
  • “Finance Guest blogging Sites”
  • “Tech Guest posting sites”

Competitor Backlinks

If you use the right tools this strategy can be highly effective. All you have to do is enter the URL of your competitor and you find all the backlinks the site has. But finding the right tool is really important, you can use SEMRush to find the backlinks. With this strategy you can get a look into the backlinks of any website and find some great guest posting opportunities. The most important part of this strategy is that you must be able to identify the contributors and guest posting sites in that huge list. It may be hard, but not impossible. With time and effort you can find some excellent and genuine websites that accept the guest posts. 

Featured on or Guest Post Pages

Another interesting method to find guest post pages is checking the featured column in a website. See most of the websites include all the blogs or websites their content featured in. Simply put, all the blogs or websites that have featured in are the sites that accept guest posts. Most of the bloggers mentioned the sites they have been featured in. So whenever you’re browsing through a website, make it a point to check if they have mentioned any blogs they have featured in and make it a point to create a list with all the guest post pages you find. 


Social media is also a great way to find contributors. People usually post when they’re featured on other blogs or websites. So this is another great way of finding contributors. You can use search strings that are used for search engines in Twitter too. When you perform twitter search for a particular query, it will show you tweets that include that particular keyword. Once you get results make sure you scan and evaluate them before deciding your pick. This is also one of the effective approaches to find guest post pages and contributors.


This method is quite similar to Twitter, You just have to put the keyword in the Facebook search then it will show you all the posts that include that particular keyword. There will be hundreds of results, but it is your responsibility to find the sites that accept guest posting are relevant for you. Apart from search strings, Facebook is home for many groups. So all you have to do is find groups relating to digital marketing and guest posting. Once you become part of the group, you will find more contributors and sites information. As groups update information relating to it. 

Premade Guest posting list

There are many nice people on the internet who are here to make your job easy. They usually upload the list of all the sites based on their research. There are many blogs that provide a list of guest posting sites. You can check out such premade lists like the one you’re reading now to find sites that accept guest posting. All you have to do is search with the keyword and there you go, hundreds of premade lists appear. But the tricky part is you must actually know which list is genuine. Most of the lists have similar sites mentioned in the list. So make sure you find unique sites from these lists.

Do’s and Don’t of Guest posting

dos and donts of guest posting


Do read their blog:

This is one of the most important things that you need to take care of before approaching a site owner with your pitch. You must understand the audience you’re writing for. And the only way to do that is to read their blog. If you go through their blogs you can understand the level of their content, the voice they write in and most importantly the topics they have covered. There is a high chance of your content getting featured in their blog if you maintain a similar style as them.

Do create unique content

Your content should be exceptional for it to be featured in their blog. No site owner will publish a low-quality content. On a daily basis, they receive hundreds of pitches, so if you want them to notice your pitch then you must make sure that your content is exceptional. So before submitting your article send them your amazing ideas. Nothing other than high-quality content will help you. So find out what works best for their audience and craft your content accordingly.

Do Build a relationship 

Before you send them your pitch it is important for you to build a relationship with them. After all, it is not a bad thing to make a few connections and friends within the industry. It is always a good thing if you’re familiar with the editors of the site. There are more chances of your content getting accepted. And it will become a bridge for future collaborations too. You can start by interacting with the site owners and editors on the social media platforms.

Do write a strong subject line and title 

Write interesting and catchy subject lines to grab the attention of the editor. Catchy lines will spark an interest in the editor to read your email further. Not only the email subject lines you must make sure that the title of your blog post should also be equally creative and interesting to draw the attention of your new audience. 

Do follow the guidelines

Every site owner usually provides guest bloggers with certain guidelines to follow. So you must make sure that you follow all those requirements. Because sometimes if you don’t follow they may reject your content. Remember that you’re featuring on their website, and they understand the readers better than you. So the guidelines will only make the content more appealing for their readership.


Don’t make the blog spammy

Because of many black hat SEO techniques, people usually consider that guest posting is dead. But the reality is far from it. If you want guest posting to become an effective strategy then avoid stuffing your article with keywords and links. Write an article for the audience not for the search engine.

Don’t write on topic that has been written before

What is the point of writing on topics that have already been covered before? There is no point in writing on a topic that has already been written on the website. Their audience would have already read about it so there are low chances of your topic getting accepted. So, perform research and write on fresh and unique topics that would add value to the blog and improve the knowledge of the new audience.

Don’t send mass emails and the same posts to all

Sending mass emails to all the site owners is not a cool thing. And there are high chances of your email ending up in the spam folder. People recognize the mass emails easily and without even reading the content of your email they trash it. So if you don’t want to end up with such a situation stop sending mass emails. A little effort is always appreciated and people like personalized emails more than a general email. Importantly not all websites have the same niche as your topic idea. So sending the same topic to all the sites may not, after all, be a good idea. So avoid doing that. 


Myths of Guest posting

Guest posting is undoubtedly one of the most effective and efficient approaches to increase traffic to your website. If done right it can bring so many benefits for your website.

myths of guest posting

Here are a few myths about Guest posting that are not true.

Guest Posting is dead

For all those people who think guest posting is yesteryear’s concept. Let’s clear it up once and for all. No!!! You’re wrong, guest posting is not dead or dying. It is still one of the most effective strategies that can help you in reaching a newer audience and building connections within the industry. Yes, it is true that the standards are not the same anymore they have become tighter and the competition has gotten more fierce. But it is definitely one of the most effective strategies to boost search engine rankings.

Prior reputation is mandatory

True that guest posting is not that easy for people to get into but that doesn’t mean that you must have a pre-existing reputation. As long as you have high-quality content it doesn’t matter whether you’re a new blog or an old one. But a strong foundation, take all the feedback you could and improve yourself whenever someone gives you a suggestion and within no time you will see how rewarding guest posting actually is.

Guidelines are the same

No this is one myth that needs to be busted, Not all guidelines are the same. If you think they’re, then you’re highly wrong. The guidelines change from blog to blog. So before sending your blog posts make sure that you comply with all the requirements as you know if you don’t follow them, there are high chances of your article getting rejected. Customize your content strategy based on the publisher you’re working with. Select right topics and provide content that is knowledgeable to their audience. 

Job done once post is published

If you’re someone who thinks like this, then it is high time to come to the realization. It takes a lot of expertise and effort for a piece of your content to get published. Your job is not done once your post is published. If you want to see better results with your guest posting strategy. Then you must promote your content on social media platforms and interact with people to gain visibility. There are many ways for you to get value out of your content. It is not that this strategy is perfectly flawless. But the thing is, it is definitely worth trying as it has more chances of boosting your website’s visibility.



Guest posting as said above is one of the most effective approaches to your digital marketing strategy. But one of the most important things that you need to remember is that if you want to make most of this strategy then you must follow Google Guidelines. This article is the ultimate guide for posting, we have provided all the information that you need to know before making a guest posting a part of your digital marketing strategy. And the list mentioned above is the list carefully researched and curated by our team. It is divided based on the industry. So, find the sites that are in your niche or industry and start guest posting. There is not an ounce of doubt that guest posting is a powerful method to build awareness, links, trust and traction. We hope that you have enjoyed this article on Guest posting. Check out the guest post pages list and shortlist the sites that match your niche and send them your pitch.

Disclaimer: This article in no way assures or guarantees you that all the sites mentioned in the list will accept your pitch or content. The only purpose for this list is to act as a resource for people who are looking for guest posting sites to contribute their content to guest posting sites. Remember some of the guidelines of these sites may have changed by the time you’re reading this article. The sites may have closed down taking submissions from contributors or Domain Authority may have decreased or increased. So before reaching out to the sites, check for all the factors and make sure that your pitch and content are of high-quality.


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