How to Provide Great for Customer Support using Olark Live Chat

Whether you’re running a local business or international corporation, customer supports is a major component of business success. The process of customer service begins with interacting with a visitor, solving the queries and continue through a checkout process. The ultimate goal for customer service team is to close a sale and gain potential customers. Although customer support needs additional resource and time when you build a powerful customer support team it will enable to stand-out from the competition, encourages new and existing customers to purchase. Hurray!!! Business entrepreneurs strongly believe that providing great customer support for customers can drastically improve ROI

Why customer support is important for business?

  • Improve customer loyalty
  • Increase the revenue
  • Customer support represents your brand, goals and values
  • It encourages customers to stay loyal to your brand
  • Excellent customer support is a competitive benefit
  • Improve traffic and sales
  • Generate word-of-mouth promotion about your brand
  • Prevents business failures
  • Customer lift time value (CLTV) drastically increases

Happy clients and customers lead to maximum growth and sustainability. As per the recent analysis, 84% of business are using customer support software to increase revenue. Did you know, 75% of customer prefer a website that has excellent customer support? Yes!!! If you want to gain happy customers and grow your business then take a step towards implementing customer support.

Thanks to the internet!!! Every day hundreds of new software are been introduced. Customer support is one among them. There are thousands of customer support platforms are available online. Wandering to choose the best software? No more worries!!! Use Olark live chat support to improve your business.

Let’s talk about Olark live chat support.

Olark is popular live chat support for a small and large business. Businesses are introducing live chat on their website. As per research, 79% of customers prefer to chat online over phone or email.

The customer support team are the frontline for your business. Customer support is an intense job. Agents need to be “ON” throughout the day. The mission of every customer support team is to turn a visitor into a lead. Customer support team need to deal with different kinds of people. Make sure your customer agents are well-trained and have complete knowledge about your products or services. Whenever a customer request for an issue, customer support executive need to solve that issue in no time. Sometimes, a customer agent needs to handle angry customers. At that moment, treat your customers wisely, if you’re unable to handle then switch the chat to experts using Olark live chat software.

Are you a new user to Olark live chat support? Don’t rush. Olark provides 14-days free trial program for new users. Get started and understand how Olark works and how it helps to collect feedback from every chat.

Start chatting with yourself

Using Olark live chat. Confused? Yes, you can chat with yourself by opening Olark chat in a regular browser and your website in incognito window.

Keep a note of your experience

Though it sounds weird it actually works. Take enough time to understand the user experience. For example

  • You’re chatting console may vary from the user chat window. Try sending long text and check how it is been displayed on user chat window.
  • Send an image and understand how it appears.
  • Check whether your chat widget is displayed on every webpage.
  • Start sending automated messages and check how many times automated messages are been delivered.
  • Examine whether the chatbox is blocking the content on the website.

Olark live chat free-trial offer chat widget on a single webpage. You can experiment it on “Content Us” web page or “Home Page”. Try free-trial and track data for future references.

If you’re an existing customer of Olark

Spend time to understanding the advanced features of Olark such as commands and shortcuts. These can help the agent to make the workflow easy and simple.

Before beginning a chat shift

Set up your environment, before getting started with chat shift, you need to ensure that your environment is all set according to your convenience. For example, check whether your chair and desk are comfortable. Keep a water bottle and healthy snacks on your table. Don’t make it messy.

Open necessary tools and resources: Before accepting the chats don’t forget to open necessary documents such as vendors websites, online documentations, visitors personal information and more. Make sure communication tools are open. Let’s consider, Olark uses Slack tool to keep in touch with customers. Olark live chat provides with various tools such as

  • ClouApp: It is used to capture images, gifs, audio, etc.
  • This tool is used to capture screenshots.
  • Share screenshots, images and gifs.
  • Evernote Skitch: It is a perfect tool for annotating pictures.
  • Grabbox: Exclusive for Mac users. It is used for screenshot sharing.

Olark chat console

Say big thanks to Olark Chat Console. But why? It detects customer information automatically. Olark uses cookies to store visitors’ information. Also, use third party tools to track visitors location. Therefore, agents are able to capture visitor personal information such as email, location, browsing history, etc on your website. Business uses this visitor information for multiple purposes.

Personalize your salutations: Customers love personalized conversations. Begin the chart with greetings. Depending upon the time, agents should wish them “good morning” or “good afternoon”. If you’re running an exclusive sale for a specific location then information regarding the on-going sale. Make sure the sale location and customer location should match. If you’ve encountered an existing customer then greet them “Welcome back” and ask them feedback about the previous purchase. Also, customzing the conversation is one of the great strategy to aquire sales lead with Olark.

Help your customer with the right solution: Olark chat console allows you complete information about the visitors browsing history on your website. An agent has a clear picture of what information that customer is searching for. For example, a customer landed on your website and search for iPhone 11 Pro mobile phone. Ask them “Can I help you with the best deal?”

Build a human connection on real-time

First impression is always the best impression!!!

When a customer gets connected with you through chat. It could be a great opportunity to impress them. Sound like a human, never make the customer feel like they’re talking to a robot. Expand business and customer relationship with human interaction. So, make your first move and take continue it for a lifetime. Building a human connection on real-time is the amazing strategy to increase sales.

Respond quickly: People hate waiting!!! Never ever keep your customers waiting for a long time to solve their issue. Keep your response time less than 20 seconds. The more customer waits, the more chances to leave your website.

Collect required information: Never miss a single chance to collect information from the customer. Ask customers personal information, preferences and interest. Besides collect and save the information at a knowledge database.

Use third-party integrations: Want to grow more revenue? Yes!!! Connect Olark with third-party applications or tools. Olark provides free tools to integrate such as Slack, Salesforce, Hubspot, Google Analytics, CRM and more. These tools will provide actionable insights about your customer.

Know what they require: Talk gently with your customers. Ask the customer’s what they’re looking for. “How can I assist you?” or  “How can I help you?” Understand customer’s issue and provide a solution in less time. Olark live chat support provides automated texts to make your work super easy.

Be specific and clear: Customer support executive has multiple tasks – interacting to customers, understanding the issue, accessing documents, tracking visitor status and more. Agent needs to perform multiple actions. But the truth is customers have zero knowledge about what the agent is going through. Communicate about your current status and tell a customer about how long does it take to solve the issue.

Ending the chat

Every interaction with the customer should come to an end. If you want to end chat positively then follow below steps

When a customer asks about an out-of-stock product. Give complete information about the product in-stock to the customer. Also, provide additional information such as features, specification, pricing, return policy and more.

Sometimes the customer says “Goodbye” in the middle of the conversation. At that moment, a customer agent can end the chat “Thanks for connecting with us.” Never force a customer to re-open the chatbox.


Customer support is the heart of every business. Olark live chat is a simple, easy and convenient way to connect with business prospects. Did you know over 11,000 companies are using Olark to improve their business? Yes!!! Stop wasting your time. Get Olark live chat support and provide great customer support to your customers. Also, the software is an effective way to generate maximum ROI.
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