How Does Olark Live Chat Help to Increase Sales?

Millions of companies are registered daily across the globe. Every company is struggling hard to provide quality products and generate good income. They are finding various strategies, methods and approaches to sustain in the market.

Gaining customers to purchase your product or service can be tricky. Businesses are spending a huge amount of people to visit their website. It may be through content marketing, YouTube advertising or PR. If customers visit your website and you didn’t close the deal, then you’re at risk. You may end up losing a million dollars.

The great news is here!!! Olark is the best live chat support tool to connect with your potential customer and increase the chances to improve sales. As per the analysis, 61% of customers say they confirm their order after connecting to live chat support. Olark will let you improve sales in no time.

Let’s dive into the topic,

Olark Live chat in the sales funnel

A customer is planning to place an order at your website. But, customers might have a few questions they would like to know the answer before placing an order. 

Happy news for all the customers!!! Olark is the perfect solution for those who are looking for pre-purchase questions. Olark offers quick and convenient solutions. Make sure your customer support team must know every detail about your products or services. A customer executive must be prepared for various random questions about products, services or company.

Customers can ask about “does it fit me?” “can I replace this product?” Customer executives can easily provide solutions for these types of questions. On the flip side, customers enquire about “how to install the software?” To answer this question, your customer team needs to have in-depth knowledge about your products or services.

If your customer support team is not providing an answer to these questions, you may end up losing a sale. Therefore, you need to ensure that your customer executive is able to provide a high-quality response to pre-purchase questions.

Create awareness about your products or services. Let people know about your brand. Know customer’s interest and provide better solutions accordingly. The purchasing decision can depend upon the solution that you provide to a customer. The final state, customer action has two possibilities – either sale or not.

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Use insights to boost conversions

Customer insight plays a crucial role in every business. Customer data help to make a better business decision about – what, how and when to offer. A better understanding of customer results in better profitability.

If you’re planning to increase sale, you need to have a clear picture of what works and what does not work with your customers. Depending upon the customer, their interest, needs and pain points vary.

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How about converting a visitor through Olark live chat support. It’s awesome!!! Just by using customer and chat information you can improve conversions. Olark provides detailed reports and transcripts. The reports include

  • Customer personal information (name, email id, location, etc.) By knowing their personal information, you can send newsletter and email to stay in touch.
  • Customer visited pages. You might be aware of customer’s interested product or services.
  • Average spending time
  • Conversation with an agent. These reports help to understand a customer’s pain point.
  • Sale count per day, week, month and year. It is used to keep a track of conversions.

Businesses are implementing A/B testing using chat data and improving their sales. Without having technical knowledge and third party resources your team can receive insights through Olark.

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Proactively engage with your customers

Customer is King!!! Customers play a crucial role in business success. It’s important to know who are your customers and how you’re engaging with them. Businesses are implementing various strategies and methods to improve engagement with their visitors. It includes improving landing pages, customizing chat widgets, offering the best price and more. Sounds fantastic!!!

Developing an emotional connection with your customer is the best way to increase engagement. Use Olark live chat support and sound like a human. Gain trust by providing customer support in real-time.

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Olark makes the work process easier. The attractive features of Olark are offline messaging and proactive messages. Besides, it is the best way to make your customer happy. Give the right information and turn the visitor to a potential lead.

Make your proactive chat message look perfect.

Communicate, communicate, communicate: Good communication is important. Don’t let the customer wait for a longer time. Introduce yourself saying “Hello” or “How can I assist you?”. Listen to your customer’s issue and solve them. If you’re unable to solve that issue then send that chat to an expert. Never ever leave the customer hanging.

Customize: Take complete advantage of Olark software. Within a few simple clicks you can modify proactive messages. With respect to customer’s send a proactive message. A customized message can be “Welcome back!”.

Test and repeat: If you have not used proactive message then it’s time the right time. Start implementing on a single page of your website. Track everything, monitor chat response and check quality leads. If everything goes well, try implementing other pages of your site.

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Are you running a business? Yes!!! Owning a business is the toughest job. As a business entrepreneur, you need to take care of several tasks such as recruiting employees, developing products, introducing strategies to increase sales, managing budget and more. Among every task, increasing the sale of your business is what every business entrepreneur strives for. No more worries!!! Introduce live chat support on your website and generate maximum traffic and sales.  Also, many e-commerce businesses are using Olark to connect with their customers. The promise of Olark live support for customer’s support team is being able to interact faster with quality leads. Olark just acts like more than a chat. Olark provides various business tools to improve your business. These tools work perfectly while engaging with your customers. It offers offline messaging, live chat insights, personalized chats and more.
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