10 Best Email Marketing Service Software Tools

The number of people checking their emails every day is increasing gradually. So, most of the businesses are already using emails as one of their primary mediums to connect with the customers. This is how email marketing has become a trending strategy for marketing businesses. No matter if your business is a start-up or a well established one, email marketing takes you to the next level in your marketing strategies.


Research says over 58% of people check their emails every day in the morning and nearly 91% of email users check their inbox at least once in a day on their mobiles. And this is why marketers began to reach people in a more professional way. 

Over 80% of businesses use email marketing as a powerful tantrum to convey commercial messages to their customers. In addition, the return of investment (ROI) is high when compared with other social media marketing platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. 

Wondering why email marketing is on top of mind for most of the marketers?  

Benefits of Email Marketing Service Software Tools

Brand awareness & recognition

There is a hefty competition for businesses in every niche. To outrank your competitors, you need to run faster in building your strategies, and one of the strategies that give faster results is email marketing. Connecting with your audience on one-off communication with engaging content and making them your customers is definitely unimaginable – but it actually is possible. The best email marketing service tools make your job much easier with their ready-to-use templates, Landing page templates with good landing page design.


As discussed, over 90% of people check their emails daily, people will come across several emails or newsletters from different businesses or websites. Thus, sending unique content every time to the audience will create a noble recognition of your brand. 

Drive Impulsive traffic

Innovative content always attracts the users which in turn directs them to your website. Delivering useful information about the products they are interested in and asking them for the feedback or informing them of the products available with you will drive the interested users to your site. Therefore, email marketing directly helps you grow your traffic.

Update your customers

Once your audience turns as your customers, it is your job to hold them for a longer time. Update them about the latest services and products you offer, make them interested and curious about your content and finally, stop them from switching to your competitor sites.

Retain subscribers

For any reason you lost your subscribers, regain them by directly reaching them. Most of the social media websites are changing their algorithms eventually and ask users to pay some bucks to view their posts. And it has even become difficult to view the actions of followers for free. These all don’t happen with email marketing. Businesses can directly reach their customers and understand their interests at any time with just a few clicks – and you do not need to pay anything extra for it.

Build trust

Doesn’t it make you feel excited if you get a warm “Happy Birthday” wish from someone unexpected? Send messages and surprise your audience on their birthdays and maintain a positive connection with them.

Track customers actions

Email marketing lets you track your customer actions with the help of insights the same as the other social media tools like Facebook and Instagram, but for the lesser rates. You can know what attracted your customers and how your emails are driving sales.

Emails for promotional messages

People generally prefer emails for promotional messages. Though there is a negative effect like getting listed in the spam folder, there is a possibility that people may click on it if they like it – this is why your email needs to be informative and beautiful at the same time. 


As discussed already, there is an increase in the number of people who visit their inbox daily. Over 90% of emails consist of promotional messages and it is possible that at least 10% of them are read by the people.

Comparison of top 10 email marketing service software tools


Provider Name



Customer Support


Muvu Score

Visit Website

Email engagement
Predicted demographics
Drag-and-drop builder
Email automations
Content studio
Real time analytics




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Visit Mailchimp
Landing pages
Email designer


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Visit ConvertKit
AWeberYesEmail newsletters
Drag and drop editor
HTML templates
Email automation
Team hub
Email API


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Constant ContactYesDrag-drop editor
Email engagement
Email marketing
Contact management
Email tracking
Signup forms


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SendinBlueYesEmail marketing
SMS marketing
Marketing automation
Transaction email
Sign up forms
Landing pages


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GetResponseYesEmail marketing
Landing pages
Marketing automation
Forms and surveys
Campaign management


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Email marketing
Marketing automation
Reporting & Insights


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ZohoYesSubscriber management
A/B testing
Pre-designed templates
Drag-and-drop editor
Merge tags
Dynamic content
Real-time analytics


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CampaignerYesEmail marketing


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EmmaNoEmail organizer
Marketing automation
Dynamic content
A/B testing
Landing pages
Email editor
Email analytics
ExcellentContact Support Team


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Campaign MonitorYesDrag-and-drop editor
Email marketing
Marketing automation
Contacts and segmentation
Sign up forms
Apps and integrations
Transactional email


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iContactYesDrag and drop editor
A/B testing
List segmentation
Manage subscribers
Salesforce mass email


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This article helps you pick the best and worthy tools you need for email marketing. 


Mailchimp is an all-in-one marketing platform that helps you grow your business. As email marketing is evolving gradually, this tool makes you reach your audience with minimal effort.


Knowing your audience is the first success in your promotion strategy. Mailchimp has a handful of marketing CRM tools to know your audience even better. As customers are the key people in your business, you need to study their preferences and send customized messages to drive them to your website.

Marketing CRM tools

The marketing CRM of Mailchimp lets you manage a good relationship with customers. Connect your audience data with Mailchimp and enjoy ready-to-use segments. Organize your tags and segments and filter the data according to your needs. Know your audience deeper, get to know audience insights and set up messages to notify you based on tags and segments.

Whether you are a well-established business or starting from scratch, Mailchimp guides you from the very beginning. Mailchimp lets you build a strong relationship with the already existing contacts or the new audience.


The dashboard makes you understand your audience or customer’s data and prepares you to act according to it. You communicate better when you know who you are talking to. Mailchimp CRM lets you know your audience better with the data you provide.

There are few pre-built segments on the dashboard such as growth sources, tags, top location, email engagement, predicted demographics will help you find new audience and understand them which results in growing your business.


  • Free trial is available.
  • Most plans are available for free.
  • The template editor is impressive.


  • The newsletter integrations are not effective.


  • Premium plan with advanced features costs $299/month.
  • The pricing for Standard plan starts at $14/month.
  • The pricing for additional essentials features required for email senders starts at $9/month.
  • The free plan for basics is available.

Visit website: MailChimp


ConvertKit is one of the best email marketing tools for any business. As email marketing is a powerful strategy for growing businesses, many new email marketing software are evolving every day. Imagine you have a big email list and do not know what to do with them, you lost at least 10% of your customers. This is where the importance of email marketing tools come into picture. ConvertKit is one such software which makes success out of the contact list you have. The tool also helps you even if you do not have a single audience.


For the people who are in the initial stage of their business, ConvertKit offers a free guide that teaches powerful basics of email marketing. With ConvertKit, your business growth depends on the size of your email list. Get the list of audience, and the tool turns them into your subscribers with the impressive content. There are awesome ready-made templates with beautiful landing pages.

As a business owner you have many tasks to do other than email marketing, ConvertKit allows you to spend more time on different jobs and creating impressive content. The built-in features make marketing easier with ready-made templates, landing pages, and sign up forms.


People are always excited to know the results for the inputs they have given, the reporting and subscribers list let you analyze the subscriber’s actions.

The email designer makes your writing go smooth and clean, as simple emails have a higher chance of converting. 

Your mails go useless if they are sent to the wrong person. Marketing automation manages to tag your audience according to the actions, events. Thus, you can send customized messages to the right people at the right time.


  • Reliable customer support.
  • Easy to import data and manage subscribers.
  • Successful deliverability.
  • Simpler text-based messages that protect you from spam folders.


  • Limited features, not suitable for advanced users.


  • The pricing starts at $29/month for upto 1k subscribers.
  • The cost for upto 3k subscribers starts at $49/month.
  • The pricing for 5k subscribers starts at $79/month.
  • A free trial version is also available.

Visit website: ConvertKit


If you are a small business and excited to reach your customers faster than any of your competitors, then AWeber is one of the smart choices. This is a simple and powerful email marketing tool to send result driving emails to your audience.


AWeber is serving over ten lakhs small businesses and entrepreneurs from over 20 years with its amazingly unique concepts in email marketing. The email marketing experts know how to make your emails delivered, opened without getting struck in the spam folder. The amazing customer support is always available online to help you.

Main Features

  • Email Newsletters – creates automatic emails from your recent blog posts.
  • Email automation – create email sequences automatically with drag and drop editor
  • Tagging – tags to trigger email campaigns automatically based on their clicks and opens
  • Split testing – test email content, test email subject, time etc.
  • Integrations – connect your email list with any other tools to automate your audience list growth.
  • Sign up forms – Grow your list size with sign up forms
  • Email tracking – track your email performance using open rates, click-throughs etc. 
  • Mobile app – Connect with your audience from anywhere with the mobile app.
  • Subscriber segmentation – Send customized emails to your subscribers based on segments.


  • Best customer support.
  • Available as a mobile app.
  • Email tracking.
  • Automated emails and newsletters.


  • Only suitable for small businesses.


  • A 30-day free trial is available.
  • The pricing starts at $19/month for upto 500 subscribers
  • It charges $29/month for upto 2,500 subscribers.
  • It costs $49/month for subscribers upto 10,000.
  • For a plan of subscribers upto 25,000, the pricing starts at $149/month.

Visit Website: AWeber


EngageBay is an integrated, cloud-based all-in-one marketing, sales & support CRM for growing businesses and solo professionals such as artists, bloggers and freelancers. EngageBay offers a set of powerful features such as 360 degree customer view, marketing automation, email marketing, landing pages, web forms, appointment scheduling, contact management, free CRM, CRM database, free live chat software, SLAs, ticketing, views and macros, all priced at very affordable rates. EngageBay is mobile responsive, has a simple, user-friendly interface and integrates well with a number of third-party apps and services.


Starting at a monthly subscription as low as $14.99, EngageBay is feature loaded, easy to setup and use and has complete access in the cloud. It can be integrated with many third-party applications.It has excellent lead and pipeline management. Customer support is among the finest in the industry with prompt resolutions to issues.


Though the app is totally mobile responsive, native apps for iOS and Android would be a great value add. Also, ad integrations would be useful. They can enhance their social suite as well.


Pricing per contact

Up to 250: $0/mo

Up to 750: $14.99/mo

Up to 5,000: $49.99/mo

Up to unlimited: $99.99/mo 

Visit Website: EngageBay

Constant Contact

Constant Contact made email marketing easier with the help of many easy-to-use features. No coding is necessary to send beautiful emails with impressive landing pages. Constant Contact has ready-made templates, drag and drop editor to make your emails look simpler to the audience.


Return on investment is the main criteria for any business, Constant Contact delivers ROI of nearly $38 for $1. 

Main Features

  • Drag & Drop – Customizing any email template is made easier. Plenty of professionally designed, and mobile responsive emails are made available.
  • Automated email marketing – The welcome mails, series based trigger mails, repeated mails to non-openers, list building tools help you gain stronger customer relationship.
  • Integration – Find new audience, send more customized and automated emails, and keep them coming back. Thus turn your audience into loyal customers.
  • Contact Management – Import contact lists from Salesforce, Excel, Outlook etc. The list-building tools update you of unsubscribes, bounces and inactive emails. Contact management helps you add new contacts to your list, on your website from social media channels.
  • Track your email marketing results – Know who is clicking, opening and sharing the emails you sent. Separate contact lists based on the content they liked and clicked. Also, send automated emails to your fans on social networks to grow your reach.


  • Good deliverability.
  • Great tool for audience segmentation.
  • Effective tracking feature.
  • One of the best tools for a large contact base.


  • Automation emails are limited.
  • High price for newsletters.


  • The pricing for the LITE version starts at $5/month.
  • The Email plan costs $20/month.
  • The pricing for Email Plus starts at $45/month.
  • A free trial is available for one month.

Visit Website: Constant Contact


Sendinblue is more than an email marketing software that helps you find, engage, convert and improve your sales. Sending a perfect message to the right person at the right time converts your audience into customers. Sendinblue has incredible features that lets you promote your business with amazingly designed emails.


Sending professional emails is never an easier task. But Sendinblue made is quite simpler with customized templates. All you need to do is choose a template, personalize your content, pick your audience, test the message, set the time and send them.

You have an option of sending direct messages through SMS marketing and chat in case of any urgent communications.

Build a healthy and strong relationship with your customers with the CRM. Set up CRM for your business, import your contact list, notes and any other data to your CRM profile, and organize your contacts based on the similarities or any other parameter. You can also track your contact list like their clicks, and opens. Automate follow-up emails with the help of marketing automation.

Track your customers with marketing automation and save your time to focus on other important tasks. The marketing automation is a software that sends emails and messages automatically based on the segmentation and tags. These include sign ups, automatic messages, Happy Birthday messages etc. 



You often come across the word segmentation, wondering what it means? It is the separation of subscribers into smaller groups based on different criteria like interests, geographic location, buying history etc.

After all, all you need is a good conversion rate and a high ROI as a result of your email marketing. The landing pages, signup forms, retargeting, and Facebook ads help you grow more customers to your business.

A personalized email to each reader is the perfect way to send a successful email to make conversions. But, it is clear that it consumes a lot of time to design and send different hundreds or thousands of personalized emails. Sendinblue has plenty of ready-made templates and awesome landing pages to make your customers engaged with your emails.


  • Value for money.
  • Easy to use the tool.
  • Reliable customer support.
  • Free trial for a month is available.


  • Hard to upload contacts from other platforms.


  • The pricing for the Lite version starts at $25/month.
  • It costs $39/month for the Essential plan.
  • The Premium plan costs from $6/month.
  • If your enterprise needs more advanced plans, get contact support team for the quote.

Visit Website – Sendinblue


GetResponse is a marketing software that does your email marketing job pretty easily. It is an easy to use and cost-effective tool to track your conversions, ROI, and customer’s behaviour.


GetResponse is an all-in-one online marketing platform that has amazing features such as winning email campaigns, converting landing pages, tools to drive traffic, integration, drive and engage leads, track customer journeys etc.


The email marketing feature of GetResponse is one of the powerful software in growing your business. The tool gets you huge opens, clicks and sales with its professional email templates, design tools and high deliverability. As discussed, sending the right email at the right time to the right time is necessary to make your conversions and sales happen. 

The newsletters, autoresponders and the automated emails updates and follows-up your customers to get your more visits and sales for your business. The segment-specific for sending personalized emails for target groups gets high engagement rates. Your emails hit your audience inbox at the perfect time with the time travel delivery tools available.

The advanced email analytics tracks and monitors your campaigns and updates you the opens, clicks, mobile view stats, comparisons and bounces etc. to improve your performance. Integrate with other apps and import or export from different apps. 


  • High quality marketing emails.
  • One of the best tools for tracking results.
  • Lots of pre-designed templates.


  • Hard to export the data.
  • Limited automation.


  • The basic plan costs $15/month.
  • It costs $49/month for the Plus plan.
  • The pricing for Professional plan starts at $99/month.
  • The pricing for Enterprise plan starts at $1199/month.
  • You can try any plan for one month for free.

Visit Website – GetResponse


Email marketing is always a good idea to generate higher ROI for small businesses. There are many tools available today on the internet to market your business via emails. Keap is one such software that lets you work less and gain better results. The tool was initially known as InfusionSoft, which later changed to Keap, an all-in-one CRM platform. 


Email automation plays a key role in email marketing, Keap sets up automated emails to get new leads and drive traffic to your website.

Keap’s Suite consists of plethora of beautiful templates, contact list of targeted audience in segments to increase conversion rate, and reporting tools. 

The A/B testing of Keap multiplies the email effectiveness, and checks auto spam filter to establish the deliverability by sending the emails based on an intelligent algorithm. 

Keap sends nearly 1.1 billion emails per month with an open rate of 20% and a click rate of 13%.


  • Useful advanced features are available.
  • Lots of customization options.


  • Suitable for small businesses only.
  • Cost is a little expensive.


  • The pricing for Keap Grow starts at $79/month.
  • It costs $149/month for the Keap Pro plan.
  • The pricing starts at $199/month for Infusionsoft.

Visit Website – Keap


Zoho is a familiar tool in terms of CRM for most of the entrepreneurs and small businesses. Besides, Zoho is also one of the best email marketing tools to maximize customer engagement. As email marketing is the trending strategy that most businesses opt, you need to have extraordinary ideas to outstand among your competitors. The best strategy is to study your customers before you implement any marketing plans.


There are strong features that fetch easy results for your business. 

  • Subscriber management – You can import your subscribers from different sources like Zoho CRM, G Suite, Eventbrite etc.
  • A/B testing – It’s always good to have plan B. And it is awesome to test both the versions, A and B to detect which of them is effective. 
  • The newsletters help you build relationships with your audience. Zoho has plenty of effective newsletters to start communicating about latest news, offers and updates about your business with the audience. You can even import your HTML templates, customize their basic layouts to get a beautiful newsletter.
  • The pre-designed templates are available in a large number to pick based on various occasions.
  • The drag and drop editor allows you to customize the appearance of your newsletter.
  • Automation – Respond to your customers or initiate the conversation automatically with the email automation. It makes your emails hit the inbox of your customers at the right time.
  • The personalized messages always lead to a healthy relationship, Zoho closes the gap between businesses and customers with the beautiful personal message templates. 
  • The merge tags which means addressing your audience with their names, will help you sound more like a human. Thus resulting in building a strong relationship with your customer.


  • Access Zoho email marketing from anywhere with the mobile app.
  • Know clicks, opens, bounces, shares, unsubscribes more accurately with analytics.
  • More advanced features like automation and autoresponders.
  • Free plan is available.


  • Customer service is not so helpful.


  • The pricing for the Email-based plan starts at $3/month.
  • It costs $5/month for the Subscriber-based plan.
  • If you choose to pay by email credits, the pricing starts from $6.

Visit Website – Zoho


The other tool that can drive huge traffic, sales and revenue for your business is Campaigner. This is one of the efficient tools needed for you to manage everything related to your business. Campaigner is a specialized in email marketing automation with a variety of trending features. It has a powerful visual drag-and-drop builder for visual automation workflow. The smart conditional triggers help you set time, manage time delays for sending emails. You can also purchase user’s behaviour data and engagement history which helps you segment your audience based on their interests.


It has a powerful visual drag-and-drop builder for visual automation workflow. The smart conditional triggers help you set time, manage time delays for sending emails. You can also purchase user’s behaviour data and engagement history which helps you segment your audience based on their interests.

Sending customized messages to each subscriber is never hard with Campaigner. The tool allows you to learn the subscriber’s unique preferences and lets you send appropriate messages to individual subscribers. It has advanced email marketing features such as autoresponders, triggered campaigns, recurring campaigns, and workflows. It also makes you send different types of content like conditional content, dynamic content and custom fields content blocks, localization, geolocation easily.


  • Advanced automation features for email marketing.
  • Send personalized emails.
  • Test everything you wanted to send in prior.
  • Know purchase behaviour data.
  • Suitable for any type of business.


  • No spam filtering.
  • Credit card details are needed to access free trial.


  • The cost of the Starter plan starts at $40.95/month.
  • The pricing for the Essential plan starts at $119.95/month.
  • It costs $449.95/month for the Advanced plan.
  • The eCommerce plan starts at $65.95/month.

Visit Website – Campaigner


Emma is one of the smartest email marketing platforms that provides all the tools you require to connect with your audience. The tool is a product of CM group which is parent of brands like Campaign Monitor, Delivra, Emma, Liveclicker, Salthru, and Vulture. 

Emma completely makes your mail look better to help it hit the inbox directly. The robust automation and personalization features allows you to send the email campaigns to the right subscriber or your audience at the perfectly right time. Emma made everything ready for you, right from sending the right emails to tracking the results.


Checkout the features:

  • Emma HQ – To manage and organize your emails using approval dashboard, asset & template sharing, campaign management  and activity dashboard.
  • Marketing automation – Set time to send a series of messages at different time gaps. This is impressive.
  • Trigger targeted messages and deliver a perfect follow-up email.
  • List Segmentation – Segregates your subscribers based on purchase history and preferences.
  • Dynamic content – Makes you send unique and personalized content to each subscriber.
  • Email editor – Drag and drop editor to ease your complex email design.
  • The email signup forms and customizable subscriptions
  • Email analytics – You will love the way Emma shows the analytics of your emails.
  • Integration – To connect with other services and apps.


  • User friendly software.
  • Easy to integrate.
  • Plenty of customized templates.
  • Available as an app.
  • Best tool for email analytics.
  • A/B testing.


  • Little expensive.
  • There is no free trial.


  • The pricing for the Pro plan starts at $89/month.
  • It costs $159/month for the +Plus plan.
  • It costs $229/month for the Emma HQ plan.

Visit Website – Emma

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is the tool that makes your email marketing quite easy. It lets you deliver beautiful and professional emails to your subscribers with a very less effort. There are hundreds of well-designed templates and drag and drop editor to send a engaging email to your audience. The smart segments and detailed lists about the subscriber’s behaviour make your emails sound like they are drafted by humans. 


The design of signup forms helps you grow more subscribers and customers for your business.

The analytics suite gives you a complete view of how your email campaign is performing and lets you track the geo location, acquisition and engagement of your campaign. This helps you advance your strategies for the future campaigns. The tools lets you integrate your subscriber data with other tools and apps seamlessly. You have a great option if your business is solely an ecommerce store, CM Commerce is the new email marketing tool and the product of Campaign Monitor.


  • Impressive spam filters
  • Easy to use
  • Useful features
  • Great drag and drop editor.
  • Large collection of templates.
  • Free trial is available.


  • Entry level plan is not so effective.
  • No social sharing features.


  • The pricing for Basic plan starts at $9/month.
  • The Unlimited plan starts at $29/month.
  • It costs $149/month for the Premier plan.

Visit Website – Campaign Monitor


iContact is the advanced email marketing platform that lets you drive higher ROI. Deliver beautiful personalized messages to your subscribers to build a long lasting relationship with them. iContact helps you build impressive emails with the help of easy-to-use drag and drop editor without minimal knowledge of HTML. The automation feature attracts your subscribers with the beautiful landing pages, relevant and useful content. It also lets you know the statistics of opens, clicks, purchases etc.


iContact handles all your email campaigns if you do not want it to do alone. You could rather seek help from experts or completely assign them to manage your campaigns and save your time for other important tasks. 

The features available with iContact will help you connect with a wider audience. Check out the features that help you in building a strong relationship with your customers.


A/B testing – Testing helps you to double check your every message before sending it to your subscribers. Thus you can compare different templates to bring out a perfect one.

Automation – Same as the other tools iContact also has a great automation. It lets you send a beautiful welcome series emails and timely nudges to drive them to your website.

Landing pages – Beautiful and relevant landing pages add an extra positive impact for your emails. 

Analytics report – Know the purchase history, behaviour of your subscribers and track their actions using the performance reporting.

Subscriber management – iContact manages your subscribers in the entire cycle. You can create and embed signup forms on your website, convert your data into powerful marketing strategies and sync with the iContact team to check if you are maintaining the healthy list.


  • Effective spam checker.
  • API integration to sync with other email marketing applications and your contacts.
  • Access to multiple users.
  • Free trial is available with no credit card details required.


  • Integrations with other software is little difficult.


  • The pricing for the Base plan starts at $30.60/month.

  • It costs $54.60/month for the Pro plan.

  • A 30-day free trial is available.

Visit Website – iContact

Summing Up

The email marketing service software tools are necessary for boosting the number of customers for your business and the number of visitors for your website. Though you need not waste your time in hunting the best email marketing tools leaving other important jobs. This article serves the purpose of saving your time and effort in searching for the best tool. All the features, benefits, cons and pricing are listed above to help you choose the best among an array of email marketing software available on the internet today.


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