Best VPS Hosting Compared

VPS stands for “Virtual Private Server”. It’s no secret VPS hosting is an outstanding hosting service every business chooses to handle their website. Because VPS is completely based on virtual technology. Also, it helps to provide a dedicated resource on your server with many users.

Did you know why small and large businesses prefer VPS? There are many benefits. It is a more safe and secure solution when compared to shared hosting. Here at shared hosting doesn’t provide a private or dedicated service. However, it’s a cost-effective solution than renting a server. VPS is the best solution for websites that have medium-level traffic. On the other hand, VPS solutions are designed to offer better plans. Thanks to VPS hosting companies, as they’re making businesses lives easier.

VPS hosting can be divided into two types such as

  • Managed VPS
  • Unmanaged VPS

Managed VPS will provide you with a custom control panel, dedicated customer support, tools and more. Unmanaged VPS does not provide any of them. While purchasing a web hosting plan look for managed VPS hosting provider. For more information, check below at top 10 VPS hosting websites.

How does VPS hosting work?

A server is a dedicated computer where the business stores the important documents, information or files required for a website. Whenever a user accesses your website through a web browser at the initial stage their request will be processed to the server. At the next step, the server will accept the request and send the required information or necessary files or documents for the user through the internet. Virtual private server hosting will be provided with a private and virtual server. It can effectively simulate a physical server. Simply put, VPS is the best solution to share information among multiple users.

The VPS hosting provider will implement virtualization technology. It means the provider will install an in-build virtual layer on your operating system. It has the top priority, the layer is divided into several partitions on the server. Also, allows multiple users to install their software. Ultimately, VPS can be virtual and private. Therefore, a business will have complete control of their website. You can separate from one server to another on the operating system (OS) level. In fact, VPS technology is equal to dividing several partitions on your PC when you would like to run more than one operating system such as Windows, Linux or iOS without a reboot.

Choosing a VPS for your website has several advantages. Run through VPS and keep your files and documents in a secured way. It guarantees resources such as information, memory, CPU cores and more. Also as it is a private server you don’t need to share resources or memory will other users. Get an equal level of access as a dedicated server at the best price.

Compare top 10 VPS hosting websites

VPS Hosting Provider Product Name Features Customer Support Pricing MYVU Score Visit Website
Bluehost Multi-server management
Advanced capabilities
Access control
File and database management
Instant provisioning
30-day money-back guarantee
Excellent $15.99 9.7

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A2Hosting User-friendly
99.9% uptime
100% worry-free
Full root access
Money-back guarantee
Excellent $25.00 9.5

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HostGator Flexible software options
Advanced functionality
Powerful hardware
Fully scalable
Improve reliability
Excellent $20 9.5

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Hostinger SSD disk drive
Money-back guarantee
Dedicated IP
Best-in-class operating system
Regular data backups
Good $4 9.3

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Just Host Instant provisioning
Guaranteed server resources
Managed services
Enhanced cPanel
Multi-account management
Good $19 9.2

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Fatcow Unlimited options
Bette e-commerce and SEO tools
Green energy
Instant deployment
Personalized configurations
Good $20 8.8

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iPage Instant provisioning
Advanced customization
Free domain
Pre-installed scripts
Root access
Good $3.00 8.5

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TsoHost Fully managed service
99.9% uptime
Automatic backups
Free website migration
Multi-front security
Good Euro 36.66 8.3

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TMD Hosting Free application
Isolated environment
9.999% uptime
Premium security and scalability
Fully redundant
Good $20 8.3

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Dream host Private server
User-friendly installation
Unlimited website hosting
100% uptime
Unlimited MySQL databases
Good $10 8

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InMotion Hosting Custom cPanel
Secure email
Root access allowed
E-commerce optimized
Unlimited email accounts
Good $29 8

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Following are the top 10 VPS hosting websites for small and large businesses:


VPS hosting

Bluehost is the best virtual hosting server for a newbie. It is an excellent VPS in various aspects. Bluehost welcomes new business to the web hosting world. The platform is offering outstanding features to develop the website. The VPS are created using SSD storage. Choose Bluehost and enjoy flexibility, effectiveness control and increased power for your website.

Get a free domain name for one year. Also, enjoy the new virtual private server. Get enough security with an SSL certificate. It provides a secure and safe connection to your website. SSL will protect your information for better security. Bluehost offers root access for advanced users. With cPanel dashboard get access to CentOS. It helps to provide complete control of your server.


  • Multi-server management
  • Advanced capabilities
  • Access control
  • File and database management
  • Instant provisioning
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Visit Website – Bluehost

Bluehost is named for extreme performance. With open-source technology such as OpenStack, KVM and more. It helps VPS be powerful and simple to use. Bluehost will provide instant provisioning. It means you can get started within a few seconds. Many VPS hosting providers require days to get started. But, Bluehost will activate in no time.

Multi-server management is a better option in Bluehost. Start adding more than one VPS or shared hosting service to the Bluehost account. It’s time to effortlessly organize everything at a single place. Provide access controls to your server administration and team members. Bluehost file management helps to upload, download and modify files on a virtual server.

Pricing: Bluehost basic plan starts at $15.99/month onwards.

Visit Website – Bluehost

A2 Hosting

If you’re looking for fast “Virtual Private Server”, then look no further than A2 Hosting. It is one of the popular VPS hosting companies. Small and large businesses use A2 Hosting as it is effective development software. The VPS provider will provide a rich set of features and great performance. Did you know, A2 Hosting provides an exclusive Turbo Server. It is responsible for providing a better and faster hosting experience.

A2 Hosting offers SSD (Solid State Drives) to provide outstanding performance. It provides a 99.9% uptime commitment. A2 Hosting is the attracting hosting platform where you can depend on outstanding and ultra-reliable servers. A2 Hosting is delivering the best speed from the past few decades. It provides best-in-class solutions and amazing benefits when compared to competitors.


  • SSD VPS hosting
  • User-friendly
  • 100% worry-free
  • Self-configuration
  • Full root access
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Money-back guarantee

Visit Website – A2 Hosting

The hosting destination offers quality and reliable services for a small and large business. It guarantees 99.9% uptime with outstanding loading time. Sounds great right!!! The uptime will keep the website always running without any pointless hitches. The “Unique Site Roll-Back” tool will allow you to restore the information within a single click. A2 Hosting offers three types of VPS such as unmanaged VPS, managed VPS and core VPS. Choose the VPS according to your requirement.

The amazing feature of A2 Hosting is user-friendly. cPanel of A2 Hosting is simple and straightforward. If you find any difficulties then connect to the customer service team and solve your issue in no time. The VPS hosting destination allows single-click integration such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, OpenCart and more.

Pricing: A2 Hosting basic plan starts at $25 per month.

Visit Website – A2 Hosting


Is there anybody who is unaware of the brand HostGator? Of course nobody. HostGator is the best platform for the one who is looking for a pocket-friendly managed Linux VPS hosting plan. Get a full set of personalization without spending your million dollars. Hostgator VPS hosting will provide full root access to get complete control over hosting. It allows custom installs, automatic upgrades and easy configurations with your VPS environment. VPS hosting has many advantages of dedicated resources.

Hurray!!! It’s time to increase reliability with Hostgator. It is offering secure VPS hosting for businesses across the globe. Hostgator is providing multiple layers of NS (network security). Also, with multiple bandwidth provider users can ensure better server reliability. The VPS hosting is offering a RAID 10 disk configuration as an excellent feature to provide better data protection for your data.


  • Flexible software options
  • Advanced functionality
  • Powerful hardware
  • Fully scalable
  • Improve reliability

Visit Website – HostGator

Enjoy advanced functionality of HostGator!!! Businesses can host several domains and create unlimited sub-domains, e-mail id, FTP accounts and more. Have any queries? Start connecting with Hostgator award-winning customer support team through chat or phone and get instant solutions. With weekly off-site backups, HostGator VPS will ensure your information is secure and safe. The platform will automatically perform a weekly backup.

Pricing: HostGator has a better plan for everyone. Snappy 2000 plan starts at $19.95 per month. HostGator Snappy 4000 plan is starting from $29.95 per month. And Snappy 8000 plan starts at $39.95 per month.

Visit Website – HostGator


Are you looking for budget-friendly VPS hosting? Yes!!! Hostinger is the right destination for you. The VPS hosting is offering outstanding virtual server reliability, performance and full root access. Sounds amazing right!!! Hostinger is denoted as a true virtual server introduced for speed. In fact, speed is one of the main aspects of any website. Keeping it simple, Hostinger is simple, fast and reliable VPS hosting in the market.

Hostinger is compressed with attractive features such as

  • SSD disk drive
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Dedicated IP
  • Best-in-class operating system
  • Regular data backups

Visit Website – Hostinger

Whether you’re an expert in managing to host or just a beginner, you cannot go wrong with Hostinger dedicated servers. They’re loaded with the new version of Intel Xeon processor, powerful SSD disk drives and 128 GB RAM. Did you know, Hostinger is offering an outstanding experience and better loading time for running a successful business. Also, Hostinger provides complete root access for full control of the server.

Hostinger is offering operational system templates for better speed, reliability and stability. The popular operating systems offered by Hostinger are CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian and Suse. Maintaining and managing Hostinger VPS hosting is easy and simple. Let’s thanks to the Hostinger control panel. Users can easily control their virtual server within a few simple clicks. Also, it ensures to keep your private servers rebooted, installed and trace server stats in real-time. With dedicated customer support, users can take help anytime, anywhere.

Pricing: Hostinger VPS hosting plan starts at $3.95 per month.

Visit Website – Hostinger

Just Host

Just Host is an easy-to-use VPS hosting destination seeking to provide business advanced features at budget-friendly prices. It is the best VPS hosting provider, Just Host is offering better plans for small, medium and large scale business. Within a single click, users can install WordPress themes and other plugins using Mojo Marketplace. Just Host is providing powerful site management. Users can receive free domain on every signup and host unlimited domains. Managing multiple websites is simple and easy with Just Host.

While selecting a better web host, security is the major priority for any business. Thanks to Just Host, it is offering tons of network security for your data. The platform uses SSL (secure socket layer), SSH (secure shell) and SSD (Solid-state drive). These security layers ensure to protect your information. With Just Host, online businesses are improving their loading time, the platform is offering 731ms loading time.


  • Instant provisioning
  • Guaranteed server resources
  • Managed services
  • Enhanced cPanel
  • Multi-account management

Visit Website – Just Host

There are few VPS hosting providers who allow a lengthy process for registering new accounts. No more hassles with Just Host. This platform provides instant server provisioning. The new sign-ups also ensure a free domain name. Sounds amazing right!!! Enjoy the script library for free. With every sign-up, users will get a script library for zero cost. These simple scripts can instantly install on your website. Currently, the available scripts are WordPress, Joomla, phpBB and osCommerce.

In case you’re not satisfied with the Just Host initial experience. Don’t worry!!! Just Host is providing a money-back guarantee, it is valid for 30 days. Move wisely by choosing Just Host to run a successful online business.

Pricing: Just Host standard pricing is starting from $19.99 per month. The plan is providing amazing features such as dual-core, 2GB RAM, 1 TB, 30 GB, free domain name, 1 UP and CentOS.

Visit Website – Just Host


Are you running a small business? Looking for VPS hosting with Linux and cPanel? Yes!!! Fatcow is the perfect place for you. FatCow is the ultimate VPS hosting destination for the websites expecting minimum traffic. The virtual private server is providing a better plan at cost-effective prices. Keeping it simple, Fatcow is the fun and friendly virtual hosting environment, users can easily manage and control their server environment anywhere at any time.

Fatcow provides friendly customer support and a shared hosting solution. They provide a quick response within less than a minute. The VPS hosting will provide standard tools such as templates, SEO optimization and e-commerce tools. These are a few basic tools to run a website smoothly. The eco-friendly organization runs their server with 100% powered by wind energy. There are several advantages of choosing a FatCow such as

  • Unlimited options
  • Bette e-commerce and SEO tools
  • Green energy
  • Instant deployment
  • Personalized configurations

Visit Website – Fatcow

Fatcow will automatically increase the control with easy-to-use dashboard, optional root access and complete managed support. Did you know, Fatcow is providing semi-private resources at a better price, it includes high performance, guaranteed memory and SAN storage. FatCow offers website transfer and domain names for free. If you’re not happy with FatCow, no worries!!! FatCow is offering a money-back guarantee for 30-days. Make sure the refunds can be transferred via credit card. PayPal is not applicable.

Pricing: FatCow basic plan starts at $19.99 per month, it includes 1 core, 1GB RAM, 40GB storage and 1TB bandwidth.

Visit Website – Fatcow


iPage VPS

Create a powerful website with iPage. Enjoy domain registration for free (one year). iPage provides advanced customization, it means root accesses will ensure complete control on your hosting environment. Also, install the required software and other popular applications for better reliability. Get semi-private resources such as high-performance SAN storage. Also, guaranteed memory allocation for better speed. Get these resources at the best price with iPage. Cloud-based flexibility is one of the attractive features of iPage. Get instant provisioning for complete scalability as your online business grows and customer increases.


  • Instant provisioning
  • Advanced customization
  • Free domain
  • Pre-installed scripts
  • Root access

Visit Website – iPage

Small and large business choose iPage for several reasons. It includes unlimited disk space, domain names, databases and more. Also, iPage provides a free SSL certificate to ensure better security. Therefore businesses need not worry about their data on the virtual servers. iPage is offering outstanding designing and building tools. Install WordPress and hundreds of themes within a single click.

Pricing: iPage standard plan starts at $2.99 per month.

Visit Website – iPage



Tsohost is the game-changing VPS (virtual private server) in the market. Tsohost provides a rich set of features to improve performance, root access and completely customized. The solutions are best for every industry, no matter whether you’re running an e-commerce website or video streaming for gaming. It provides unlimited scope. This managed VPS platform is offering VPS services at cost-effective plans. Website performance is the top priority for small and large businesses. The hosting destination is responsible to handle and manage your VPS anytime to ensure that your website is performing well.


  • Fully managed service
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Automatic backups
  • Free website migration
  • Multi-front security

Visit Website – Tsohost

If you’re looking for advanced features, Tsohost is all you have. It offers trail-blazing tech such as Redis in-memory data structure store, custom PHP modules and more. The platform guarantees to provide 99.9% uptime. Additionally, it monitors your website performance to make sure if there are any issues. The SSD storage at Tsohost will ensure that your website is performing well with high-speed.

Automatic backups are available at Tsohost. You don’t need to worry about storing important information. The hosting will take the responsibility of protecting your data and restore it within a single click. Security is the major concern for business, Tshost will ensure better security by integrating software firewalls.

Pricing: Tsohost basic plan starts at Euro 36.66 per month.

Visit Website – Tsohost

TMD Hosting

Whether you’re running a business in the UK or Australia, TMD hosting is the best managed VPS service provider. The VPS hosting is using premium SSD hardware that is offering more than 20 times faster than other hard drives. With TMP hosting private networks your VPS can be secured in a private network. Ultimately, it helps to boost the page loading time and high speed by providing an isolated channel for your data. Also, storing and accessing the data offers better connectivity for users.


  • Free application and component installation
  • Isolated environment
  • Daily backups
  • 9.999% uptime
  • Premium security and scalability
  • Fully redundant

Visit Website – TMD Hosting

Did you know, TMD hosting is completely redundant? Yes!!! The SSD storage is divided from the compute processes. The VPS hosting is offering the latest technology such as RAID to ensure maximum data transfer rates. As a result, it improves the website’s loading time. TMD Hosting provides premium security for its customers. With powerful WAF (Web-Based Firewall) the VPS hosting will ensure that your website is secure and safeguarded from hackers, threats and unauthorized persons. Simply put, TMP Hosting is fully scalable to improve your business. Within a single click, you can scale your business by using more resources. No need to pay for using the additional resources. 

The platform is offering several applications such as WordPress, Drupal, Opencart and more. TMD Hosting is the best solution for the one who is looking to boast speed, protection and reliability. The award-winning VPS hosting will provide human server monitoring, instant backups and the technical team around the clock.

Pricing: TMD Hosting basic plan starts at $19.97 per month.

Visit Website – TMD Hosting

Dream Host

dreamhost vps

Are you looking for root access at pocket-friendly prices? Yes!!! Dream Host is the one-stop destination for you. It is one of the effective VPS hosting companies across the globe. Whether you’re running a small coffee business, large entrepreneur, beauty blog or e-commerce website, Dream Host is the fully managed VPS hosting for your online websites. It’s time to enjoy the attractive features of Dream Host at rocket-bottom prices. Save your time!!! Dream Host expert will work for you. The team will handle your hosting right from installation to upgrading the WordPress versions. Also, protect your password with an extension “.htaccess”. Grant access permission to members-only. Therefore members can access confidential information.


  • Private server
  • User-friendly installation
  • Unlimited website hosting and email accounts
  • 100% uptime
  • Unlimited bandwidth and MySQL databases
  • High security

Visit Website – Dream Host

Performance is important for every website. Dream Host offers better performance by providing a custom control panel. Installing and setting up is easy and flexible. The VPS hosting offers a 100% uptime guarantee. Yes, you’ve heard it right. The platform promises to keep your website up with 100% uptime. The resources are allocated for individual websites. It means, other users cannot access your dedicated resources. Ultimately, you can gain high performance and low latency.

Enjoy unlimited website hosting with Dream Host, users can host multiple domains/websites on a single VPS server. On the other hand, the managed VPS hosting is offering unlimited bandwidth. There are is no limit to the traffic on your website. Create as many as email account at zero cost. Keep a note, Dream Host doesn’t have Windows VPS hosting option. It is exclusively for the website with the Linux operating system.

Pricing: Dream Host basic plan starts at $10 per month.

Visit Website – Dream Host

InMotion Hosting

InMotion VPS

Planning to buy a managed VPS Hosting? Looking for the easy-to-use control panel? Want a cloud-powered redundancy? Yes!!! Look no further than InMotion Hosting. InMotion is the best VPS Hosting for large business, e-commerce stores, blogs or business applications. With cutting-edge technology and free customer support, InMotion Hosting will get in your own way. Hurray!!! It’s time to improve your online business with hand-off server management. Also, InMotion streamlines the hosting task according to your choice. Speed up your loading time with SSD servers. Run your website with your favourite technology such as WordPress, Java, Django, Magento and more.


  • Custom cPanel
  • Secure email
  • Root access allowed
  • E-commerce optimized
  • Unlimited email accounts

Visit Website – InMotion Hosting

If you’re planning to launch an e-commerce site, then you’re lucky enough to set your website with InMotion. Because InMotion is completely e-commerce optimized. Start from scratch to promotions in no time. InMotion is the one-stop solution for web hosting, server solutions, domains, WordPress, outstanding tools and services.

Handling huge traffic can be a difficult task for a business. With InMotion Hosting handling more than 10X traffic is easier. With advanced configurations and caching controls handling a large amount of traffic can be done within a single click. These help to decrease the website loading time. The PHP application is another extended feature to run the website faster. Because PHP application can load faster.

Pricing: Get InMotion hosting package starting from $29 per month. It offers resource monitoring dashboard, snapshots, free SSD, high-availability, root access, unlimited MySQL databases and more.

Visit Website – InMotion Hosting


Hope you got clear information about top 10 VPS hosting websites.

The term VPS stands for “Virtual Private Server”. VPS hosting is an effective approach to host the website or blog. Many people host their website with Shared Hosting. But when the business starts growing, shared hosting is not enough. You need more – storage space, resources and more. Start setting up your VPS from shared hosting. You can also share your server with other websites as well. VPS is cheaper when compared to dedicated web hosting. It provides similar features like a dedicated host. Security is the top priority for the website. VPS hosting will provide high-level security for their website using firewalls and other mechanisms. Also, users can customize their server according to their requirements such as extra storage space, marketing tools or resources. The VPS hosting platform will provide instant data backup when you’re connected to the internet. If you’re looking for best VPS hosting provider, check the above following top 10 VPS hosting websites. BlueHost, A2 Hosting and HostGator are offering better features for small and large businesses.
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