Best Affiliate Marketing Networks and Program Websites

Everyone dreams for a 10 digit bank balance. People choose different ways to earn money such as running a business, playing casino, launching a blog, sports betting, working for an organization etc. Among all, earning money with the blog is the perfect approach.

Many people assume running a business is profitable. In reality, handling a business requires time, money and effort. There are multiple things involved while running a business. An entrepreneur should take care of hiring employees, designing products or services, developing marketing strategies, managing budget and more. Keeping it simple, running a business is a daunting task.

Launching a blog and making it successful requires low investment and effort. There are multiple ways to earn money with a blog. Showcasing your products or services, add banner adverts, sponsored posts, allow gust blogging, use affiliate marketing and more. That’s it!!! There are multiple ways to earn good money while sitting in one place.

Let’s talk about how to make money with best affiliate networks and program websites.

Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the easiest process of earning a commission by marketing other company products or services. Affiliate marketing is an outstanding strategy to increase sales and generate maximum revenue. According to the analysis, 81% of businesses often rely on affiliate marketing to earn a commission.

The affiliate manager searches for the best product or service in the market. So, when an affiliate gets satisfied with that product or service. Next step, affiliates start promoting on their website or blog to earn profit from every sale they make. Besides, every sale is tracked through affiliate links.

There are 3 parties involved

  • Product creator
  • Seller
  • Affiliate marketer

Affiliate marketing is an effective method of spreading product or service across multiple parties. Here every party will receive a commission. Also, you can become both creator and promoter. Sounds amazing right!!!


They are also called as “creator”, “retailer”, “vendor” or “seller”. Also, the merchant is responsible for creating a product or service. It can be small, medium or large business. No matter whether you’re running a coffee shop or large entrepreneur, anyone can get benefited with top affiliate marketing programs.


Sometimes also called “publisher”. Did you know, the affiliate can range from small scale to large business. Therefore the best affiliate networks can produce a million dollars as commissions every month.

An affiliate programmer will promote the product on different platforms to attract potential customers. Therefore, the conversion rate gradually increases.


Whenever a customer purchases a product through an affiliate network. At that point, the affiliate will earn a commission from the particular sale.

Get started with affiliate marketing and earn a million dollars while sleeping as well. Besides, follow the below list of affiliate networks and make money in no time.

Compare Best Affiliate Marketing Networks


Provider Name


Free to Join

Customer Support

MYVU Score

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CJ – Commission Junction World-class advertiser & publisher
Global & content opportunities
Specialized guidance
Data & insights
Yes Excellent 9.8

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ShareASale Free to join
Performance-based marketing
Powerful tools and technology
Program launch
Gaining exposure
Yes Excellent 9.5

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ClickBank TID & VTID tracking
Joint venture
Recurring billing
Marketplace search
Yes Excellent 9.2

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Rakuten Advertising Artificial intelligence
Insights and analytics
Influencer campaign management
Client networking
Strategic services
Yes Good 8.5

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Avangate Channel manager
Commerce cloud
E-commerce manager
Global payments
Marketing and merchant services
Subscription billing
Yes Good 8.2

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Impact Commission management
Fraud detection
Email and newsletter communication
Affiliate Tracking
Coupon and buffer management
Yes Good 8

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Amazon Affiliate Program Trustworthy brand
Easy startup process
Earn high commission
Optimal use
Yes Good 8

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JVZoo No registration fee
Automated affiliate payments
High commission
Easy refund
Yes Good 7.8

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Peerfly Custom tracking platform
Guaranteed top payouts
Leda generation
Dedicated account managers
Flat-rate sales
Yes Good 7.7

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MaxBounty 2000+ active campaigns
Weekly payments
Feature-rich dashboard
24×7 customer support
Performance bonuses
Yes Good 7.7

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eBay Partner Network Over 1.4 billion brands
183 million buyers
80% of new products
71% of products provide free shipping
63% of mobile users
Yes Good 7.5

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PartnerStack LMS integrations
Event-based emails
Employee-level attribution
Partner payout
Legal compliance
Yes Good 7.2

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Awin Find the right advertisers
Easily generate trackable links
Stay up-to-date with offers and promotions
Track your performance
Yes Good 7.2

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FlexOffers Enhanced technical services
Dedicated affiliate managers
Click, impression and campaign tracking
Multiple programs
Yes Good 7

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Check the list of affiliate networks and pick the best affiliate marketing websites

CJ – Commission Junction

CJ is one of the best affiliate marketing networks across the globe. The network is specially designed to influence customers at their buying journey. CJ is perfect for both advertiser and publisher. An advertiser can expand their business and drive more conversion. Additionally, you can reward the publisher for marketing your products or services. The publisher earns an amazing commission while partnering with top brands. As a result, promoting quality products or services can improve customer loyalty.


Thanks to CJ affiliate marketing websites. CJ affiliate network is denoted as “Commission Junction”, where a publisher can find hundreds of products or services to promote and earn money. This top affiliate network is the perfect solution for many publishers. Also, connect with CJ affiliate program and earn passive income by promoting thousands of brands.

Sign up for the free trial program and start using the CJ affiliate network to earn a commission. Consider, if you’re running an education blog, check the advertiser categories in CJ. It consists of multiple categories ranging from accessories to telecommunication. Click on education and find outstanding products or services for affiliate promotion.


  • Global opportunities
  • Specialized guidance
  • Content opportunities
  • Technology and innovation
  • Data and insights
  • Commission Junction plan starts from $500 per month.

Visit Website – CJ


ShareASale was introduced in 2020. Many people prefer ShareASale – affiliate marketing programs to earn money. Because it is one of the successful and top affiliate marketing programs. Also, ShareASale has a good reputation both online and offline. Getting started with ShareASale is simple and easy. It’s just a matter of five-steps. No more complications for new publishers, users can sign-up in less than 3 minutes.


Visit Website – ShareASale

If you’re affiliate tap on ‘Affiliate login’ and merchant tap on ‘Merchant login’. ShareASale is the best affiliate networks from the past 20 years. This affiliate network websites are offering amazing tools to help every client to earn passive income. Do you handle multiple websites? Yes!!! Applying and monetizing multiple websites with ShareASale is super easy. Also, a user can apply for multiple programs with a single click. Also, the user doesn’t need to waste time on logging in multiple accounts, with a single log in the programs will get activated. 

No matter whether you’re running a tech or fitness blog, ShareASale is the amazing affiliate marketing website for you. It includes more than 40 categories and is filled with more than 4800 merchants. Sounds amazing right!!! Yes, ShareASale offers excellent customer service for merchants and affiliates. When you’ve doubt feel free to connect with ShareASale customer support. Additionally, ShareASale one-time payment starts at $550 onwards.

The list of affiliate networks explains about the best affiliate networks such as ClickBank, Impact, Peerfly and more.

Visit Website – ShareASale


Wondering how to earn money online? Selling products or services is the simplest way to make money. This approach is easily performed with Clickbank affiliate marketing. It’s a home for millions of products such as games, mobile, health, food, art and more. If you are running a mobile blog, then tap on to mobile from the category list. So, you can check out the latest products and promote them on your blog. That’s it, you can earn money just like that.


Clickbank is the top affiliate networks across the globe. This affiliate network offers more than 70% commission. Let’s consider, when a product cost is $100, you can earn $70 per sale. Sounds interesting right, without production and shipping costs you can make money with ClickBank. The pay structure of other affiliate network is weekly but ClickBank deposit money within one week. Also, there are a few affiliate network that doesn’t accept new affiliates. Also, you don’t need to worry with ClickBank, it always welcomes new affiliates.

Visit Website – ClickBank


  • Marketplace search and categories
  • Earning calculator
  • Sales tools
  • Account management
  • ClickBank commission plan starts at $49.95 onwards

ClickBank affiliate network is completely safe. So, just think ClickBank as popular affiliate network platforms such as Amazon and Walmart. Browse the products and promote them on your website.

Visit Website – ClickBank

Rakuten Advertising

Looking for an affiliate marketing network that provides your business reach, scale and customer value. Then, Rakuten is the right platform for you. It is an amazing digital media platform that encourages you to reach the maximum audience. Besides, generate record performance using multichannel products. So in order to generate more sales, Rakuten is offering amazing consumer insights and advanced tools.


Rakuten Advertising is the trusted affiliate network. People are helping brands and driving huge amounts of money. This top affiliate network enables users to reach real people. Rakuten can connect with massive audiences around more than 70 digital media properties. All you need to tap into the amazing global network. Also, gain access to more than 150 thousand publishers and popular brands. So, start marking business decisions using in-detailed insights and customer trends.


  • Artificial intelligence
  • Insights and analytics
  • Influencer campaign management
  • Client networking
  • Strategic services

Rakuten is the best platform for advertisers, customers and publishers. The affiliate network provides outstanding advertising technology to both brands and retailers. Working with a popular brand is now easy with Rakuten. The network established the right conditions to connect with new customers and improve loyalty. The influencers in Rakuten inspire product or service discovery and brand devotion. So, get free Rakuten membership and earn more than $30 commission.

Visit Website – Rakuten


Did you know, Avangate is a top 5 affiliate network from 2015? Yes!!! It offers more than 22000 digital products, outstanding marketing software and expertise. The best part of Avangate is, it provides the highest commission. And Avangate is an award-winning affiliate network. If you’re a newbie follow the tips on how to earn money using Avangate.


  • Select the product or service niche you are passionate about
  • Choose the right medium such as website, blog, social network or guest posting
  • Plan an outstanding content strategy
  • Develop curated content
  • Choose Avangate for affiliate marketing

If you’re planning to promote using Avangate then you’re halfway to success. Also, getting started with Avangate is easy, it just takes a few minutes to complete the sign-up process. Your affiliate account often includes effective tools to increase sales such as banners, content, data feeds and important marketing materials. Therefore, retailers or promoters can go through guidance and implement their process to earn more commission. Always choose low-competition products or services. Because low competition products have a better conversion rate. Avangate merchants is offering more than 75% commission with special bonuses.

Visit Website – Avangate


Are you planning to make a great impact on your entrepreneur life? Yes!!! Jump into affiliate marketing. Impact is one of the popular affiliate marketing websites. Also, Impact affiliate marketing hosts a wide range of affiliate programs. Pick the best one from them and earn good profits with an online presence. The commissions are classified into two types such as cost-per-sale or cost-per-click. You can make a huge income using the cost-per-sale model.


The impact is the one-stop destination for influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, fraud protection, business development and more. Let’s talk about Impact affiliate marketing, it’s time to diversify partnership programs with great confidence. Also, organizing and managing partner is simple using Impact. Launched a website and decided on a niche? Yes, then it’s time to earn money using Impact. Start writing quality content and add Impact affiliate links appropriately. Watch out, increasing sales over time.


  • Commission management
  • Fraud detection
  • Email and newsletter communication
  • Affiliate Tracking
  • Coupon and buffer management

Impact is offering outstanding affiliate programs. Therefore, it’s a great way for newbies to connect with reputed organizations within their niche. Get started with Impact within a few clicks, sign-in as partner, brand or agency. On the other hand, the payout percentage will be displayed on each affiliate program. Brands are offering both percentage sales and flat-rate sales. So, depending upon your interest choose the payout. Impact offers 30-days EPC. Earn more than 53% of commission with Impact affiliate marketing network.

Visit Website – Impact

Amazon Affiliate Program

Is there anybody who’s unaware of the term “Amazon”? Nobody right. Amazon is a well-known e-commerce platform around the globe. Have you ever heard about the “Amazon Affiliate Program”? No. You’re missing out on something great. Amazon affiliate program is used by more than 200 million websites. It is an outstanding affiliate program where Amazon recruits, handles and rewards affiliates.

Amazon associates

It’s no secret Amazon is the hub for a small, medium and large business. Did you know, Amazon sells more than 5000 per minute? Sounds interesting right. The platform is earning billions per day. Do you want to know the secret? It’s because Amazon is promoting thousands of products to their audience. Whether your blog is related to lifestyle or health, the Amazon affiliate program is the answer for you. Under one destination you can find thousands of latest products in your niche. Also, promoters can browse unlimited products, build quality content, shipping time and more under the Amazon affiliate program. Amazon affiliate commission can range from 1% to 12%.

  • Joining the amazon affiliate program is easy, no third-party approvals are required.
  • Browse a massive range of products and promote to your audience.
  • Whether you’re running a blog or social media channel, use linking tools to meet your requirement. The affiliate tools can easily monetize your account.
  • Advertisers can earn more than 12% of the commission on the purchase.

Visit Website – Amazon Affiliate Program


Getting affiliates or promoters to market your products or services is the best way to earn more sales. The shopping process is completely streamlined at JVZoo. Getting started with an affiliate program is simple and easy. No matter whether you’re selling mobile accessories or baby products, get connected with millions of paying customers and the popular performing affiliates.

Everything is automated. Affiliates need not worry about payments, whenever a customer purchase the product automatically affiliate will get paid on-time. Also, JVZoo is the right destination for product sellers and affiliates.

Product sellers

  • No registration and maintenance fees
  • Affiliate payments are automated
  • Pay only on profit
  • Refunds are handled instantly
  • Zero risk


  • 100% free to use
  • Earn high commission on every sale
  • Receive payments on-time
  • Also, check every affiliate information at a single dashboard

JVZoo is one of the best affiliate marketing websites. It is the right destination for affiliate marketers, software developers, info-marketers, membership sites and product creators. Additionally, JVZoo is completely compliant with FTC, GDPR, CASL, PCI, SCA and more.

Visit Website – JVZoo


If you’re planning to sell more products or services, look no further than Peerfly. It is one of the outstanding growing affiliate networks across the globe. Peerfly is the best solution for affiliates and advertisers. It operates on “Cost-per-Action” pricing model. Therefore users have thousands of great opportunities to make maximum conversions. Many leading businesses such as Uber, Agoda,, McAfee and more. Did you know, Peerfly is offering more than 2,302 latest offers for affiliates and advertisers? Yes!!! Start grabbing the offer right away. There are more than 250,000 affiliate marketers in 165 countries. If you’re a new affiliate marketer, using free training and tools will help to get started with the affiliate marketing world. So, make money with Peerfly affiliate marketing network in a short period.



  • Custom tracking platform
  • Guaranteed top payouts
  • Leda generation
  • Dedicated account managers
  • Flat-rate sales
  • Accelerated payment options
  • Free training and tools

Peerfly offers a user-friendly interface. The platform provides various payment gateway such as PayPal, Postel check, Wire, ACH and more. The affiliate managers at Peerfly are pretty responsive and helpful. When compared to other affiliate marketing networks, Peerfly is reliable. Also, the network accepts incentive traffic as well. The affiliate marketing network pay higher rates. If you want to know the detailed information about pay rates, you should contact to Peerfly affiliate team.

Visit Website – PeerFly


Planning to maximize your ROI? MaxBounty is the right affiliate platform for you. It is a popular performance-based cost-per-action network. MaxBounty is offering attractive features for affiliates and marketers. MaxBounty provides tailor-made solutions to achieve marketing goals. It’s the perfect time to access a powerful global network of a wide range of marketing channels. These platforms help to improve sales, installs, registrations and other actions with respect to your business.  Advertise with MaxBounty and improve customers engagement, build trust and increase conversions.


MaxBounty is trusted by millions of users across the globe. The trusted platforms for MaxBounty are Norton, Microsoft, Apple, GoDaddy, American Express and more. The top affiliate marketing programs offer proprietary software to identify patterns that will help while optimizing the campaigns. MaxBounty is one of the popular platforms in the list of affiliate networks. Your business integrity is safe and protected. The process at MaxBounty is vet affiliates, surveil traffic and doesn’t encourage fraud. Traffic sent high quality leads to your campaigns.


  • 2000+ active campaigns
  • Weekly payments
  • Feature-rich dashboard
  • 24×7 customer support
  • Performance bonuses
  • High-quality leads
  • Dedicated compliance

Good news for affiliates!!! MaxBounty is providing more than 2000 active campaigns. Work with more than 2000 advertisers and make money. Pick the payment model – CPA, CPL, CPI and CPS.

Visit Website – MaxBounty

eBay Partner Network

Is there anybody who is unaware of eBay? Of Course nobody. eBay is a popular e-commerce website. eBay is the right platform to connect a million numbers of buyers and sellers across the globe. eBay partner is the popular affiliate networking platform. With leverage coupons and deals, earning traffic is easy. Explore the eBay affiliate solutions with a single click. It includes – builds ads and campaigns, drive traffic to improve revenue, monitor performance and optimize results. Also, the network provides effective tools and advanced reports that provide comprehensive data. eBay resources include insights, special business models, network status and help centre. So, the solutions and resources help to improve your revenue.



  • Over 1.4 billion brands
  • 183 million buyers
  • 80% of new products
  • 71% of products provide free shipping
  • 63% of mobile users

No matter whether you would like to list the products on eBay or promote new products on your blog, eBay partner network works more for you. Also, it is the perfect solution to create ads, campaign, improve traffic and drive maximum ROI. Ultimately, users get benefited by monitoring their performance and optimizing the results. eBay partner network increases the revenue with every potential sale. Also, the commission rate will be based on the product category. Check the “Rate Card” at eBay for in-detailed information about the payment structure. Also, become an eBay premier member and drive a high amount of traffic to eBay. So the program includes exclusive content to improve sales, early access to the latest software, personalized incentives to optimize your brand.

Visit Website – eBay


As the name indicates PartnerStack is the one-stop destination for partnership. PartnerStack automates partner onboarding, engagement, payments, legal compliance and more. Besides, the affiliate network provides an outstanding dashboard. On the other hand, users can manage every program from a single dashboard. A complete suite of marketing and reseller program at simple clicks from a dashboard. Partnershack is the right place to launch your product or services. Additionally, the network scales according to your program and provides assistance with customizations.

Partnerstack offers an outstanding user experience. Therefore partners can easily submit their leads and close the sale in no time. And no matter whether you’re running a small or large scale business, you will enjoy using PartnerStack.

  • Deal registration
  • Order fulfilment
  • LMS integrations
  • Event-based emails
  • Employee-level attribution
  • Partner payout
  • Legal compliance

PartnerStack is an outstanding affiliate network program that connects small and large brands with affiliates and publishers. So, the affiliate network is trusted by Evernote, Opencare, Crowdfire and more.

Visit Website – PartnerStack


Good news for UK users!!! Awin is an exclusive affiliate marketing network for UK residents. Awin helps to build trusted partnerships which improve revenue. An effective affiliate marketing platform will empower both publishers and advertisers to drive growth online. Did you know there are more than 16,500 brands and more than 230,000 publishers are listed under Awin? Yes!!! Awin is the one-stop destination for content creators, website owners and influencers. Also, they can create an incredible partnership with top brands across different niche to make money.


Hurray!!! It’s time to reach the target audience with the existing affiliate partners. Diverse network with Awin is an outstanding affiliate network where all the affiliates can register themselves to promote vendor’s products or services for a good commission. Also, it is a better place for advertisers and publishers. So, Awin allows you the amazing flexibility to partner with a wide range of publishers. So, browse the publisher’s partners and pick the best partner that helps to reach your customers.

  • Promote with effective publishers
  • Professional affiliate marketers
  • Powerful tools
  • Amazing technology to optimize affiliate partners

Get a chance to partner with world-class brands. It’s time to build a long-lasting relationship by promoting your products or services to your target audience. Additionally, Awin offers a user-friendly dashboard, no technical knowledge is required to use features and tools. Also, get paid for right payments instantly.

Visit Website – Awin


FlexOffers is the right platform for advertisers and publishers. The affiliate network is an award-winning affiliate marketing platform. Also, FlexOffers affiliate marketing is the best way to create a powerful relationship with many publishers through countless years of dedication, hard work and proven results. Also, the network is successfully providing comprehensive solutions for publishers and advertisers. Everyone across the globe is choosing FlexOffers to promote their products or services. The platform is using various marketing options, multiple delivery options and payment solutions. Publishers at FlexOffers can access more than 12,000 affiliate programs. On the other hand, Advertisers at FlexOffers can expand their market reach in a short period.

  • Over 12000 advertisers
  • More than 500 premium advertisers
  • Enhanced technical services
  • Dedicated affiliate managers
  • Click, impression and campaign tracking
  • Multiple programs 

Great news for publishers. With FlexOffers you can start earning money in a simple way. Besides, you can start checking the latest products and services for promoting from popular brands. Also, FlexOffers provide affiliate marketing content can integrate into your website or blog as banner ads or promotional content.

Visit Website – FlexOffers


Are you a newbie? Planning to earn money? Yes!!! Starting with small is the best choice for you. So, launch a blog and earn passive income at initial stages. Do in-detail research before launching a blog. Choose your blog niche – fashion, travel, food, beauty, electronic, entertainment, finance, etc. Depending upon the interest select the best niche. Also, Keep an eye on competitors and follow their marketing strategies. Now, it’s time to choose the right affiliate marketing network for your blog or website. Affiliate marketing is the process of making money by promoting other business products or services. When you find an excellent product, start promoting the product on your blog or website. This article has a list of affiliate networks, check the affiliate marketing websites and pick the best one to earn money. Also, every program has its excellent functionalities.
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