Shopify Vs Woocommerce- Compare Which is the Better Ecommerce Platform for your Store

If you’re a budding entrepreneur who is planning to start their online store then you must have already heard about these e-commerce platforms. Digitalisation has brought many noteworthy changes over the past decade. One of the changes is e-commerce business or online shopping. With increasing busy life and less time for themselves, people have quickly adapted to this idea making it a success. 

Carrying bags all day, hopping from shop to shop and most importantly not getting your hands on the latest collection. Online shopping has put an end to all these problems. No need to move from your sofa to shop from your favourite brands. Shop till you drop and receive your packages right at your doorstep. Who wouldn’t love this idea, right?

This is one of the main reasons why business is opening online stores. Be it a small business or large everybody has moved their eyes to online shopping. If you want to reach your audience and turn your potential customers into long term customers then you must go with the trend. From electronics to books everything is available online. You type it, you will find it. In this digital age, people like this that are fast and time-saving. If you want to keep up with these changing trends and gain a competitive advantage then its high time you start your online business.

E-commerce platforms

Most people have an offline store and are planning to open an online store too. Which is highly advantageous for a growing business. You tap into your targeted audience online and you can reach people across the globe. The offline store is not available 24×7, but with an online store, you’re open for business 24×7, 365 days. You must be wondering how to create a store, where to start and what to do. But thanks to e-commerce platforms it has become quite easy to create a store. It just takes a few clicks to publish your store. And you can customise them to your heart’s content until you like the final outcome. 

But sadly the hardest thing is not creating a store, it is finding a perfect e-commerce platform that facilitates you in creating your store. With all the options available in the market, it can get overwhelming to choose. All of them promise you the same thing i.e., create your online store in minutes with the best features available for customisation. But the thing is not many stand true their words.

Shopify Vs Woocommerce

Here in this article, we are talking about two such e-commerce platforms ie., Shopify and Woo-commerce. Both of them rank in the top 10 best e-commerce platforms and promise to create a store for you just in a few minutes. But the question here is which is better Shopify or Woocommerce? To find the answer to this question, stick till the end of this Shopify Vs Woocommerce article.


If you’re planning to open an online store. Then you must have checked out information about platforms that would facilitate in easy creation of your store. It is most likely possible that you must have already heard about Shopify. This Platform has been in the market for quite a long time. Many people across the globe are using this platform to make their dream of starting their own business a reality. It comes with some amazing themes and features that help you in creating an amazing store. From themes to promotions Shopify has it all. It makes your business journey pleasant and takes your business towards success.


All you have to do is find a business name and domain name and rest Shopify will handle. Create and establish your brand with its free tools. With Shopify, you can sell anywhere, everywhere. Be it online, offline or in-between. You can connect with your audience and bring your products to life with a responsive website. Do you know why people across the globe are choosing Shopify? Because this platform helps you create your online store even when you have zero designing skills. You don’t need to be a professional designer to create your online store.

Not only that it offers more than 70+ themes for you choose from. Choose a theme and customise your website with all the add-ons available in the Shopify store. It is offering around 8 free themes but if you want more then you can purchase them from Shopify Store. It is hard to decide which is better Shopify or Woocommerce because both have their plus points and drawbacks. However, Shopify has an upper hand because of its reach in the market and its ease of use. Also, Shopify has a leading 30% market share of the U.S. e-commerce segment comparing with Woocommerce that has 20%. If you want to know more about Shopify then check out the detailed Shopify review.


This application is an open-source e-commerce plugin. It is developed by WordPress. Woo-commerce is a customizable e-commerce platform and works perfectly as a WordPress plugin. Woo commerce will help you in creating a powerful online store. It will make it easy for your audience to find your products. For a unique brand like you need a unique website. Woo-commerce will give your website a unique voice. You don’t need technical knowledge to create your website. It gives you control to sell anything, anywhere.


This platform is extendable, open-sourced and platform that helps you in building the best website. It provides many free and paid extensions that are specific for your needs. Its themes are mobile optimised giving your website an amazing view from both mobile and website. This platform is developed by 350 advanced developers. Since it is open-source software, you can customise the website as per your convenience. It calculates tax according to the detected customer’s location. Not only that it makes refund processes also easy for your customers too.

One-click refund will make your customers happy and it will automatically reflect in your dashboard. If you ask which is better, Shopify or Woocommerce. Even though Woocommerce is an open-source platform it has its drawbacks. This application doesn’t store information and users should have knowledge about word-press. Since this application is self-hosted, it is the user’s responsibility to instal the latest versions. In this Woocommerce Vs Shopify battle, Shopify gets the upper hand.

Compare Shopify Vs Woocommerce

Provider Shopify Woocommerce
Myvu Score 9.8
Read Review
Read Review
Pricing $12/month $29/month
Free Trial Yes Yes
Features 15 staff accounts

Sales channels

Advanced report builders

Third-party POS apps

Unlimited themes

0% transaction fee

Customize locations

Easy-to-use dashboard

Open development

Integrations Google Shopping

Shopify Flow

Facebook & Instagram

Amazon channel

Point of Sale






Customer Satisfaction Excellent Good



The answer to which is better, Shopify or woo commerce? Even though both these applications good. Shopify gets the upper hand because of its amazing features and ease of use. Shopify provides you with the best tools and features that help you in creating the best e-commerce platform. Make your dream a reality, create your store and start selling today.
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