PosterMyWall Review 2021: Everything you need to know about graphics, videos and online publishing

It’s no secret that graphic designing has become the lifeblood of marketing campaigns. Be it Facebook, Instagram or a traditional yet modern email marketing campaign, graphics are a must. This is because visuals such as images, videos, animations are more captivating than words or text. 

However, one of the painful tasks when handling digital marketing campaigns is graphic designing. It requires professionals and the right software to create images or videos that add value to your campaigns. Else you are simply frittering away your time. But again, hiring a professional graphic designer is expensive, especially for small and medium businesses, right? This is where PosterMyWall comes to the rescue. 

PosterMyWall is an online design platform that serves as a one-stop solution for all your graphic needs. You can create and download designs, and publish them on various channels to grab your audience’s attention. The different tools available on the platform let you design outstanding designs that look professional. However, although the platform is built for helping businesses and individuals to create designs for professional use, it isn’t limited to it. Simply put, you needn’t necessarily be a freelancer or entrepreneur who wants great designs to send business emails. PosterMyWall has thousands of templates for greeting cards and personal projects along with a huge variety of professional and customizable templates. Remember we said, one-stop solution for all kinds of graphic needs.

Alright, if PosterMyWall is an alien to you and wondering how it can help you, then here is the review on it. You will not only learn what PosterMyWall is but the pros and cons of using it and everything you need to know about graphics, videos and online publishing. So, stick till the end and you will have many reasons to start using PosterMyWall for your marketing campaigns. Shall we get started?

PosterMyWall Review

What is PosterMyWall?

First things first, PosterMyWall is an online tool to create graphics and videos easily and effectively. Simply put, with PosterMyWall you just need to have an internet connection to design outstanding graphics that your customers would love to see more from you. It is one of the most chosen platforms by small and medium businesses as it simplifies the designing, downloading and publishing process. So that business owners can focus on other important things in business. The best part is one needn’t have any artistic skills to create splendid graphics using PosterMyWall.

PosterMyWall was started in 2010 with the mission to empower businesses and individuals to create their own professional graphics. Over 2 million active users use it every month for creating stunning images, videos and animations. It has created more than 18 million designs and offers over 170000 templates on the platform. Both image and video templates are available on the platform. The templates available can be used for business promotions, retail, concert, event promotions, etc. All the designs created are automatically and securely saved in the cloud.

Why Choose PosterMyWall?

Wondering how is PosterMyWall different from other online design platforms available on the internet? Then here are a few reasons and unique features of why PosterMyWall is unique.

7 reasons to choose PosterMyWall over other online design platforms

1.Professional-looking videos

If you are a professional looking for videos and graphics to make your marketing campaign successful, you might know the pain involved in creating beautiful designs. PosterMyWall enables you to create captivating graphics and videos within a couple of clicks using customizable video templates. You don’t have to worry about your poor designing skills or long hour tutorials before getting started. PosterMyWall has made designing super accessible, hence you don’t have to worry about time or your skills.

2. Huge variety of templates

As mentioned, PosterMyWall offers a wealth of free customized templates to help you create images, videos for both online and offline publishing. You can choose from over 135,000 templates of different sizes and themes to power up your marketing campaigns.

3. Ultimate customization

Right from template dimensions to background animations and custom fonts, PosterMyWall offers flexible customization options. You can design a banner or flyer or newsletter based on the occasion or your campaign type. These customization options help you get noticed by your audiences. Your customers might remember you for your designs when a little creativity is added.

4. Free collaboration options

PosterMyWall saves all the work created on the platform securely in the cloud. It lets users collaborate with their colleagues or friends to make any last-minute changes no matter where they are. Users in the team need not upload images or videos to improve designs created by team members. PosterMyWall users can use different collaboration options such as through email, cloud, and social media after importing their work to Google Drive/Dropbox.

5. Free resizing

You need to create graphics that can be easily resized to save time and to reuse for multiple purposes. The platform leverages free resizing options so that you can avoid creating a design from scratch. Sounds cool right? Here are a few lines about the multiple resize tool.

  1. Copy and resize tool

PosterMyWall Multiple Resize tool lets you resize designs without any hassle. The tool allows you to copy and resize unlimited designs for free to use on different channels without any restrictions.

6. Schedule and publish content

Analyzed the best time to publish content on social media to get maximum engagement? Well, posting content at the best time every day is a little difficult as you have many other important things to do. This is why PosterMyWall introduced the Schedule and Publish option. You can set a date and time for the post to publish and the post will get published on selected social media channels automatically at the assigned time. 

7. Getty Stock Graphics

The incredible online design platform allows you to access stock graphics from Getty Images, Flickr etc and create customized designs from them. You can discover a wide range of high-quality images to choose from and customize them based on your needs.

So, these are 7 compelling reasons for choosing PosterMyWall for all your graphics needs. 

Not yet impressed? Then, let’s quickly get into its unique features and major sections of the platform.

Features of PosterMyWall

1. Video Creation

Creating your own videos is time taking and expensive, right? Well, that’s a past talk. Now that you are introduced to PosterMyWall, the only platform that lets you create stunning designs using customizable templates within minutes. All you need to do is browse 135,000 templates and choose one, add your logo, text or product videos or music or animations. You can then get the word out by publishing them to your website, social media handles or signage screens. Video creation with PosterMyWall is as simple as ABC.

2. Specialized creation tools

The one-size-fits-all concept doesn’t work for marketing campaigns, especially for graphic designing as you have to target different groups of people, in different channels through different ideas. Say, restaurants need menus, sports teams need schedules, grocery stores need table type menus and so on.

PosterMyWall offers specialized creation tools to help you design graphics based on your needs. You can design menus, schedules, tables, or tear-off using menu creation tools, schedule maker, table maker and tear-off tabs. Let’s have a quick look at each of these tools.

  1. Menu creation tool

No matter if you are newly running a restaurant or have been there for some time, you might know how painful it is to prepare a menu from scratch when changing the design. This is why PosterMyWall introduced Menu making tools. You can now save your design and reuse them unlimited times when upgrading your designs.

  1. Schedule Maker

Promoting a sports event? Then it’s time to have your hand on PosterMyWall Schedule Maker. It helps you create programs, schedules or timetables for your event promotions.

  1. Table Maker

Create a table in your design to convey important information such as items, and prices. Although anyone can use this feature to convey important data, it is mainly useful for restaurants, resorts etc to display activities and pricing.

  1. Tear-off Tabs

Displaying your contact information on banners and flyers is crucial to receive incoming calls and emails. PosterMyWalls lets you add such tear-off tabs while editing your flyer design.

3. Publishing tools

No more alarms to publish content on social media at the best times your audiences are active to engage with your posts. PosterMyWall allows you to create, send, publish and schedule posts you have created to auto-publish. Here are 3 publishing tools that the platform offers.

a. Create and send out emails in bulk

Email campaigns are one of the effective marketing strategies if done in the right way. You need simple yet memorable designs along with many other key factors to make your email campaign successful.

PosterMyWall not only lets you design banners, flyers, for your email campaign but also allows you to send bulk emails right from your dashboard. You can send up to 100 emails per day for free. In case your mailing list is huge, you can go for premium subscriptions or purchase email sends with your credits.

b. Publish social media posts

Done with creating a killing design for your campaign? Post it to your social media directly from your My Stuff page. Publishing your posts on different social media channels is as simple as creating designs. You just need to go to your My Stuff page, select ‘Publish design’ from the dropdown and find the ‘Publish to Social Media’ option. You can then connect to your social media channels, enter the caption, select the page you want to post on and click publish.

PosterMyWall asks you for a small fee to publish your content on social media. Although you are a premium member, when you choose to post for free, the published designs contain watermarks. To remove watermarks you need to select Remove Watermark and pay the small fee.

c. Schedule social media posts

This is one of the best features you can discover on this amazing online design website. PosterMyWall Premium and Premium Plus subscribers can schedule posts to publish on social media. As you know how important it is to publish content at the right time to get noticed and achieve higher user engagement, PosterMyWall enables you to schedule the posts for auto-publishing. Hence, you can focus on core operations of your business and marketing campaigns leaving the publishing task to this amazing tool.

You can set a time and date to publish, write the caption, and select the pages you would like to post on. The posts will automatically be published at the allotted time to your selected social media networks. You can view your posts on the ‘My Posts’ tab in your My Stuff page and edit, delete or publish the posts whenever you want.

4. Shared photo collections

Marketing campaigns deal with a huge collection of designs or stock photos hence finding the right one becomes overwhelming sometimes. PosterMyWall’s Photo Collections help you organize your designs into collections. You save a lot of time by categorizing the related images in a collection as this helps you to easily find and reuse them.

The good news is Premium subscribers can now share images of their Photo Collections with other users and make working in teams easier. Your colleagues or friends need not upload images and stock photos but perform the tasks using the same images you have shared. This not only saves huge time, and effort but also makes teamwork more effective. All you need to do is send an invitation link to your team via email or message.

5. Audio addition

Audio addition is the other best tool you can find on PosterMyWall to uplift your design. The PosterMyWall editor enables you to add audio to your design, be it image or video. You can either add your own audio clip or add stock audio. Once you are done, you can download the design in video format. The website charges USD 14.95 per download, the cost remains the same even if you add audio to a video and download it.

6. Animation tools

Videos and animated content are the next big wave in graphic designing. If you are not using them yet, it’s high time to rethink your design ideas. Do not worry about the effort or time needed to create engaging dynamic content, PosterMyWall is by your side with basic yet exciting animation tools. Have a look at the tools below.

a. Intro animations

Introduce your new launches (products or services or events) in a whole new way with Intro animations. People are hungry for video content, and your animated posts definitely catch their attention. You can create animated images, video backgrounds and gifs using intro animations and add life to your social media content. The platform offers 4 different intros for a single design and this feature works with all available templates (images and video). You need to pay $2.99 for the download as you would pay for any standard flyer.

b. Text animations

The newest feature on PosterMyWall is text animation. You can make the plain text on your design appear in sequence using this feature. This feature is available for free and can be downloaded as an mp4 or gif file.

7. Customize video and image templates

As discussed, PosterMyWall has more than 135000 templates including both images and videos. You can browse across those thousands of templates and choose one (or more) depending on your campaign needs.

Of course, finding one from thousands of templates is overwhelming. You can find the right templates scrolling through different categories you can see on the navigation bar.

You can search templates based on sizes such as flyers, posters, Instagram & Facebook Posts, digital display etc. Or you can browse themes such as Christmas, church, restaurant, small business, events etc. All the image and video templates are highly customizable and you can create personalized designs within a couple of clicks. Moreover, you can edit or resize the designs and reuse them. Not just that, you can also access templates for personal projects, such as family photo collages, greeting cards, and birthday invites. Isn’t this amazing?

Besides all, using PosterMyWall is easy peasy. You neither need to have technical or artistic skills to start creating appealing designs. Here is how to get started.

How to use PosterMyWall?

Already impressed? Want to start using this amazing graphic designing platform right away? Then, here is your quick guide.

1. Visit PosterMyWall homepage, and sign up for creating your account (signing in is not mandatory to use basic features).

2. Go to ‘My Stuff’ to create an image or video.

3. Else you can directly browse image and video templates from the homepage selecting the theme and size.

4. Or you can create designs from scratch.

5. You can find your designs in “My Stuff’ to edit, collaborate or publish on social channels.

In short, PosterMyWall is a graphic design and publishing platform. There are short tutorials on the website to help you create aesthetically pleasing designs quickly though.

Pros & Cons of Using PosterMyWall


  • Easy to use: The platform is absolutely beginner-friendly and one need not have any artistic skills to design stunning flyers or videos.
  • Saves time: Small businesses and individuals can save a lot of time by quickly designing, downloading, publishing or scheduling posts for social media publishing.
  • Saves money: As a small business owner, investing thousands of dollars in a professional graphic designer is not a smart option. The tool lets you do the same work an expert designer can do within the budget.
  • Thousands of Templates: The platform has a wide range of customized templates that marketers are looking for. The templates available in different themes and sizes give you new inspirations when you are out of ideas.
  • Accessibility: An internet connection is all that you want.

users can download PosterMyWall apps for iOS and Android.

  • Collaboration: The platform leverages seamless collaboration and helps improve working in teams.
  • Flexibility: You can create designs from anywhere at any time on any device such as tablets, smartphones, PC etc.
  • Photo Collections: PosterMyWall Photo Collections keeps you organized even if you have thousands of stock images and designs.
  • Customization: Along with customizing templates, users can upload their own custom font to build and carry the brand.
  • Customer Support: Offers 24/7 priority customer support.


  • Difficult to choose a template due to the numerous options available.
  • You need to pay for downloading high-resolution graphics.
  • Free members have access to limited features.
  • Pricing and credit structure is slightly confusing.

PosterMyWall Pricing

PosterMyWall offers three pricing plans. Let’s have a look at them.

Free (Downloads)

1. Users can create and download images and videos for free. However, all the downloaded images except social media downloads come with watermarks.

2. Downloading standard quality images (of up to 12 inches) cost $2.99.

3. Downloading high-resolution images (of up to 9 feet) cost $7.99.

4. HD video download costs $14.95 and 4K HD video download costs $24.95.

5. Allows 100 email sends/month.


1. The Premium subscription plan costs $99.95 per year, 8.33/month billed yearly.

2. It comes with unlimited image downloads and 3 free monthly credits.

3. Allows 10,000 email sends/month.

Premium Plus

1. The Premium Plus subscription plan costs $319.95 per year.

2. Premium Plus members can download unlimited videos and images.

3. 6 free monthly credits are given.

4. Allows 10,000 email sends/month.

Unused credits and email sends are carried forward to the next month. Credits can be used to purchase designs with Getty stock.

Above all, PosterMyWall offers a free trial. Free users can access features available to create designs without creating an account. However, the subscription plans offer a better and clear pricing structure for downloads. The paid plans also offer ultimate flexibility, customization and offer priority customer support.

PosterMyWall Review

Graphics make digital marketing more lively and add value to your marketing efforts. As you already know that people prefer visuals over text, the demand for graphic designing has increased. However, creating beautiful images or videos for your campaigns need not be stressful. Thanks to PosterMyWall, it has made the lives of marketers easy. Having this reliable online design platform by your side, you can create, download and publish beautiful designs and save a lot of time and money. Hence PosterMyWall is a must-have website within your hands. As the platform lets you access some of its features for free, you can start using them right away. Once you are satisfied with the platform, you can upgrade to premium plans at any time and level up your marketing campaigns using stunning graphics.
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