Review – Unlimited graphic designs to achieve your marketing goals

How important is graphic designing for your business? Well, the answer is quite apparent. Great designs have the capability to drive your business and reach more customers. Don’t you agree? People are attracted to visuals. If you provide text and image related to a topic, more people would like to connect to images. The reason is simple, images have colours and visuals are attractive. Apart from that, they make the information easy to understand. 

From logo to website design a company needs a graphic designer for different things. A graphic design conveys your idea/message effectively and beautifully. Have you never visited a website, just because their landing page is beautiful or became curious about a company or product because of their ads or banners on social media? Even though your product/brand is of premium quality, having great designs on your website or social media contributes to getting more traffic. The reason is simple before they know about your product or brand the first thing they notice is your website or logo or social media ads. 

Here is where you come to the need to hire an in-house graphic designer or a freelancer. But hiring a new addition to your team is not an easy task. Along with their work they must also blend with your existing team. Also hiring is a costly affair. Hiring a freelancer can also be quite costly. Wondering do you have any other options other than hiring an in-house designer or a freelancer? Well, yes you have. Penji.

If you have already heard about Penji, it is great. 

But if you didn’t. No worries. In this article, you will be given all the information about this platform. From its features to pricing, you will find everything you need to know about the Penji. 

What is Penji?

First things first, Penji is a graphic design company that provides you with unlimited designs. Penji has been in the market for quite a while. It was founded back in 2017 by Johnathan Grzybowski and Khai Tran. The idea behind this platform was they wanted to create a reliable source for agencies and businesses who need graphic design. 

This platform is on-demand because you don’t have to hire or enter into contracts with them. All you have to do is pay them a flat monthly rate to get unlimited designs. They have professional designers who will help your business by creating designs. From logos to social media banners you can send them as many jobs according to your requirement. Penji has become a go-to platform for many agencies and marketers for graphic designs. 

You know the importance of a logo, social media ad or banner hold for your business. And if you want to keep up with the times and set your brand apart from your competitors then your designs should be outstanding and define the personality of your brand perfectly. This is why Penji is perfect for you. You can achieve your marketing goals quickly with their excellent designs. Another reason why business and agencies are preferring Penji is its flat-rate subscription plan. Well, finding the right graphic designer who understands your requirements at an affordable price is quite hard. However, with this platform, you don’t have to worry about it. You can make revisions to the designs until you’re happy with the final product. So becoming a member will bring you additional benefits. Wondering what are those benefits? 

Here are the membership benefits you will receive from Penji

Unlimited design projects 

The thing that differentiates Penji from other graphic designing platforms is that you can get as many design projects as you want. Yup, you heard it right. You can simultaneously get your logo, social media banners, ads and UI/UX design done. Apart from providing premium quality designs they also let you submit and queue unlimited projects. The best thing about unlimited design projects is that you don’t have to wait for a logo design to be done to get them started on UI/UX design. While your logo design is getting done simultaneously your website design will also be in progress. If you hire an in-house designer or a freelancer you have to wait for them to finish one task before they start working on next. Well, this saves you a lot of time, you can reach your goals quicker than you think.

Fast turnaround and unlimited revisions

Another excellent benefit you get from Penji is that you can get your designs within 28 to 48 hours. Shocking, right? Undoubtedly Penji has the fastest turnaround time. Getting your designs in 24-48 hours means you can get the revisions done quickly and can get on with other things on your business. You don’t have to wait for days to get your final product. Everything is faster with Penji. Also coming to revisions, you can get unlimited revisions done to your designs. In case you’re not quite satisfied with the design you can tell the specifications and get the revisions done until you’re satisfied. This is why you can be assured that you will get designs that will get you the attention of your audience. 

Ownership of files

Most of the time when people take the final draft they wont get all the files that are used in the preparation of the final draft. But with Penji you will have the ownership of all the files relating to your project. Yup, you will have 100% ownership of all the source files relating to your project. This way you can have full control over the designs and also know the complete creative flow.

Vetted designers 

Since you’re talking about graphic designs then you must be wondering how this platform offers unlimited designs and also has a fast turnaround. Well, they have the best graphic designers who are capable of dealing with any of your requests. For all of your projects, you will be matched with the best graphics designers who will create designs according to your requirements. 

Excellent customer service 

You have queries about Penji, no worries their customer support team is always there to help you with the issue. The account manager will make sure that you have a pleasant experience on the platform. Another best thing about their customer service is that you will not be talking with chatbots or automated answering machines. You will always be talking to a real person. Their team is polite and will provide you with the right solution quite quickly. So resolving your issues is quite simple on this platform.

No hidden costs

How can they offer this many design services at a monthly flat rate there must be some hidden charges? If you’re thinking this, then stop. There are no surprise or hidden fees or hourly fees that you will be paying. You will only be paying only the flat monthly rate for all your design needs. 

Collaborate with your team 

With Penji you can reduce your workload by inviting your team onboard. This way you can reduce the workload for everyone on your team and get things done faster. Not only your team members, but you can also invite your clients too. 

Who is Penji perfect for?

With all this being said, you must want to know whether this platform is a perfect fit for your team or not? Well, this platform is perfect for bloggers, agencies, businesses and social media marketers. Bloggers want to include infographics and high-quality images in their blogs to attract the attention of their audience. Also having high-quality graphics can increase the traffic of their site. Not only them, but even agencies and businesses also need graphic designers to create ads for PPC campaigns on various social media platforms. Social media marketers create excellent designs to attract more traffic on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. 

This platform is perfect for merch sellers too, they can get interesting innovative designs that will make their merch unique from their competitors. With Penji you can get them to work on any of things such as Logos, Apps, Websites, Print material, Illustrations, Social media banners, Flyers, landing pages, infographics, merch, presentation pitch decks, adverts, book covers. Simply put, this platform is perfect for small businesses, entrepreneurs, merch sellers, bloggers and agencies. Some of the major brands that trust this platform are AWeber, Lyft, Express, Penn state university, Reebok and King Hawaiian. 

And to answer the question if this platform is perfect for you or not. Well, that depends on your graphic design needs. As you already know, this platform charges a monthly flat rate. So if you have more than one design needs then it is economical for you to use this platform as you get to work on more than one project at a time. But if you only want a few things done then this may seem like an expensive commitment. However, the best thing about this platform is that you have to pay monthly and can cancel your subscription anytime as there are no contracts. This is why Penji is perfect for people who are just starting their new business. Starting a business is not an easy task. There are tons of things you need to take care of. With Penji you can leave your graphic design worries behind. From logo to website you can get everything done here. 


Did you know that Penji offers different Programs? Want to more about them? Then let’s check out the four programs.

  • Penji Partners
  • Penji Champions
  • Penji for Non-profits
  • Startup’s unlimited

Penji Partners

You can collaborate with Penji to bring resources, graphic design and education to your team members or community. More than 1000 companies, be it nonprofits, small businesses or co-working spaces have partnered with this platform. Some of their partners include WeWork, CIC, Impact, Spark, The YARD, Techstars, PSL, Bridge for Billions, Rise, Less Doing, etc. Partners also receive benefits from this collaboration. Want to know more about those benefits, let’s find out then.

Dedicated team and Referrals

Through this partnership, Penji will provide you with more value for your community or team. Yup, you will have a dedicated team who will take your graphic design needs seriously and satisfy them. Not only that through this collaboration you will also get referrals or introductions to the potential leads. Cool, right? This way you can reach more people and take your business to the next level. 


Who doesn’t love discounts, right? Well, another benefit that partners will receive from Penji is they can give their members of a team or community with premium discounts to Penji. 

Penji for Nonprofit

Penji is also helping non-profit organizations. Yup, they are charging only $1 for supporting the non-profits. According to Penji, they have taken up this program because they wanted to help organisations that are working to make others’ lives better. So as their part, they want to provide these organisations with unlimited graphic designs services for just $1/month. From flyers to ads the Penji team will create all that non-profit organisations need to shine. If you’re a non-profit organization then this program will be helpful for you. Some of the non-profit organisations that Penji works with are Ablethrive, 21, Dost, fast forward, North Light Community Center, Heart of Camden, Miracles in motion outreach, etc. However, one thing that you must remember is that to become eligible for this program you must meet the requirements of this platform and also be helping the demographic that they are passionate about helping. Penji is passionate about helping Struggling mothers, Immigrants and Students. Well, if your non-profit organisations are dedicated to helping any of these three demographics then you can apply for the program once you meet the requirements.

Here are the requirements that non-profit organisations must meet. 

  • The organisation must be a registered non-profit organisation.
  • They must have on-going programs that have proven success.
  • The organisation’s mission must serve the demographics mentioned above directly.

The non-profit organisations that accepted will receive the following benefits:

Unlimited quality graphic designs

As you know the speciality of this platform is that you can submit and queue unlimited projects. It is the same for non-profit organisations too. You can submit the graphic design projects that need to be taken care of and Penji will take off the rest. You can be assured that your designs will be of topic quality as the designs are created by top graphic designers.

Fast turn around & ownership of files

Within 24-48 hours, you will receive your designs. So you don’t have to worry about waiting for a long time. Also, they always have a designer available to ensure that deadlines are met, be it day or night. Another best part is that you will be only paying $1/month as subscription fee. You will have 100% ownership of all the source files of your project.

Penji Champions

Through this program, you can join the network of local leaders and influencers. You will receive newsletters that summarize all the important news into one email. And they send you this email once a week. You can take advantage of this newsletter and take your business to the next level. More than 40,000 people have joined Sendpie. You can also receive news and other details by becoming a member of this program.

Startup’s unlimited

Well, as mentioned above this platform is perfect for startups. As you see, they are tight on a budget, but they still need great designs and other amenities to grab the attention of their audience and stay in the market for a long time. So through this program, Penji is helping early-stage startups succeed. With a monthly flat rate, they can get multiple projects done. Cool, right? 

How does Penji Work?

Now that you know a lot about this platform you must be curious to know more about how this platform works. Let’s find out then.

Step1: Create a project. Once you sign up and log-in into your Penji account you will be asked to create a project, the first step to create a project is to fill in the details required so that the designer can easily create your project. You will be asked to fill the project title and the design category that you want to get done with Penji.

Step2: Once you fill in the details then you must provide them with the description for your design. The better description you provide them the better your designs will turn out. So write your description in paragraphs so that the designer can easily understand your requirements. If you have photos that best describe your requirements then you can provide those attachments too.

Step 3: You can customise your graphics. If you want to receive your graphs faster then choose premium licensed graphics. But if you want hand-drawn graphics that are unique then choose 100% custom illustrations. One thing you must note while choosing custom illustrations is that your turnaround time may be more than 48 hours.

Step4: Once you’re done with selecting the customizations then it is time for you to select the file deliverables. As you know, Penji provides 100% ownership of your source documents. So you can select which form you would like to save them. Along with it if you want to associate your project with a brand you can do it here.

Step6: Once you’re done with all this you can click on the create project and your project is successfully created.

Step7: Once the project is created, your project will be assigned to the designer. You can easily communicate with them through the chat while they work on your project.

Step8: When you receive your project drafts from them if you’re satisfied with it then you can continue and if you’re not then you can explain to them what you want to be changed and make revisions until you are satisfied with the design. 

Step9: Once you’re satisfied with the designs you can download them. Not only the final design you can download all the designs along with the source documents. 


Now that you have understood how this project works. Then it is time to learn about the pricing of this platform. It is offering three different plans. So choose a plan that is right for your business. One of the main reasons why most agencies and businesses are because of its honest billing. There are no surprise fees or contracts. You can cancel anytime you want. And also if you have tried the platform but are not quite satisfied with it you can get your money back within 15 days of your purchase. 

These are the three plans that Penji offer.


This pro plan is perfect for graphic design only. Under this plan, you can design unlimited projects, unlimited brands. Not only that your project will be assigned to 1 designer and 2 users can use the platform. All of this is available for $399/month.


The team is one of the most popular plans on the platform. This plan offers Graphic design, illustration and UI/UX. Under this plan, the users can get everything that pro plans offer along with the app and website design, infographics and custom illustrations. If you take this plan 5 users can use the platform. All of this is available for $499/Month.


This is the last plan of Penji and it offers both Team plan along with double output. Under this plan, users will get everything under team and along with that they will receive 2 designers, 10 users can use the platform and lastly prioritized support from their customer support team. All of this is available for $899/month.

Penji Review

Every business needs graphic designing. The high-quality designs attract the attention of the users quicker and increase the traffic. Also, another important thing is that your designs differentiate you from peers in the industry. It gives your brand a unique voice. Hope that through this review you have understood about Penji better. Use this platform and get premium high-quality designs and achieve all your marketing goals quicker.
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