SEMRush Review (Compared and Reviewed) : SEO tool for Backlink checker, analyze your competitors and research keywords

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Handling a website is never easy. There are several jobs you need to take care of when you have a website. Checking backlinks, competitor analysis, keyword research, website audit, etc. are the most important ones that require most of your time and effort. Because these gain your website online visibility, and conversions as well. The best part is – there are plenty of tools that perform all the SEO related tasks your website requires. SEMRush is one such SEO tool which is best in handling your website with many advanced features and helps you win the competitors.

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What is an SEO tool and why is it required for your website?

With an enormous competition present in every industry, lifting the website on your own is not a simple task. You need to promote your website to make it visible for the people who search for it on search engines, you need to outrank your competitors analyzing their strategies, you need to convert your traffic into sales, you need to audit your website to make it error-free and the list goes on. And, this is how SEO tools came into the picture with a lot of features to help out the marketers. 

One of the best and most happening SEO tools that most businesses chose is SEMRush. As the name says, the tool does everything related to search engine marketing in a quick and effective manner. This SEMRush review will help you understand the tool in depth. Hope you will get detailed information about the tool by the end of this article.

What is SEMRush?

The article helps you know what SEMRush is and an overview of the tool with detailed SEMRush review for each feature.

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The one suite for all SEO needs with over 5,000,000 users. A huge number of large and small companies register for SEMRush from all over the world. Every company’s aim is to become visible to the target audience with a minimum investment. SEMRush enables customers to grow nearly 10x revenue in a year with low investment. SEMRush is one of the best tools for analyzing competitors, performing keyword research, knowing business insights etc. The tool is also the best way to check the backlinks that are among the top 10 backlink checker tools to monitor website backlinks. Backlinks are an important criterion for your website to rank better. Do not forget to check out 10 best backlink checker tools after finishing this SEMRush review. 

To know how SEMRush is going to help your website in different ways, stick to the SEMRush review till the end.

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SEMRush Review

There are many SEMRush reviews available on the internet today, but identifying a genuine SEMRush review article became a tough task for the users. This article gives you a valid and real review of each feature of SEMRush. Check out below.

SEMRush is one software having plenty of tools integrated with it to make you drive huge organic traffic for your website. Not just driving traffic, the tool lets you perform search engine optimization, PPC, competitor analysis, social media marketing, content marketing, public relations, campaign management, and marketing insights. 

The best way to attract traffic and know how your competitors are driving traffic is having a tool working for you, and the top choice for most people is SEMRush. Other than above discussed features the tool also lets you know domain keyword rankings, technical issues, social activities, recommendations for on-page optimization.

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Track SEO metrics of your site with the help of the new dashboard. The key metrics will allow you to track ranks, audit sites, check on-page SEO, track social media, etc.

SEMRush allows you to access the following metrics for your website.

  • Domain analytics
  • Keyword analytics
  • Projects
  • Marketing insights
  • Gap analysis
  • Topic research
  • SEO content template
  • SEO writing assistant
  • Lead generation
  • Listing management
  • CPC map 
  • My reports 

Check out how SEMRush acts as your powerful SEO tool in this detailed SEMRush review.

Keyword difficulty – Knowing the right keywords is necessary for you to outrank your competitors. SEMRush helps you find out keywords with less competition. The less difficult keywords will help you rank better.

Compare different domains – Study your domain and analyze your competitor domains. The comparison feature helps you monitor SEO & SEM data, backlinks, and unique keywords. The domain vs. domain tool of SEMRush helps you become an expert in analyzing your competitors and building greater strategies. You can compare upto5 domains using the tool.

Charts – The SEMRush charts help you identify your and your competitors areas of strengths, weaknesses. Look on the visuals of complete metrics according to top 100 results, paid traffic, ads, newly added keywords, declined keywords. The best part is, you can access all these in just a few clicks.

My reports – Store all your data at one place, export it in an easy way, or schedule it on a regular basis. My reports will help you create, customize and share your reports stress-free.

Keyword magic tool – The tool helps you manage SEO and PPC campaigns in a profitable way. You can get more than 2 million keyword ideas, keyword suggestions based on content topic. You can find out the best keyword using analyzer and save them or export them.

CPC Map – Know average cost per click in your niche using the CPC map. This helps you compare CPC ad search volume, know SEO and PPC competition in your region. Run the campaign by performing A/B testing and scaling it. Thus, know the higher potential location and branded keywords to win the competition.

SEO writing assistant – The tool helps you optimize your content for potential keywords. It checks readability, helps you maintain brand’s tone, and originality of the content. This tool is available as a WordPress plugin, and as an add on.

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SEMRush has powerful features that make your job easy.

Domain Analytics

The domain analytics lets you study deeply about your domain. It has covered the complete domain overview which shows the organic search traffic, paid search traffic, backlinks, display advertising such as publishers and advertisers. It gives a full report of keywords by countries, list of organic keywords, and rank distribution. Knowing your competitors is very important to plan your strategies, the tool lets you know the list of organic competitors for your website, and competitive positioning map based on paid search traffic and paid keywords.

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Organic Research

The website owners need to perform thorough organic research to make their website visible on top of search engine result pages. SEMRush guides people to research the organic results, be it positions or position changes, or competitor positions. Thus it helps you analyze the potential for keywords, traffic your website gets, traffic cost, stats of branded traffic and non-branded traffic. The top organic keywords lets you discover your strengths and areas of opportunities. The position changes, SERP changes like reviews, featured snippets, image packs, and carousels (the horizontal row of scrollable images visible on desktop).

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The new algorithm Penguin 4.0 is made more granular, hence every backlink from subpath and subdomain are important along with the entire domain backlinks. And admit that you are afraid every time Google updates a new algorithm. The backlink tool of SEMRush lets you analyze all referring links to a selected URL, subdomain or subpath to protect you from Penguin penalties.

The backlink checker tool lets you know the total number of backlinks, referring domains, referring IPs, backlink types (whether text, image, form or frame) and link attributes of your backlinks. You can view a list of all links, or just follow links, no follow links, sponsored links and UGC links pointing to your domain, and new & lost links of your domain.

To visit your backlinks, you can filter according to the options and view the source page title, URL, external links, internal links, anchor and target links, first seen and last seen dates of the links. There is a disavow column to dump the link if you feel it is toxic or spam. The disavow tool is a bucket of dumped spam, toxic or unwanted links which tells the search engine to ignore those links and avoid penalty. The advanced features available will also allow you to include or exclude referring domains, new or lost links, anchor texts etc. Here you can also know the links that are exactly matching with your competitor’s links. You can also add more filters based on your requirements. You can also export the entire backlink analysis report in excel of CSV files.

If you just wish to view the anchor texts of the backlinks pointing to your website, you can simply click on anchors. 

Registered users can look on referring domains where a detailed report of TLD (TL stands for top-level) distribution, country, anchor text, URL, number of backlinks, country and IP of the referring domains. It gives you a clear idea of the referring domains like their top-level distribution(.gov or .edu or .com or .net), as you know .gov and .edu will add more impact to your domain ranking. The percentage of domains from different countries pointing to your site. This data helps you learn more about your website.

The backlink tool lets you know the referring IPs, indexed pages – web pages appear on Google search, number of backlinks to those webpages, number of domains, external links, and number of internal links. As discussed in prior, SEMRush is the best tool to run competitor analysis along with many outstanding features. It lets you find a list of domains with a similar profile of backlinks to the specific domain, simply domain competitors. 

You can view the common referring domains, total referring domains and the total backlinks of the competitor domain. SEMRush gives you an authority score based on the total backlinks, referring domains, monthly visits and keywords of your domain. This rank helps you compare your site with the competitors and gain insights.

The backlink audit tool audits your complete backlink profile and removes the toxic backlinks and saves you from Google penalties. All you need to do is simple, add your domain and try it. You will keep your backlink profile clean getting rid of harmful and dangerous links.

Hope this SEMRush review article explained about the SEMRush backlink checker in detail. And the good news is, all these outstanding features can be availed at best prices using SEMRush coupon code. Two benefits with one article, Thank us later!!!

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Advertising Research

The advertising research allows you to find positions, and position changes of your campaigns. It helps you analyze your competitors in detail with a clear competitive positioning map. You can view your current and previous ads, status of the ads, traffic sources, landing pages, and the audience list using PLA research and display advertising features.

Traffic Analytics

Get more details about the traffic analytics with the SEMRush reviews below. 

Traffic analytics is one of the important tools that lets you study about the visitors, audience overlap, traffic sources, top pages, geo distribution, destination sites, subdomains, and bulk analysis about your traffic. 

The market explorer and the traffic rank features help you know more about your website position and your competitor strategies.

The other important features of SEMRush are gap analysis, which describes the keyword gaps, backlink gaps, bulk analysis. This in turn, helps you find where your website lacks and creates an opportunity to rank better. The topic research, SEO content template, SEO writing assistant, lead generation, listing management, CPC map and my reports will help you build and analyze SEO and content of your website.

If your website needs international exposure, run your campaign globally. SEMRush provides all the metrics you need to run your campaign from anywhere. It tracks and monitors your campaign using the following metrics.

  • Position tracking
  • Site audit
  • Social media tracker
  • Social media poster
  • Brand monitoring
  • On page SEO checker
  • Backlink audit tool
  • Organic traffic insights
  • Content analyzer
  • PPC keyword tool
  • Ad builder

With all these exclusive features, you can access SEMRush free trial for 7 days.

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SEMRush Pros and Cons

Everything that exists in the universe will have pros and cons. You need to check out those pros and cons of each tool carefully to pick the one that really helps your website in all aspects. This SEMRush reviews article discusses pros and cons of the tool in detail. Read out to decide that this is your tool.


Increase organic traffic

Want to increase more traffic? SEMRush helps you find many working ways to boost your organic traffic. Know the data of your visitors, their location, interests, etc. and build strategies that attract more visitors.

Understand your website

Know search engines in depth to rank better on the search engine result pages. SEMRush lets you analyze the website providing all the inputs you need. Your traffic analytics, SEO analytics, backlinks, CPC, PPC data etc.

Analyze gaps

You need to know your keyword gaps, and backlink gaps to learn where you lack. Therefore, you can work on those gaps and plan better strategies to outrank your competitors.

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Study competitors

Analyzing competitors is an important job for any website owner. SEMRush helps you monitor your competitors and know their tactics in gaining huge traffic, worthy backlinks etc.

Research potential keywords

Keyword analytics is an effective tool to identify powerful keywords. The keywords with lesser competition will gain you high ranking with a great organic traffic to your website.

Add ons

SEMRush is a user-friendly platform and is available to users in app stores, play store and as a plugin in WordPress. 

Provides solutions

SEMRush provides amazing solutions for market analysis, monetizing your audience, keyword research toolkit, content marketing and social media marketing. A very less number of SEO tools will provide solutions that are really useful for websites. SEMRush is one of the great tools that offers solutions with clear data. 

SEMRush Free Trial

SEMRush free trial is available for 7 days with no credit card details required. Users can access almost all features with free trial version. No doubt you will continue to use the actual trial. When upgrading for any plans, use SEMRush promo code to save some bucks. The SEMRush coupon code helps you access the Guru plan or Pro plan for less cost.

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Affordable Plans 

For the ones who are serious about their business and their websites, the cost of SEMRush seems affordable. All the plans available are worth the money. In addition, one can get price drops and discounts using SEMRush coupon code and SEMRush promo code. You can first access the tool with SEMRush free trial plan and then upgrade for any premium plans using SEMRush coupon code.

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  • The tool is not worth the money when you are using it for newly started websites or blogs.
  • Though SEMRush is easily accessible, the UI is not very friendly for users. It might be difficult for beginners and the people who do not have any technical knowledge.
  • Only a single person can login at one time. There is no option for multiple logins at the same time.
  • As there are many tools in a single suite, it becomes difficult for beginners to manage the tasks.


  • The pricing is available in four versions.
  • The Pro plan costs $99.95 per month, suitable for freelancers and startups. You can get it for less using SEMRush coupon code.
  • The Guru plan costs $199.95 per month, suitable for SMB and marketing agencies. You can get it for less using SEMRush promo code.
  • The Business plan costs $399.95 per month, suitable for agencies, e-commerce businesses.
  • The Enterprise plan offers custom solutions for any business, contact support team for pricing details.
  • SEMRush free trial is also available for 7 days.
  • As already mentioned on the above lines, get any plan for less using SEMRush promo code.

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Hope you have got clear and decent information about the one suite SEO tool with this SEMRush review. Reading out this SEMRush reviews not only gives you whole data of the tool, but also a way to purchase the top plans for prices lesser than your competitors have purchased. Grab SEMRush promo code discussed above and own the plan for your website at cheaper prices.

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SEMRush Review

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  • Analyze gaps
  • Monitor competitors
  • Keyword analysis
  • Free trial
  • Value for money
  • Mobile application
  • Pricing is high
  • Not so user-friendly ui
  • Keyword data is not accurate, Due to algorithm changes of search engines
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