Ada AI Chatbot Review -Why Ada is Best AI Chatbot Software for Your Business?

Businesses need to change with the times and adapt to new technologies. No one will contradict this statement. Everybody will agree that if you want to stay relevant in the market for a long time, you must accept the changes with open arms. One such change that should be infused into your business to drive more sales and customer satisfaction is AI Chatbots. If you’re someone who is are skeptical about introducing Chatbots into your business? Stop thinking!!! It’s high time you do something about it. 

AI Chatbots have changed the way customers interact with a business. They have improved customer satisfaction and helped businesses in understanding changing customer behavior. This new marketing tactic has been gaining lots of traction from marketers. It is estimated that in 2021 more than 80% of companies will be introducing AI Chatbots into their business. More than 1.4 Billion people are using Chatbots across the globe. If you also want to improve conversations between customers and your business then it is better to switch to AI Chatbots. 

Another important thing is that businesses should differentiate between AI chatbots and chatbots. Rule-based Chatbots map out the conversations. They work on a set of defined rules. The rules can be both simple or complex. However, they cannot answer questions that are outside of these definite rules. On the other hand, AI Chatbots use machine learning to understand the context and intent of a user’s question before giving them a response. And their responses are more natural compared to the chatbots. The more you train them, the more natural their responses will be. Most businesses are choosing AI Chatbots because they understand the behavioral patterns of the users, have better decision-making skills, and improve as you give them more data. Lastly, they do save businesses a lot of time and are perfect for the ones that deal with a lot of data.

The demand for AI chatbots is increasing, and many companies are offering Chatbot Software’s for businesses. One thing that you must remember before making your decision is not all AI chatbots are the same. You should find an AI Chatbot that is perfect for your business and fulfils your business requirements. One such AI Chatbot software that is creating a huge buzz in the market is Ada’s AI Chatbot. Stick till the end of this article to find more information about Ada’s AI Chat

Ada’s AI Chatbot

Ada’s is a personalized Customer Service Chatbot. With this software by your side, you will be able to handle customer grievances better. Not only that, it will solve around 80% of customer inquiries instantly. It reduces work for your customer support team and helps them in handling other important issues at hand. Simply put, it improves customer service. It will provide help to your customers 24/7. No more hiring new customer support agents or extending the work hours of your employees. Lastly, the best thing is that your users will not be waiting for a long time to get replies. With Ada’s AI Chatbot they will be receiving replies instantly. 

Why Choose Ada’s AI Chatbot?

Valid question!!! There are many reasons why you should choose this software. Here are a few reasons why you should be investing in this AI Chatbot software.


The first thing that most people worry about when they are dealing with software or AI is that they assume they need IT knowledge to install and run them. Yes, this is true to an extent. But with Ada’s AI Chatbot Software you can ease your worries. This customer service Chatbot is code-free. So even without a developer or an IT team, you can set it up and use it. Your support team can create experiences with ease. Simply put, even without an IT department you can still put this software into action. 

It hardly takes minutes to create meaningful engaging chatbot experiences. Most importantly, your customer support team who have the first-hand experience in handling customer inquiries will be able to do it with ease. Ada’s answer editor automates dynamic answers even before your customers ask them. With this software, you will stay ahead of your customer needs. 

Conversational AI    

This is one of the features that has made this software favorite for businesses. With Ada’s AI Chatbots you can give your customers a personalized experience. Within minutes you can train this AI Chatbot to give industry-specific responses. No matter which industry your clients belong to, you can handle them with ease. Also, the questions handled by Ada’s AI Chatbot will strengthen and improve the performance of all other Ada’s AI Chatbots. Simply put, your business will also be benefited from the interactions of other Ada’s AI Chatbots that constantly work on understanding the customer needs to improve their experience.

Messaging made easy

It makes chatting with customers easy and simple. You can chat with them the way you regularly chat. Break up your conversations, adding emoticons or emojis. You can also add media to your chat. The media (pictures and videos) will be sized to your chatbot window, customers can have a closer look with a click. The videos can also be played within the chatbot window. You can either upload the video in the chatbot window or just leave a link for your Vimeo or Youtube. Also, with this AI chatbot, you can randomize your greeting so that the conversations will be more unique without repetitive responses. 

API & Conditional Logic

Another interesting feature of this software is that with your chatbot’s APIs they can create highly personalized experiences for the customers. With the API’s you can capture customer information and use it to personalize the conversations in the future. You can also create engaging customer experiences by integrating Ada AI Chatbot with your Public and Private APIs. API authentication truly saves the time and effort of your customers, as they can sign in and out of their accounts from the Chatbot window. Simply put, they can manage their accounts from the chatbot windows easily. 

Connect Ada’s with your customer accounts and back-end systems and improve customer experience. Their conditional logic of Ada’s AI Chatbot will help you in delivering personalized content to your audience. Yup, you can deliver targeted offers and customized experiences to drive more sales and raise CSAT. You can also prioritize and allocate resources to deliver an appropriate level of service to your customers. Not only that, but you can also automatically escalate and identify the high-value inquiries and improve sales, customer experience, and reduce churn. 


Integration of Ada’s AI Chatbot with customer accounts will allow you to collect data and insights from customer conversations. Simply put, it will help them in taking better decisions. Understanding the chatbot’s performance is also quite easy with this software. This Chatbot comes with an easy-to-understand and intuitive Analytics dashboard, it provides you with direction and data that will help you in driving business outcomes.

Serves different industries 

Ada’s AI Chatbot is truly exceptional, no matter which industry your organization works in you can use this Chatbot to improve your customer experience and drive sales. This software serves industries such as SaaS, FinTech, Banking, Higher Ed, Insurance, Travel, Retail, Ecommerce, Media, and Telecom. Not only that, but it can also be integrated with different channels (Messenger and WhatsApp) and agents such as Zendesk, Oracle, Salesforce, and Ada Ecosystem. 

Ada AI Chatbot Review

Hope you have understood everything you need to know about Ada’s AI Chatbot. Automate your customer support and solve more than 80% of customer inquiries quickly. No more keeping your customers waiting. This AI Chatbot software offers you all the features that work for businesses across different industries. Switch to Ada’s Chatbot and improve your customer experience. What are you waiting for? Request a demo today!!!
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