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A2 Hosting is one of the popular hosting destinations online. The excellent solution and quality service have made A2 hosting stand out from the crowd. The hosting solution provides flexible and reliable hosting solutions to go with impressive loading time. Sounds interesting right!!! If you’re planning to host an optimized hosting provider, look no further than A2 Hosting. The hosting platform is offering mind-blowing services at pocket-friendly prices. Both small and large businesses can opt for this hosting service.

Different types of hosting available at A2 Hosting

Are you looking for several hosting options? YES!!! A2 Hosting has got you covered. There are 6 types of hosting available at A2 Hosting. It includes

  • Shared
  • WordPress
  • VPS
  • Cloud
  • Dedicated, and
  • Reseller

It can be difficult for you to decide which hosting type is right for your website. MYVU team have outlined types of hosting, features, subscription plan and A2Hosting coupon code in detail.

Shared hosting

Shared hosting is a perfect solution for small websites and people who are new to the online business. A single physical server is responsible to host several websites. Many business use the resources (apps, tools, software, etc) on a single server. Users will get an individual space of a server where business can host their website information. The shared servers are capable to host 100 users. Shared hosting is cost-effective when compared to other hosting such as VPS, cloud or dedicated. 

Shared hosting is an affordable and best solution for beginners. The basic plan of shared hosting is starting at $2.99 onwards.

Procedure to avail discount on Shared hosting

  • Step 1: Visit A2 Hosting. Click on “Shared Hosting”.
  • Step 2: There are 4 types of hosting plans available. It includes startup, drive, turbo boost and turbo max.

  • Step 3: Choose the domain name. There are multiple options available such as register a new domain, transfer your domain name and more. Choose the option that meets your requirement.

  • Step 4: The coupon discount is applied automatically on your order. The total amount of Turbo Boost web hosting is $719.64 USD. With A2Hosting discount code, users can get $360 USD on their cart value. Users need to pay $359.64 USD. Click on the continue button.

  • Step 5: Check the domain configuration and customize nameservers according to your choice. Proceed to checkout by entering your personal and business information.

WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting is the ideal solution for the one who is running WordPress websites or blogs. It’s no secret, the hosting is greatly compatible with WordPress and offers a rich set of WordPress management features. Managing and maintaining the website will be easier for the website owner. 

A2 WordPress hosting is specially tailored to WordPress blogs or websites. If you’re already familiar with WordPress, then this is the best choice for you. A2 Hosting will enhance your WordPress website performance.  The WordPress is pre-installed, therefore you don’t need to install WordPress. The platform is offering a plug-and-play environment for business developers. The hosting ensures automatic backup to keep the information safe and secure. Website information is safe and secure under A2 Hosting, this hosting will protect from malware and unauthorized access.

The start-up plan starting at $2.99 onwards. The plan is beneficial for the business who are managing one website. The WordPress hosting offers 100 GB SSD storage, anytime money-back guarantee and free site migration. 

VPS hosting

If you’re planning to run a successful online business, it’s crucial that all the facets of your business should perform at top-level. Web servers are one of the important facets. A slow web server can ruin your business. Choosing the virtual private server (VPS) is the right option for your hosting requirements.

VPS hosting is a great choice for small business owners. This hosting solution goes beyond the standards of shared hosting. But, VPS hosting is not as expensive as dedicated hosting plans. A2 Hosting is offering 3 types of VPS hosting services

  • Core – $25 per month
  • Managed – $25 per month
  • Unmanaged – $5 per month

VPS hosting ensures to provide 20X faster servers, friendly customer support and ultra-reliable servers.

Method to apply coupon code on VPS hosting

Step 1: Visit A2 Hosting. Choose “VPS hosting”.

Step 2: There are three types of plans available such as power+, prestige+ and pinnacle+. Choose the plan that fits your business requirement. Every plan is offering rich features such as RAM, storage, transfer, cores, cPanel, SSL and more.

Step 3: Choose the domain. You can register or transfer a domain. The coupon code is “MVP-50”.

Step 4: A2hosting discount code will be applied automatically. The prestige + managed VPS total cost is $1679.76. The discount value is $839.88. User needs to pay $839.88 USD. Click on continue to proceed.

Cloud hosting

If you’re specific about scalability and flexibility, cloud hosting is the best option for you. Small and medium scale businesses are opting for cloud hosting. As they can store their important files or data on multiple servers. It means businesses can pull their resources from multiple places. Sounds easy right!!! Also, scale the server resources without any hassle.

Cloud hosting is widely considered as the right solution. Enterprise can get benefited by choosing cloud infrastructure to handle its online business. As the hosting can easily handle a large amount of website traffic, provides powerful security protection and great reliability. However, these features offered in A2 Hosting are cheaper compared to other competitors. 

A2 Hosting is offering a basic plan starting at $5 per month. Did you know, the provider is running a discount sale? Yes!!! You don’t need to enter A2Hosting discount code to avail the offer. As the discount amount will be deducted from the total amount at the payment process.

Reseller hosting

Want to earn passive income? Of course YES. A2 Hosting is offering excellent reseller hosting services for you. Reseller hosting is the effective way to rent resources such as hard disk, storage, bandwidth, etc from hosting providers, But unlike other plans such as shared hosting and WordPress hosting, it does not stop you there itself. You can rent the disk space and other resources to other (third parties). 

It requires low investment for the business to get started. If you’re a web developer or web designer, pick A2 reseller hosting and make few modifications and updates. Now, you can sell the hosting to third parties and earn passive income. If you’re planning to choose the reseller hosting, then it’s important to choose a trusted hosting provider. A2 Hosting is the best place for reseller hosting. Before, the price of reseller hosting was pretty expensive. But using A2hosting coupon code, users are enjoying great discounts. A2 Hosting reseller plans are starting at $13.19 per month.

The reseller plan at A2 Hosting will allow users to access the attractive features enabling them to get control over the resources such as disk space, storage, application and more. Users can have close access, control and handle their website. There are multiple benefits of choosing a reseller hosting such as cheaper price, faster web pages, speed,  Turbo server options, more disk space, better control, great income and low maintenance. You can either use the complete disk space or sell some portion of your space to third parties.

Procedure to grab a discount on reseller hosting

Step 1: Visit A2 Hosting and choose “Reseller Hosting”.

Step 2: There are 4 plans available such as bronze, silver, gold and platinum. Choose the plan as per your requirements.

Step 3: Choose the domain. You’ve three options. Register a new domain, transfer your domain or update the nameservers. Pick the required one.

Step 4: The price of Gold Reseller plan is $1331.64 USD. The coupon code “RSLR34” is applied automatically. The discount amount will be deducted from the total price. Now, you need to pay $878.88 USD. Click on the continue button.

Step 5: Check the domain configuration and customize your nameservers if required. Proceed to checkout by entering your personal details.

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting is an excellent internet hosting solution. A2 dedicated hosting offers physical servers for a single customer. The server is completely dedicated to the individual. The customer will have complete control over all the resources and customize according to their requirements. Dedicated hosting is pretty expensive when compared to other hosting solutions. Don’t worry!!! A2 Hosting is here to help you out. All you need to use A2hosting discount code and enjoy dedicated hosting at pocket-friendly prices.

A2 Hosting is offering three servers under dedicated hosting such as unmanaged, core and managed. Unmanaged servers are the right option for web developers. Core servers enable root access to the servers and managed servers can be handled without root access. 

A2 Hosting is offering top cPanel reseller hosting subscription plans. There are 4 plans available such as

  • Bronze – $13.19 per month
  • Silver – $18.47 per month
  • Gold – $24.41 per month
  • Platinum – $40.91 per month

Bronze plan is the better solution to start for web hosting your customers. The silver plan is offering better resources with WHMCS for free. Gold plan is a best-selling reseller web hosting solution and the platinum plan is an effective reseller option. The storage and transfer resources may vary from one plan to another. Choose the best reseller hosting option that is perfect for you. Don’t forget to use A2hosting coupon code at the time of payment process to avail discount.

How to buy a domain at the cheapest price?

A domain name is denoted as your online address. Users can find your website on the internet using the domain name. An address is where your site or blog lives. It’s important to choose a powerful domain name to kick-start your online business. Find the perfect domain name and A2 Hosting will help you while registering domain names without hassle.

Also, transfer your existing domains in no time. There are popular top-level domain options available at A2. The hosting provider is offering excellent extra TLD options that fit your requirement.

  • .biz – $17.45 per year
  • .com, .info, .org and .net – 14.95 per year
  • .com – $34.95 per year

There are many country TLDs available under A2 hosting at budget-friendly prices. Users can register their domain and get access to servers. Quickly transfer an existing domain to A2. Registering a new domain easily, the process is simple. Also, users can get discounts on their domain purchase. Use the A2hosting coupon code to get a great discount on the domain.

Register a new domain

Step 1: Enter the domain name and click on the search button.

Step 2: List of domains and the prices of new, transfer and renewal will be displayed. Choose the required one.

Step 3: If the domain name is not available, the suggested domains will be shown along with the pricing. Pick the suggested domain name according to your choice.

Step 4: Choose the domain that meets your needs and requirements. Proceed to next step.

Step 5: Click on “Add to Cart button” and proceed to checkout.

Step 6: The domain configuration will be displayed for “myvu.blog”. The registration period is one year. A2 hosting allows four nameservers. You can personalize the nameserver names according to your choice for your network.

Step 7: Review and checkout. The price of the domain registration is $34.95 per year. Enter A2Hosting discount code below the text field and click on validate code.

Step 8: Hurray!!! The A2hosting coupon code worked and the discount amount will be deducted from the total amount.

Step 9: Enter your personal details and get your domain easily.

Attractive features of A2 Hosting


A2 Hosting doesn’t provide impressive uptime. In fact, uptime is not a “WOW” factor for A2 Hosting. But the provider will offer the required standard services. Also, A2 Hosting guarantees 99.90% uptime it means the site will undergo downtime for 9 hours in a year. According to analysis, A2 Hosting has performed better compared to other providers who guarantee 99.99% uptime. Few hosting provider promise to offer 100% uptime. Do you believe in their promises? Never ever choose such kind of hosting providers. Providing 100% uptime to the site is highly impossible for a hosting provider to achieve. A2 Hosting provides genuine services and they will never ever leave you website or blog behind the curve.


The speed of your website will reflect on how fast a website responds to web requests. However, speeding up your websites is vital – not just to online business, but also to visitors. A faster website will make visitors happy. The bounce rate will be low for the site that loads within a couple of seconds. On the other hand, the bounce rate will be high for the website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. As per the recent analysis, slow loading web pages will make visitors sad and they spend a little amount of time on site that responds slowly.

Website loading speed plays a crucial role in online business. The loading speed is another key factor to choose A2 Hosting. The provider is offering excellent tools to load the website in no time. A2 Hosting ensures to provide effective load speed. The provider is offering “Cloudflare” to load the website within a fraction of seconds. Users can set up the Cloudflare right from the control panel. Cloudflare is the popular CDN (content delivery network) available in A2 Hosting. Basically CDN is considered as a global network of multiple servers that can deliver the website content depending upon the visitor geographic location. Keeping it simple, CDN works as a middleman between the website and the visitor. It helps businesses to deliver faster website content to visitors. The CDN service is available in free and premium subscriptions. Pick the best one that meets your requirements.

Solid-state drive

Did you A2 Hosting offer powerful solid-state drives in every hosting plan? Yes!!! SSDs are a great solution for the one who is struggling with hard disk drives. These SSDs will perform effective and faster than traditional hard disk drives. The SSD can easily store the information using read/write requests by users ib microchips whereas the hard disk drives use a mechanical arm in order to process the information from one location to another location. With an SSD, the web page will load faster and minimize the loading time.

Modernized developer tools

Hurray!!! A2 Hosting is providing excellent and modern developer tools. Subscribe and get access to the amazing developer tools available at A2 hosting. These tools are up-to-date and help businesses to stand out from the competition. Once you created the hosting account, users will have instant access to the developer tools from cPanel.


Finding powerful and affordable web hosting can be a daunting task with several options available online. One of the popular web hosting provider you can consider – A2 Hosting. Small, medium and large business are hosting their successful business on A2. There are several advantages of the A2 Hosting provider. The platform is offering unlimited bandwidth and storage. Pre-tuned for safety and security with Let’s Encrypt. Also, the experts at A2 will perform regular backups. If you’re not satisfied with the services provided by A2, you can request for “Money-Back” anytime. No matter the size of the business, A2 Hosting is offering a plan for everyone. Also, offering wonderful discounts on every plan. Yes, you’ve heard it right. You don’t need to worry about searching for an A2 Hosting coupon code. The coupon code is applied automatically at the checkout period. Enjoy the hosting plans at budget-friendly prices at A2 Hosting.



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