5 Live Chat Affiliate Programs To Make Money

Live-chat solutions are important for any business. It provides them with an opportunity to communicate effectively with their customers. The more efforts a company puts in to solve their customer queries, the more your customers will feel the company’s efforts. The websites are taking up the digital world by storm.

But the most important thing for a business is giving their customers satisfaction. Be present, understand and solve their queries. Live-chat software is one such means that is bringing both customers and businesses together and improving their communication. 

Live-chat drives business towards success along with providing your customers immense satisfaction. Did you know? You can make money with live chat affiliate programs. There are many ways to make money, one of those many ways is affiliate programs. Who doesn’t like passive income? The more the merrier, right? The more income inflow the better chances you have at life. So if you’re one of those people looking for ways to make extra bucks then affiliate program is just right for you. There are many live-chat software available in the market and most of them offer partner programs. Join them and earn commissions. 

Affiliate Program

So with all this commotion about the affiliate program you must be wondering, what is Affiliate program? It is an arrangement in which a particular website partners with a brand. The brands promote their products to the visitors of the website. This is beneficial to both brands and the websites. Where websites earn money the brands make money. Sounds cool, right?  

So, here are few Live chat affiliate programs that will help you in making money.


Olark has been in the market for quite a longtime. More than 12000 people across the globe are using this live-chat software. Many use this software to improve their customer support and sales. Want to partner with this software? Yes. Then simply read till the end to know how. This reputed live-chat software has a partner program, all you have to do is join it and then start making money. With Olark affiliate program you can earn money by referring customers. Sounds cool, right?

For every new referral share you would receive 20% revenue share. The best thing about this partner program is there is no limit on your earnings, as you can refer and earn as much as you want. There will always be a dedicated olark success partner to assist you. You can earn commission on your renewals for a whole year. Now coming to the important question of how will you be paid? You will be paid once a month to your paypal account. Their Partner Portal even makes it possible for you to track the payment history and referral activity. 


LiveChat has been in the market for a longtime. It provides your company with an ability to connect with your visitors and understand and answer their queries. If you partner with this software you can make some serious money. Can you show a person who isn’t interested in earning a few extra bucks? Impossible, right? Partner with the leading live chat software in the market and make good money. This affiliate program is worth both your effort and time. It is simple and designed to bring your income. You can get 20% recurring income. Simply put, you can get recurring payments from your customers.

For one user you will receive payment multiple times. And not to forget this product has been in the market for more than 15 years.  It is easy to promote and sell it. B2B customers make bulky purchases so you can be sure that there will be a constant stream of income. Their second tier has made it easy for affiliates to invite more people.

Affiliates can earn easily from their referrals by promoting this software using affiliate link. You will receive your commission when your client makes a purchase using your affiliate link with 120 days from clicking on it. Anybody can make money as live chat affiliates. Be it bloggers, content writers, marketers, website owners, influencers.


Bold 360 by LogMeIn has been in the market for quite a long time now. By partnering with this live-chat software you can earn lucrative rewards. Introduce your clients to this software today and earn good rewards. If you’re a value-added reseller or an IT service consultant, then this is the perfect for you. Join the B2B referrals to promote this software to your customers.

If you have a website or social media channel then LogMeIn partner program is just right for you. LogMeIn offers a variety of products, so choose the one that matches your client requirements. You can even build an alliance with this software and become their alliance partners. This is perfect for the outsources, distributors, service providers. What are you waiting for? Become the affiliate partner and bring value to both you and your customers.


Partner with zendesk to get business gains. It has a value-based flexible program that provides you with all the best support and tools you need. By joining their referral program you can become a part of the zendesk community. Zendesk relies both on its partners and amazing products to grow their business. This software is among top 10 live chat websites. If you’re looking for new opportunities to make money then this is just right for you. With a partner program you will get complete access to the sales, products, etc. Apply today and become a partner to earn more.


Partnering with Whoson will help you in delivering value to both you and your business. Their partner program will enrich your offerings and expand your digital ecosystem. Partnering with this software will prove to be beneficial to your business too. You can increase your range, gain transformations, satisfied customers, etc.

They offer three types of partner programs i.e., value added reseller, technology partner and strategic alliance. All you have to do is identify the partner program and apply. Then qualify ie, their team will check whether you are a good fit as a partner or not. Once you receive the approval you can access Whoson. Submit the form today then build, intergate and grow with Whoson.


There are many ways to make money online. One of such methods is affiliate program. If you have a website or social media with good followers then you can suggest these products and earn money. These affiliates can become a great source of passive income for you. Wait no more, join the referral programs of any of these top 10 live chat business software and increase your income flow.

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