10 Legit Ways to Get Free Gift Cards

Are you someone who loves free gift cards? Yes, but you don’t know how to earn them? No worries, you have come to the right place. Below mentioned are a few methods in which you can get free gift cards.

Wanna know more about these methods? Stick till the end then.

Let’s find out more about these methods and choose the one that actually helps you in getting free gift cards. 

Scan the Product barcodes

Did you know you can earn free gift cards by scanning the product barcodes at the local stores? No, right? But there is an app that offers you free gift cards without spending anything. That app is Shopkick. When you download this app, you can earn kicks(points). Wondering what you have to do? It is simple all you have to do is just walk into stores (certain). You can earn extra kids if you scan the products in the app. If you’re waiting in line for billing in this gap you can earn extra money by watching the in-app videos. They will also give you a bonus to sign up and make instore scan within 7 days of installation.

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Refer Friends 

Yup, you can earn free gift cards by referring your friends. See there is nothing wrong with sharing good things with your friends, right? There are many apps or brands that offer you free gift cards if you refer them to friends they perform the mentioned action. So you see simply by referring people you can clearly earn free gift cards. So check out your favorite brands and see if they have any referral programs. From beauty to retail, every industry is following such promotional methods to tap into more audiences. So why not be a part of it to earn free gift cards.

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Everyday purchases 

Everyday purchases are also a legit way to earn free gift cards. When you shop through a particular store (online or offline) through an app or on the website in case online you can win free gift cards when you shop there. Cool, right?

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Shopping with Drop 

There are many rewards apps from which you can earn gift cards in several ways. Drop is also one such app that offers people several ways to earn money. This app currently has over 1 Million downloads. Another best thing about this app is that it is totally free to join and use. One way to earn gift cards is to directly shop through the app. You can earn points automatically when you shop at the chosen retailers. The other way of earning through this app is by referring it to your friends. Yup, once they download the app and share it with others. You have a chance to win free gift cards.

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Credit cards

Credit cards are not the best option for everyone. If you have a habit of overspending then it is strictly a big no for you. However, if you’re someone who owns a credit card then here is a tip for you, you can earn rewards and benefits like gift cards from these credit cards. The rewards change from category to category. Do some research and find banks that are offering the best rewards with no annual fee. See you can take a credit card if you’re truly someone who will not overspend and payback without any arrears.

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Online surveys  

One of the ways to earn free gift cards is by taking paid surveys. See you must accumulate points and you must make a minimum to actually cash out those points. However, you can easily earn free gift cards through these paid surveys for major platforms like Amazon. All you have to do is sign up, finish initial screening, and then take up a survey and earn the free gift cards. It is better to take surveys that are relevant to you so that you will not spend too much of your time but still earn free gift cards.

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Earn them by doing things you usually do 

Wondering what is the meaning of this? You can earn free gift cards by doing all the things you usually do. You will be shopping frequently be it for your clothes, groceries, and paying for them through your card so why not earn some free cards by doing these things. See all you have to do is find the apps that are giving you free gift cards. And it is definitely not a hard job as many apps are now attracting customers by these methods. So change your habits and earn some free gift cards. 

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Fetch Rewards

Using this rewards app is quite simple, you don’t have to do anything other than downloading this app. Once you download the app, you can shop as you normally would all you have to do is just scan the receipts later. This app partner with many brands such as UP’s, Lay’s, Dove, and many more. You will even earn money for referring to you, family, and friends. So whenever someone you refer to signs up you will receive 2000 points whenever they submit their first bill. You can refer to as many people as you want there is no limit in that. But if you want to cash out for free gift cards you need 3000 points.

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Online shopping with Wikibuy

You can earn credits through wiki buy. All you have to do is a shop on wikibuy and you will earn credits that you can redeem as free gift cards from different retailers. First things first you must install the wiki buy browser extension and then shop online as you normally do. If you make a qualifying purchase you will automatically receive cash backs and they can also be turned into credits. 

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Ask free gift cards as gifts 

In this method, you don’t need any apps or websites or surveys to win gift cards. It is a simple and most effective method. So whenever your birthday is near, instead of gifts ask your family and friends, for the free gift cards this way you will get gift cards and you buy anything you want with these cards. You’re saving money to both them and you. And this can be considered as the best gift as it gives you the freedom to buy anything you want.

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Wrapping up 

Who doesn’t love gift cards? They are effective to save money whenever you make a purchase. So if you’re also someone who loves gift cards then follow these legit ways to earn gift cards. Check out our other articles to know more about other interesting ways to make money.

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