10 Data Entry Jobs to Earn from Home

Looking for work-from-home opportunities? Want to accomplish the task at your comfort? Earning passive income is now easy through a data entry job. Moreover, data entry tasks offer flexibility, you can work according to your choice. Set your own time and location while performing tasks. On the other hand, you don’t need to hold a bachelor or a master degree to get a data entry job. All you need to have good typing skills and basic computer knowledge in order to get hired.

Following are the hand-picked data entry jobs to make money from home


Flexjobs is the leading and well-established remote working services available online. Since 2007, the platform has offered part-time and full-time opportunities for data entry designation. Finding a data entry job is easy at FlexJobs. There are thousands of data entry opportunities posted every day. These jobs are posted by genuine clients, check the list and pick the data entry job according to your requirement. Find the better job by subscribing to their monthly plan i.e $14.95. If you’re happy with FlexJobs you can choose a long-term plan at budget-friendly prices. Subscribe to FlexJobs by paying the little amount and earning big.


Want to get paid on time? Choosing Smart Locating is the best choice for you. Smart Locating is offering work-from-home data-entry opportunities for people around the world. The age limit to apply for the position is 18 years. Working at Smart Locating is simple and easy, you need to contact apartment communities and collect information regarding their company name, business hours, location and other details into the database.


SigTrack works in a different manner compared to others. The company offers seasonal data entry opportunities. New users can easily sign-in to SigTrack and make money. You need to be U.S resident to become a member at SigTrack. Their task is to process a voter’s registration information for California or Massachusetts. You need to be dedicated while collecting the information, if you enter incorrect information your pay will automatically get deducted from your payment. The payments will be transferred to your PayPal account.


Microworkers is another popular website to apply for a data entry position. Businesses offer microtask for data entry executives to make money. It is the effective online marketplace for typing jobs, they display the percentage on every data entry job. It means you will be able to know how often the businesses are approving the work of early workers. The percentage will be calculated according to your pay scale. Once your project gets submitted and approved by the client, you will receive the payment to your PayPal account.


Fiverr is a leading freelance marketplace online. Their ultimate mission is to “Change how the world works together”. Fiverr has become the go-to platform for many workers. As the platform connects enterprises with freelancers allowing digital services in more than 300 categories.

Fiverr allows you to promote yourself on their website. It means you can advertise your skills and get selected by top companies. Fiverr is the best place to promote yourself as a professional data entry executive.


Clickworker is the one-stop destination for the one who wants to become a successful data entry executive and earn money. Create an account for free and become a member of Clickworker. Once you get registered, you need to provide personal information. Clickworker will assign you a short task to check your abilities. The better you perform, the better your chances of getting hired by top companies. Give your best and complete the task easily. After getting hired by a client, you can pick your own schedule and work accordingly. The payments will be generated through PayPal.

Dion Data Solutions

Are you a citizen of the U.S? Do you type 60 words per minute with great accuracy? Yes!!! Dion Data Solutions is the best place for you. Dion Data Solutions are hiring data entry executives to help their clients. Getting started with DDS is simple and easy. You need great typing skills, basic computer knowledge and better internet connection. The task may vary from one client to another, you need to enter accurate data from various formats such as handwritten originals, typed copy, scanned images, hard copy and more. Complete the task and reach your deadline to make money.

Capital Typing

Capital Typing is a well-known marketplace in South Carolina. The platform is hiring data entry clients to complete their client tasks. As a data entry clerk, you need to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. The more tasks you complete, the more money you can earn. Apart from data entry jobs, Capital Typing is offering other jobs such as virtual assistant, translation, proofreading and more. If your skill is matched with these jobs you can earn great money. Capital Typing offers adaptable working hours, pick your own schedule and complete the task within given deadlines. Receive payments after completing the task successfully.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk work is similar to Microworkers. It offers micro-tasks to data entry specialists and earns money. The task includes fact-checking, transcribing files, removing duplicate information from the database, converting unstructured data into well-formatted, verifying the information in the provided list and more. Create an account at MTurk and find the task that fits your skills. Get paid for your completed tasks.

The Smart Crowd

The Smart Crowd is one of the oldest marketplaces online offering data entry positions. No matter whether you stay in the U.S or U.K, you can get a data entry job at The Smart Crowd. The platform is offering data entry jobs for the people who stay anywhere in the world. All they need to have is accurate data entry skills. Every data entry executive is considered as the independent contractor to accomplish the given task – data entry, research, editing and more. The Smart Crowd is offering great pricing to the data entry clerks and the payment will be received once in a month.

Complete multiple data entry tasks simultaneously and earn great money. The Smart Crowd offers competitive rates to their remote data entry clerks and they pay once a month.


Small and large businesses are offering data entry tasks to make money from home. You don’t need to be a bachelor degree holder to apply for a data entry position. The skills required for data entry positions are basic computer knowledge, better typing speed, good communication skills, equipment to work and high-speed internet connection. Check these data entry destinations and make money during your free time at home.

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