20 Best Side Hustle Ideas

Do you know what is the best part about side hustles, you have the freedom to choose any number of side hustles along with your full-time job to make some extra cash. A side hustle is the new job security, says Forbes.

Everybody needs money and everybody benefits from having extra money in their pockets as it helps to reach financial goals faster whether it is long term goals or short-term ones such as paying bills at the month-end. Let’s look at the top 20 side hustle ideas you can follow right away to make decent money.

Sell Used Items

Yes, you’ve heard it right! You can make money by selling your used items like electronics, furniture, books, clothes, tools, etc. There are trusted sites such as Amazon, eBay, Craiglist, Bonanza, etc. that allow you to sell used items on their platforms. Although you can sell them only at 50% of the retail price in most of the sites, you can consider this option if you quickly need some money.

You can even sell items that you have not been using for a long time to make some space in your room while also making some cash.

Or you can sell your old phone at Gazelle to upgrade to a new phone. This saves you money if you are planning to buy the latest phone that hit the market very recently.

Become a Driver

Do you love driving a car? Or at least comfortable driving a car for a long time. Then become a Uber or Lyft driver and start making money by driving your own car. All you need to do is pick up and drop people at their destinations. You can nowhere make $25-35 per hour. Register, get verified, and choose your place and time. This is one of the best ways to make some money flexibly.

Deliver & Earn

This works similar to becoming a driver. But here, you need to deliver orders. A few websites such as Instacart, Postmates, DoorDash pays you for delivering grocery, food, stationery orders you can easily carry in a delivery bag. The upside here is you can work in your flexible time. Just tell them how you are planning to deliver items to customers. You can make a decent income if you work consistently and the best part again is you can keep the tips.

Rent a Room in your House

Yes, you can rent some space in your home to visitors and make a good amount of money. Airbnb connects you with visitors who want to stay at your home during their holiday on its platform. If you locate nearby any tourist attractions, then this is a great option for you to make money with zero effort. All you need to do is take pictures of your home with high-quality and post them on Airbnb.

Become a Social Media Manager

Are you active on social media always? And a master in observing marketing trends on social media? Then, a lot of businesses need people like you. In fact, you can bag handsome money by managing social media accounts of companies or business people. All you need is knowledge of how to promote businesses, create brand awareness, and drive traffic to their websites.

Write Reviews and Earn

Though this can’t gain you huge money, you can still try this to pay your phone bills. Websites such as Swagbucks, InboxDollars, ReviewStream, SponseredReviews.com pay you for sharing your opinions on the internet.

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Sell your Services 

Selling your services and making money is the most legitimate way to make money consistently. Platforms like Fiverr lets you sell anything that you can actually serve. You can sell your writing service, technical service, legal services, designing service, and the list goes on. You can make chunks of money in a year with Fiverr but all you have to do is invest your time in it.

Do Micro Jobs

If you can’t commit for a long period of time, then micro-jobs are perfect for you. You can again find micro-jobs on Fiverr and also on Amazon MTurk. Micro-jobs include online surveys, gift shopping, filling forms, researching, etc. 

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Become a Tutor

Do you love to teach? Then why don’t you become a tutor and teach students? This helps you make a full time living if you can find students from the U.S or U.K.  You can tutor over Skype virtually to people anywhere in the world.

If you have some expertise in any of the subjects like technology, digital marketing, content management, marketing, etc. then you can make a decent income from platforms like Udemy.

You can even work as an online fitness trainer and have huge work in your hands to make really good amounts of money.

Start a Profitable Blog

If you can hustle now and wait for the money for some time, then investing your time into passive income ideas is a great option. One of the best ways to generate passive income blogging. Find a profitable niche that also interests you and create a blog. Write blog posts regularly, promote it on your social media accounts, and wait till it gets monetized. You will make a decent amount of money in the future with ads, affiliate marketing, and sponsorships.

eBooks & Audio Books

Can you engage your audience with your writing or storytelling? Then try out writing content for eBooks and audiobooks and publish them Amazon, Storytel. This is again one of the best ways to earn money. 

Turn as a Mystery Shopper

Become a secret shopper and make a part-time living. Some of the third-parties of brands and shops ask you to visit the store to observe how the products and staff are. They pay you for this and also provide reimbursement for the product you purchased.

Walk dogs or Become a Baby-Sitter

If you love dogs and babies and love to spend time with them, work as a dog-walker and baby sitter. Some people need you to be with their babies or dogs when they are outside, so find those and get work to get paid.

Become a Youtuber

If you can inspire people with your knowledge (be it cooking, beauty tips, travel tips), then you should explore YouTube as a content creator. Start a YouTube channel, shoot videos on something you are good at, and upload them with related keywords and descriptions. Remember anything you post you should be useful or at least entertaining for users, else you are simply wasting your time. After your channel hits a specific subscriber count and views, it gets monetized and you can make money through ads. You can promote affiliate products in your videos and earn money if someone purchases those with provided affiliate links. You don’t need any specific number of subscribers to do affiliate marketing.

Tip: Pick a specific niche to get noticed at least to some people. There is a hectic competition out there on YouTube, hence you need a niche to survive in that competition.

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Become a Freelance Writer

Make a full-time living with freelance writing. Yes, turn as a freelancer and offer your writing services to companies or business people who crave personal branding. 

Do Affiliate Marketing

If you have a channel to promote and people who listen to you and get inspired, then affiliate marketing is the right option for you to make money. Join affiliate partner programs and promote products with links on your Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, blog, and Pinterest. If you have already had a decent follower count, then making money with affiliate marketing shouldn’t be tough for you.

Remember we said, passive income, this is it. If you promote affiliate products in your blogs, then you go on making money whenever someone purchases through those links.

Become Virtual Assistant

The other way around is becoming a virtual assistant. You can make a luxury living by working as someone’s virtual assistant. All you need is good presentation and communication skills and proper workspace at your home.

Raise Funds

If you are someone who needs a financial push to start a new project that really interests people, then you can make money with fundraising. There are fundraising websites like GoFundMe where you can describe your project and get support. You can even promote the same on your social channels and get support.

Do Proofreading

If you are keen on finding out typos, errors, or mistakes, then start pitching about your skill to authors and writers. People who write books need you to make their writing error-free.

Try out Dropshipping

You can sell products without actually having products with you. Create an online store where you can sell products for the retail price and ship products from suppliers to your customers. You can save some money by paying the suppliers the wholesale price. This way you can actually start your own business and become an entrepreneur to make a decent profit.

Bonus Tip for Making Money

If you are a photographer or a designer, then you can make a decent living with your skills. Platforms such as Teespring lets you make designs for apparel, mugs, etc. And pays you money if someone orders them. You can post the photos you have shot on Pinterest, Etsy, Shutterstock, etc.

Bottom Line

Thus there are many side hustle ideas to make money for your living. Pick the one that excites you because you don’t have to hustle with something that is not fun, right? So, take time, jot down what are your interests in the above ideas, do little research about those, and start working on them. Your hustle need not be painful, instead, it can be joyful and interesting while also making you money.

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