10 Best SEO Blogs You Should Follow for Regular Google Updates

List of SEO Blogs you Should Follow for Regular Google Updates 2020

SEO, which is already a dynamic industry became even more unpredicted because of regular blowing Google algorithm updates. No matter if yours is a popular blog that drives million visitors or just an infant site, you need to optimize your website according to search engine’s guidelines in order to boost your business or at least survive online. Simply put, you need to be aware of the latest algorithm updates and new SEO strategies in order to stay in the game.

Long back keyword stuffing was the quick and best SEO strategy to boost website ranking and drive huge traffic. But later, it was announced as a black hat technique and people who were unaware of the update were shook by the penalty as it took many months to recover their loss. While knowing the regular search engine news and updates is necessary, you can’t miss out on the latest SEO strategies and master plans to boost site rankings, backlinks, DA and organic traffic either. So, it is highly important to stay up-to-date related to everything about search engines and their updates. 

In order to make the job easy for you, Myvu has vetted out 10 best SEO blogs and news journals which every SEO should know and follow. On the other hand, if you are already in search of the best SEO blogs 2020, then you have hit the right place. Below is the list of SEO blogs that are going to make a huge impact on your SEO strategies. So, keep reading…


Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal, shortly SEJ is one of the best SEO blogs that keeps you updated with every single Google update. Besides quality content and easy-readability, you can find a vast range of useful blogs related to SEO, SMM, content, Google Ads and almost everything that falls under search engines. Of course, this is why it is a must-follow blog by every individual who breathes in the world of SEO.


SEJ serves over a million visitors every month with its top-notch quality content. The articles related to both Google updates and SEO tactics contributed by real online marketing experts and are shared in huge numbers by readers community. So, if you are among one of those, then SEJ is worth following.

Most read: Google’s Core Web Vitals to Become Ranking Signals

Founder: Loren Baker

Type of blog: Multi-author

Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land (SEL) is also a daily SEO news portal similar to SEJ and covers digital marketing and advertising technology. It is also the sister to popular blogs such as MarTech Today and Marketing Land. 


Along with news coverage about search engines and their updates, SEL also features contributed articles that are packed with tips, and strategies by digital marketing experts. In addition, it also allows sponsored content and elevates your brand through Third Door Media’s native advertising program.

Quick read: Google launches Keen, a new personalized search-discovery-social mashup

Founders: Danny Sullivan & Chris Sherman

Type of blog: Multi-author

Search Engine Roundtable


Search Engine Roundtable covers not only the major search engine updates and news but also the minor details that are happening on search engines every day. Unlike SEJ and SEL, you can only find news coverage here and not any SEO strategies or marketing tips. Though as it updates the news frequently, it is worth following. You can at least not miss out on any important news.

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Founder: Barry Schwartz

Type of blog: Single-author

Webmaster Central Blog


Google needs to constantly update its performance to provide a better user experience. And not all updates it makes are important to you, as many updates are trivial and not so impactful for your business. Google Webmasters Central Blog is an official Google blog that notifies you only the important and useful updates you must know as a webmaster. So, subscribing to its newsletter and following it on Twitter is quite helpful for SEOs and digital marketers to stay updated with its guidelines and tips it suggests for your better ranking and business growth.

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Owner: Google

Search Engine Watch

Search Engine Watch is also an SEO news blog alike Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Land and Search Engine Roundtable. It covers industry-related guides, resources, e-learning apart from daily news and community contributions. 


Quick Read: Content creation guide: How to effectively think of SEO at every stage

Founder: Danny Sullivan

Type of blog: Multi-author


Searchmetrics is an award-winning company that delivers useful insights, solutions for enterprises and agencies. Its blog completely focuses on SEO and content marketing is one of the must-follow by every SEO for boosting their business online.


Quick Read: Page Experience: All you need to know about Google’s new ranking factor

Founder: Marcus Tober

Type of blog: Multi-author

Neil Patel


Neil Patel doesn’t require an introduction. He is one of the well-known faces in the world of SEO. He shares his knowledge, experience and insights through his blog Neil Patel. The blog covers deep marketing strategies along with SEO topics. The articles, guides, podcasts and videos by Neil Patel and his team help every webmaster, SEO and digital marketer to achieve their goals.

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Founder: Neil Patel

Type of blog: Single-author



WordStream is a Google Premier Partner that helps marketers in online adverstising with its services. Their blog covers all topics related to online advertising, industry insights and SEO, strategies etc. So, if you are the one who wants to learn more about Google Ads and SEO, then WordStream blog is worth following.

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Founders: Larry Kim, Gerard Escalante

Type of blog: Multi-author

SEMrush Blog

SEMrush is the other one of the best SEO blogs you should follow. Not just being a useful all in one SEO tool, its blog helps millions of readers with deep insights and guides. Experts across the industry contribute their take-ins on different topics related to digital marketing.


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Founders: Dmitry Melnikov, Oleg Shchegolev

Type of blog: Multi-author



Last but not least, Moz also stands top in the list of SEO blogs that every SEO should follow. It publishes beginner to advanced level guides related to search engines and online marketing skills. 

Quick Read: Is Google E-A-T Actually a Ranking Factor? – Whiteboard Friday

Founder: Rand Fishkin, Gillian Muessig

Type of blog: Multi-author

Hope, this list of SEO blogs helps you decide which blogs to follow and what are the take-ins from SEO blogs. Having these 10 best SEO blogs handy guides you in improving your website or blog performance and make your sales skyrocket. However, the internet is never out of content, there are still many best SEO blogs that you should not miss on to follow. After all, every individual’s goal is to learn and implement to acquire the results, right? So, check out the below other awesome SEO blogs that not only elevate your SEO strategies but keep you updated with the latest Google updates and their impacts.

Few other Amazing Blogs to FollowMoz

  1. Ahrefs
  2. Backlinko
  3. Mangools
  4. Yoast SEO Blog
  5. SEO Book
  6. QuickSprout
  7. Cognitive SEO 
  8. GotchSEO
  9. Robbie Richards 
  10. Matthew Woodward 
  11. Buzzstream

A quick look into them and subscribing to their newsletters do you only good in boosting your rankings and surpass your competitors driving maximum traffic organically. And that doesn’t happen unless you are well updated with the latest tactics and algorithm updates. Connecting to these blogs regularly through newsletters, Twitter or Facebook can serve your purpose. Who knows you might be among the first ones in your industry to learn a new Google update and turn it in a way that benefits you?

Bottom Line

So, you have learned the list of SEO blogs you should follow right away. It’s your turn to explore them and subscribe to their newsletters to stay updated about search engines. On the other hand, it is equally important to choose real-time tips and implement them to improve your website performance in all aspects and tower your blog monetization.

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