Top 20 Motivational and Inspirational Movies Every Entrepreneur Must Watch


Everybody has dreams!!! Some people dream about building a new house, few people dream about buying a car and some people dream of running a business. Every kid dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur. Often people think they can earn millions of dollars by implementing their great ideas. Entrepreneurship acts like an emotional roller-coaster, some days can be awful days and a few days can be stressful days. Because running a business is a daunting task, during stress days you may feel demotivated. The negative thoughts can ruin your entire day. All you need to have a positive mindset while running a business. Also, you require daily motivation to overcome the obstacles you face in your business.

If you want to stand unique in this competitive world then start improving yourself. Never ever quit your dreams. If you want to quit dreams then just think for a second, why did you start. You’ll get an answer!!! It’s a well-known fact that nobody will help you neither your friends nor relatives. Everybody will stand beside you during good times, everybody fades away during your bad days. Therefore stop thinking that somebody will help you and start motivating yourself. There are multiple ways to motivate yourself such as spending time with your dear ones, watching motivational movies, working hard and more.

Let’s talk about inspirational movies!!!

Movies are an amazing source of motivation. Many people adore movies. Because it is the best way to escape from stress. Entrepreneurs watch the motivational movies movie to get inspired. Also, it can boost their inspirational levels. However, feeling inspired is important to run a healthy business.

Watching motivational movies is the best strategy to get a motivated mindset. These motivational movies will get back those incredible moments of creativity. Keeping it simple, inspirational movies will provide a meaningful lesson and help entrepreneurs to brim with outstanding creativity and inspiration once again.

Following are the best motivational movies every entrepreneur must watch

The Pursuit of Happyness

the pursuit happyness

The pursuit of happyness is a true story about Christopher Gardner. The movie was released in 2006. Chris is a smart and hard-working person. Yet, Chris is struggling hard to pay bills. Besides, he invests entire money on inventing a “portable bone density scanner”. Chris sells these devices to physicians. Its obvious scanners are better than x-ray machines and expensive. Chris needs to sell a minimum of three scanners in a month to support his family.

However, Chris worked part-time at a laundry. But Chris cannot afford to pay rent, parking bills, etc. The financial break his entire family brings horrible troubles to their on-going relationship with this wife. Friends and his wife leave Chris. The only support was his five-year-old son.  Eventually, Chris planned to switch careers, finally, he got a chance for a “Stockbroker” at Dean Witter as an intern. Also, Chris doesn’t get paid for 6 months of training. Meanwhile, things sorted out, Chris has sorted troubles along with this son.

Wall Street

wall street

Wall Street is an American drama movie, directed by Oliver Stone. The story explains the life history of Bud Fox. It is an old and excellent movie released in 1987. The movie has a powerful storyline that has inspired most people who watched the movie. “Greed is Good” is the motivational dialogue in this best motivational movies – Wall Street. The movie has showcased ethics that happen in people’s life. It explains to the audience that everything happens for a good reason. One should never shed their morals and ethics in the pursuit of money. It also served as the right example for the one who gives up their morals for earning money in an illegal way, they can end up paying more money in the future.

The Social Network

Social Network

The Social Network is an inspiring movies for entrepreneurs. Every business must watch this movie to get motivated and inspired. The story explains the journey of Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook. The movie remains a popular choice for motivation because of the amazing background score. It is the perfect film on understanding and learning how to fulfil the dream in real life. Facebook business is the best example of how to improve from a dorm room to successful.

Mark Zuckerberg is the youngest billionaire across the world. The movie will let the entrepreneur know about how to solve complex challenges in their business life.

Working Girl

Working Girl

Working Girl is one of the top inspirational movies released in 1988. Tess McGill plays a lead role in Working Girl. She is a smart, aggressive and intelligent girl. Tess McGill has wonderful ideas to earn a million dollars. But, she is a personal secretary. She has long hair, act like a kid and looks cute. She always has trouble with the male boss. Therefore joined as a secretary for Katherine Parker. Tess feels happy because Katherine always welcomes new ideas by Tess. One day when Katherine went on a holiday trip. At that moment, she breaks her leg. Katherine requested Tess to take care of her business.

In the meanwhile, Tess will understand that Katherine has stolen a big idea for a foreign company. Enraged that Tess boyfriend was cheating on her. Tess was broken and she planned to complete the deal as her idea as Katherine is away. She takes the help of Jack to finalize the deal before the arrival of Katherine. Jack is Katherine. Meanwhile, Tess and Jack feel in love. She stands beside Tess and leaves Katherine. The movie has been inspired by several entrepreneurs and the movie is nominated as the best motivational movies.


forrest gump

Forrest Gump is an excellent movie about a simple-minded man and low I.Q with positive intentions. His mother brought up Grump and taught life ethics. One day he becomes a remarkable success. Yes, you’ve heard it right. Just by spending his life that he feels what is right. Also, he wins several medals and become an experienced ping-pong player. He runs a shrimping business and inspires people across the world.

The story explains the simple attitude of Forrest. Beside he proves that you don’t need to be intelligent to achieve success. But never stop trying. It is denoted as top inspirational movies by many entrepreneurs.

Jerry Maguire

Jerry Maguire

Jerry Maguire is a popular sports agent. He earns a good commission by approaching great contracts. One day, he started questioning himself, what is my purpose and what am I doing. Recording every single thought, on that day Jerry felt worried and planned to restart his career. Instead of running behind every contractor to earn money. It’s time to work for a single client who values relationships. It is the best lesson that every entrepreneur must follow their dreams rather than chasing money. Keeping it simple, Jerry Maguire is the best motivational movies in the film industry.



Moneyball is the right movie for the one who follows their heart while making a decision in their life. The movie is a true story about how “Oakland Athletics” reinvented. This entrepreneur movies explains how a manager of “Oakland Billy Beane” has successfully built a baseball team.

He finds an extraordinary method of recruiting baseball players using computer-based analytics. The story is the best example of how a powerhouse baseball team can build and how it becomes famous.

Pirates of Silicon Valley

Pirates of Silicon Valley movie

Pirates of Silicon Valley is an inspiring movies for entrepreneurs. The movie was initially designed for “made-for-television” and later adapted as a movie version. This movie is the success story of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. The movie was released in 1999. Bill Gates is the founder of Microsoft and Steve Job’s is the founder of Apple. Noah Wyle played Steve Jobs role and Anthony Michale Hall played Bill Gates role. Without a second thought, these are the “great pirates” in real life. It is the top inspirational movie that explains a love-hate relationship. One should watch the movie as the movie showcase the great personalities and how they have successfully led their lives. The inspirational storyline was perfectly written by the director. The best motivational movies provide amazing pointers to every budding entrepreneur.

The Godfather Trilogy

the god father

The Godfather Trilogy is one of the all-time best motivational movies for most business people. This entrepreneur movies highlights why relationships between partners and building networks are important. Also, the movie outlines why supporting persons lends itself to a successful business. And why understanding and managing the competition in the market is non-negotiable. The Godfather trilogy is profoundly entertaining, packed with exciting and thought-provoking views that will leave an entrepreneur better prepared to control the challenges that occur while running a business.



Did you know Joy is a top inspirational movies? Yes!!! It is the true story of Joy Mangano who has invented “self-wringing mop” and successfully turned into a millionaire. The movie was directed by “David O ” in 2015. Jennifer Lawrence has placed the role of Joy. Joy is a divorced mother of two kids. With constant hard work and dedication, Joy became successful in the 1990s. Every women entrepreneur should watch this movie.

Joy is a women’s best motivational movie by countless movie buffs. This movie showcased a complete dosage of inspiration for every women entrepreneur. The storyline behind this film was how Joy has achieved success in her life by transforming the mop industry. Yes, it’s an incredible storyline that a woman was successful in the 1990s was remarkable. This movie was been appreciated by many people. 

The storyline of Joy was presented in an effective way that most of the women entrepreneurs have got connected in personally and professionally. Joy is the entrepreneur movies and a go-to movie for the one who recognises themselves as a market disruptor. Also thing they are losers and can’t achieve anything in their life.

The Wolf of Wall Street

the wolf of wall street

Leonardo DiCaprio plays the leading role of Jordan Belfort. Leonardo is a young man who individually starts a brokerage organization after quitting his job. Previously he worked as a stockbroker, it is an entry-level position. The wolf of wall street movie is based on Belfort’s personal biography, depicts Belfort’s have rapidly turned into a millionaire and his correspondingly rapid decline when the FBI(Federal Bureau of Investigation) has investigated his business fraudulent, illegal methods.

Steve Jobs

This movie is a biography of Steve Jobs. He is a popular personality and founder of Apple. People can easily identify just by looking at the name of the movie. A motivational account of success and failure experienced by Steve Jobs. The movie showcased how Steve Jobs has become a global leader.

Steve Jobs is the best inspirational movies for all entrepreneurs. This movie has an outstanding storyline about how a person can achieve success in their life. Steve Jobs movie is a motivational movie for millions of entrepreneurs. This storyline illustrates the situation of how a person feels when they should leave their own company, which was founded because of a few unexpected reasons. Steve Jobs was regarded by many people as one of the must-watch movies for all entrepreneurs. movie outlines the birth and failure of, a new media company. The movie was released in the year 2001. It’s a documentary movie that every entrepreneur must watch. The movie examines the uptime and downtime of a beginner businessperson. Kaleil Isaza Tuzman and Tom Herman are childhood friends. They always dream to develop their own business to earn money. As they grow older they have developed dot com business (computer technology interface).

The startup company “GovWorks” that rapidly raised more than $60 million from the big brands such as “Hearst Interactive Media”, “the New York Investment Fund”, “KKR” and “Sapient”. The picture is perfect and people can understand the advantages and disadvantages of the dotcom period. On the other hand, the movie serves as a cautionary tale regarding friendship – how and why friendship can be threatened by organization partnerships.

Office space

office space

The movie is the go-to movie for every entrepreneur. Office space portrays the struggles and experiences an employee faces in their office. This movie is rewarded as a pleasant film to watch for every entrepreneur. Office space clearly explains about the struggles employees face at office firms. Also, how the office gets loaded with disrespectful employees, clients, management and operators which is completely clueless. 

The best inspirational movies show how to create out your business motivation under such circumstances. Also, Office space provides complete inspiration by revealing how an individual person can transform the firm atmosphere with hard work, and dedication. 

Office space is quite motivational and is worth-watching irrespective with the time. This entrepreneur movies manifests itself with valuable lessons on how a person can work independently.

The Founder

the founder

The Founder is the top inspirational movies, the film is the biography of Ray Kroc. A salesman who turned to fast food eatery – McDonald’s. Is there anybody who is unaware of the word McDonald’s? Of course nobody. It is a popular restaurant across the world.

Ray Kroc’s ruthlessly productive business methods might not have made him a follower, but they’re what and how McDonald’s made into a global powerhouse. The Founder represents Kroc’s extraordinary rise to become a millionaire and his incredible strength to scale an operation.

Lord of War

lord of war

Do you love to watch a comedy with action movies? Lord of War is the best motivational movies for you. The film is the life history of “Yuri Orlov”. The movie was released in 2005. Lord of War was written and directed by Andrew Niccol. Yuri is a foreigner from Ukraine. He decides to earn millions through gun trade, i.e purely illegal. The movie morality “Yuri Orlov” ambition and ability to risk demonstrate the full-packed qualities businessperson require to succeed. Additionally, if you want to know the secret of hacking, improving customer loyalty, Lord of War will explain deeply. Also, you can find yourself in some scenarios while watching the movie.

Twelve Angry Men

12 angry men

Did you know Twelve Angry Men is the all-time favourite film for many entrepreneurs? Yes!!! In the year 1954, Twelve Angry Men was broadcast on television. With the increasing fan base, Sidney Lumet directed the film in 1957. Twelve Angry Men is an American courtroom movie. The entrepreneur movies is the combination of multiple layers of shrewdness on leadership qualities, the psychology of group behaviour, and contradictory value systems. The movie will leave you assuming about the way you make significant decisions.

Hidden Figures

hidden figures

Hidden Figures is a true story of three African-American women who worked as mathematicians and human computers. The movie was directed by Theodore Melfi. The female team played a crucial role in the Space Race program in NASA. The story Hidden Figures, centres on “Katherine Goble”. She had played a vital role in despite facing racism. Also, Katherine Goble was awarded “Presidential Medal of Freedom” for her hard work and dedication towards racism. Hidden Figures is the best inspiring story for every female entrepreneur.

The Big Short

If you’re looking for inspiring movies for entrepreneurs then The Big Short is the right choice for you. It is an excellent American biographical comedy-drama movie. The film was directed by Adam McKay in 2015. For any business entrepreneur who would like to know about the financial crisis that occurred in 2008-2009, The Big Short movie is perfect for them. The movie is a combination of action and comedy. The Big Short follows an amazing storyline to outline the financial crisis right from start to end.



Rudy is an American biographical sports film. The movie was directed by “David Anspaugh” in 1993. It will be pretty hard not to get motivated while watching the Rudy movie. It is a dramatized and true story of Rudy Ruettiger. He is an undersized child from a blue-collar family. The childhood dream of Rudy is to play football for Notre Dame. In pursuance of his dream, Rudy Ruettiger supports himself harder to achieve his dream. Therefore he started working for community college so that he can easily transfer to “Notre Dame” and earn a place on the practice and get trained for the squad. Rudy is the best motivational movie for every sports entrepreneur.

In a Nutshell

The above article discusses some best motivational movies which every budding entrepreneur should watch at least once. These are the inspiring movies for entrepreneurs to provide lessons that help you tackle all the obstacles in your life and move towards the path of success.
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