Technology Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Best List of Technology Blogs That Accept Guest Posts (Updated in 2021)

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Technology blogs are go-to sources for people who are interested in news relating to technology. From the latest gadget reviews to innovations relating to technology, these blogs offer you with all the information you’re looking for. It is a great platform to share your interest and expertise with the world. In future, you can even monetize your blog and improve your follower base and search engine ranking. Are you looking for ways to boost your search engine rankings and increase the traffic of your website? Then you’re at the right place.

One of the most relevant methods is contributing high-quality guest posts to relevant and authoritative blogs and websites. This is one of the most proven ways to improve your traffic. However, with so many websites or blogs in the market, it is quite hard to find the right site. Even if you find the right site, your job doesn’t end there. It just begins. Not everyone you pitch to will accept your guest post. So in this article, we are presenting you with a list of high-quality websites or blogs. In this list, there good number of Technology blogs or websites, all these guest posting sites for technology.

If you’re looking for guest posting sites in the technology niche. Then this technology guest posting list is just for you.  Guest posting is one of the most effective ways to boost your organic traffic and site rankings. One will definitely be benefited from this if done right. Contribute your content to the sites mentioned in this unique list of technology blogs that accept guest posting. Check the list of Technology guest Posting sites 2021 updated.

Guest posting sites

What is Guest posting in Technology blogs?

Guest posting is quite simple, you will contribute content to someone else blogs and in return, you will get traffic or backlinks. To put it simply, it is beneficial for both the parties involved. One will receive high-quality content and the other one will have a chance to tap into a new audience along with backlinks.  This method is especially good for bloggers in the technology niche. You can share your expertise in technology and reap the benefits from it. Through this method, you can develop a relationship with fellow bloggers, their audience whilst boosting your traffic and search engine rankings. But for that to happen you must first meet the requirements of the technology site owner. Also, remember to choose a technology website that has a higher DA (Domain Authority) than your website.

If you would like to try guest posting for a technology niche then this technology guest posting sites list will help you in reaching your goal. Check out the list of technology blogs that accept guest posting and take your blog to a whole new level.

Benefits of Technology guest posting

Improve relationships with fellow bloggers

See apart from increasing organic traffic and boosting your website rankings it will also help you in connecting with fellow bloggers in your niche. It is a win-win situation for both of you and them, it is always pleasant to have friends among your peers in the industry. You can collaborate with them in the future and most importantly you can exchange your ideas, share your expertise and improve your knowledge.


One of the main reasons many people use guest posting as part of their guest posting strategy is because it brings more organic traffic and backlinks to your website. As you know high authority backlinks are definitely good for your business. They are as valuable as SEO and they work as Vote of confidence for the search engine and the new visitors. Not to forget the main purpose of a search engine is to get traffic from the users and if you get more traffic it will automatically act as a sign for the search engine to trust your website. Simply put, if you receive more organic traffic the search engine will deem that your content is of high quality and people are taking interest in it. Finally, it is worth surfacing to a SERP. All these backlinks will help you in improving your search engine rankings.


One of the main concerns for a technology website owner is traffic. Guest posting answers this concern and you could say that if done properly it will yield you great results. Wondering how? Think of it, guest posting on someone else’s website provides you with an opportunity to tap into their audience. As you provide your site details in the contributor bio. If they find your content interesting they will automatically go to the technology website and check your content. And if it is in the niche they are interested in, they may become your loyal followers too. So remember it is important to send your pitch to a website that has a domain authority more than your website and most importantly they must have the quality visitors if they don’t then you will not be receiving any positive aspects. 

Social media

Since we are in the digital era, connecting with people on social media has its benefits. It provides you with exposure and helps you connect with your audience better. As you know that social media brings you closer to your followers, not only that when you add your social media accounts in contributors bio your new audience can also connect with you. As you interact with your audience you can understand their viewpoint and improve your writing accordingly.


Guest posting is an efficient way for a technology blog to create the name of your own. You have ideas and high-quality content. All you don’t have is a place to pitch those ideas. So the guest posting provides you with a platform and audience to showcase your ideas. If they are interested in your ideas and are seeking for more they will automatically reach your website. Thus improving your technology website branding through your content.   

Technology blogs that accept guest posting

Here is the list of technology guest posting sites that will accept your content. With guest posting share your expertise with peers within the industry. Establish yourself within the industry whilst interacting with your audience on social media and building a strong online presence and ranking better within the search engine.  To reach your audience and boost your search engine rankings, all you need to do is find a list of technology blogs that accept guest posting. Follow their requirements of these guest posting sites for technology, and send them your pitch and wait for their approval and then submit them your high-quality content and reach your targeted audience.

If you’re someone who is looking for guest posting sites for technology then follow the updated list below and find a technology site that matches your requirements and contact them.

Buzz2foneSubmit guest post

MyventurepadSubmit Guest Post

InfoBeat –  Contact for Guest Post

W3JWrite for them

TechGenracontact for Guest Posting

TechMaish – Write For Us

TechZoomIn – Write For Us

CentrinitySubmit Guest blog

ReadwriteWrite for them
Tips BloggerWrite for them
GigaomWrite for them
Smashing MagazineWrite for them
MobileTweaksSubmit guest post
Techie BuzzWrite for them
Techie BloggerWrite for them
Jcount –  Contact for Guest Post
Digital InspirationWrite for them
Trouble FixersWrite for them
Devils’ WorkshopWrite for them
Calling All GeeksWrite for them
Inspiration FeedWrite for them
The Pragmatic BookshelfWrite for them
Site PointWrite for them
The KernelWrite for them
Tech WallsWrite for them
iTech CodeWrite for them


How to pitch technology guest posts and be a perfect technology guest blogger?

How to guest post Guest posting is the most common approach bloggers follow to tap into a new audience and build meaningful relationships along with gaining backlinks. But getting a chance to become a contributor to someone else’s website is not an easy task. One must be extra careful while writing a pitch for the guest blog. However, with time and experience, it will get easier and you would nail guest posts perfectly.

Pitching a guest post is not that hard if you know your way around it. Think rationally, understand your new audience and most importantly work within the site owners requirements you’re good to go. First things first, you must nail the audience and the only possible way to do that is to consider both your existing audience and new audience as your targeted audience. How will you impress the new audience if you don’t understand the requirements of them? So take your time and conduct research before you start working on your pitch.

Remember this if your pitch does not align with their audience the technology site owners would definitely not consider your pitch. So conduct your research, understand the audience interest and think of blog ideas around those ideas. But remember that you cannot pitch ideas that are already written in the blog. Because what is the point of writing about ideas that have already been discussed many times within the blog.  You must work on ideas that would showcase your expertise. Because as you know it is a perfect chance to create a lasting impression on your targeted audience. So why not make the best of this opportunity.

On a daily basis, the technology site owners and editors receive many pitches and if it is a popular website then you can’t even imagine the number of pitches that flood in their emails. So it is quite hard for you to be noticed by them. Most of the emails usually end up being trashed even before they’re opened. So if you want your email to be opened then come up with an attractive subject line that will grab the attention of the editor. While writing an email, don’t just directly jump into the point. Introduce yourself and talk about their blog, why you want to guest post into their websites etc. However coming to your ideas, don’t just present with one idea. Present them with more than one idea, so that there are high chances of your pitch being selected.

Remember contacting them for enquiry is as important as sending your pitch. If you didn’t receive any reply from them then take your time and contact them by yourself and even if your pitch didn’t get chosen, take their feedback as it will help you in improving your pitch. Your pitch will only get selected if it mutually benefited to both the parties and lastly never sent the same pitch to different websites. Because this strategy will definitely not work as the targeted audience and the essence of their technology website is not the same. So study each of their websites and send them a separate pitch that matches with their audience temperament. As you’re contacting tech blogs that accept guest posting, remember to take up topics that you have expertise in and are in trend.

How to find the best technology guest posting sites? 

search guest posting sites There are many ways to find technology guest posting sites. One of the most common methods used is to search through a search engine. You can use search strings such as technology “accepting guest posts”, technology write for us, technology + “write for us” + guest post. When you type the search strings you will find hundreds of results and select the sites from the results that match your requirements.  Another method is searching for technology guest posting sites like the one you’re reading now.

There are many bloggers out there who have made your work simple. But while following such a list, the only problem is that they’re not updated. So most of the websites would not be accepting guest posts now or have already closed. So take your time to verify the sites and make a list of your desired sites.  You can also use social media platforms to find guest posting sites, there are hundreds of guest posting groups on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter. So you can follow such groups for information on guest posting sites. Whenever they need a guest post relating to the technology they may post in these groups and you can connect with them and if everything works out you can collaborate with them. 

Do’s and Don’t of Technology Guest Posting

dos and donts of guest posting See as a guest post contributor the technology site owners expect a lot from you. From unique high-quality content to meeting their requirements there are so many things that you must keep in mind. Especially if you want to guest post on big blogs then you must be extra careful. So here are few dos and don’ts of guest posting that will help you. 

Do’s Follow the guidelines

Every site has its own rules and regulations, so if you want to connect with them and become a frequent collaborator with them then you must follow the guidelines of the website. See that your pitch is in alignment with their guidelines before sending them.  

Check twice, if necessary thrice

No matter how good your idea is if there are grammatical and spelling errors it would be a huge turn off to the editor. So check your pitch and content twice, if necessary thrice before sending it to the editor. You don’t want to lose the chance to guest post because of a simple mistake, right?

Value their time

On a daily basis, these editors deal with hundreds of posts, so remember their time is valuable. To sum up your pitch in a few words, state all the information relating to your pitch but make sure it is short and to the point. Don’t make your email a long story. Use few words but interpret your idea clearly.   

Don’ts Deadlines

Don’t ever take your deadlines lightly. Because no editor or site owners will be interested in working with tardy people. It is a sign of respect when you submit your work on time. Any unexpected situations can be understandable but other than that missing deadlines is never acceptable. So if you want to continue to build a relationship with the technology site owners then remember that missing deadlines will do you no good.  

Don’t add too many links

Adding too many links to your post will also make it look spammy to both your new audience and search engine. If you don’t want all your hard work to go waste then never ever make your post spammy. And also following such tricks can get your post rejected by the site owner. As you’re already adding the link of your website in the contributor bio. Don’t add too many links in your post.  

Don’t send the same pitch to another tech sites

Sending the same pitch to different technology blogs will do no good to your website. Because each of these websites is different from others, even though they’re relating to technology, they may have a different set of audience. So don’t commit the mistake of sending all of them the same pitch.

Myths of Technology Guest Posting

myths of guest posting

One of the most common myths about guest posting is that “Guest Posting is dead”. You must have also heard about it. But the truth is guest posting is far from dead. Yes!!! You heard it right. Don’t let people convince you. Even today guest posting still has its charm and if used properly it will bring you many positive results. Here are a few myths on guest posting that we’re going to bust for you.  

One needs a well-established blogs 

This is definitely a myth, there is no truth relating to this statement. You don’t need a huge audience base to start guest posting. Most editors don’t care about the size and scale of your website. All they need is high-quality content. Don’t let this myth stop you from starting guest posting.   

Low-quality content is acceptable

No, this is far from reality. Always remember that the pitch you’re sending to the editors represents both you and your blog. If you sent low-quality content it would definitely not leave a good impression on them. And lastly, no website is ever going to accept content that is of low-quality.   

You’re writing for free

If you’re entering into guest posting with this mentality then it will do you no good. You’re not offering them content for free. Guest posting is a win-win situation for both the parties involved. When you post on someone else’s website, you are trying to reach and connect with their audience, whilst the site owner is providing their audience with a different type of content than the usual.   


Guest posting has been around for a long time and it will stay here for a long time. Technology blogs have gained a lot of momentum over these past few years. Before purchasing any gadget, these technology websites have become a go-to place for people. If you’re also a technology blogger looking for ways to reach a new audience and boost your site rankings, then guest blogging is the perfect solution for you. Check out the technology guest posting sites that are mentioned in the list above. Contact them and send your pitch.
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