Wondershare Recoverit Review – One Stop Solution To Recover All Lost Data

Your computer system is where half of your life exists. From work to entertainment, you rely on it for everything. One of the significant advantages of computer operations is that all your data gets saved in one place. This way, you don’t have to handle a lot of papers or physical files. Moreover, the storage disc is so small that you can carry it to any place if you wish to transfer the data. 

While all these factors seem highly beneficial, there is also a risk of data loss with computers. It may happen due to a number of reasons. However, the lost data can lead you to serious trouble in all cases. The only method to resolve this issue is with the help of data recovery software. 

We have brought here one of the well-known applications for data recovery, i.e., Recoverit. With this comprehensive guide, you will be able to understand the features of the software and learn how to use it. Thus, you can recover lost data without any hassle and avoid any severe damage. 

Before moving on to the guide, let’s first see a few aspects of data loss. 

All Lost Data Can Be Recovered

Data is crucial on both personal and organizational levels. That is why it has to be stored on various physical devices, such as CDs, Flash Drives, Hard Drives, and RAID Systems. Usually, everyone keeps at least a couple of copies of their data on different devices to keep it safe, in case one source fails to work. However, there are times when data loss occurs even before you get a chance to create those copies. 

The good news for you here is that the data you think is “lost” due to any reason isn’t actually lost. These corrupted, inaccessible, or accidentally deleted files can be brought back with the help of data recovery software. The application makes your data functional again so that you don’t have to suffer any data loss damages. 

A few scenarios where you can experience data loss include:

Physical Damage: This happens when your storage disk or device either breaks or one of its parts stops working. There are little to no chances that you can get your data back from these damaged physical devices because you can’t access the files on them. You may need to go for more complex data recovery services. Only they can tell whether there is scope for recovery or not. 

Human Error: This is the most common reason for data loss. You may often lose your vital files due to a small error, such as accidentally deleting or overwriting the records. Getting your data back here with the help data recovery application will be an easy task. Therefore, you need not stress about the lost data. 

Software Damage: In case your computer’s operating system crashes for some reason, you may end up losing your files. You can get all the data back if you follow the right procedure, and don’t try any foolish tricks to get your records back. 

Virus and Malware: Data loss may also happen if your system got exposed to some viruses or malware. Just like the previous two cases, you can recover lost data in this condition as well. 

If you don’t deal with any of these situations carefully, you may end up losing the data permanently. For this reason, you shouldn’t try any unreliable tips or tricks provided over the internet. The only way to recover lost data is by using a data recovery application or opting for more expensive services. You need to go for the latter option when the data loss occurs on a significantly large scale, or files can’t get recovered with the software’s help.  

Data Loss Has Driven Me Crazy

You are fortunate if you haven’t experienced a data loss ever because almost everyone loses their files now and then. Still, you must learn about the consequences of data loss that people usually face. It will help you understand the level of damage caused by corruption or the disappearance of records. 

Scenario: “Imagine a student who has several files stored on their laptop. This includes their college records, projects, relevant research documents, all the internship data, and their sister’s wedding coverage. Unfortunately, the disc where these files were stored got corrupted due to some problem in the computer system. The person loses the entire data, such as videos, documents, images, etc. 

Here, the student will suffer from both personal and professional tension because they didn’t create a backup of any of these files. They won’t be able to show their years of work on projects and internships to the recruiters and will have to deal with the family as well. If not long-term, this will undoubtedly disturb them for a bit of time. It can even affect their mental health.”

The same can happen to a person who ends up losing their work files stored on their laptop. In this case, the person will lose their job and may suffer from several other problems. 

Now, you can understand what data loss can do to you. But you can avoid any stress or hassle with the help of Recoverit because it will recover lost data to save you from any trouble. To remain safe beforehand, you can also create multiple backups in different places for your crucial files. In case one of the sources stop working, you will always have your files stored at another location. 

How To Recover Data With Recoverit

You reading this section means you are already dealing with data loss. The first thing you need to do here is to ‘not panic.’ Recoverit will help you with data recovery, and you will get all your files back. So you need not worry about any severe consequences. 

It is incredibly convenient to use Recoverit. You just need to follow these few steps, and your work will get done. Yet, you should understand each step carefully and go by the guidelines to avoid any mistakes. 

Step 1: Download and Launch

To begin with the process, you first need to download the software. For this, you can visit Recoverit’s official website and look for the “Download” option. This task won’t be difficult because the button is available right in the front when you open the website

As you can see, there are two options here: “Download For  Win” and “Download For Mac.” You need to select the one according to the operating system you are downloading on. Otherwise, the software won’t work for you. 

Once downloaded, you will then have to install and launch the software. It will take just a few minutes to do. In case you face any problems during this process, you can re-download the file and try again. If the issue doesn’t get resolved, you should contact the Recoverit team through the provided support or chat section. They will look into the matter and offer the best solution according to your individual situation.

Step 2: Select Recovery Location

After the application is launched successfully, you will see that it shows you all the available locations on your computer. Even if you have connected external storage devices to your system, the software will detect them and display them. You need to select the locations here from where your files got lost. 

The benefit of Recoverit is that it can also recover lost data from the recycle bin of your system. It means the tool will come in handy when you end up deleting the files by mistake and later realize what you did. Even if the files got lost from an external storage device, you can connect it to your computer and select it as the recovery location on Recoverit. In simple terms, you can conduct data recovery in whatever space you want. 

Step 3: Scanning

Your job almost gets done with the previous step. Now, it is the application’s turn to do the work. Once you select the location, the software will scan it inside out to find the missing data. Depending on the file size, this step can take anything from a few minutes to a few hours. So you will need to wait until the scanning process gets finished to move further. 

In its recent updates, Recoverit has significantly improved its scanning process. Earlier, you just had to wait for an indefinite time on this step. However, it isn’t the same anymore. Now you get a real-time display of your scanning results. 

The primary benefit of this feature is that you can see what all files have been scanned and how many are still to go. You can even stop or pause the process. It will help you save time because the scan can get finished as soon as your file appears in the list of results. Therefore, you won’t have to wait until the very end. Plus, you can also pause the process. This feature is beneficial for times when you need to do another task and can’t keep your computer’s processor busy with the scan. In this case, you can pause the process and continue it later whenever your work gets completed. 

As you may have noticed, the software also shows you a preview of the file. With this feature, you can see the files you want and won’t end up recovering the wrong files. The part is crucial because files aren’t usually saved in a memorable name. That is why there are high chances that you will recover the incorrect files, leaving the right ones behind. 

Filter During Scan

It won’t be wrong to state that Recoverit is filled with features that make your work extremely convenient. “Filter” is one of these aspects of the tool. You will find it during and after the scanning process gets completed. 

This feature will help you find the exact files that you have to recover without the hassle of scrolling through thousands or millions of scanned records. The factors you can use to filter out the files include:

  • Show Files: Under this, you can select whether you want the software to display all the scanned files or just the ones that are deleted from the system. When you choose “deleted files,” you won’t have to go through the records that are already available on the computer. 
  • File Type: Recoverit scans and recovers all kinds of files, from documents to videos to images. So you will get a long list of records after the scanning gets completed. To cut through the inconvenience, you can filter out the exact type of files that you wish to recover. For example, if you have to conduct data recovery for lost images, you can select that option, and only those types of records will get displayed. 
  • System File: The next filter is the system file. Under this, you can decide whether you want to see the system files or not. In case you don’t know, these are the records that are crucial for your computer system’s functioning. They aren’t your personal files, as they come already with the system. 
  • File Size: When you know the size of your lost files, you can filter them out on that basis as well. With this section, you can select whether you want to display all available files or records of a specific size. 
  • Date Modified: Last but not least is the date modified. This filter will help you select the files that were last revised on your specified date. You need not worry about the exact date because the filter provides you a starting and ending date. With that, you can select a duration when you think your files got modified at the latest. 

All in all, these filters will make it easy for you to find the files that you wish to recover without scrolling through a long list of scanned records. 

Preview Files

As you click on a scanned file, a small preview of it will be shown to you on the application’s side panel. This preview will only be beneficial in the case of images. Apart from that, you can’t make out much from the tiny thumbnail for other kinds of files. Not to worry, there is also a full preview option on Recoverit. 

Here, you can either click on the “Preview” option or double click on the file. It will then open a full-window sample of the record, which will further help you decide whether it is the right file or not. You can check out previews of all kinds of data. 

Just like these, you can see all the different file formats. So you won’t end up making the mistake of recovering the incorrect records. 

Step 4: Recover

Once you have selected all the desired files, it is time to recover the lost data. For this, you will simply have to press the “Recover” button on the right bottom corner of the application. Then Recoverit will ask you to provide a destination location where all the recovered data will get stored. 

Though you can select whatever location you want, it is always preferable to pick some other place from where your files got lost initially. This way, you will be able to avoid any further trouble. The process may take a little time based on your total data size. It will finally show up on the destination location after successfully getting recovered. 

You can even create backups as soon as the data recovery gets completed. Hence, you won’t face any such situation ever again because your files will be kept safe on various devices. 

Look Into The Advanced Features

The above process was majorly for the simpler files. However, there are chances that you also lost some complex video files, or your records got corrupted during the loss or recovery. In this case, you will have to move forward to the advanced features of Recoverit. 

Yes, the software offers certain features that can help you bring back even the most complex and more extensive files. Plus, you will get a chance to repair any corrupted videos. There are primarily three advanced features:

Recover From Crash Computer: System crashes are very common for almost everyone. But the problem occurs when a computer crash takes your files with it. That is when you need to begin worrying. Here are the few steps that you should follow on Recoverit to bring back your crashed computer’s files. 

  • First, you will have to arrange for another computer that is in a working state. Then install and launch the Recoverit software on this system. On the interface, you will find the option “Recover from Crash Computer.” You need to select it.
  • Once you select the option and start the process, the application will take you to the next step of creating a bootable media. For this, you need to keep a blank CD or USB drive connected to the working computer. 

You can select your USB or CD’s location from the drop-down menu and press “Create.” The software will provide you with a bootable media that you can use to run the crashed computer. 

  •  After the crashed system begins working with the bootable media, you can finally select data recovery or hard disk copy to get your data out of it. 

Video Repair: Another advanced feature offered by Recoverit is video repair. Under this, you can quickly repair your corrupted videos. The process is almost the same here as you followed with data recovery. You just need to select the “video repair” option from the menu, press “Start,” and upload all your corrupted visual files. The software will automatically repair it. Finally, you can preview and download them. 

Advanced Video Recovery: Some processed or raw video files can be large and more complex than others. This option is to recover these types of videos. The process remains similar to the usual data recovery. You just need to select the “advanced video recovery” option instead of the location in the second step. 

Apart from these, Recoverit also provides you with a “Scan & merge video fragments.” If you work with videos all day long, this option will come in handy for you every now and then. 

Recover Videos Without Limits Of Devices

Videos have nowadays become an inevitable part of everyone’s lives. But you will understand the importance of these visual files if your work requires you to produce, handle, or edit them. It can be challenging to manage all the videos on your system. 

Now, imagine if any of the situations mentioned above occur to you and you end up losing your work video due to some technical or human error. You will get into serious trouble and may also lose your job. To avoid this problem, you can always “Recoverit, Regain It.”

Using Recoverit For Video Recovery: From the above information, it may be clear to you that you can recover videos of all sizes and complexities with the help of Recoverit. However, do you know that the software also works for video files of all formats and from all devices? 

Yes, you can recover videos of any format (even the new ones) with the help of this application. Plus, it supports almost all devices for recovery, for example:

  • Computer system
  • Hard Drive
  • SSD
  • SD Card
  • Camera
  • Pen Drive
  • USB Flash Drive
  • Camcorder
  • Music Player

And the list goes on.

In short, we can say that no matter where you lost your videos from, you can quickly recover lost data with Recoverit. This way, you won’t have to worry about both work videos and personal videos. 

1000+ Types And Formats Of Files To Be Recovered

Videos aren’t the only type of files that may be crucial to you. There can be other file formats as well, such as:

  • Word Documents
  • PDFs
  • Images
  • Audio Files
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Excel Files


All these files can be both personal and professional, and their loss can cause you severe damage. But not to worry, Recoverit will bring them back. The software supports over 1000+ different types of files and their various formats. We can take the example of videos here. They are a type of file, and further, their different formats can be recovered using Recoverit. Similarly, you can bring back a number of images in various forms with the application. 

In other words, none of your files will ever get lost if you keep Recoverit handy. Even when you experience a significant data loss, you can use the software to recover them and avoid any trouble. This way, you won’t have to worry about losing your crucial files. However, it is still a good idea to keep backups for situations like these. 

Wondershare Recoverit Review

Experts say that you will only realize the importance of data recovery when you will experience data loss. Otherwise, you will always keep on overlooking the factor. But even when you are dealing with data loss, there is nothing to worry about. You can simply use Recoverit to bring back all the lost files with just a few clicks and without any hassle. The process to recover lost data is exceptionally straightforward here, and the software also includes some advanced features to make the task more convenient. So you can easily get all your records back!

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