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SEMrush Coupon Code: Here’s How to Grab Your 7 Days Free Account

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If you are searching for a SEMrush promo code or SEMrush coupon and tired of grabbing one, then you have hit the right place. You are going to earn a free SEMrush coupon code and learn the amazing benefits of SEMrush here.

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Wondering why using SEMrush for your website? When it is a matter of SEO, one solid choice for any website is SEMrush. SEO is an important factor that contributes to the success of your website or blog. 

Proper SEO can make your website rank better. This is why there exists huge competition among different SEO tools today.

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Hence choosing the right SEO tool is again an important task to you. As said SEMrush is the best tool to improve your website in all aspects like keywords, backlinks, traffic analytics, marketing strategies etc. So why not give it a try? Go to SEMRush

So if you are the one who wants to grow huge traffic in a very short span of time and double the returns, SEMrush is the best option. 

And here is the best deal on SEMrush that allows you to use premium account free for 7 days. Click on the below SEMrush coupon to activate your SEMrush account for free. 

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Enjoy SEMrush Pro account free for 7 days – SEMrush coupon code [2020]

If you do not know much about SEMrush, you might have questions like- What are the advantages of SEMrush over other SEO tools? How should I use SEMRush tool? Where can I get free SEMrush coupons? Etc. Myvu answers all your questions. Thank us later!!!

Why do you need to use SEMrush tool?

Below are the simple and clean reasons to start using an SEO tool for your website or blog.

  • It is easier to perform keyword research for your website – SEMrush offers faster and effective results.
  • As a SEMrush user, you can view traffic and traffic sources of any website from any region.
  • It is easy to track your keyword’s positions of different search engines.
  • Monitor and analyze backlinks of your and your competitor’s websites.
  • Fix any kind issues related to your site using site audits.
  • Get access to larger databases that are updated every day.
  • Finally, you will be among 3 million happy SEMrush users as SEMrush is no.1 SEO tool worldwide.

Where to get a SEMrush coupon to avail free SEMrush  Pro account?

The answer is quite simple. Myvu has got the best deal for providing you with SEMrush discount code for Pro version.

Step 1: Here is the exclusive link which offers 7-day free SEMrush Pro account worth $99.95/month.To avail the free account, enter your email and set any password to register yourself for SEMrush free trial. 


Step 2: Now you are redirected to a page where you need to enter billing information. 


Step 3: Fill in your details such as email, password, and billing details. Use SEMrush coupon at promo code box to grab free Pro account.

Tap on “Place the order”, your SEMrush account will be created with zero cost.

Cool isn’t it? Hit the below button and go grab your free account.

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Enjoy SEMrush Guru account free for 7 days – SEMrush promo code [2020]

If you are in search of advanced features in an SEO tool, then SEMrush Guru account suits your need. Below are the steps for grabbing the Guru account worth $199.95 for free for 7 days.

Step 1: Here is the exclusive link which gives you free Guru account for 7 days. You have to register first to enter into the free version.


Provide your email id and set up any password of your choice and create your account.

Step 2: As soon as you enter details, you will be redirected to their billing page.


Provide your billing info, enter SEMrush promo code and place the order. 

That’s simple is getting a free SEMrush free Guru and Pro account for 7 days.

Why should you prefer SEMrush Guru account?

Here is the answer if you are wondering why one needs to use Guru account.

  • The Pro version is limited to run SEO, PPC, SMM and competitor analysis.
  • Guru plan has extended features along with all the Pro plan features.
  • It includes content marketing platform, branded reports, historical data and extended limits.
  • The extended limits include – 
    1. Reports: Get 30000 results per report
    2. Keyword metrics: Get access to 1000 keyword metrics
    3. Number of reports: Get 5000 reports per day
    4. Projects: Work on 15 projects at a time
    5. Keywords: Track up to 1500 keywords
    6. Number of crawls: Crawl 30000 pages per month
    7. Number of crawls: Crawl 20000 pages per project
    8. SEO ideas: Get 800 idea units for SEO
    9. Social media: Manage up to 30 social profiles and monitor up to 100 profiles
    10. Extra users: 2 additional users can make use of the plan.
    11. Site audit: Audits up to 200000 pages
  • The most amazing part is you can explore SEMrush databases collected since 2012. Get insights into your and your competitor’s website with the time and analyze their performance.

And you can enjoy these advanced features for free using SEMrush promo code. 

Why use SEMrush coupon code?

Thinking what is so special about SEMrush coupon codes?

Here is the reason. Myvu offers you coupon code for SEMrush Pro account worth $99.95 for free for 7 days.

Are you looking for the coupon code for SEMrush and haven’t availed any SEMrush discount code yet? Here is the offer, click the button below to start using the world’s best SEO tool.

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FAQs about SEMrush offers and coupons

    1. What exactly is SEMrush?

SEMrush is an SEO suite with multiple advanced features that let you perform the most complicated as well most easy tasks within a short time. Research powerful keywords, effective backlinks, analyze competitors with SEMrush to help your website rank better. Over 2.5 million people in the world use SEMrush to boost their websites.

Now, let’s discuss how the dashboard of SEMrush looks like

  • Domain Analytics – Lets you analyze overview of your domain along with detailed organic research, backlinks, advertising research, PLA research, display advertising and traffic analytics
  • Keyword Analytics – Complete analytics about keywords with some advanced tools like keyword manager and magic tool.
  • Projects – Set up different tools like site audit, on-page SEO checker, position tracking, social media tracker etc. to your project.
  • Marketing Insights – This consists of traffic analytics, market explorer and traffic rank analyzer.
  • Gap Analysis – Know your keyword gap, backlink gap and perform bulk analysis.

   2. Why do you need to use SEMrush?

As discussed in the very beginning of this article, SEMrush is the most used SEO tools by many digital marketers across the world. Reason – it is an all-in-one SEO toolkit that lets you perform everything needed for your website. To ease the job related to maintaining a website in order to focus on other important tasks, one must use SEMrush.

The amazing features and tools make SEMrush par better than any other SEO tools

    3. How to use SEMrush for keyword research?

One of the key tools that made SEMrush a go-to tool for most of the marketer is keyword analytics. Most useful keywords are keywords with less competition and high volume, the tool provides the best keywords with all these requirements. You can get profitable information like CPC, ad copies, the search volume of keywords, etc. For more detailed information about SEMrush, you must read the SEMrush review. Learning the behaviour of the tool before you start using it is always helpful.

    4. How much does SEMrush cost?

SEMrush costs $99.95 for the Pro version and $199.95 for the Guru version. But with Myvu exclusive links you can gain free 7-day access for both Pro and Guru plans.


    5. How to cancel my SEMrush subscription?

For any reason, if you find SEMrush is not fit for you, you can send cancellation and refund requests at Their team expects some information about why you want to cancel their plan, give valid reasons to cancel. Once they accept your request, you will get a full or partial refund within 30 days.

    6. What is SEMrush Rank?

SEMrush Rank is an important factor which ranks websites analyzing the complete domain. The SEMrush rank refers to the strength of the website in the search engine’s point of view. The higher is the popularity in organic search results, higher is the SEMrush rank.

The factors involving in SEMrush rank are:

  • SE keywords
  • SE traffic
  • Paid traffic
  • Costs
  • Paid keywords
  • Paid traffic price

     7. How does SEMrush collect the data?

From more than 130 databases consisting of billions of powerful keywords, and millions of domains SEMrush gets its data. SEMrush uses its own bots to crawl the web and gather the information.

    8. What is Keyword Difficulty (KD) in SEMrush?

One of the best features that SEMrush offers to its users is Keyword difficulty. KD lets you view how difficult a particular keyword to rank on Google. It displays volume, difficulty, results, SERP results, and trend of the keywords. 


Generally, KD is shown between 0 to 100, where 0 is the lowest difficulty level and 100 is the highest difficulty level.

    9. What is SEMrush bot?

SEMrush bot is a search engine crawler similar to other bots. It collects and updates new information from all over the web.

    10. How to use SEMrush for free?

SEMrush is not a free tool,  but a tool worth $99 per month. As it is a premium tool, you cannot enjoy its features free for lifetime. But you can avail a free account for 7 days – use SEMrush discount code, get it with the Myvu’s exclusive link. The prices for Pro plan and Guru plan worth as the tool offers the most amazing features for its users.

    11. How often does SEMrush update its data?

The SEMrush database is large in numbers. More than 4 million marketers use SEMrush and enjoy its huge database. It updates nearly 18 billion keywords, 140 geodatabases and 720 million domains most frequently that no keyword will last more than a month.

In a nutshell about SEMrush coupon code

Most of the marketing specialists across the world use SEMrush to run their websites and blogs. If you can make use of the tool in a proper and efficient way, you can gain high returns from your sites. 

As said the advanced features like powerful keyword research, backlink audit etc. will help you learn deep about your and your competitor websites.

And if you are worried about the price, relax. Myvu has an exclusive 7-day SEMrush coupon code. Grab today!!

Try SEMRush 7 Day Free Trial >>

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You will be among 3 million happy SEMrush users as SEMrush is no.1 SEO tool worldwide. Try SEMRush 7 Day Free Trial >>
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