Shopify Reviews- Is Shopify the Best Ecommerce Platform?

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Shopify Reviews- Is Shopify the Best Ecommerce Platform?

Shopify Review

9.5 Total Score
Shopify- Review

Multi Channel Integrations
Abandoned cart recovery
Point of Sales
Value for money
Inventory management
Customer support
  • Easy to use
  • Cool and professional-looking themes
  • Great features that make creating a website simple and easy
  • Amazing inventory management system
  • Multi-channel integrations
  • Shopify community always has your back
  • Transaction fees are applied on third party gateways
  • Great add-ons for the website but most of them are paid
  • No automatic reformatting on content in case of a theme change.
  • Only trial version, no free plan.


How often do you shop on an e-commerce website? Frequent, right? In the past few years, technology has brought many changes. One such amazing change is e-commerce websites. Shopping has become easy and comfortable. Agreed that roaming around the mall and going from shop to shop is fun but what about carrying bags and waiting for the billing? Not so fun, right? But all thanks to the e-commerce platforms people don’t have to worry about anything except for choosing the items they want to buy. All they have to do is to place the order and receive it at the doorstep. One such success in e-commerce is Amazon.

If you’re also a budding entrepreneur planning to open an e-commerce platform to sell and promote your business. Then you must be searching for an e-commerce website builder that will help you in building an excellent website.

Shopify has been in the market for a long time. People across the globe are using this platform to create amazing stores. It has helped people to build their beautiful store within no time. If you want to start an amazing store then the first right step towards it is selecting the perfect e-commerce site builder that will match your business requirements.

If you’re one of those people who read lots of reviews to understand more about the product then this Shopify review is just for you. In this detailed Shopify reviews, you would have all the information you’re looking for.

There are many Shopify reviews written, but in this specific review, we’re trying to provide you with answers to all the questions you have relating to Shopify. From its integrations to apps, we will discuss everything related to it.

Let’s go!!!!!

Is Shopify the best out there?

Over 1.2 million people across the globe are using this software to build stores. So definitely there must be something good about it. Don’t you agree? This web application has made it easy to create stores without any technical knowledge. Not everyone has exceptional technical skills. And thanks to Shopify, people without any technical skills can also create a store and make their dream come true. Shopify is among the top 10 e-commerce builder platforms.


Choosing an e-commerce website builder platform is definitely not an easy decision. While choosing an e-commerce website builder platform there are so many things that people take into consideration. From its simplicity to payment gateways there are so many things to consider. If you have selected a platform it means that you have placed your trust in the company.

People would like to choose a platform that is going to stay and not disappear from the market. In the past, there were many instances where a company was closed down and turned users to other companies. Which is definitely not good.  With Shopify, you can be assured that this company will not be disappearing anytime soon given its popularity. Use this Shopify coupon code and create your amazing online store.

In this Shopify review, we will try to answer all the questions you have about Shopify.

Is Shopify easy to use?

While using an e-commerce website if it is hard to use or complicated to navigate through, then it becomes hard for people to use it. Agree or not the first thing that a visitor notice is the simplicity of the application. If the application is not simple, they may naturally lose interest in it and leave the application altogether.

The simpler the app the faster it reaches the audience. People connect faster with the applications if it is easy to use. All the e-commerce platforms in the market promote themselves as easy-to-use. But only half of them are true to their words. An application should be easy to use and user-friendly right from day 1.

Shopify is easy to use, people without any technical knowledge can also create a store within no time. The best thing about this application is it is easy and simple to use. And undoubtedly this is one of the pros of this application. You don’t need expert assistance in creating a store. The dashboard is clear and easy to navigate through.

Once you sign up for the application you will be taken through this whole process of creating your dream store. All Shopify does is it possess simple questions and once you answer them and provide the required information. Your store is created within a few minutes. This WooCommerce alternative is quite intuitive and it makes the process of creating your website easy and beautiful.

The reason for this platform’s user-friendliness is because it doesn’t complete the store creation. It simply provides you with a working online store structure to use. It just simplifies your work, you don’t have to put all the pieces of the puzzle together as it provides with a finished puzzle to use.

To understand more about this application, whilst reading Shopify reviews on the web you can also try the Shopify free trial. This free trial will provide you with the first-hand experience on the application. Not only that, but you could also check its features and dashboard.

As you have already taken an interest in this article.

How about using the Shopify free trial? It will give an idea about the functionality of the application and you can see around and then decide.

Are Shopify themes good?

Can you imagine a Shopify review without talking about its themes? Impossible, right?

Shopify has gained massive popularity and not to mention Shopify themes have definitely played their part and contributed to its popularity. This e-commerce platform is home to many professional-looking modern templates. The good thing about these chic templates is that they’re mobile responsive and will look good on any device.

Mobile responsiveness has become an important criterion for choosing an e-commerce platform. Stats show that more than 70% of your customers are going to leave your store if they have a bad mobile experience. With Shopify, you can be assured that your store will automatically reformat to your users mobile or tablet screens. You can test all these features by signing up to the Shopify free trial version.

Free & paid themes

They offer around 8 free themes, would have been better if there were more to choose from. You can try those free themes. But if you want something exclusive for your store then you can explore Shopify themes and purchase. They have impressive collections and Shopify frequently releases new themes. If you want to customise your store, Shopify experts are always present to help. You can work with them to beautify your store.

Currently, Shopify has around 64 paid themes to choose from, prices ranging from $140- $180. You can choose the themes based on your layout style and product list. It is offering themes for around 10 industries. Use Shopify promo code to avail great discounts. Irrespective of your industry you can select the perfect themes that resonate with your targeted audience. You can sell any kind of products on your selected design. We have explored the free theme and tried applying them to our store.

Does Shopify facilitate blogging?

If you want to publish articles in your store then this will be an important question. You don’t have to worry as Shopify facilitates it. You can categorize and publish articles for your heart’s content. Blogging is one of the fastest and simplest ways to interact with your audience. If your store is related to the fashion industry then you can create lookbooks etc to improve your audience participation. You can create a forum or start discussions. The best thing is that you can control your comments too. You will have full access to the HTML and CSS of your store. It is easy for you to customise all the aspects of your website.

If you already have a domain name you can use it, if you don’t then you can purchase it from Shopify. The most important thing for a website is hosting as it ensures that your website is safe. You can host your website on Shopify and not forget your website comes with a full-featured CMS.

Does Shopify support third party payment gateways?

Your store’s payment gateways should be secured. While paying the customers to add their card details, CVV etc. So it becomes your prime responsibility to keep all this data safe. With this WooCommerce alternative, you can be assured about your customer’s data safety. There are two types of payment options offered by the Shopify i.e., a third-party provider or Shopify payments for credit card payments. For other than credit card payments people can pay with Amazon Pay, PayPal, Apple Pay. If you want alternative payments such as Bitcoins, Shopify facilitates that too.

When you use Shopify Pay, it proves to be beneficial for your customers as it stores payment and shipping information of the customers. Making their next checkout faster and easier. You can also accelerate the checkout buttons of different payment providers such as Apple Pay, Pay Pal, Google Pay etc in your store to make the checkout easy and simple for your customers. Shopify provides you with a list of payment gateways for each country. You can find out which payment gateways are available for your country and manage your store payments.

This application has made it easier for customers to check out. Shopify integrates with around 100 payment gateways across the globe. No matter which country you’re from, Shopify integrates with multiple payment methods of your country. To provide your users with a great shopping experience.

Shipping rates

The online check out of your store supports more than 50 languages. And what makes it better is you can easily translate the theme to suit your needs. If you are a first-time store owner then taxes can be a bit of trouble as you don’t have an idea of what to do. Shopify has solved your worries too. As it handles the state and major country taxes. You can also set up shipping rates by location-based pricing, tiered pricing, weight-based pricing and fixed pricing.

Shopify is beneficial as it provides you with automatic carrier shipping rates from many major shipping carriers. You don’t even have to worry about the SSL certification of your store too, as Shopify includes free 256-bit SSL certification.

Are Shopify features and tools powerful?

The answer to this question is…..


The tools and features offered by Shopify are highly powerful. It provides stores with tons of useful tools that make running a store easier. This WooCommerce alternative has the best features compared to any other e-commerce platform. It provides you with all the essentials you need to make your store a hit.

In this Shopify review, we’re trying shed light on the features offered by this application.

Want to try all the features and understand Shopify more before taking a step, then try Shopify free trial and take a step towards your dream store today.


You name it, they have it, from analytics to payment gateway integrations Shopify has it all. It offers around 1200 apps in its app store. You can scale up your store anytime. Not every theme has all the features that you’re looking for. So if you want to customise your store by adding any other features, feel free to download them from the Shopify App Store. Shopify app store has a mix of both free and paid apps. Since there are so many apps in the store you must be careful not to add too many apps to your store. The cost of all these apps may add up pretty quick.


How important do you think is shipping for your online store? Too important. Bad shipping experience can make you lose your customers. There are many instances where people have not associated with an online store again because of negative shipping experience. So you need to manage your shipping. Shopify provides you with a wide range of tools and settings that will help you in managing your shipping options. You can print shipping labels, amend the shipping rates based on order value, location, weight, etc.

Cart Recovery

There are many times when people add items to the cart but don’t proceed with the payments due to many reasons. You can email the prospective customers the link of their abandoned carts and encourage them to finish the purchases.

Product Management

Shopify offers many product management tools that make setting up your store to make it super easy. The best and the most useful feature it offers is inventory management. This inventory management has made it easy for people to track their stock levels, upgrade the product listings and monitor orders. The Shopify also offers a special feature, where it keeps a track of the products and marks them sold out automatically if they are out.


Online stores have become important for any business today and multi-channel integrations are important for your online store. If you want to reach your target audience then it is a must for your business to have multi-channel integration. Agree or not, people usually search for a product in market places such as Amazon. So if you want to tap into your audience then it is a must for you to sell across other online channels not just your online store. With multichannel integrations, you can sell in other online channels and reach a wider audience base.


POS (Point of sale) is you selling to your customers in person. There are many instances where you see sell your customers offline such as events, popup’s, exhibitions, etc. To accept payments in such cases you need POS software. Shopify’s POS app is designed for your business to accept credit cards, sell gift cards, issue refunds, etc. To use Shopify POS app, you must be actively using at least the Basic Shopify plan. Along with this, you will get a credit reader making it easy for you to sell in all the offline points.

Visit Website- Shopify

Does Shopify’s SEO and Marketing help you tap into your audience?

The answer to your question is yes, SEO and marketing are important for a business. It helps businesses to tap in and reach new audiences. Search engines have become quite important in present times. For any information, all people have to do is search in Google or any other search engine. Want to reach more people across the globe to promote your business? Wondering how? Then here is where SEO comes handy.

You can’t just start a store and wait for people to notice your store, right? SEO improves the chances of you getting found on the internet. Shopify has a wide range of tools at your disposal. Though it doesn’t cover every aspect and provide you with all the functions of an SEO tool.

It covers important essential areas such as Custom URLs etc. Whenever you add new products it promotes your products with SEO. This WooCommerce alternatives SEO tool has one major drawback i.e., it doesn’t provide keyword support. SEO plays a key role in increasing traffic to a website. And more traffic brings in more sales too. Shopify provides you with reporting tools that will help you in understanding how people are interacting on your website.

Does Shopify offer the best security and support out there?

Security is highly important for a business. Your business website or online store doesn’t just hold all the required information about your store. It holds the sensitive data of your customers too. This application comes with in-built security and is complied with all the necessary regulations. So your online store should be highly secured. And Shopify will provide you with great security. It is Level 1 PCI DSS compliant and satisfies all the categories of PCI standards.

This WooCommerce alternative is more secure compared to its peers in the industry. They understand that connecting your device to a network comes with a risk. Irrespective of your company’s size, your information can be hacked and misused. With Shopify, you can secure your account with the two-step authentication. The two-step authentication provides you with a more secure login process.

With simple steps, you can protect your account against phishing too. Not to forget Shopify constantly regulates your website to keep it from running safely. Shopify is different from others in the industry as you don’t have to worry about sorting your store’s security.

From cyber threats to phishing, it protects your device against any security-related issues. You don’t have to worry about anything else other than selling your products. Simply put, you don’t even have to invest much of your time and effort to keep your website secure and safe as Shopify handles everything. But remember to backup your website once in a while in case of anything going wrong in the future. Use the Shopify coupon code, create your store and start selling today.

Who would you consult when you find something wrong with your store? Obviously Shopify support team, right? There is no doubt that Shopify has an excellent support team who are always ready to help you. Choose the one that works best for you.

So what kinds of support does Shopify provide?

24/7 Phone support, Social media support, live chat support, Email support, help centre, video tutorials. Their help centre has all the information you’re looking for and if you’re not finding any then simply ask their support team they will provide you with it.

Visit Website- Shopify

Shopify Lite

The first thing that catches your attention when you visit Shopify Lite page is the line “start your dream business for less than the price of a movie”. Sounds interesting, don’t you agree? Shopify provides you with everything you need for just $9. You don’t just have to showcase your products on Facebook. With Shopify lite, you can sell your products to your audience.

The customers can easily buy the products from the shop section of the Facebook page. You can even personalise the shopping experience to your customers with messenger chat and they can even track their orders in real-time. Use Shopify promo code to avail great discounts. And lastly, you can even accept credit cards too. In this Shopify review, we’re discussing Shopify Lite as it is also part of the Shopify.

Shopify Plus

Shopify is also offering Shopify Plus. In this Shopify review, we’re going to discuss this too. Shopify Plus is an e-commerce platform for large and growing companies. This is for large businesses that have different requirements compared to small businesses. Many growing brands across the globe are using this platform to develop their business.

Use Shopify promo code to avail great discounts. The major difference between both these e-commerce options is their features. Shopify plus will provide you access to high-level tools and more features compared to Shopify. These tools can scale up your business and help you reach a global audience. The minimum price for Shopify starts at $2000.

Visit Website: Shopify

Planning to start your dream store then what are you waiting to use this Shopify coupon code and create your store.

Is Shopify Value for money?

It is good, but it falls behind compared to others in this particular area. Their prices are reasonable but not the transaction fees. It is offering three different plans to choose from. Choose a plan that matches your business requirement. Before selecting a plan you can try Shopify free trial for 7 days and if you are satisfied with it then select the plan. For the free-trial, you don’t have to give your credit card details. So there is no risk involved. All you need to do is give your email address and get use Shopify free for 7 days. Use Shopify coupon code and Shopify promo code available online to get great discounts.

Three plans are……

 Basic- $29/month

With a basic plan, you can start selling products in your secure online store. Not only that you can even sell in your offline POS such as events, markets, etc. In this basic account, the transactional fees are 2.0% and 2 staff accounts are available along with 4 locations.

Shopify- $79/month

With this plan, you can add extra features such as retail hardware support, gift cards and professional reports at a retail store or sell online. You can access staff accounts 5 and locations 5. Shopify POS for pop-up shops and retail stores. And the transactional fee of 1.0%.

Advanced Shopify- $299/month

With Advanced Shopify you can scale your business online and also get advanced reporting.

All the plans on Shopify include features such as

  • Unlimited products
  • Shopify POS
  • Customer support
  • Online sales channels
  • Discount codes
  • Fraud analysis
  • Manual order creation
  • Dashboard overview
  • Unlimited bandwidth & online storage.

Here is the brief on how we created our store using Shopify.

First things first, when you visit Shopify to create your store, it asks you a few questions about yourself to create the best online store for you. Once you answer those questions, it takes less than a minute to create your online store. online store 

This is the back-end of the store and the home page contains all the information that can make your website awesome.

Home page of

Once you create your website then comes the themes. Shopify is famous for its professional-looking themes. All you have to do is select an amazing theme that matches your store. Use a free theme or purchase one from the Shopify review.

Overview of the marketing page.

This is the overview of the customer page where you can understand your customers.

Order page is where you can manage get orders and receive payments.

Reports page is where you can understand more about the traffic on your website.


Agreed there are so many Shopify reviews available in the search engine. But in this Shopify review, we have tried to provide with all the information about Shopify and clarify all the common doubts on has about the website. If you dream of creating your online store then look no further than Shopify to fulfil that dream. What are you waiting for? Use Shopify coupon code or Shopify promo code and create your online store today.
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