How to make money from TikTok

So, like Facebook and Instagram, you can also monetize your TikTok content. TikTok, though a video-sharing social networking app, it is one of the popular destinations for entertainment, precisely short videos. 

With it’s easy to shoot, edit and share features, TikTok has gained amazing popularity among teenagers and youngsters within a short time. In fact, people think, TikTok is far more powerful than Instagram as the content you shared on the platform is never going to expire instead it is going to reach many users with time. 

Though TikTok is known as an entertainment platform for millennials, the number of users is not any less than other platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat. It has over 800 million active users across the world with almost 60% of users between 16 to 24 age. After people realized that creators can actually become stars overnight with their exclusively unique and engaging content, the video-sharing platform became one of the effective marketing tools for businesses. 

How to make money from TikTok?

Wondering how much does a TikTok creator earn on an average? Users with 7 million followers easily make up to $20,000 for ads and sponsorships. However, the revenue depends on the follower base.

Though TikTok doesn’t generate revenue for its creators as YouTube does. Yet there are a few great ways you can make money from TikTok. Let’s discuss those legitimate and ultimate ways to monetize your TikTok identity in this article.

Help Brands

Having said that, though TikTok is popular among millennials, popular brands such as companies like Itel, Coco cola, Pepsico didn’t fail in their TikTok campaigns. The promotion video of itel on Tiktok gained over 2 billion views in 3 days. Many brands are following the same strategy to expand their brand visibility through this amazing video sharing platform. 

However, all videos or campaigns can’t go viral. There needs to be the uniqueness, fun factor, engaging content, and little luck for a video to go viral. This is why brands need influencers who have the power to drive their audiences or fans to their websites.

Thus as long as brands need customers, they need influencers. At the same time, becoming an influencer is not that easy. Yes, easier said than done. You need to be creative, innovative, unique, interesting, and helpful for your audience to become an influencer. So, keep posting the engaging and unique content on TikTok and have little patience. You will get there.

So after you get a good number of followers and likes to your videos, help brands similar to your niche to gain visibility both for you and the brand. If brands notice you as a worthy influencer, they will reach you with a nice deal. 

Tip: Choose genuine brands, as an unworthy brand that can gain you a bad reputation.

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Live Streaming

It is easy to make money after you gain some really good number of followers. TikTok lets you earn coins directly from your followers as a token of their love towards your content. Users can buy TikTok coins with real money, say 100 coins for USD$0.99 and reward those to their stars on their live streaming. So, if you have good numbers of followers and those fans really love your content, they gift you coins and expect you to shout out their names in return as love. You can later convert them into diamonds and then into cash via Paypal.

TikTok provides an option to link your account to other platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Thus it provides an easy gateway for your videos to reach millions of people. Moreover, when brands reach you to promote their products, they may ask you to promote it on other channels as well to gain more visibility. 

Also, including your TikTok profile link on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and vice versa helps you increase your followers. In fact, many artists link their account to Youtube, as it is even easier to monitor their content on YouTube. You can link your account to different channels in your profile setting with just a tap.

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Promote Affiliate Products

You can make money from TikTok through affiliate links depending on the niche you choose. Find an affiliate site, choose products, promote them uniquely in your style, provide the links (use shorter URLs) in your bio, and make money easily. We recommend doing this occasionally because you may lose your genuine followers if you irritate them with promotions regularly. After all, TikTok is an entertainment platform.

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Become a Mediator

If you have the skills to convince people, you can better earn money through mediating. With that said, brands are looking for the right influencers to create their brand awareness you can help them in finding and charge money for it. On the other hand, you can also help influencers to find needy brands in their niche to collaborate with and earn a commission. 

An easy way is to create a mediator website where influencers and brands meet each other make a deal outside TikTok. This way you can make handsome money whilst helping both parties save their time and money.

Grow Business

Businesses need influencers to reach wider audiences and grow their sales. Yet, they are not restricted to create an account for their brands. You can create an account for your business, run ads, collaborate with top influencers and sit in the list of businesses that became popular through TikTok. But all you need is creative and unique content in your account and the same consistency. As said, TikTok is a video sharing entertainment platform, you are lost as soon as you fail to impress.

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Wrapping Up

Alike other social media platforms, TikTok helps you make money immensely through influencer marketing and affiliate marketing no matter what your niche is. If you create informative videos or quick tips or learn French in 30 days kinda videos, add little creativity, and a pinch of uniqueness, people watch and love you. 

However, you can only gain huge sums of money if you have a notable number of engaging followers. There is nothing like get-rich-quick strategies. Start building your identity and stand out among millions of popular creators and make a rich living from your favorite just-a video-sharing app.
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