10 Best Places to Sell Video Games


Video games are a favorite pastime of millions if not billions of people around the world. Most people have grown up playing at least some type of video game. You must have at least played super Mario Bros on the console. The video game industry is in its best phase right now. Today there are more video gamers in the world than ever before. With time the popularity of video games also increased. Not only popularity but the quality of graphics, quality of design, the look, the feel, and the experience everything has changed in the last two decades. The video game industry was very smart and swift to incorporate all kinds of the latest technology that hit the market over the years. 

As a result of this so many companies tried to make their own video game consoles and video games that can only be played on their console. This has led to fierce competition between big video game companies. Due to this a lot of consoles and video games were released till now. Many people have their old video games and don’t know what to do with them. But they cannot throw them away as they know how precious they are for a gamer. So if you are someone like that then the best thing you could do is sell them to a person who wants them. There are various ways you can do this. But the best way is to sell them online as it is quick and easy.

Here’s a list of websites that help you sell your video games.

Amazon’s trade-in

Amazon is currently the most popular and probably the largest e-commerce website in the world. But what many people do not is that Amazon also has a trade-in option using which you can sell things like electronics, books, gadgets, and video games. All you have to do is go to the trade-in store of Amazon and search for the item you want to sell. If the video game appears on the list then you can sell it to Amazon. It also shows the maximum amount you may receive for it. Amazon trade-in provides free shipment for your game and will notify you if your game passes through its quality test. They will ship your item for free if it fails. If you succeed in selling you video game then you will receive the amount in the form of a gift card using which you can shop on Amazon


eBay is another e-commerce titan where you can sell your video games. There are a lot of people on eBay who are willing to buy video games. eBay takes care of the payment process. Not only that but it also provides a discount for shipping your video games at a low price. It is free to list items as long as the number does not exceed 50 per month. But eBay charges 10% of your sold items. eBay just provides a platform it is you who has to sell your item.


This is one website that is entirely focused on video games. Trade4Cash is a platform where people can sell their video games and gaming consoles. The process is very simple. Go to the Trade4Cash website search for the game or gaming console you want to sell. Select the game or console when it appears after that choose the condition of your product and answer a few questions regarding the game. Once you do that Trade4Cash provides instant valuation. They will also pay for shipment of it is over $10.


Letgo is a platform that allows you to sell any type of item without charging any fees. Unlike all the other websites that are given above, you have to sell your games locally. Once you get access to the app you have to post photos of the video game on the platform along with a price. If someone is interested in buying you can negotiate and meet at a place to make the transaction. The problem is sometimes it is hard to find a buyer locally.


This is another website or platform that is dedicated entirely to buying gaming related stuff. All you have to do is create an account on Gameflip and you are ready to go. You can sell your video games, video game consoles, and other in-game stuff using Gameflip. You have to upload the pictures of your video games and put them for sale. Then Gameflip connects you to the buyer. Once the buyer purchases the item Gameflip ships your item but you will get paid after a while.


This is also a great platform for someone who is looking to sell their video games. To sell your personal video games first you have to enter the information about them then choose the price you want after that upload photos of your video games. As soon as you do this Swappa starts validating your listing once it is over your item will be put out for sale. You will receive the money after someone buys your game. But it is your responsibility to ship the item within two days after the payment.


Decluttr is a website where people can sell their used electronics and video games. The process is quite simple. Download the app and scan the barcode of your video games using the app. If they accept your item they will an instant valuation. They will provide a free shipping label and they only pay you after the shipment arrives. But they will not be returning your item if it doesn’t pass quality inspection. 

The Old School Game Vault

This might be one of the best places to sell your video games. To sell your games you have to go to The Old School Game Vault website and search for the game you want to sell. The site will provide an instant valuation for them. They will give you a shipping label if the valuation is more than $75. The shipping is free if the valuation is over $100. But if it’s less than $75 you have to ship the item. 


Most people might know about Craigslist. It is one of the places where people can find all kinds of stuff for sale from products to houses. If you want to sell your items all you have to do is list your games in the related category. After you find a buyer you will have to negotiate the price yourself. This a platform that allows you to sell items locally. So be safe and choose a public place to sell your item as you don’t know who you are selling to.

Facebook Marketplace

This is another way in which you can sell your video games locally. Facebook Marketplace is easy to access. Just open your Facebook account on PC and will find the Facebook Marketplace icon on the left side. It is a similar site like Craigslist to sell your items. You have to upload the photos of your video games along with a description. Then you have to negotiate with buyers on price and meet-up at a location to complete the transaction.


If you are gamer then you know how valuable games are to people who play them. Do not throw away your games as they still hold value. Some people are ready to pay a high price for the video games they have played when they were kids. It is better to sell them to someone and make some money than throwing them away. Use one of the websites given above to sell your old video games.

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