How to Get Free Books Online?

Are you a vivid reader? From Non-fiction to fiction you cover all the books. But you have to buy books to read them, right? What if you can read all your favorites without spending a single penny? Do you think it is a bluff? Nope, you heard it right. You can now enjoy a variety of books at free of cost. How you must be wondering? There are various both offline and online resources that will help you in getting books for free.

From kindle to Audible there are many reading platforms that are allowing people to read on their devices. The books have also come a long way along with people. Coming to the topic. In this article, you will be knowing about such interesting ways to get access to books of all genres for free. What are you waiting for? Let’s dive in and find out interesting online methods to find these free books?

Online resources to find books (free)

As you know over the past decade the internet has grown. And now it is impossible to find an office or home without the internet. From mobile data to Wifi people can easily connect and search the internet. Along with the boom for the internet, the availability of free books on the internet has also increased.

Here are a few sources where you can find free books online.

Net Galley

One can consider Net Galley as a paradise for book readers. What is more thrilling than to be able to read the reader’s (advanced) new e-books copies that are yet to be published and review them. But the tricky part here is although you can join without paying (free) one thing is a must, that is you must receive the approval of the publisher, and once you finish the book you must write a review on it. See the primary objective of this platform is to help readers with influence discover new books and share them or recommend them to their audience. So if you’re ok with sharing your thoughts about the book once you finish it you can totally try this platform. 

Goodreads Giveaways

Do you like Goodreads? If you are a book lover then you will definitely know about it. But did you know that you can be the first one to read the new books? Yup, you heard it right. You can read the new books as the authors and publishers give away the prerelease books. As a member, you must enter the contest and let us tell you in advance the winners will be picked randomly and get the giveaway prize. This site is offering free books to book lovers. If you’re lucky enough you may win more than books in the giveaway. To become a member keep an eye out for giveaways.


This platform is perfect for students especially for those on a limited budget. Wondering how? Through this platform, they have a chance to get free textbooks. Using this website is quite easy, its user interface is friendly and you will be able to navigate through more than 1000 free educational eBooks. Registering with the site is also quite easy, you can register with your Google, Microsoft, Facebook, or LinkedIn account. So if you want educational ebooks then this site is perfect for you. You can browse through their extensive collection of books. So do try it.


This is an app from the overdrive. Overdrive is a service (free) that allows people to borrow audiobooks, ebooks, and digital content. All these books are borrowed from libraries and colleges. So Libby is also a product from them. The specialty of this app is that you can borrow thousands of audiobooks and ebooks from the local library using your Android, Windows10, Chromebook, or iOS. Libby also has an activity tab where you can track or check the reading history. Not only that you can also read a sample book with a single tap. However, if you want to read the books you will need a library card. All you have to do is go to the nearest library and get one. In some places, the app will directly provide you with a digital card (library).

Project Gutenberg

It is a volunteer effort to share ebooks online. Project Gutenberg is known to many as the oldest digital library, which is absolutely true. And it has a wide range of more than 60,000 free books to choose and read from. Astounding right? No book lover will ever be able to resist such a sweet deal. And you don’t know the best part of the deal yet. You can enjoy this treasure of books without paying a single penny. Yup, you heard it right. You don’t even have to register. Without any formalities, you can dive into reading books. The books are available in Kindle, HTML, ePub, and other text formats. From Pride and prejudice to The Scarlett letters you will find many popular works of greatest authors here. What will your first read be?

Kindle Newsletters

See this is also a pretty effective method if you ask us. When you subscribe to the Kindle Daily deals you will receive emails regarding offers or giveaway competitions held by them. See tips on how to get most from your membership to the latest deals on discounts on books you will have all the information you want at your fingertips. 

Serial Reader

See if you’re someone who is extremely busy but still loves indulging in book reading then try Serial reader. This app is free on both iOS and  Android. It allows you to read all the classic novels in a matter of 20 minutes per day. Sounds Amazing, right? You don’t have to worry about missing out on either your work or reading a book. Give it a try.

Wrapping up 

Above mentioned are some of the online resources in which you can find free books. However, one extra method (just for you as you made it to the end of this list) is free trials. See most of the reading platforms as Audible or Kindle offer you free trials, right? So make use of these trial periods although the books disappear after the free trial, you can use the free trial to read books for free. If you’re interested in finding side hustle to earn extra cash? Check out here.
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