5 Ways Your Lifestyle is Causing Money Problem

Money problems are a serious concern these days as it affects your lifestyle. You might have to compromise on your favorite sports car or a villa in a posh area or your dream career because you can’t afford higher studies. But do you know that your lifestyle is what most of the time a cause for money problems? Yes, an unhealthy lifestyle causes money problems by directing you to take the wrong financial decisions which majorly affect your life.

You Are Not Alone in This

Nearly 80% of Americans have debts. So, you are not at all alone. You need not run away from your money problems and get yourself sicker mentally, physically, and financially. Most people shy away to admit that they have debts. You will be surprised to know that adults between 25-32 age who are supposed to be with optimal health were suffering from high blood pressure, poor digestion, and heart diseases according to the 2013 study by Northwestern University

Life happens and every individual faces financial troubles at least once in their lifetime. So, there is nothing wrong with it. All you need is a healthy mind to tackle all your problems.

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5 Ways Your Lifestyle is Causing Money Problems

Studies say that people having financial problems are more unhealthy than people who don’t. They have more financial problems because they are unhealthy and weak to make the right financial decisions. So, it is quite important to stay healthy to avoid any kinds of problems. Of course, you can’t become healthy overnight so is becoming wealthy. It is a practice through which you become better over time.

Here are 5 ways your lifestyle is causing money problems and tips to overcome them.

Sleep Deficiency

One of the main reasons for causing too much money problem is that too much spending. You miss thinking cognitively about whether you need a particular item or not. That is because you don’t have enough sleep. Lack of sleep leads to many problems such as bad memory, heart disease, mood swings, diabetes, obesity, difficulty in concentrating, and lifespan. All these issues impact your work, productivity, and decision makings.

Whereas if you have an adequate sleep of 7-9 hours chances are there you will think cognitively and make the right decisions. So, sleep well to avoid any wrong decisions and their consequences. Such as you stop and think if buying that car is really necessary.

Lack of Physical Activity

If you don’t afford an active lifestyle you will have to take out your wallet for medical bills. Well, you’ve read it right. Humans need to engage in physical activities to not only keep their body fit but also their minds. When you spend too much time inactively your body forgets being active so is your brain. Thus you will fail taking smart decisions as your brain is no longer sharp. 

Activities such as binge-watching or sitting for long periods makes you inactive. The best way to keep your self active is by joining a gym. Okay, if you feel that it is expensive, ask your friends for a buddy pass to test a class. Also, there are many ways you can get active for free such as YouTube videos, fitness articles, Pinterest pins, etc. Ensure you exercise at least 150 minutes a week.

You can even make physical fitness a daily routine such as walking or biking to the office, taking stairs rather than an elevator, walking out of your desk often, etc. 

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Unhealthy Stress

Stress is a warning system that produces either fight or flight response based on current circumstances. So, in a way stress helps you accomplish tasks more efficiently. Stress can even boost brainpower. But all this talk is about good stress. 

When this stress becomes overstress, that burns a hole in your pocket. Yes, over-stress leads to stress-spending and stress-eating which in turn leads to physical and financial problems. This also affects your mental health.

Hence, overstress needs to be treated right away. The best way is to start meditating. 

Moreover, high-stress levels can keep your disengaged at work and lower your productivity. The feeling of unable to accomplish things makes you more worried. So, engage yourself in micro tasks such as washing dishes or making your bed so that you will start realizing that you can make things happen.

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Poor Eating Habits

Having rich meals in restaurants often not only lets you break the bank but also makes you obese over time. Eating high-calorie food available in restaurants will degrade your memory power and brain function. You can save at least half of the amount you spend on restaurants if you cook at home. Moreover, you can have rich nutrients and low-fat food at home. Not to mention, taking nutritious food impacts positively on your brain. Thus help you make the right decisions.


As already said, individuals with debt are unhealthier than people with no debt. One of the most serious illnesses people with debt face is depression or sadness. People overspend when they are dealing with negative emotions. And this definitely impacts on the money.

The quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson “The first health is wealth” says it all. You need to be first healthy, then wealth follows with the decisions your make. Engaging yourself with physical and mental activities such as Yoga, Pilates, Exercise, Zumba, Meditation will help you balance your mood and foster your decision making.

Bottom Line

There are many lifestyle choices that help you overcome your money problems. Activities such as overspending on unimportant things, unhealthy eating habits, lack of sleep, sedentary lifestyle, etc. make you financially and mentally weaker. So, it is important for you to take the necessary actions to avoid such consequences. Agreed, you can’t make good changes in one day and change your fate all of a sudden. But you can take baby steps and start practicing at least one good lifestyle habit each day. You will definitely see a drastic changeover and especially your body and mind will love you.

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