10 Best Job Search Websites


Unemployment is a serious problem in today’s world. There are a lot of people that cannot find the job they want. Which is very unfortunate. Everyone wants to get the job they dream of so that they can achieve all the things they want in life. Without a well paying job, it is quite hard to take care of yourself and your family. Many people want to achieve financial freedom as soon as possible. If they want to do it they have to get the job they have always wished for. But most of the people are settling for jobs they don’t want to do. This doesn’t mean that there are no jobs. There are jobs but many people don’t know how to find them. But you don’t have to worry as there are many ways to find a job these days. Technology has made everything easy, even finding jobs. 

There are many websites that help people in finding the jobs they want. Here are a few websites that are great for finding a job. 


There is no need for introducing this website. LinkedIn is probably the most popular website when it comes to finding jobs. Millions of people around the world are using LinkedIn to get jobs. You can use the jobs section to find the jobs you want  When you sign up to LinkedIn you have to create s profile. This profile also acts as your resume. The best part about this you don’t have to be constantly searching for jobs. When a company is looking for people to hire then they will definitely look at the profiles of people on LinkedIn. If you have all the necessary skills they are looking for you will probably get a call from them. LinkedIn has made it easy for both employers and individuals who are looking for a job. This is a website where you should definitely have a profile if you are looking for jobs.


This is another website that does not require any introduction. Craigslist was founded so that classifieds can be made available to people through the internet. You can find all kinds of jobs. But Craigslist is capable of doing more than that. You cannot not only find jobs but also sell things like your old cell phone. Apart from that, you can definitely find jobs both temporary and permanent ones. This is also one of the best websites to find micro jobs locally. Many people don’t think of Craigslist when they think of finding jobs. But you should try it out you will be surprised to see the number of job posting on this website.


SimplyHired is a website that was founded in 2003. But it is currently owned by Recruit Holdings Co. Ltd which also owns another job searching website called indeed. It is very easy to search for jobs on this website. All you have to do is enter the job you want along with the city. You can search for both part-time jobs and full-time jobs on this website. One has to be specific when they are searching for jobs.


This is another website where you can easily find jobs. Glassdoor was launched in 2008 and now it helps in finding jobs in a lot of locations around the world. It has office locations in many countries across the globe like the US, Canada, Germany, and Ireland. Apart from jobs listing this website also provides benefits reviews, company reviews, CEO approval ratings, and more. The process for searching for jobs is similar to SimplyHired. You have to type in the job you are looking for along with the city. 


Snag is a website that makes job searching very simple. This website has been in the market since 2000. Since then it has helped many people in finding jobs. When you use snag you will not be searching for jobs based on your location. But you will be searching for jobs by selecting the radius. When you search for jobs it will ask you to select the radius in miles like 5, 10, 20, or 50. Depending on the number you choose you will get job listings. But you cannot type in the number of miles by yourself. 


Monster has been in the market for more than two decades and since then it has helped many people in finding jobs. You can see advertisements for jobs from some of the top companies like IBM and others. It is easy to search for the jobs you are looking for. All you have to do is type in the job you want along with the city you like to work in. After that, you will find the job listings depending on your search. If you select a large city then you will definitely find a lot of jobs 


This one of the well-reputed websites for job searching in the current market. LinkUp has been recommended by famous outlets like Bloomberg, Forbes, and others. Similar to Snag you have to search for jobs based on miles. Here you can select the radius to find the job listings in that area. You can use its advanced search options to narrow down the job opportunities. 


Idealist is a different kind of website when it comes to finding jobs. This website focuses on connecting people with organizations and resources. You can find all sorts of work on this website. Not only jobs using Idealist you can find volunteer opportunities, internships, and several other things. 


This is another website that has been around for more than two decades. Similar to many other websites on this list you have to type in the job you are looking for, along with the city you want to work in. CareerBuilder has a career building and development tab that helps you in finding jobs that are newly available. Not only that but it also helps you in improving your skills.


The name of the website itself makes it quite obvious what it is meant for. One great thing about Job.com is that it uses AI technology to match you with the jobs you are looking for. But you have to upload your resume on this website to find the jobs you want. After you do this it matches you with jobs based on your skillset. The site also gives you a 5% bonus on your salary if you use their website to get the job. 


These are some of the best websites out there if you want to find jobs. Make sure you use them to their fullest potential to find jobs. You can always follow some tips to get hired quickly. But you can even earn money through investing. If you don’t know anything about it you can use take the help of some of the best micro investing apps to gain experience.

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