10 Genius ways to Make Money as a Kid

Anybody, irrespective of age can make money in this digital age, thanks to growing technology. Gone are the days when kids have to wait for summers to put a lemonade stand to make money. There are numerous ways today for kids or teenagers to choose to earn some cash. Out of multiple jobs your kid could do, this article walks you through 10 genius ways to make money as a kid. So, bring your child to read this article along with you.

Nothing is better than start earning money right now. So, if your kids are ready to start earning money, they are on the right track. Moreover, making money kids not only lets them buy toys or books on their own but also helps lead an independent life sooner. So, next time when your kids go behind you for an expensive gadget, show them this list and motivate them to make money on their own. That way, they will know what goes into making money, hence they spend lesser.

Well, talking about the 10 genius way to make money as a kid, some require your kids to invest time, while some require a small investment of money while some require skills. So, talk to your kid and let them choose what interests them and how well you can support them to get started. Enough said. Now, let’s dive into the topic.

Take Surveys

Brands pay money for answering their surveys and helping them to improve their products.

Taking surveys online is the easiest way for your kids to make money. However, most of the survey sites only allow above 13 years old to sign up. You can check that and sign up for multiple paid survey sites for your kids. Based on the portfolio, the survey sites match the surveys and rewards points in exchange for the opinions. The best part is you can earn money other taking surveys on these sites.  The legit paid survey sites like InboxDollars, Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, Survey Club etc pay you for watching videos, playing games, referring friends and even simply browsing on their browser. Your kids can later redeem them for e-gift cards or PayPal cash after they reach certain thresholds.

You may have to help your kids only when signing up for different paid survey sites and setting up a bank account and PayPal account.


If your kids love to play with or look after other kids or babies, then babysitting is perfect for them. All you need to do as a parent is help your kids find clients and drive them to their client’s place.

Your kids can earn decent pay for their age for babysitting. They can find more work if you live in an area where the majority are working couples. Furthermore, your kids can earn more as a mother helper for lending help for moms in household chores.

Start a YouTube Channel

If your kid is energetic and doesn’t shy in front of a camera, then starting a YouTube channel can bring him/her lucrative money. In fact, your kid can become rich at a young age. So, you will have to create a channel for him on YouTube or teach him how to do it, that’s it. Seeing the other kid’s channels he can start creating more interesting content for his audiences. There are many niches for kids to make money from YouTube such as unboxing toys, playing video games, sharing tips, or promoting his own talent in music, art etc.

After the YouTube channel gets monetized, you can earn money through ads, sponsorships, promoting your own products and affiliate products.

Start a Website or Blog

Starting a blog is another money-making idea for kids. In fact, starting a blog at a younger age is far beneficial than starting one after a few years. Help your kid to start a blog and let him write interesting stories or share about him in his blog. This way, overtime when it starts driving organic traffic, ads are displayed in the blog. This is how you can earn money from a blog. Also, you can promote sponsored products, affiliate links to make more money.

Become a PetWalker

Pet walking is the other way around your kid could make money. If walking pets isn’t a problem for your kids, then this is worth considering. Same as babysitting, you need to help them by spreading the word that your kid is available for petwalking. You can also register on websites like Rover and bring more clients to your kids if they are too young to sign up themselves.

Sell Crafts

Help your kids to make money by selling their handmade crafts. Platforms like Etsy, Amazon Handmade and many more let people sell their crafts online. As a parent, you just need to help them set prices. It is pretty simple to list the crafts even for kids. You need to take nice pictures of the craft and post them on the platform and the rest goes the same as it goes for adults.

Sell Used Books or Toys

Tell your kids to clean up their room and the storeroom. Tell them to pack all the unused toys, books and any gadgets, and help them set the prices. Your kids can sell the old unused stuff and make money instantly. They can organize a garage sale with your help, or sell online on Craigslist, eBay, Amazon Marketplace, Declutter, Facebook Marketplace etc.

Do House Cleaning

If you are okay to let your kid clean your neighbor’s houses, your kids can make decent income doing this. Additionally, they will learn the household works to help you in your home. The same as any service, let your neighborhood know the service your kid offers through word of mouth or flyers or any online groups. Once people start hiring your kid, your kid gets busy into this if he/she does the job well.

Lemonade Stand

The traditional way of making money as a kid especially during summers. If you are in a popular location where the traffic is heavy, chances are there this works well. Also, your kid can take this to sports events or any exhibitions where people likely buy something to drink.

Recycle Cans or Metals

The other easy and fun way to make money as a kid is to collect cans and metals to recycle. All you have to do is collect trash cans and any metal like copper, steel, brass etc. from your neighbors, car cleaning garages. You can collect these items from your neighbors or friends or family by letting them know you want them. Take it later to a recycling yard and collect money.

Wrapping Up

While there are many other ways around for your kid to make money, select the jobs that are legit for their age and safety according to your state government. Also, make sure they do more of the work and as a parent, you just need to support whenever needed. The other most important thing is that it’s not how much as a kid he/she earns, but how much he/she saves. Of course, it’s good to buy a gadget for themselves with their hard-earned money, but it is also crucial to learn to save money.

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