Bluehost WordPress Hosting Review: Is It Best for WordPress ? -Complete Overview of Pros & Cons

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Bluehost has been in the market for a long time. It is one of the leading web hosting service providers in the industry. From small businesses to large, irrespective of their size they are using this platform to host and launch their websites. Without a doubt, Bluehost is one of the most affordable and secure hosting platforms available for people. If you think this platform is perfect for only businesses then you’re highly wrong. It is perfect for individuals who want to create a blog or portfolio. Bluehost has its dedicated data centres in Provo, Utah. Over 2 million people across the globe are trusting this web hosting platform to host their websites. 

Bluehost offers around 6 different types of hosting services, one of which is WordPress Hosting. As you know WordPress is one of the most popular CMS platforms. It is open source and more than 75 million websites are using this platform. Bluehost is favoured by many website developers because it makes WordPress installation seamless and easy. WordPress recommends Bluehost for hosting services. This itself shows the quality of the Bluehost services.

Wondering if Bluehost WordPress Web Hosting is perfect for your website or not? Then stick till the end of this article to find out. In this Bluehost WordPress Hosting review, we will be discussing all the features offered by it. If you want to know more about Bluehost, check out our Bluehost review.

Why Bluehost WordPress Web Hosting?


What is the main reason for any business to go online? To get noticed and grab the attention of both their existing customers and potential customers. With the evolution of technology, the world has swiftly changed its direction to online. If you’re still hesitant, you will be on the losing end. Since you have already decided to take your business online, then it is time to find an extraordinary web hosting platform, who will take you one step closer to your website. With hundreds of options available in the market, it is quite hard to find the right one. In this Bluehost WordPress hosting review, we are providing you with all the reasons why you should choose Bluehost WordPress web hosting.

First of all, Bluehost is one of the big names of the industry. It is a trust-able brand and has been in the market for quite a while now. You can place your trust in this platform. Its customisable themes will help you in creating a compelling website. Not to forget it is offering domain too. You can choose a domain name that matches your blog, portfolio or website’s personality. Once you choose the domain name, Bluehost will walk you through the steps of creating your website. In just a few hours, with Bluehost, you can tell the world your story. 

WordPress hosting is designed with you in mind, it is highly customer-centric. It provides you with every single thing you need to run your website. From easy automatic installation to management tools, Bluehost is a total package. And to sum it up one of the main reasons to choose Bluehost is because it is offering affordable and reliable WordPress hosting services. 

What are the features offered?

Automatic Installation

Once you have created your WordPress hosting plans, the Bluehost platform will automatically install the most secure and the latest WordPress version. 

Free Domain for a year

Apart from web hosting the other important thing for a website is its domain name. So if you already have a domain name it is great. But if for any you don’t then Bluehost will provide you with a free domain for a year. Once you finish one year you have to renew the domain name at the current market price. Even if you migrate to another web hosting platform, the domain name will be yours as long as you renew it.

Secure configuration

Once the WordPress account is created. You can secure your account by changing the login credentials from standard logins to something of your choice. Make sure to place a strong WordPress password to keep your account safe from any third party interventions.

Microsoft 365 

With Microsoft 365 you can access your email from any part of the world. Your email account will also be branded by your domain name. Next time you send an email it will boost recognition whilst delivering the message.

Verification of Google My Business

If yours is a local business and are planning to go online. Then Bluehost will make it happen for you. Going online will help you in connecting with your local customers and taking your business to the next level. Bluehost will help you in getting your business google verified. With this verification, people will be able to see your business location and opening hour on the google maps. 

Automatic Updates

Your WordPress account will also be secure because Bluehost WordPress web hosting will automatically update your WordPress account and keep it up to date every day.

Unlimited Themes 

Bluehost is offering you unlimited themes that will help you in creating a compelling website. All these themes are designed by the highly talented designers. With the power of these themes, you create an amazing website, blog or portfolio. Bluehost is providing its users with a suite of professional marketing tools that will lend you a helping hand in growing your audience.

One-click installation

With its one-click installation, it just takes a few minutes to build your website. One of the main reasons why most people favour this web hosting platform is because of its easy integration with WordPress. It’s easy installation and themes will help you in creating a unique website.

How to get started once you choose a WordPress hosting plan?

Once you have chosen a plan then it is time for you to get started, All you have to do is follow the below-mentioned steps and you can get started.

Click on the Bluehost and then open the WordPress hosting. And then select a plan that fits your budget and business requirements. Then choose a domain name, which is provided to you by Bluehost for free. This brings us to the last step, add all the important information such as name, package information, email address, etc. And once you finish your payment process, you’re done. 

Pricing and plans

Bluehost WordPress web hosting is offering three plans and all these plans include the above-mentioned features. So choose a plan that matches your requirements and fits your budget. With plans changes the number of websites you can host, storage capacity, etc. Most important this is with all these plans you would get a 30-days free trial of Microsoft email.

Basic- $3.95/month

Plus-  $5.95/month

Choice Plus- $6.95/month

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24/7 website support

Bluehost offers great customer service. It supports more than 2 million websites across the globe. Whether you need guidance in building a website or got queries about your website their support team is always there to help you. Their support team is filled with WordPress experts who will help you in dealing with your queries. From designing to marketing they are experienced and have wide knowledge about all the WordPress functionalities. This experienced team of experts are ready to help you in managing, building or growing your blog, website. You can either call them or leave a message, they will respond immediately. 

Upgrade to WP Pro


If you want your website or blog to grow exponentially then you can upgrade to WP pro. This hosting plan will provide you with more security, power to your website. It is an upgrade to WordPress hosting. If your website is receiving a lot of traffic then this is quite perfect for you.  You can build and grow a perfect WordPress website with WP pro. It has an all-in-one dashboard and marketing centre. Not only that it comes with amazing SEO, social media and email marketing tools and its also optimized performance will increase your site speeds. 

This plan is specifically designed for WordPress excellence and speed. With this hosting plan will allow you to manage everything on a single dashboard. It also secures your new website with SSL and much more. 

Features offered by the WP Pro

Unlimited Domain & Websites

With WP Pro you can build as many websites as you need or wish. Not only websites you can even point as many websites as you own to your WP hosting account. To give a unique domain for each of your sites. This hosting plan allows for unlimited customization and WordPress installations. 

Unlimited sub-domains & web storage

WP pro will provide you with an opportunity to arrange your website according to your style. You can create as many as subdomains as you want, there are no limitations. Grow your website without being concerned about exhausting limits on data storage or your website size. 

Free SSL

WP Pro provides you with free SSL. It allows you to encrypt the connection between your visitors and servers. This way you can safeguard your data, it will help you in protecting sensitive data, e-commerce transitions, personal information and much more. 

No limits on Traffic

When your website drives so much traffic there are high chances that your website will slow down. But with WP Pro at your aid, you can stop worrying about such issues. You can drive as much traffic as possible to your website. And the best part is there are no overage charges. Sounds like the best deal, right?

One-click WordPress install

Installing WordPress is simpler and easy then you have imagined. With WP Pro you can avoid all the confusing and complicating application installs. With its one-click installation, you can start building immediately.

Staging Environment

With the staging environment, you can test your website before publishing it for your audience. You can preview and make all the necessary changes or updates that you deem are necessary to make your website beautiful and compelling.

Google my business verification

Listing your business on Google my business is one of the fastest and the perfect way to reach the potential customers in your area. Bluehost will make it possible for you and once verified your customers and potential customers can see your business working hours and location on the google maps. 

Protection from spam

Spam protection is powered by the Akismet. This tool filters all the unwanted and harmful content in your comment section. It works pretty fast as it filters them even before they reach the comments section. This will protect your audience from consuming harmful content in any way. 


Bluehost integrates methodologies such as multi-layer caching and CDN into your WordPress account to improve your page load time. With CDN enabled you will get improved server utilization and fast page loads.


The WP Pro plans are hosted on servers that utilize Solid State Drives (SSD) and they will facilitate faster load times. 


The best part about choosing WP Pro is that it will handle all the WordPress updates for you all by itself. It informs you of the new update even before it pushes for a new update. Since it informs you of the updates ahead of time you can be assured that your website will operate as intended. 

How good is the WP Pro customer support?

The Hosting experts of Bluehost are available round the clock for your service i.e., 24/7 customer support. If you need their support or looking answers for any of your queries irrespective of time and location you can get your answers. They have detailed knowledge on all the important information related to the website performance, dashboard features, billing or website up-time. Not only for technical support but you can also contact them for any queries relating to non-technical issues. For the big brand, Bluehost customer support team is quite good. With thousands of queries from across the globe, they reply pretty fast. You can either reach them through the phone or chat.

Money back policy of WP Pro

Bluehost stays true to its promises, it is the most trustable brand in the industry. People favour Bluehost because of its stable platform and reliability. If at any point during the first month of your usage you feel that this platform is not matching your requirements then you can get the refund of your hosting fees. Only for April 2020, the money-back guarantee has been extended from 30 days to 60 days. 

WP Pro pricing and plans

The WP Pro is offering its users three different plans. Each of these plans offers some common tool, some special tools. So choose a plan that matches your website needs and fits your budget. One common thing about all the three plans is that they will receive 1 Office 365 Mailbox free for 30 days.

Build- $19.95/month

Grow- $29.95/month

Scale- $49.95/month

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Why WP Pro?

The answer to this question is why not WP Pro. It is built with users in mind and the main reason why it is built is to provide the best possible experience for the WordPress websites. This hosting plan only features the best features such as advanced security, social media integration, analytics. And if you’re looking for an ideal hosting plan for your WordPress website then WP Pro is perfect for you. 

WP Pro

It is specially designed to load websites faster than any of the traditional hosting services. This hosting plan features SSD’s and a lower server density. Simply put, it puts fewer customers per server to optimize the website load time. Bluehost WP Pro is an All-in-one Marketing centre. It has a single dashboard that provides you with control at the same time allowing you to review your traffic sources, including keyword selection, social media, content improvement recommendations and SEO. It even allows you to auto-share your content on other social media platforms i.e, Facebook and Twitter. If you think this is the end of the amazing things this hosting plan has to offer then you’re wrong. It will even lend you a hand in creating a beautiful website too.

With the help of its limitless themes, you can build a website that pleases your visitors. WP Pro provides you with hundreds of templates to choose from and all these platforms are built by the professionals. Once you choose a template you can customize and personalize it to your heart’s content. You can swap the templates live too, your content will stay intact but the look and feel of your website may change completely. You don’t have to worry about the maintenance of this hosting plan as Bluehost will take complete care of the servers daily maintenance and the application to ensure that your website is running stronger. Lately, it allows you to host multiple WordPress websites on one single account and also link your Google Analytics to view the data relating your traffic in one single dashboard.


Bluehost is not only perfect for hosting websites, blogs or portfolios, but it is also perfect for hosting an e-commerce site too. If you’re planning to start an e-commerce site and sell your products online then this hosting plan is perfect for you. With this plan, you can create a professional-looking e-commerce website within minutes. So what are you waiting for to build an online store and sell amazing products whilst reaching your audience? 

Features offered

Free Domain

The quest to a successful e-commerce platform starts from a great domain name and thanks to Bluehost e-commerce plan you don’t have to worry about it. As it provides you one for free.


You don’t have to worry about configuring and installing woo-commerce all by yourself. As this hosting plan will do the work for you by installing it for you and helping you in running your business faster. 

Free SSL

Free SSL encrypts your visitor and transactions data from any third party interference

Verified on Google My Business

Like the above-mentioned hosting plans your business can easily be verified by Google my business to reach your local customers and grow your business.

Unmetered Bandwidth

 Unmetered bandwidth will help in growing your traffic without having any fear of being throttled. 

Marketing Credits

When you spend your first $25 on the new Microsoft advertising and Google Ads then you will receive marketing credits of $100 for both Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising.

Why this hosting plan?

Your online business platform shows growth exponentially and attracts more customers. For that to happen you must build your site on a platform that has beautiful themes and powerful plugins. So with this hosting plan, you will be able to build an online store in just a few minutes. Along with that, it will also provide you with controls over it. You can easily add or remove products from the online inventory and create coupon codes too. Not only that you can manage your store’s online performance too. They provide you with 24/7 customer support so you can contact them whenever you need technical support.

Pricing and Plans

It is offering three plans for its users to choose from. Choose a plan that matches the requirements of your store and fits into your budget.

Starter- $6.95/month

Plus- $8.95/month

Pro- $12.95/month

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Bluehost has been in the market for a long time and more than 2 million people are using this platform across the globe. It is the cheapest and most reliable platform available in the market. In this Blue host WordPress hosting review. We have tried to provide you with all the information that will help you in making the decision. So if you find this article helpful and think that it is perfect for your website or blog then choose a plan that fits your budget and business requirement and grow your business.

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