How to make money from Instagram

You might have already known many cool things about Instagram. It’s awesome photo-sharing, video-sharing, and story sharing features, numerous editing options, etc. In fact, Instagram doesn’t need any rich introduction. But is Instagram just that? A photo & video sharing app or an app to hangout with friends? No. 

A really big number of influencers are earning huge sums of money through Instagram using their fan base. OK. Is that simple to make money from Instagram? How about if I have only 100 followers or 1000 followers? Well, relax. You can actually grow as a great Instagram influencer from scratch. All you need to do is the talent to befriend strangers and gain their trust by just being you. 

This article discusses 5 foolproof working strategies to make handsome money from Instagram. Before that let’s see what you can do to improve your loyal followers quickly.

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How to gain authentic Instagram followers?

  • Create a short, interesting bio adding CTA

Provide your website link or any profitable landing page link in bio. After all, bio is the only place on Instagram you could include links. So use it wisely.

  • Pick the niche you can serve well

You will find this vital when you start thriving to gain more. So, in order to build a smooth road for your future. Pick a niche that you know well. Say, if you are a fashionista, pick the fashion niche to help your audience with trending fashion tips. Or choose the photography niche if you can shoot well or already fond of shooting your pet. 

You may wonder what if I don’t excel in any of those. Don’t worry. Pick a profitable niche that is on a steady rise. For example, shopping, food, travel are always people’s favorites, so picking one that is closer to your interest will definitely help you.

  • Post content regularly

Users who post at least once a day are likely to see a rise in their followers. Of course, content should be engaging and interesting. There are millions of content creators on the platform already. To surpass them you need to appear often with some cool stuff. Share your photos, videos or any inspiring yet engaging stories with your followers and ask their thoughts. Also don’t just post and leave. Come back & reply when someone comments on your post to improve the engagement rate.

  • Do not buy followers

Your aim should be to improve the engagement rate for your posts not growing the number of followers. As you have taken a step to make money from Instagram, focus on improving the genuine followers. Because those fake followers are not going to make any sales for you and earn you money. It is best that you will invest in getting help from the best Instagram growth services such as stimsocial vs. kicksta. But Kicksta, is known to be the best in providing you getting real or organic Instagram followers which can be very beneficial as they can be your loyal viewers or even customers if you opted for business.

5 strategies to make money from Instagram in 2020

So, now comes the crucial part of how to make money from Instagram. There are already millions of active users on Instagram, it takes little effort and skills to stand out among them. Agreed. But if you can plan your marketing strategies properly, then you can for sure surpass them and remain unique. Ultimately make good money. Here are the below tactics to earn money from Instagram and stay consistent.

Collaborate with brands

Though the term influencer became so common these days, influencers are making over $1000 per post. The price definitely depends on the number of followers you have. Generally, the influencers are categorized into three categories based on their followers.

Top-tier influencers – Users with 100,000 to one million followers

Middle-tier influencers – Users with 10,000 to 100,000 followers

Micro-influencers – Users with less than 10,000 followers

The pricing per post also depends on the number of followers. Say, the above three types of influencers earn $88, $200, $670 per post on an average. The charge per post for Instagram users with more than one million followers varies a lot. 

Now, talking about collaboration with brands, businesses need influencers to create awareness of their brands. Hence they reach influencers in the same niche to drive their followers to their brands. However, you need to have good user engagement for brands to contact you. Still, the best part here is most brands prefer micro-influencers as they good engagement with their followers.

So, instead of waiting for them to knock you, create content, and reach them. That will be your baby step though. You will soon get DMs for collaborations if you keep up the same authenticity and engagement of users with your posts.

Include a #add or use the sponsored tag in collaboration or sponsored posts, these make your post clear to the audience. Moreover, as per studies, the sponsored tag doesn’t affect your follower’s impression on you.

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Share your expertise

If you can doodle or paint or sing or have good photography skills, then do not let them be just your hobbies or professional skills. Let your followers know them for free and create a more fan base with your skills. Or if you can speak well and motivate people, inspire your followers with your skills and turn them into loyal followers.

Thus if you already have a website or any paid courses or ebooks, collecting their email ids. Publish posts saying you love helping them and include a call-to-action line like “Register” or “Visit” and give the link in bio. The new feature of Instagram lets you add links to stories. 

Doing so you can increase your subscribers and potential payers. Most of the motivators, trainers, and professional artists take their followers from social networking platforms to their paid courses and make money. 

You have audiences that follow you beyond Instagram, you just need to lead them.

Join affiliate program

Become an affiliate, promote products, services, or businesses to earn a good amount of commissions. Generally, these include a shoutout about the product/service or reveal discounts or Promo Code or just links to product landing pages. There are many affiliate programs such as Amazon Affiliate, eBay Affiliate, ClickBank, etc.

Be cautious about the product you are promoting. Ensure if it is a genuine and trustworthy one, else you may lose your good reputation. 

Start your own store

Dough the Pug which initially used to feature the cute dog’s photos later sold the book Dough the Pug: King of Pop Culture and had 4M followers now. It even sells the tees with the same theme dough the pug. And they are making good money out of it with on-demand prints. Isn’t it cool to know that you can have potential customers even before you have a store?

No matter, if you can bake well, or paint well, design well if you had a good fan base and equally genuine followers, you can start a business with low investment right away.

After the app launched Instagram Shop providing the option to checkout without leaving the app, it became much easier for businesses to make their sales. 

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Sell your work

Capture high-quality pictures and post them on Instagram. Instagram provides a license to sell them anywhere without any strings. There are plenty of buy & sell photo sites such as Adobe, Pixabay, Freepik, etc. that lets you upload photos and sell them. Upload your photos on different sites and make money. You can also earn on Teespring that allows you to upload a design or picture on tees. If somebody buys it you get a good amount of money.

Do you have a nice spacious house? Rent it to tourists visiting your city for short periods of time and make handsome money. Airbnb lets you promote your house with high-quality pictures and helps you earn money with genuine visitors. You can promote the same pictures on Instagram and earn money attracting the tourists to visit your place.

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Bottom Line

Thus there are enough ways to start different income streams just with your Instagram account. All you need is a steady rise in the number of real followers and engagement rates to your posts. Include your profiles on other social platforms if you already have a good fan base to get the popular tag faster. Also, remember that Instagram is a platform that just rents you some space to show up and you don’t own it (there are instances where Instagram removed many accounts without announcing any reasons). So, don’t just rely on Instagram to make money primarily. Own a blog, or website or start an eCommerce business to generate income constantly.
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