20 Ways to Get Free Money


Who doesn’t want money, we all need the money and we need lots of it. But we have to work hard to earn that money. Let’s face it you have to work at least five days a week every month to earn some money to get through the next month. However, that is not enough to achieve your financial freedom. You have to make lots of money to get to a position where you don’t have to work. To make extra money you can always choose a side hustle that you are good at. There are a lot of side hustles out there. But there are a few things to consider before choosing a side hustle. However, that is not what this article is about. This article will tell you the ways in which you can earn money for free. 

Free money is always great. So let’s look at some of the ways to earn it.


Well, honey is not an application that gives you money but it actually saves you money. This is a money-saving tool that will help you find discounts while you are shopping online. If you shop using your PC then don’t worry Honey also has browser extensions. It will find you all the available coupons for the products you want to buy.


This is another website where you can make money absolutely for free. On Swagbucks, you can make money by doing everyday things. All you have to do is search the web and answer a few questions. You can also watch videos to earn money. Answering those questions will earn you points. One can even earn points by watching videos. You can redeem those points for gift cards or cash.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is another online survey platform. This a platform where you will have to take surveys once you sign up. The first thing you have to do after signing up is filling your profile. This will help you get more and more surveys. You will get points for completing surveys. 100 points equal to one dollar and you have to earn 500 points to cash out.


Rakuten was formerly known as Ebates. This is a website that offers you cash back for shopping online. This website has 2,500 stores where you can shop at. You have to click through to the store you will be purchasing from and you will receive your cashback.


InboxDollars is another website that pays you for taking surveys online. You can easily earn money by watching videos in InboxDollars. This website will also pay you for taking surveys. You can read emails to earn money. It has paid more than $59 million in cash rewards.


This e-commerce website doesn’t even need an introduction. It is one of the most popular e-commerce websites in the world. This is a site where you can buy or sell all kinds of things. You can sell the cheap stuff for a higher price on eBay.


If you want to earn money in a short time then one of the best ways is investing. But you may not have a lot of money to invest. This is where Acorns comes into play. It is a micro investing app that allows you to invest in small amounts. It is one of the best micro investing apps out there.


Rover is another website that is great if you want to earn money for doing everyday things. This is a great platform if you are good with pets. There are tasks where you can get paid for walking dogs. 


Some of you might not know that some banks offer free money for opening savings accounts. Betterment is one of the best Robo advisors that are present in the market. This Robo advisor will tell where to invest so that you can get bonuses.


People only know credit cards for offering credit for interest. Not paying your credit card balance is one of the reasons for your credit score drop. But what if you get a credit card that offers you rewards. Discover provides you credit cards that offer cashback. 


If you have a car then you might be looking at it as a thing that only costs you money. The only way you know about making money using your car is by renting it. But you can also earn money by putting advertisements on your cars. Wrapify is a company that will put advertisements in your car and pays you money for it.

Selling your plasma

Yes, you might not know this but you can actually make good money by selling your plasma. There is little effort you will not be doing much. You can earn at least $200 per month by selling your plasma.


You can actually sell your data online for money. There are a lot of companies out there that will buy your data for market research purposes. The only thing you have to do is download the Mobileexpression app and let it run in the background to collect the data.


This is another company that is willing to buy your data. SavvyConnect collects your data while you are using the internet on your cell phone. This company will pay $5 every month for collecting your data.


You can also earn money by testing websites and applications. There are lots of companies that hire testers to test products for them. All you have to do is sign up for Usertesting.com and use their products and review them. You can do it on your laptops or smartphones.


Wikibuy is a similar website to Rakuten that helps you save money when you shop online. All you have to do is download the extension and let it run in the background. You can even type in the product you want to buy and it will find the cheapest prices and coupons for it.


This is a website where you can earn money by taking surveys. Not only that but you can also earn cashback for shopping with the retail stores that are associated with Mypoints. You will earn points for completing tasks and exchange them for gift cards.

Vindale Research

Vindale Research is another website that is similar to Swagbucks and Survey Junkie. Here you are going to sign up for taking online surveys and get paid for the time you spend on it. The best part is you will get paid in cash instead of money.


Have you ever bought something and found it in the sale the next moment? Then you know how frustrating it is. But if you have Paribus then you don’t have to worry. It will scan through emails to find the things whose prices went down. 


Trim is a virtual assistant that you should definitely have if you make a budget. It is an artificial intelligence assistant that can help you in saving money. This virtual assistant will look at your finances and see if you can save money somewhere. It can even negotiate money for you. 


These are some of the ways in which you can earn free money. But understand that they can only help you little. These are more like the smart ways in which you can save or make little money. But they are useful nonetheless. So use these to earn and save a little extra money.

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