10 Things You Should Always Bring to a Job Interview

Have you applied to your dream job? One day you’ve received a call from the interview? You’re excited!!! Butterflies might be flying in your heart. Get ready for the in-person interview. Don’t forget to congratulate yourself for receiving a call from your dream company. Your hard work will be paid off soon. Be prepared in advance to crack the interview. Choose the professional outfit to wear on the interview day. Also, make sure you bring things such as resume, portfolio pen and other items. If you’re unaware of the right things to bring on the interview day, continue reading…

Following are the must-have things you should always bring to a job interview


On the interview day, you need to bring a few necessary things such as resume, educational documents, expereince letter or call letter. These papers are important to carry, you just can’t carry them on your hands. In such a case, you require a folder to help you. A folder is just like dividers that help you to keep the documents organized. It is one of the must-have things where the HR manager look while interviewing.

Copies of your resume

It’s no surprise that you’ve shared your resume to the HR manager. Also, your educational qualification, working experience and skills are posted on LinkedIn profile. But getting several copies of your resume is important while attending to an interview. Because interviewer might have reviewed multiple job applications in a row, they might have forgotten your educational background, skill set, achievements and more. So, bring multiple copies of resume will refresh the mind of the interviewer. When you carry several resumes it may look like you’re well prepared for the interview. Also, while attending a panel of job interviews, it’s important to bring 3-4 copies of resume. Having a reference copy to interviewers is perfect while you’re discussing your experience and skill set. As a result, you need to bring three to four resume copies.

Call letter

An interview call letter is considered as the invitation sent to the applicant for an interview. During the hiring process when the applicant has shared the resume, the HR manager will screen or shortlist the profile according to their job requirement. If your profile is suitable for the job position, the HR manager will send an interview letter. The letter consists of the interview date, time, place and contact person details. Don’t forget to bring the call letter to your interview. Showing the call letter at the receptionist will ensure that you’re eligible for the job position.


No matter whether you’re a fresher or experienced person, you need to submit the identity document along with your resume. The identity document can be driving license, passport, etc. When you’re planning to attend the interview, it’s crucial that you have proof of your identity to submit.

Pen and notepad

Carrying a pen and paper may be silly, but bringing a pen and notepad help to show the interviewer you are well organized. These things allow you to write the questions that you might ask for the interviewer about your job role or company detail.

Writing down the note during the process of your interview has multiple benefits. It shows you are interested in the job when you actively listen and note everything. The interviewer will get to know that you’re serious about the job. Also, it ensures you don’t forget any important thing about your job role while noting. Keep a note, ask permission to the interviewer before writing the notes.

If you’re new to the interview location then finding the company address can be a daunting task for you. In order to escape from these situations, you need to request the HR manager for directions. During the in-call interview, you can ask the hiring manager to send company location information. Print out the direction and reach the interview location early. Printing the direction will make sure you’re on the right way and doesn’t get lost. When you get lost, you might get late and this can cost you the job. Contact with the HR manager during travelling. Also, intimate them if you get late to the interview.


How do you know the time? Checking the time on the mobile phone might be your answer. Most people check their mobile phone to know the time. Don’t ever check the mobile phone to know the time during the interview. In fact, you should not hold the mobile phone in the interview process. But, keeping a track of the time is vital for you. A watch is the right thing to track your time. Wearing the right watch is important. Don’t wear sport or ultra-flashy watches. Wear the watch that looks classy and fit to your wrist exactly.

Portfolio or work samples

If you’re from journalism, graphic designing, fashion designing or architecture make sure you bring previous work samples for your interview. Show it to your interviewer or you can send a complete portfolio to the interviewer after the hiring process.

Your work samples or portfolio will be reviewed by the HR managers. They will examine your work sample and decide whether the job is suitable for you or not. Simply put, portfolio and work samples are important during the selection process.

Depending upon your job profile you need to showcase your work samples. Getting your work samples will have a positive impression from the HR manager.


Finally!!! Your dream job is in your hands. Now, the interviewers will ask you to provide a few professional references. After completing the interview, the recruiter will follow up with the professional reference that you’ve submitted. These references are important for you to get a job in your dream company.

Submit a valuable reference list to the HR manager. Think about your ex-employees. How long have you worked with them? How can they convey your work experience, skills and qualifications to the HR manager? Stay focused while submitting a list of references to the hiring manager. You need to choose a professional employee who will support you to get a job.

List of Questions

Let the interviewer know that you’re interested to work with their organization. Get ready with a list of questions to ask your interviewer during the end of the hiring process. It’s important to get prepared in advance to shoot the questions. You can ask questions depending on the conversation, it proves you have perfect listening skills.


Want to impress the interviewer? Yes!!! Getting the right things for your interview is vital for you. The things can be a resume, pen, notepad, watch, work samples, references, business card and references. Don’t forget to bring these important things to the interview. Being well-prepared for the interview is the best way of getting hired.

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