10 Small Scale Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs

Starting a business is not a daunting task, especially these days. Thanks to advancing technology. You can solely start a small business on your own literally right at your home. Yes, there are numerous small scale business ideas for sole entrepreneurs to make huge money. Scared off thinking about the investments you have to put in? Or the struggles you might face in the middle of your entrepreneurial journey? Relax! The small scale low investment business ideas are the safe side as they cost you zero to low costs for starting a business. So, are you ready to explore those small scale business ideas you can start right away? This article discusses 10 best business ideas for entrepreneurs, let’s look into them.

Sell your Skills

If you are on a tight budget but can’t resist yourself from starting a business on your own, then selling your skills is the best way to start off your entrepreneurial journey. So, what are the skills you can sell? Your writing skills, designing skills, photography skills, and whatever the skills that are demanding. There are platforms such as UpWork, Fiverr, Shutterstock, Getty Images, etc. That lets you sell your skills and make money. All you need to do is build an impressive portfolio and showcase your published work to drive away more chances. 

Sell Handmade Products

Do you love making handmade products? Then this will be a good start to become an entrepreneur. You can make handmade candles, envelopes, decor items, incense sticks, etc. With innovations that attract customers. Platforms such as Etsy, Handmade at Amazon, Artfire, etc provide space for you to sell handmade crafts. You can start preparing handcrafts on prepaid orders and later start your own website to sell your own products after you are sure you are getting consistent sales.

Tip: Choose a reliable hosting provider when you start a website for your business.

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Virtual Assistant

If you can assist someone and manage time very efficiently, then you can actually start your own business by assisting someone. Generally, there are a few businessmen who need you to manage their works. So, go ahead and find them. Here you do not need to stick with a single person or single business to offer your service, you can flexibly choose your own clients and work. Again you need a decent portfolio to grab the attention of clients.

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Design & Sell 

Got some creative skills? Can you give some quirky quotes that can catch the attention of audiences and go viral? Then start designing prints of t-shirts that can make you money. Yes, starting a t-shirt print business is a cool idea as there is a huge demand for it. But you need to really touch the emotions of audiences to make sales, hence it is suggested to pick a specific niche. Say, target pet owners, or video game lovers, etc. 

TeeSpring lets you design and sells your designs on t-shirts and mugs. Start designing using photo editing tools such as Canva, Photoshop, etc, and upload them on the platform to sell them.

Manage Social Media Accounts

Do you hang out more on social media most of the time? Do you know what tricks go well on social media channels to gain more user engagement? Then many companies out there are looking for you. Become a social media manager to manage your social accounts of companies on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc, and build brand awareness and drive clients or customers to their businesses. 

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Tip: Grow your followers on all your social media channels to build an audience for your business.

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Start a blog in a niche where your skills lie in. Also, ensure the niche you pick is profitable. But you can’t make an instant income here as you need to wait till your blog gets monetized. You need to work hard to make it popular in the niche to drive more organic traffic. Doing so will help you make money from affiliate marketing.

Your blog starts making money once it gets monetized through AdSense.

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You can also earn by creating digital products, courses with your skills related to your niche. Promote your blog on all your social media channels to drive traffic to it. The more following you have, the more profit. So, when you are starting your own website or blog, success depends on how you market it. Of course, the quality of content and products also matters.

If you have some creative skills, YouTube has plenty of options to let you start a business. Learn how does a YouTuber makes money.

SEO Consultant

With the increase in the number of websites, blogs, hence competition among existing sites, the demand for SEO consultants is also increasing. One who is serious about their website definitely needs an SEO to grow business. If you have expertise in SEO and ready to take up new challenges, then start your entrepreneurial career as an SEO consultant. Grow your network and later you can even start SEO consulting services as a profitable business.

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Host with Airbnb

The other way you can start your business with zero effort is through Airbnb. You can turn as a host, rent your home to visitors if you have nice tourist spots near your home. You can start building luxury homes and start a business of renting homes to tourists, this goes really well especially during tourist seasons.

Computer Repair Services

Computer repair services can be one of the most profitable businesses as every house, business needs computer services at least once in a while. Issues such as fixing hardware, updating software, installing anti-virus, etc have become most common, hence this will be a good startup if you can invest your time and be flexible to timings.


You can set up an online store and ship products to customers on behalf of suppliers. This gains you notable profit as you can buy the ordered products at wholesale prices but sell at retail prices including taxes, and shipping costs. Search for a delivery partner and start dropshipping businesses with low investment. You can easily set up an online store on platforms such as WordPress and Shopify. 

Bottom Line

Starting an entrepreneur’s life is no more a difficult task in this digital era. At the same time becoming an entrepreneur is more than just having ideas and planning the business. Consistency, hard work, patience are the keys here. So, take time to choose a business path, give trials, learn, and grow as an entrepreneur.

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