Tips for Maximizing Your Earnings with Uber

Looking for ways to earn some extra cash? Yup, then driving uber is one of the effective methods to earn cash. Not only as a side hustle this can be considered as an excellent job opportunity in all means. But you must be thinking it is really ok to let strangers in your car and drive them across the city and not to forget about the wear and tear of your car. Yup, it is perfectly alright to think like that. But, frankly, once you start doing the job you will feel that it is worth it. Especially on the weekends, there are many people who love going out on the weekend and it is quite busy. So if you want to make some money on the weekend this is the perfect method. 

This opportunity is not for everyone. As not everyone is comfortable with driving drunken customers. But if you’re strapped for cash and would like to earn some extra money then uber driving will maximize your earnings. 


Uber was founded back in 2009. Apart from peer-to-peer ridesharing it also has food delivery services. Uber cabs are known by everybody. This company is based in SanFransisco. So if you’re an uber driver and are looking for ways to boost your earnings then wait till the end to find out.

Tips to boost earnings 

What are you waiting for? 

Let’s dive into these interesting effective tips to maximize your income.

Drive during peak hours 

It is one of the effective tips for maximizing your income. Driving during peak hours will bring you extra money. It will be more than what you earn on an average ride. Let’s take an example, it is Friday night and there are many people who have partied hard. So what will their next concern be, is it to safely reach home or about the wage of the cab. As it is that late at night most people who don’t have their own means of transportation will naturally not think about the fare of the cab. So you will possibly be able to earn more money during peak hours than usual. You will be able to earn money of 2 rides in just one ride during peak hours. Because you may not find many rides out of this rush hour, even if you find one the fare will be relatively less.

Connect with your riders 

As an uber driver on a daily basis, you will meet with many riders and it is quite common to talk with your riders. Your riders can come from different professions and may have different personalities so networking with these will not be a bad idea for your future. If you find anyone relating to your job or profession contact with them and exchange your details so that there are more chances of you finding jobs in the future. If you’re an entrepreneur or a person who is planning to open a business in the future don’t you think networking will help your business in the future?

Keep snacks and water 

The key to earn more money is not putting extra hours, it is effectively using the hours you have. See you are going to drive for long hours. So if you are not hydrated and have food handy you will not have to suffer or stop between your rides. You can even provide your customers with snacks and water this will personalize the ride and will leave a good impression on your riders and they may give you a good rating. As you know good rating will improve your opportunities as it shows that you’re a good driver.

Surge fares

You can take advantage of the uber system in this method to maximize your income. So this is a better way to earn more money. All you have to do is log out of your driver app. You can log in during peak hours. The key here is that you must have the knowledge about peak hours. Because if your calculation goes wrong, your plan will automatically fall apart. Wait for 15 minutes before logging in during the peak hours and you will be able to take advantage of surge fares. The idea behind logging out is that when a driver logs out the number of drivers in an area will reduce and this will normally hike the requirements of the drivers. So the fares will surge. 

Stick to a place

Most drivers have this issue whenever they drive a rider to a particular location they will travel back to the busy area to find another ride. Don’t you think this is wasting both fuel, time, and effort? Yes, right. But the time you reach the busy area there will already be many drivers waiting for the passengers. So the better idea is to stick to a place. As you see there will be people in the area you just dropped off the rider also looking for the ride. So instead of just taking off to the busy area. Why don’t you wait in that area for a while and then pick up a passenger and then drop them off? This way you will make the earnings, save fuel, time, and effort. 

Wrapping up 

There are many people looking for ways to earn more income. And becoming an uber driver is undoubtedly the best job or side hustle. But while working as a uber driver don’t forget to take care of yourself. Because you will only be able to provide premium service if you have taken good care of yourself. So always keep yourself hydrated and have snacks to eat between the rides. Also, have all the information relating to the local bathrooms. Not paying attention to these conditions may actually become a health problem in the future. Did you find this article interesting? Want to know other important ways to make money through a side hustle. Check out the other articles in the make money section and find an interesting method to make passive income.
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