10 Quick Ways to Get Cash When You Need Money

Ran out of money? Still, need to wait for two days or even a week to receive your paycheck? Uh, that situation is terrible, especially when you have to buy essentials such as groceries, gas, fuel, etc to run your home.

No matter if it is a month-end or just the beginning of the month, most people go broke due to so many bills. The situation sometimes gets worse when people maxed out their credit cards. Well, with plenty of ways available, you need not panic if you face the same situation. You can make quick cash even when it’s too late, at least the amount you need for priority things. Not to mention, if you act at the right time, you can manage your finances well. Simply put, the more time you invest in, the more you earn.

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10 Quick Ways to Make Money Now

Life happens. It is not always your lifestyle that causes you money problems, sometimes you may come across emergencies such as car breakdown or plumbing repairs or something unexpected. This is why you need to have emergency funds ready always. However, if you had not set up an emergency fund to use in critical situations, here are some quick ways to make money. You can follow the below tips and make money right away to fulfill your financial needs today.

Redeem Coins & Points for Cash

Well, this may not seem like a serious option for an emergency bill. However, if you are the one who often leaves the coins or cash in your pockets, drawers, etc you many find a good amount at least for buying today’s grocery. Relax and go search in the pockets of your coats, pants, and around your room. 

You can change the coins at Coinstar for cash or redeem for gift cards for free. Coinstar charges an 11.9% service fee, so to avoid this fee you can redeem for free e-gift cards if that is in your options.

In the same way, you can sell your eGift cards or credit card points for cash to use it now. You may have some decent points in your credit card you have not redeemed them for a long time. So, its time to check them and redeem them.

Sell Used Stuff

One of the efficient ways to make money when you need is to sell your stuff. You can either go to a pawn shop near you carrying your jewelry or sell it online. 

When you choose to sell your stuff online, you can almost sell any used stuff such as furniture, books, electronics, DVDs, etc to make money. Ecommerce websites such as Declutter, Amazon, eBay buys your products and sells them. You need to pack your items and ship the package to them to get your money. On the other hand, you can also consider platforms such as Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace lets you make quick cash by selling your stuff directly to the customers.

However, the choice is up to you. You can go for the option that gives you maximum money for your products.

Apply for a Personal Loan

Apply for a personal loan only if you hadn’t had one or you don’t have much time to make money. Otherwise, you may have to take the burden of repaying 2 loans. You don’t need to stress much about applying for a loan. It takes a few minutes to take the loan.

Do not forget to read the agreement or compare the interest rates of different lenders before you apply.

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Plan a Garage Sale

If you reside in a popular area or high-traffic area, host a garage sale and sell your items to make some quick cash. You may not get satisfying money hosting a garage sale, but this is the other smart ways to earn cash for your emergencies. Make sure your neighborhood is aware of your sale and also promote your sale on Facebook groups so that you will see a good number of customers.

Work Overtime or Get a Second Job

Working overtime is the best way to add more money to your next paycheck. If you feel the pay won’t be that lucrative in your office, then consider getting a second job. Having a side hustle is always good to invest your time to make money. There are plenty of ways you can make money in your spare time. You can either become a delivery driver on weekends or a freelance writer in your free time.

The other way around to make cash in your tea breaks is to take paid surveys. Though this can’t make you lumpsum money, you can still try making money by watching videos, reading emails, browsing with a few legitimate sites, and apps.

Ask for a Hike

Ask your boss for a salary hike. If you hadn’t discussed the raise for a long time, it’s time to do it. This way you can make more money from the next paycheck onwards. Find out the best time to talk to with your boss and approach with your proposal.

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Become a Babysitter or Pet Walker

An easy and fun way to make money when you need is to become a babysitter or a pet sitter or walker. You can let your neighbors know that you are available to babysit or petsit while also registering yourself on websites like Rover. You can work on your flexible schedule and quickly make money.

Sell your Services Online

You can make a quick penny selling services. Discover what you are good at and start branding yourselves as a service provider. Any skills such as computer repair, copywriting, gardening, graphic design, social media marketing can earn you money. Sell your skills on platforms such as Fivver, Upwork, Guru, etc.

Rent Out Your Spare Space

The other easy way to make quick cash is to rent out your space. If you own a house, consider renting out your spare rooms, garden, some space in your garage or backyard for parking. In case you are a renter, with your landowner approval, you can still rent out your unused space. Websites such as Airbnb, Share My Space, etc.

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Sell Your Giftcards

Your e-gift cards or vouchers can become saviors when you need money urgently. Websites like Cardpool, Coinstar, Raise lets you sell unused gift cards for an exchange of money. Do some research, find legit gift card exchange websites like the ones mentioned above, and sell them.

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Set Up An Emergency Fund Right Away

Okay, this is not a practical choice if you need money now. But if you can set up an emergency fund as soon as possible, it will come into use the next time when you need it. 

Also, prepare a budget to manage your finances and save money carefully. You can even make a living on one income if you plan correctly.

Bottom Line

When you are in a dire need of money, you may tempt to take payday loans, loans from your family or friends or withdrawing retirement funds, etc. Before you go that way look into the above quick ways that help you make money faster. You can even choose one or more of them as second income streams to make more money.

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