10 Apps That Pay you to Scan Grocery Receipts

It’s no surprise receipt scanning applications are becoming popular day by day. Many people are earning enough passive income using receipt scanning apps.

Buying groceries is an everyday activity. Since groceries must-have essentials to survive. Just do grocery shopping and earn money. You require a couple of seconds to scan the receipt and upload it on grocery scanning applications. These scanning platforms offer gift cards and real cash. No investment is required, downloading the applications are free.

Following are the popular applications that pay you to scan grocery receipts


Ibotta is the leading grocery application available online. Maybe your family members or friends have already used the application to make money. If you want to make money without hassles, download the application right away.

Ibotta provides cashback when you shop at popular brands such as Walmart, Walgreens and Target. Shop at these platforms and scan the receipt to make money. Apart from grocery purchases, you can make money for non-grocery orders. The popular places to shop non-grocery essentials are Jet and Amazon. Ibotta will deposit exciting rewards within 48 hours into your account. When you’ve $20, you can redeem them to your PayPal and Venmo.


Turn your receipt into amazing rewards!!!

ReceiptPal is a well-known application that pays you whenever you scan grocery receipt. Downloading the application, connect with your valid email or Amazon account. ReceiptPal is available in Google Play Store and App Store. Earn money on every grocery purchase and gas station as well. ReceiptPay allows you to upload oil changes and room booking receipts. You can upload upto 12 receipts every week. While uploading these receipts you can earn 300 points. These points can be redeemed as cash or gift cards.

Fetch Rewards

Earn free rewards on every grocery purchase.

Fetch Rewards often allows you to turn your grocery payment receipt into amazing savings. Simply scan your grocery receipt after your shopping and get rewards. Unlike other scanning platforms, you may need to unlock the coupon codes or discount codes to get a discount. But, Fetch Rewards offers saving around the clock. What are you waiting for? Download the Fetch Rewards app and earn points on the go. Within a few simple clicks, you can scan and upload the receipt on Fetch Rewards. You can submit the receipt within 14 days of your date of purchase.


Shopkick is a popular application that was introduced to earn rewards while walking in retail stores. User needs to download the application on their mobiles devices and turn on the location and Bluetooth. Whenever you walk in the store that Shopkick is partnered with, you will earn a few rewards for every kick. Exchange these kicks for the exciting cash prize or gift card.

Shopkick has expended its service recently. Earn cashback whenever you shop online, all you need to link your credit or debit card and shop at Shopkick partners. Scan the receipts and upload them on the Shopkick app to earn cash. While shopping you’re not reserved to just grocery purchase, you can shop other products such as home essentials, bakery products and more at specific retailers.


Do you love buying your groceries at Walmart, eBay or Sam’s Club? Yes!!! You’re lucky enough to earn money. CoinOut app offers 1.8% cashback on every purchase. You don’t need to redeem any coupon for savings. CoinOut requires users to upload the receipt and earn savings. The popular partners of CoinOut are eBay, Hotels.com and more. There is no minimum rewards are needed to send your payments. When you have a $10 reward balance, CoinOut allows you to redeem the rewards to direct deposit or gift card.


Berrycart is the leading receipt scanning application that offers amazing cashback on healthy products, organic food and beverages. If you’re fitness freak then buying healthy products may be expensive. But, here is the great news for you!!! Berrycart is offering rewards on your health products such as dairy-free, vegan, soy, gluten-free, organic, etc. Eating healthy and getting paid is the best option for you.


Coupons.com is the best coupon website available online. Download the application on your mobile phone and activate in-app offers and discounts. Many stores will allow you to scan your loyalty card for saving at the checkout period. There are few stores that don’t have any loyalty card, at that moment, you can capture the picture of your receipt and upload them. Coupons.com will send instant rewards to your account. You can send these rewards to your PayPal account. When you buy groceries from popular brands, you can earn more than $500. Coupons.com is the simplest and best way to make money by uploading the grocery receipts.


Rakuten is the leading cashback application. Many people prefer Rakuten while shopping online. As the portal offers great cashback, latest offers and coupons on popular stores. Shop at your favourite stores and earn cashback. You don’t need to scan the receipt, since Rakuten tracks every purchase. Within a couple of days, your rewards will be credited into your Rakuten account. Whenever your account balance is loaded more than $5, you can transfer them to your PayPal or direct deposit. Users are earning upto 40% at more than 2000 retailers.

National Consumer Panel

Want to make some money while shopping? Download the National Consumer Panel app on your device. You should scan the purchased product barcode, mark the price and select the store that you’ve purchased. With every scanned product, you will earn a few points. These points can be redeemed for gift cards or cash.

The longer you use this application, the higher payout you can receive. Apart from scanning the grocery receipt, you can earn points by completing the survey. Sounds amazing right!!! Earn rewards in multiple ways and make a good passive income.


People use gas for various purposes such as fuel vehicles, bake food, heat buildings, generate electricity and more. If you’re planning to save a few dollars on your gas, Trunow is a must-have application for you.

Download Trunow app to your mobile phones or tablets and save on your gas. All you need to do is capture your gas receipts and upload them on Trunow app. This is the best application to save on your gas. New users can get $2 as a bonus.


Getting cashback with application is the simplest way ever. Earn a good amount of money just by scanning receipts. Download these applications and get rewards on every scanned receipt. No matter whether you shop groceries or gas, you can capture the receipt and upload them on these receipt scanning applications.

Turn your receipts into cash!!!

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