10 Garage Sale Tips To Make Your Sale A Sure Success


Who doesn’t want quick money?. Everyone does. There are many ways to earn money quickly. You may not earn a lot of money there are lots of ways in which you can earn a few bucks in no time. For example, you can just take online surveys and make money. Just sign up to one of those websites that offer online surveys and answer a few questions for money. But for that, you need a laptop or mobile with a high-speed internet connection. What if you could make money without any of those things? It would be great. One of the best ways to do this is through garage sales. 

Everyone has a lot of things in their house they don’t need but they still keep in their house. People think some of those things might be useful but they never use them. In such cases they are just occupying space and which you could be using to keep other things. You can just put up a garage sale and sell all the items you don’t need. By doing this you may make a lot of money just in one weekend. This is a great way of making money because you are not only selling things that you don’t want but you are also clearing some space in your home. But the only problem is most people don’t have a clue on how to set up a garage sale. Don’t worry this article will guide you. 

Here are a few important tips that will help make your garage sale a success.

Look for items in every room

There are a lot of items in your home that you want to sell but you don’t know where to start finding them. So the best thing to do is to start searching for each and every room. You may find one or two things in each corner of your house. People are often surprised to find how many things they don’t need. You will definitely find more things than you expected. 

Clean the items you are going to sell

This is one of the basic things you have to do if you want to sell most of your items. When you find items that you don’t need most of those were kept there for a long time. So they are definitely going to be dirty and no one wants to buy items that are dirty. Make sure you clean them before putting up for sale. This will make them look a little new which increases your chances of selling them for a good price.

Sort them accordingly

You have found a lot of things in your house which is fine. But if you want to sell those things then you cannot put all of them on one table. This will only lead to confusion for both you and your family. Besides, different people come to garage sales looking for different things. Some of them come for furniture, some of them come for clothes or other stuff. So sorting them will make it easier for everyone to come to the sale.

Set a price to all the items

After you have done sorting them make sure you set a price to all of those things. This will avoid any confusion regarding prices between you and other people involved in the sale. It would be really awkward if you quote a price after your family member quotes a different price for the same thing. This will also help you know the base price you have set if you are open for bargaining

See if you need any permits

So you have complete sorting the things and setting a price. You have also chosen the date to host your garage sale but you still won’t be able to do it. This is because you may well be lacking a permit. Many people don’t know that you need a permit in some states to put up a garage sale. So see if you need a permit and get one for the day of the sale.

Get some helpers

There will definitely be a lot of things in your garage sale. One cannot take care of all of those things. You will definitely need the help of friends or family to sell some of the stuff. Besides that, you don’t want people to steal stuff from your garage sale. So having a couple will come in handy. 

Ask your neighbours to be a part of your garage sale

This is actually a great benefit. If more people participate in a garage sale then there will be more things to sell. This can help you even in marketing your garage sale. If you get more people involved then more people are going to turn up. This is because all the people involved in the garage sale will spread the word and there will be a higher chance of selling your things. 

Use signs to guide people to the garage sale

Not everyone lives on the side of a busy road. If you do then it is a great advantage for your garage sale. But if you don’t then you have to put in a little effort to bring people to your garage sale. Place signs at the end of streets to know that you are hosting a garage sale. Put directions on the signs to guide them to the place where you are hosting the sale. 

Use social media to spread the word

Social media is a powerful tool. So don’t just use it to know about stuff or connect with people, use it to your advantage. Most of your family members, friends, and colleagues will be on social media platforms. It will be easier for you to spread the word through social media. If you just post it then people who didn’t even know about the sale would get informed. Just ask them to share the post. This is a very effective way to advertise your garage sale.

Make sure that you have a lot of change

This is a simple thing that most people don’t think about. People don’t carry a lot of change with them. They expect the vendor to have changed. Just think about it, how many times have you carried change to a grocery store? If you don’t have enough change then you might lose some sales. So make sure you gather a lot of change for the day of the sale.


You must understand that you cannot sell all of your items in your garage sale. So don’t be disappointed. Just make a list of the items so that you can sell them if you put another garage sale or when someone else does. If you want quicker results then you can sell them on sites similar to Craigslist. There are lots of sites where you can sell your used goods.  You will even find sites to sell your video games and DVDs. 


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