How to Become a Virtual Assistant


Many people would like to have a job that will allow them to have a flexible schedule. But this is not possible in most cases as many companies require their employees to work from the office. However, that is not the only option you can actually do many things to earn money. There are a lot of websites that offer micro jobs. Apart from that, you can earn quick money through investing. Investing needs a little experience and patience if you want to make good money. Since you lack experience it will be hard for you to start earning money. But there are a lot of great micro investing apps for you to get started. But this is not the solution to your problem if you want to work from home and earn good money. Becoming a virtual assistant will help you earn a lot of money from your home.

You might have heard about it but you probably don’t have a clear idea about what it is. Don’t worry even though it is an industry that has been rapidly growing not many people don’t know what exactly a virtual assistant is. A virtual assistant is someone who offers their services from a home office. They can provide services to individuals through a company or to the company itself. Basically they do the job assigned to them by the companies that hire them but from afar. Many people think that virtual assistants are people who provide one particular service. But this is not at all true as different virtual assistants offer different types of services. It all depends on what they are good at. Virtual assistants are mostly hired by small businesses or start-ups to save money. 

This article will help you know how to become a virtual assistant.

What are the qualifications and requirements to become a virtual assistant?

As mentioned earlier a virtual assistant is not someone who is needed to provide a particular service they can offer services they specialize. Companies look for virtual assistants that specialize in the service or skill they need to get their work done and hire them. But you have to be good at a few things irrespective of your qualifications like communication skills, speed, and efficiency. So there is not a specific qualification to become a virtual assistant. You can become a virtual assistant if you have the qualifications specified by the company that is looking for a virtual assistant. It is as simple as that. There are lots of tasks that virtual assistants do. You can be a virtual assistant if you can edit content, write content, answer the phone, schedule social media posts, or create social media graphics. There are also few other services a virtual assistant can offer.

As you can see there are many things that can get you hired as a virtual assistant. This is a great job for people who want to work from home especially for women who want to become work from home moms. They don’t have to choose between work and family as they work at any time they want. The best part is that you don’t even need a desk or proper working space as you are working from home. But you must know that you would need a laptop and a high-speed internet connection. Apart from that, you must also get the software that helps you do your task with your money. The companies hire virtual assistants because they don’t have to provide them all the things they have to provide to a full-time employee. So you are expected to have all the tools that your job requires. 

How much one can earn as a virtual assistant?

There is no specific answer to this question. This is because it all depends on what kind of service you are providing and the company that hires you. It also depends on where you are located. So do not expect a certain amount if someone says you will be earning this much. The pay also changes depending on your experience as well as the time period for which a particular company hires you. You cannot expect the same pay from a 10-hour contract that you are going to get from a 30-hour contract. 

But if you are a beginner it is better to charge a little less as you don’t have enough experience. It will also help you in getting more contracts as you will be charging less. But do not charge anything less than $25. As time passes and you gain experience you can easily charge anywhere between $40 to $50 per hour. There is no need to worry as the initial pay for virtual assistants is not that bad. Once you have enough experience on your resume you will be earning great money. Just keep working hard and gain experience. You can gradually increase the prices while gaining experience.

Now, let’s look at some virtual assistant services that are in high demand.

Customer service

This is the first thing that comes into people’s minds when they think about a virtual assistant. People think that a virtual assistant is someone who is hired as a customer service agent. Well, it is to a certain extent. Because companies need to provide good customer service to their clients in order to maintain a good relationship with them. But it also takes up more time, space, and money so they are willing to outsource it. You can easily become a virtual assistant if you can answer a phone. Besides that, the companies may also ask you to reply to emails, process orders, or answer some queries. 

Email marketing

Email marketing generates a lot of sales for small and medium businesses. So it is very important for them. So if you are someone who can write short content for emails or design attractive email templates then there are plenty of jobs for you. 


This is a very important aspect of a business. Most businessmen leave it for later as they don’t have time for this. Many of them actually like to hire someone for bookkeeping. So you can offer your services to them if you are good at keeping track of financial records.


There are lots of other ways to earn money from. You can even earn money by simply watching ads or videos. But those jobs don’t pay much. Whereas being a virtual assistant is not just a side hustle it is an actual job so you will earn good money. If you specialize in something then you can offer your services virtually. There are a lot of freelancing websites where many companies are looking for virtual assistants. So sign up to any of those websites and start your career as a virtual assistant.
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