10 Best Things to Sell to Make Quick Cash

Do you like to earn some extra cash? Who doesn’t? So one of the easiest ways to make money is by selling something that includes clothes, electronics, skills, services, etc. You can make money by selling used stuff too. Yup, you can sell the stuff you’re not using anymore to buy something new or to just save the money.

Wanna know what are the best things you can sell to make quick cash? Stick till the end of the article. 

Here are the 10 best things you can sell to make quick cash.


Buying the latest mobile or laptop? then what are going to do with the old one? Just let it be. What if you can make money out of it? Great, right. There are many sites available where you can sell your used electronics. From computers to gaming consoles you can sell everything here. Some of the sites even do the valuation of the item saving you the time and effort. All you have to do is sign up, upload the picture of your item and once the buyer contacts you, check with them, and sell the time. 


The semester ended, what are you going to do with the books? Just pack them and put them somewhere. But what if you can earn some extra cash out of these books. Yup, you can sell your used books. There are sites like Bookscouter, Bookbyte, declutter, etc that will help you in selling your books for good money. Selling the old books will clean up space for you and bring in some cash. You can take them to the local bookstores who sell second-hand books or as mentioned you can sell them online. 

Recycling materials 

What you didn’t know about this and have been throwing all the bottles and newspapers. Although they bring in a small amount, you can see that they are bringing something in so it is definitely a good idea to sell them. When money is involved you will take recycling seriously too. It is a great idea for both the environment and your wallet. Check out the website of your local recycling center and start collecting all the items they take. 

Advertising space on the car

There are times you see an ad on the cars. You must be thinking either someone sticks it without the knowledge of the owner or the car-owner belongs to the company that advertisement is about. However, there is a third possibility that you didn’t think of i.e, the car owner may have sold the space on the car for the company. The companies usually pay the car owners a certain sum to advertise on their cars and not kidding the sum you will earn is good. Estimation is that these companies pay around $400-$900/month 


Did you know you can make handsome money by selling your ideas? No, then you know now. Businesses and people of other professions are looking for new innovative ideas. So if you have innovative ideas and thoughts then many companies are actually willing to pay you for your interesting ideas. 

Video games

No!! not like the video games tester in the other article. This time it is about your video game skills. Do your parents, partner, spouse always scold you for always playing games? Then show them how you can make money from your skills. Yup, you can earn good money if you have good gaming skills. Many newbies in the video game industry are willing to pay you money if you defeat the boss, solve puzzles. Simply put, you will earn money if you help people level up in their game. Sounds like a dream come true, right?

Handmade crafts

Are you good with your hands? Meaning can you make handmade items such as photo frames, wall hangings, art pieces, jewelry, etc. Then you can earn extra cash by using this skill. Yup, you can sell them and make extra money. You can either sell your creations in local cafes or there are sites like Etsy, the Facebook marketplace that help you in selling your crafts online. All you have to do is click the picture of your art, add price, description, and upload it online. You can post it online to make sure more people see the information. 

Virtual assistance services

For this one, you need an internet connection, capacity to manage multiple clients at the same time. The more organized you’re the more clients you can handle. Simply put, the more amount of money you could earn. Many businesses are looking for personnel to handle their email, social media messages, and customer service. So there are many opportunities available and you can make great money without putting your skills to use. And most importantly for this job, you can work from home but still get a steady income. 


Are your kids outgrowing their clothes fast or you don’t have space in your cupboard because it is filled with unused clothes? How about selling them and making money? You can sell these clothes either at the local consignment shop and take a part of the profit. Or you can sell these clothes in the online thrift stores such as a cleanout bag, fill it with clothes, etc. If the items are sold, great you will receive cash. In case they’re not sold they will send them back to you at a small price or you can donate them all. Don’t you think it is a great way to clean up your cupboard?


Oh, many people have a great love for shoes like you. So if you have too many pairs of shoes in the shoe closet. Why not sell them at a good price. Yup, many sites will help you in selling your shoes such as Swap.com, Poshmark, etc. But before putting your shoes on sale check the company policies clearly along with the listing requirements and if you have to pay any price.

Bottom line

Above mentioned are some of the things that you can sell to make quick cash. So, what are the things that you have in your house that can bring you quick cash? Whenever you want extra cash, sell them, and make good money. Happy selling!!!!

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