How to make money from Facebook

These days, no matter what you do there are always plenty of ways to make money sitting at home. One of those ways is Facebook

Wondering how to make money from Facebook? Simple, if you have a business somewhere, you can drive global traffic to it with low to no costs. Posting stories, sharing your ideas in related groups gain you huge global visibility. Additionally, if you have a great number of followers already traffic to your site grows, hence your sales.

Wondering what if you don’t have an established business. With that said, there are plenty of tactics. You can actually start making money from Facebook in a lot many ways, even from scratch. All you need is little patience and skills. So, without further ado, lets’ see the best and legitimate ways to make money from Facebook.

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5 Ways to Make Money from Facebook

Facebook is the largest social media platform in existence. Apart from discovering people, browsing news feed, hanging with friends, watching funny pet videos, there are many other things one could do on Facebook and make money. So, no matter if you are already popular on the platform or a completely fresh face, these simple tips will actually help you gain money.

So, here are 5 ways you can make money from Facebook.

Sell as an Individual

No matter, if you are a business owner or consultant or just an ordinary Facebook user, Facebook lets you sell your products on its Marketplace for free. You can sell your own products or affiliate products in the Facebook Marketplace. However, there are some exemptions such as drugs, alcohol, firearms, etc.

Still, you can make decent money selling on Facebook and taking your business to the next level. With millions of users on Facebook, you will be never running out of customers. The only thing you need to do is build your brand identity, genuine followers, and get worthy products for selling. 

Do you know what is the most selling item on Facebook? Furniture. Yes, both old and new furniture is selling well with good pricing.

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Become an Influencer

There are a multitude of brands out there that need popular faces to promote their products. After all, an influencer is someone who has the power to affect the purchase decisions of your target audiences. So, if you are someone who can direct your audiences to other’s websites or pages, then you are almost an influencer. But the key point here is you need to have a minimum of 1000 followers for brands to reach you.

You can make at least $75 to $300 per post if your followers count reach to 3000. Without any surprises, you can earn nearly $50,000 if you have 100,000 followers.

Making huge sums of money with influencing marketing is not a big deal. Moreover, with the entry of new and fresh brands into the market, even micro-influencers with fewer followers are making handsome money.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a good number of followers. You can actually grow your followers with these simple steps.

  • Pick a niche
  • Post your niche-related content that entertaining and engaging
  • Post at least once a day to appear more on people’s newsfeed
  • Grab the user’s eyes with your unique posts
  • Interact with audiences via Facebook live, polls, etc.
  • Offer them some free content that is really useful
  • Reach out to other influencers in your niche and ask them to introduce you to their audience.

Though this is a little time-consuming, it is all worth it.

Drive Traffic to your Website

Social media tools are abundant sources of free traffic. If you have genuine followers who pay attention to your every post, then it becomes much easier for you to lead them to your own website. Be it an online store or an informative blog, you can gain huge organic traffic through a simple post on your feed and sell your ebooks or make them your email list. You can also create a fan page for your business with your brand logo and proper contact information. This builds trust among people and they will show interest genuinely whenever you post something new.

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Become a Social Media Manager

Facebook has become one of the most crucial marketing tools for businesses these days, thanks to millions of users over the world. But not every business owner can maintain his own page on Facebook or be active on the platform as there are many other key things for him/her to do. This is the reason why social media managers are highly paid.

The duties of a social media manager include posting, interacting with users, managing ads, planning new strategies for improving visibility, and drive users to their website, etc. So if you are the one who can fulfill these tasks, then businesses or companies waiting for you.

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Make money from Referring Bonuses

Though this doesn’t make you rich all at once, this can be one of your side incomes. There are many brands that offer you bonus points or real wallet cash when you refer your friends to them. All you have to do is share the brand links to your buddies and make them sign up or purchase an item. You might either earn a commission or bonus for every purchase they make or for every referee you share.

The other easy yet not much efficient way to make money from Facebook is to join contests, participate in them, and win prizes. Businesses, to create their brand awareness come up with contests and announce giveaways. You can just give a shot to win prizes either in the form of money or gadgets without putting any effort.

Bottom Line

Thus there are plentiful ways to make money from Facebook. However, how much you make depends completely on the way you choose. Influential marketing and affiliate marketing are the direct ways you can make money from Facebook. So, if you don’t have an established business then start building your identity with unique and engaging posts so that you can grow your follower count and get paid well for the sponsored posts. On the other hand, if you want customers to your business, make use of Facebook ads, influencers, Marketplace to drive traffic to your site, and make money.
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