10 Best Online Jobs for Teens That Pay Well

Nowadays, there are thousands of opportunities for earning passive income as a teen. Many teens are working at McDonald’s part-time. Thanks to the internet!!! There are endless possibilities for teens to make money. Especially teens know the importance of the internet and devices better than adults and senior citizens. With burning blood, teens can earn better income easily.

Are you tired of working as a full-time employee? Looking for flexible timing? If you’re planning to find a perfect job that pays well, continue reading…

Following are the best online jobs for teens that pay well

Fill out survey

Small and large businesses always look to improve their products and services. Feedback from customers is the best way to improve. According to customer feedback, businesses develop the existing product or services. Therefore businesses offer paid surveys to get feedback from potential customers. For valuable insights, there is high demand. There are multiple websites offering a job for survey takers such as Swagbucks, Survey Junkie and more. Teens can earn a better income through paid surveys.

Sell textbooks

Did you complete your semester? Do you have an old book? Want to earn money? Selling your old textbooks online is the better option to make money. Yes, you’ve heard it right. There are hundreds of bookselling platforms available online. Among them, Amazon and BookScouter are popular bookselling websites. Sellers are checking the price of their textbook and participating in trading. After the book gets approved, sellers will receive money through cash, bank deposit or PayPal. If your book has a high demand, you can earn even more.

Test products

How about earning money just by testing the product? Sounds amazing right!!! Become a paid tester and make money from home. Product testing can be performed through Skype and Zoom. Depending upon the product you can make money. As per the analysis, testers are earning upto $50 per hour. Small and large businesses are hiring freelance testers to deliver error-free products.


Love playing with babies? Expert in feeding them? If you’re running out of money, choosing a babysitter and making money is a great approach for you. Babysitting jobs often pay great salaries. Becoming a babysitter can be an advantage for you. It teaches you a massive range of skills such as childcare techniques, confidence, homemaking experience and more. As a job, babysitting is one of the best ways to learn new, and valuable skills. These skills will remain helpful in your life. 

Online writing

Content is king!!! It plays a major role in business success. Without content, your business may look like pasta without the cheese. You can’t even imagine it right!!! Without quality and effective content it’s impossible to convey product or services to customers. Therefore small and large businesses are looking for content writers. If you can write attractive content, become a content writer and earn extra money. You don’t need a master degree to get selected as a content writer. All you need to have better communication skills, creative thinking, implementing storytelling and more. Your roles and responsibilities for online writing can be writing quality and engaging content, creating attractive images, focusing on SEO, proofreading, editing the website content and more. 

Retail Sales Associate 

Become a retail sale associate and learn many things. It improves your communication skills, commercial awareness, time management, working under pressure, increase responsibility, team management and more. There are thousands of retail businesses available online, pick your favourite merchandise that pays well. As a retail sale associate, you can interact with customers, clients and others. This job often pays high salaries. Also, you can get a staff discount and coupons on fashion, groceries and other categories. 


“Share your knowledge to gain knowledge”

Sharing your knowledge with others will improve efficiency and boost confidence. If you’re expert in your academics and love teaching, a tutoring job is the best way for you to earn money. Become a tutor and help students with their academics. Giving practical examples is the best way to make students understand the concept. There are few online tutorials that pay well for tutors. VIPKID is one of the popular online tutorings, the platform is offering $10 every half an hour. Once you’ve earned $100 in your VIPKID account, you can transfer to your PayPal account. 

Social media manager

According to 2020 analysis, there are more than 3.80 billion users on social media. Therefore businesses are promoting their products and services on various social platforms to improve their revenue. If you’re comfortable with all the social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and like writing catchy headlines, becoming a social media manager is the best way for you. As a social media manager, you need to enhance the organization online presence by responding to user’s comment, creating engaging content, creating graphics and more. Want to apply for a social media manager role? Check Upwork and Fiverr and get a high paying salary.

Data entry specialist

Do you type 60 words per minute with 100% accuracy? Yes!!! Data entry specialist job is for you. FlexJobs is one of the popular platforms that is offering data entry job for the teens. Find a flexible data entry job at FlexJobs and make money in your spare time. You don’t need to be expert in technical concepts or tools, all you need to have better typing skills, a desktop or laptop, internet connection, comfortable with docs and spreadsheets.

Delivery Driver

The job role of a delivery driver is to collect the items and deliver them to desired destinations. The items may range from groceries to furniture. If you have a hobby of driving to different destinations, the delivery driver is the best choice for you to make money. You need to have a driving license and a vehicle to become a delivery driver.


If you’re on summer vacation, don’t waste your time sleeping and watching movies. It’s the best time to make money for your pocket. Check these online jobs and fill your wallets right away.

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