10 Online Tutoring Jobs to Replace Your Income


Working with students is amazing for many tutors. If you’re the one who always enjoys working with students to enhance your skills and helping poor students to understand the difficult concepts, YES!!! Online tutoring job is the best way to earn money. Check out these tutoring jobs and fill your pockets with money while doing your favourite profession.

The below-mentioned list of online tutoring helps you to find the best tutoring job that meets your requirements. The following tutoring jobs require a PC or laptop with camera, high-speed internet connection and pleasant place to conduct online tutoring sessions.


Are you an expert in English? Looking for a tutoring job? VIPKID is the right platform for you. Teach English to the kids in China. The pay scale may range from $14 – $22 per hour depending on your skill level. You need to meet the job requirements to become an English tutor at VIPKID. The requirements are bachelor degree, professional at English subject, legally recognised to work in the US.

If you meet these requirements, you’re eligible to work at VIPKID. Fill your application form right away and get hired in no time. You don’t need to bother about catching a passenger bus on time because everything is online. The platform is offering flexible hours to tutors. Prepare your own schedule, it means work as many hours depending on your availability.


Outschool is a popular online tutor. It is the right option to replace your money. Become a tutor at Outschool and make money in a short period of time. Apply for the job and wait for approval. Hardly, it may take a couple of hours to get your profile approved. After approval by Outschook, you will receive a one-on-one call from the existing Outschool expert. He/She will help you to get started with Outschool.

  • Publish classes, sections, etc
  • Create clean class listings
  • Prepare detailed schedule sections
  • Submit your online classes for review by an existing teacher
  • That’s it!!! Teach learners across the globe

The subjects are between 3-18 years old. Teach and earn upto $40 per hour. Keep a note, Outschool will charge a 30% service fee. The amount will be deducted from tutor payments. No listing fee is applied at Outschool.


Are you 18+ years old? Do you stay in the US? Looking for a tutor job? If your answer is YES, Wyzant is just for you. Wyzant connects tutors with students who are looking for one‑to‑one instruction. It is the well-known job destination for tutors. Wyzant offers great facilities for tutors and students. There are over 250 subjects listed on Wyzant. Pick your favourite subject and start teaching. Start earning money according to your own schedule and pay scale. Wyzant will charge a service fee of 25% on every tutoring session. Also, students need to pay 9% for every lesson. Refer any student to Wyzant and receive 100% payment for the referred student. Here, the referred student needs to pay 9% to attend an online class.


Qkids is a popular and leading educational platform available online. If you’re a professional English teacher, QKids is for you. Teaching English at AKids is profitable for you. Apply and get connected with more than 800,000+ students in China. Their age level is between 4-12 years old. Many tutors are earning upto $20 per hour. The minimum qualification to apply at QKids – bachelor degree, resident of US, availability to teach 6 hours in a week. If you meet these requirements, you’re one step away to get hired by QKids. Once your application is received, initial screening, one-to-one interview, proper training and keep a check on your system. Also, you might be asked to sign a contract for 6 months.


Superprof works in a different way when compared to other tutoring platforms available online. No matter whether you would like to teach music or any language, Superprof is for you. If you’re planning to apply for a tutor job at Superprof, you need to be a citizen of the UK. You should screen every student or learner before offering your valuable services. The platform doesn’t charge a listing fee, you are free to set your own price and work schedule. On top of everything, Superprof doesn’t charge any service fee – it means, you will receive 100% payments at Superprof. The payments will be processed through PayPal, bank transfer or other convenient payment methods.


Tutor.com is a one-stop destination for all the tutors who reside in Canada. If you want to earn legally, choosing Tutor.com can be a smart move for you. Teens can teach without having a bachelor degree. You don’t require a teaching experience to work at Tutor.com. Set your own schedule and working hours. Work during your spare time and earn money without hassles. Get started with Tutor.com and connect with experts to gain knowledge. The minimum of 5 working hours needs to be committed to work every week at Tutor.com. The payment may vary depending on your working hours, skills and more.

Chegg Tutors

Chegg is the best tutor destination to earn better income. Tutors are earning a great income at Chegg. The payments are starting at $20 onwards. All you need to have a bachelor degree to work at Chegg. Simply put, Chegg is well known for “on-demand tutoring”. It allows tutors to sign in and stay in the “Active” mode in order to educate. Students will get a chance to book your tutor service according to your schedule. Getting selected can be a difficult approach at Chegg, you need to pass an exam on the subject of your expertise. After qualifying, you’re eligible to contract the services.


Have you completed a master’s diploma? Residing in the US? Brainfuse is an amazing destination for you. If you can explain academic topics to the students you can easily earn a great income. Get started!!! Submit your resume at Brainfuse right away. The earning may depend on your skills and experience. Set a flexible schedule and earn money by explaining academic topics in a simple way. At initial stages, you may find a few difficulties while interacting with the students, but when you keep on taking online classes, it would be easy for you to interact.


If you’re looking for language-based tutorials, look no further than Italki. The platform strongly concentrates on language tutors. No matter whether you’re a professional tutor or community teacher, Italki is the best way to make money. Professional tutors should submit a certificate of their experience. The community teacher is the one who teaches informally as per requirement. Apply today and get hired in no time. Set a flexible schedule and own rate. The age limit to apply for a job at Italki is 18+ years. Earnings are completely based on working hours. Keep a note, tutors need to pay 15% on their transaction to Italki.

Private Tutoring

Are you familiar with Skype? Of Course Yes!!! How about teaching your students via Skype? Excellent option. You don’t need to meet requirements to get hired. In fact, you’re the boss. But, at initial days, setting up a tutoring provider and increasing your customers can be difficult. When you work hard, you can find great results. Earn great cash in a simple way with private tutoring. If you have a website or blog, then you can promote your private tutoring service and improve your audience. Get started with your private tutoring by building a website using BlueHost.


Tutoring is a growing profession!!! Get paid to teach with the students around the world on weekdays, weekends, during summer holidays and after school. Check out these online tutoring jobs and earn a great income. Few websites demand to have a bachelor degree and experience certificate, have a look at each one and pick the best online tutoring platform that is suitable for you.

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