WPX Hosting Coupon – Get 50% Discount

A high-performance website is important to run a successful business online. Whether you’re running an entertainment blog or selling products or services online, your website should load within a fraction of seconds. Improving the speed of your website will improve the number of visitors and better ranking on search engines. Did you know, the faster website is the best way to increase conversion rates. WPX is one of the fastest WordPress hosting providers across the globe. As the provider offers top-notch hosting services such as email, staging, high-security, protection free SSL and customer support. WPX hosting is offering outstanding discounts for its customers.

If you’re looking for the best WordPress hosting at pocket-friendly prices? WPX hosting is the right choice for you. WPX is providing a flat 50% discount on all subscriptions. The offer is valid for the first month.

In this article, you can find complete information about WPX hosting coupon code. Also, how to avail WPX hosting discount code and get 50% OFF.

Let’s dive into the topic and grab a discount coupon.

WPX Hosting Coupon Code – Enjoy Flat 50% Discount on First Subscription

WPX hosting is offering 3 subscription plans such as business, professional and elite. The business plan is suitable for small business. Professional plan is the right option for medium business and the elite plan is great for the large entrepreneur. WPX is offering monthly and yearly plans. No matter whether you choose business or elite plan, the professionals will move your website to WPX within 24 hours.

  • Business – $20.83 per month
  • Professional – $41.58 per month and
  • Elite – $83.25 per month

There are a few attractive features included in every subscription plan for free.

  • High-speed and 99.95% Uptime
  • One-click WordPress installation
  • Custom CDN
  • Unlimited Site Migrations
  • Free SSLs
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Staging Location
  • Regular backups
  • Malware and DDoS Protection and more.

How to avail WPX Hosting Coupon Code?

The answer is pretty simple!!! MYVU is the destination that makes you clear understanding regarding claiming the discount.

Is there anybody who says NO to discount? Of course nobody. Everyone wants to grab a discount and save money. WPX understand its customers very well. WPX is offering an outstanding discount on the first-month subscription. Customers can get a flat 50% discount by applying WPX hosting discount code during the payment process. If you want to save half-amount, don’t forget to apply WPX hosting coupon code at the time of checkout. Grabbing discount at WPX is as simple as peeling banana.

How to use WPX Discount Code and get flat 50% discount?

Wondering how to avail 50% discount? Looking to WPX coupon code? Yes!!! Follow the below-mentioned steps and enjoy a discount on your WPX subscription.

Step 1: WPX Hosting is offering a flat 50% discount on the first monthly subscription plan.  Visit WPX hosting, WPX discount code and avail the discount.

Step 2: Visit the WPX Hosting subscription page. The platform is offering three plans. Pick the best one that is suitable for your requirement. After selecting the plan, click on “Get Started” to proceed. Users can host their site either in the UK or US datacenters.

Step 3: There are two options available for you. “Hosting Only” and “I Need A New Domain + Hosting”. If you’re planning to move your website from existing web hosting, choose “Hosting Only” option. Else, you can get registered your domain and hosting within two minutes. Select the option according to your choice. Enter the website URL in the below-mentioned box and click on “Continue”.

Step 4: Choose the billing option. As there are two options available -monthly and yearly. The below-mention price is for a professional subscription plan. The monthly price is $49.99 per month and $499 per year. Pick the plan that is right for you.

Step 5: Hurray!!! It’s time to enter the WPX hosting coupon code. There is a field called “Use promotional code” below the page.

Enter the WPX hosting discount code and click on “Apply”.

Step 6: The WPX coupon code is applied successfully. Special extra discount is reflected in the subscription plan. Now, users need to pay $25 per month on their first subscription plan. Now, click on continue to proceed.

Step 7: The order summary will be displayed. The summary includes a total price and discount price. WPX hosting is offering various types of payment methods such as PayPal and net banking. Scroll down the page and fill the personal details – name, email, address and phone number. Now, click on the checkout button.



Step 8: Read the WPX hosting GDPR compliant privacy policy. Spend time and read the entire privacy policy. Click on the “Accept” button on you finish reading. The GDPR policy will be approved.

What is WPX Hosting?

WPX is a popular managed WordPress hosting provider. Their USPs are best-in-class security, services, speed, support and more. The platform is offering “Premium Managed WordPress Hosting” with a goal on fast loading speed and providing flexible customer support. WPX is offering three plan for everyone – small business to entrepreneur. Their customer support will respond with less than 30 seconds. Also, WPX hosting is offering excellent support features such as custom CDN, malware removal, free migration and more. Business can choose WPX hosting as they don’t encourage add-ons or hidden prices. What you see is what you pay.

Why choose WPX hosting?

Many businesses are choosing WPX hosting for many purposes. It has dominated overall speed, site loading time, performance, support test and much more. Apart from these features, WPX is offering affordable subscription plans. Besides, offering a 50% discount on every plan. The discount can be availed using the coupon code. The amazing features of WPX are automated daily backup, staging area, flexible customer support, free SSL and more.

Top reasons to choose WPX hosting

Customer support

There is no point in choosing the hosting service that doesn’t provide flexible customer support. Many businesses had terrible expereince with other hosting providers. Their support team doesn’t respond to queries instantly. Also, they’re least bothered about customers issues. Great customer support is important for the newbie. WPX customer support offers live chat to respond quickly. Within less than 30 seconds, a customer support executive will respond and solve the issue without any hassles. 

Getting on-demand flexible, consistent and quality customer support is important. Thanks to WPX hosting!!! The provider will offer excellent customer support to its users around the clock. WPX hosting customer experts are ready to assist you in every situation. Their team provide valuable advise and help users to get in the right way. The customer agent will respond immediately, understand the issue and solve within less than 8 minutes. Though WPX hosting doesn’t have phone support, users can easily connect through live chat and solve their problem.

Free SSL, DoS protection, daily backups, site migrations and more

There are multiple reasons to choose WPX hosting, one of the key reasons to choose for WPX hosting is, the provider is offering a free SSL certificate. With a single click, your website goes from “HTTP” to “HTTPS”. With an easy-to-use dashboard, uses can secure their website with SSL. Also, request customer support and seek assistance. 

Apart from offering an SSL certificate, WPX hosting provides everyday backups. They perform regular backups of every website on a hosting environment. The backup data is securely saved on an individual server for 28 days. With manual backup software, users can access the system backups easily at any time. Also, restore the files or important information whenever required.

WPX is a one-stop destination for the one who is planning for site migration. WPX hosting is providing free website migration for their customers. The migration process is done by WPX professionals. The site migration will be done within one day at zero cost.

Staging area

Have you added new features on your website? Want to test the changes that you’ve made? WPX hosting staging area is the best place to test the changes before making the new features live.  The staging area is the best place to deploy the changes. WPX hosting is offering staging functionality on every subscription plan. All you need is an empty slot on WordPress for staging. When you feel everything is perfect, then you can delete the staging area with a delete option.

Amazing SEO benefits

  • Businesses are opting WPX hosting and taking advantage of SEO. Yes, you’ve heard it right. If you want to avail benefits of SEO, then look no further than WPX hosting. There are amazing advantages of registering with the fastest web hosting. Google will rank better for the websites who have fast website loading speed. Say big thanks to WPX cloud, with outstanding tools you can easily optimize the page loading time and enjoy SEO benefits.
  • User engagement will improve automatically. It’s no secret that website that loads within 2 seconds will have a low bounce rate. When the bounce rate is low, Google imagines that your website is useful for visitors.
  • With a low bounce rate and high loading speed, Google will rank your website high on search engines. Within no time, you can beat your competitors.

Lighting speed website loading time

Do you like slow loading web pages? Of course NO. Even the visitors don’t encourage the website that is taking a long time to load. WPX will provide fasted loading webpages. Many hosting providers will mention their website loading time is faster. Never believe the blindly, it’s important to test before you choose. Let’s consider WPX hosting, the loading time of the image-heavy website is less than 1.13 seconds. On the other hand, the other hosting provider will take more than 2.25 seconds to load the website. Hence, WPX hosting stood top in the hosting list.

CDN (Content delivery network)

Business can use CDN as a mini-server located nearby. There are many benefits of CDN. Business can load their website easily and quickly with the nearby server rather than loading from the origin server. Business can host their website with an individual data centre. WPX offers free CDN, the content delivery network is responsible to take your website content and carefully deliver it to nearby servers.

Managing emails

Hurray!!! No matter whether you choose the basic plan or premium plan, WPX hosting is offering free email support on every subscription. Creating an email id for the domain that is associated with the website is simple. All you need to do is tap on the “Add email box” button and fill the details as mentioned.

User interface

WPX hosting provides a personalized control panel that is easy to use. All the hosting services are displayed on a single page. Users can perform several tasks from a single interface. 

  • They can install or delete their WordPress of their website
  • Create a staging area within a single click
  • Get access to the database
  • Add FTP account
  • Create, edit or delete email accounts
  • Edit DNS setting
  • Manage backup or create a personal daily backup

WPX hosting offers a unified user interface for its users to perform their routine task easily. With an easy-to-use interface, a business can quickly complete their tasks in a pain-free way. When compared to other hosting providers, WPX offers optimized and effective cPanel. All you need to navigate the menu to perform tasks such as installing WordPress or creating an email account.


WPX  is a popular web hosting provider for small and large businesses. No matter whether you’re new or experienced in the hosting world, WPX offers an easy-to-use dashboard and free tools. If you want to kick start your project, then WPX is the best solution for you. The website will be migrated within a period of 24 hours. WPX offers 3 pricing plan, user can choose according to their requirements. There are few services that are integrated into every plan at zero cost. Compared to other hosting providers, WPX hosting plans are affordable. Users can avail discount by applying WPX Hosting Discount Code. Please follow the above instructions and apply the coupon code at the payment period to avail 50% discount. Starting a WordPress with WPX is easy. WPX is offering great feature such as free migration, it means moving your existing WordPress website to WPX is stress-free.

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