WPX Hosting Review – Fastest WordPress Hosting

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is important for the website!!!

It is a physical location or a service enables you to publish your website on the internet. Web hosting is a must-have element to run a business online. When you get registered to host service such as WPX, you can rent physical space on the server. Business can store important information and visual content on the server.

When you’re planning to start an online business, choosing the right hosting provider should be your primary step. WPX hosting offer you with effective server space. WPX is responsible for your file, databases, content and other important information on the server. Whenever a user types your website name on their browser window, WPX will transfer the required information to the client according to their request.

You should pick a hosting plan that fulfils your needs and requirement. Simply put, WPX works similarly to renting a house, you should pay the rent monthly or yearly to keep your server working continuously.

Why business choose WPX Hosting?

The key reason for writing WPX  hosting reviews because business owners had really worst expereince with other hosting services. The WPX is the recommended software for a small and large business.

Reasons for choosing WPX hosting

  • The other hosting platform doesn’t take safety and security precautions. It’s true!!! If you want a secured hosting platform, WPX is the right choice for you.
  • HostGator customer support can take several minutes to respond to users queries.
  • The hosting services don’t provide daily backup. Hence, the user needs to spend huge money to retrieve their important data.

Are you searching for honest and noble WPX hosting reviews? Continue reading!!!

Introduction – WPX WordPress Hosting Review

WPX hosting

Whether you’re running a small, medium or large scale business, WPX hosting is right for all business sizes. WPX offers fast, secured, efficient and optimized WordPress hosting. Did you know, WPX hosting provide “Premium Managed WordPress Hosting” to their users? Yes!!! WPX hosting plan focuses on offering faster loading webpages and excellent customer support.

WPX is an outstanding hosting option available in the hosting world. When compared to other hosting platforms, WPX is the best choice for the business. As WPX provides professional, elite and support options.

Many business entrepreneurs are choosing WPX hosting for multiple reasons. As the platform provides everything about hosting – speed, support, security, customer expereince, application and so on.

Want to purchase WPX hosting? Looking for WPX Hosting reviews, you’re at the perfect place.

It’s no secret there are thousands of hosting providers online. But, WPX hosting offers the best features at rocket bottom prices.

Let’s dive into the WPX WordPress Hosting Review. The article will explain WPX features, applications, tools and support for you. After reading the WPX hosting review you will have a clear picture of whether to buy WPX hosting or not.

WPX is the world’s fastest and effective WordPress hosting platform.

WPX Cloud is the best service for every WPX user. Let’s discuss the WPX cloud, users can enjoy in-build CDN with more than 20 options available. Keeping it simple, having a content delivery network is like using a mini-server near to your visitor location. Therefore your website will run faster and efficiently for every visitor. WPX CDN has copied the website content to multiple servers across the blog to benefit your worldwide visitors. Using the WPX cloud CDN, the loading time will increase drastically.

There are different CDN options available online. But WPX CDN is customized in-built option available for users. The in-built CDN provides high-performance WordPress hosting. Stay connected to WPX, enjoy amazing WPX features that are frequently added to WPX cloud. On the other hand, the experts at WPX will constantly check and tweak the performance of WordPress hosting.

Features of WPX Hosting

If you’re planning to opt for “Managed WordPress”, you concentrate on your loading time and website speed. WPX hosting is offering amazing services for a small and large business. However, website performance is the key reason for entrepreneurs are interested to subscribe to premium plans.

Let’s talk about WPX hosting features

WPX hosting speed test

Hurray!!! The outstanding Avada WordPress theme at WPX. Within simple clicks, users can test their website performance. There are few hosting platform offer 3.60 seconds of loading time. WPX hosting offers 1.97 seconds of loading time. It means 45% faster than other hosting providers in the market. The improvement is considered while testing the speed and loading time of pages using GTmetric and insights.

Everyday website backups

Did you know, WPX hosting offers backup on daily basis? Yes!!! The provider will backup your data to increase the protection. The backup files are secured in a server location. There is no additional charge is required for backup retrieval. Users can use popular backup plugins such as BackupBuddy and other solutions to protect their files.

WordPress website migration is free

Are you running a WordPress website? Want to make your website work faster? WPX is offering amazing plugins to migrate your WordPress website. The process will take one day. WPX experts will move your website to a new WPX hosting account. Besides, the migration of your email account associate with your website is also included.

Email service

No matter whether you’re planning to choose a basic plan or premium plan, all the plans include email service. Users can send and receive emails using the website’s domain name. Also, you can access these emails using webmail, Outlook, or Google services.

Ease-to-use dashboard

WPX hosting offers straightforward dashboard. Therefore, beginners and professional, everyone can access the WPX hosting dashboard with no hassles. The process is simple – Users can easily install WordPress and set-up their website. Alternatively, users can view their services and account information. Monitoring and handling storage, emails, disk space and other resources are easy.

37-second support

WPX customer support

Facing difficulty while installing the tool? Unable to send email to your client? No worries!!! WPX hosting customer support team is ready to help you within 37-seconds. Sounds amazing right!!! The platform is providing live chat support and help desk ticketing system. Their team will connect with you in real-time and provide valuable services for your issue.

Add extra domains and subdomains

WPX hosting is the best solution when you’re looking to host multiple accounts. All the WPX plans have the ability to host several WordPress websites on a single account. Hurray!!! You can effectively handle the additional domains using WPX dashboard. It’s a better option for a business to create subdomains.

WPXhosting Staging area

Want to test the new feature or changes you’ve made to your website? It’s important to cross-check or test the newly added functionality before it goes live. WPX hosting staging areas is the location where users can play around until the changes are been deployed. The provider is offering a complete staging feature on every plan. An empty slot is required for the staging area. If you feel like the staged website is not necessary, delete it with a single click from your dashboard.

Free SSL certificates

Whether you’re running a small or large business, security is the topmost priority. WPX hosting provider is providing free SSL certificates. WPX knows the value of SSL certificate. SSL (secure socket layer) is the ranking factor. The layer is used to improve the trust authority. Nowadays Google is marking websites that don’t have an SSL certificate as unsecured or unprotected. Contact to WPX expert and migrate “HTTP” to “HTTPS”. The support team will active “HTTPS” instantly. There are no redirection errors are occurred during migration. SSL certificated will be renewed every 3 months. WPX team will send a notification regarding the renewal through an email.

DDoS protection

It’s no secret WordPress websites are often vulnerable to DDoS attacks. Business owners are struggling harder to protect their network from DDoS attacks. Unauthorised user or hacker can corrupt the data and send an unnecessary request to your servers to exhaust it. No worries!!! Migrate DDoS protection with WPX. The provider is offering rich-functionality “XML-RPX” to protect from DDoS attacks. Incapsula is one of the popular service used to safeguard your network. Activate the service with free of cost at WPX. You don’t need to worry about hackers or unauthorized access. WPX offers DDoS protection to safeguard your website.

Handle traffic spikes without destroying the user experience

WPX infrastructure is one of the most interesting things to consider. It is specially designed to host large websites – e-commerce, health, etc. Therefore, it is beneficial for users as their features are specially designed to deal with a large amount of website traffic. WPX will dedicate 50% server resources for better performance. Besides, a website can easily handle traffic spikes.


WPX offers a user-friendly interface for their customers. Adding the resources and managing their site can be done within few simple clicks. WPX provides a flexible dashboard for easy access to users. Also, WPX is a better platform for beginners.

Content Management Systems

Having a dedicated CMS (Content Management System) will enable to have complete control on your website content. It’s a well-known fact, content plays a vital role to generate traffic and improve sales. WPX understand the importance of CMS. Therefore it provides CMS service beyond WordPress. Users can effectively manage their website content in a glance.

30-day money back

There is the least number of users who are not satisfied with the WPX service. If you’re one among them, contact to support team and share your worries. The support team will help you out with the best solution. Also, WPX provides 30-day money-back guarantee for unsatisfied customers.

Other attractive WPX features

Apart from above-mentioned features, WPX has some outstanding features as well. Following are the attractive WPX features where you can enjoy on subscription.

  • Extra plugins
  • WordPress website support
  • Use 3rd party CDN(Content delivery network) to get additional discount on WP hosting plan.
  • Browser file manager server access
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Enjoy DDOS protection
  • Extra SSD storage service is available
  • Free domain privacy

Does the WPX Cloud work with all types of website?

The answer is YES. There are few websites that can access extra benefits from a CDN.

Consider, if you’re running a WordPress website that has images, videos and text, WPX Cloud is the best choice for you. Also, the portfolio websites can effectively accelerate your website loading time and speed.

However, if you’re running an e-commerce website with shopping carts, category pages, thousands of images and other dynamic elements, WPX CLoud doesn’t work accurately. As these dynamic elements are difficult to cache. If you’re planning to have a long-time connection with WPX, within a short period of time WPX will improve your website performance.

Become an affiliate

Affiliate marketing is one of the popular technique to earn passive income. WPX hosting is running an affiliate program for people across the globe. Sign-up to the affiliate program is simple and easy. Users can register without any hassles. All you need to fill a form and start earning a million dollars. No additional fee us required to get started. Recommend WPX hosting to your dear ones through unique codes. Spend a few hours a day and earn a commission whenever person signup using your code. Start earning more than $100 on every referral.


WPX pricing

Don’t be surprised about WPX hosting plans.

WPX hosting provider pricing plan offers real value for your money. Many businesses are switching to WPX because of the best plan. When compared to other hosting providers, WPX hosting is offering rocket-bottom plans to their customers. Few providers don’t provide email support, live-chat, CDN or SSL service. Thanks to WPX hosting!!! It got you covered everything. 

WPX Hosting provider gears their subscription plans around a monthly maximum bandwidth. This can effectively offset in the future by using a CDN (content delivery network) like MaxCDN.

WPX hosting offers two types of plans such as monthly and yearly. 

  • Business plan – The price starting from $20.83 per month. It covers 5 websites, 10 GB storage, 100 GB bandwidth and WPX cloud CDN.
  • Professional plan – The plan starts at $41.58 per month. It includes 15 websites, 20 GB storage, 200 GB bandwidth and WPX cloud CDN.
  • Elite plan – WPX is offering elite subscription at $83.25 per month. The plan covers 35 websites, 40 GB storage, unlimited bandwidth and WPX cloud CDN.

If you want an additional discount on plans. Opt for a yearly subscription plan rather than a monthly plan. Business, professional and elite plan include attractive features such as high-speed, unlimited site migration, SSLs, DDoS protection, 30-day money-back, automatic backup, one-click WordPress installation and more.

Is WPX Hosting good value?

There are thousands of managed WordPress hosting providers across the globe. Compared to them, WPX hosting is effective in various aspects – performance, affordable, dedicated and more. WPX provides a rich set of services for a small, medium and large business.


WPX hosting is a user-friendly hosting destination. Beginners and experienced users can effectively easy-to-use. If you’re planning to upgrade your site or starting a new project, WPX hosting is the perfect solution for you. WPX hosting provider is the one-stop solution for premium managed WordPress hosting. The hosting primarily concentrate on providing fast loading time and offering world-class customer support. The support team work around the clock, they fix your issues within no time. Hence, you can concentrate on important aspects of your business. WPX is offering cost-effective prices when compared to other hosting providers. The experts will move your services within 24 hours.

9.5 Total Score

Customer Support
Value for money
Value for money
  • User-friendly
  • Free SSL certificate
  • DDoS protection
  • Guaranteed uptime
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited site migration
  • 30-days money back
  • Add-ons may expand your budget

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