Ways to get paid to search the Web

Who wouldn’t want to make extra cash? This extra cash can either reduce the financial burden on a person or help them increase their saving. But that being said with daily busy life, it is quite hard to take up an extra job and work. But what if you can make extra money by doing what you usually do? Then it is ok, right? If you’re someone who is looking for ways to make extra money, then you’re at the right place. As mentioned, you’re about to learn something that may shock you out of your wits. Yup!!! You’re about to learn the easiest way to make more by doing something that you do on a daily basis i.e., searching the web. 

Thanks to the development of the internet, over the past decade people have become obsessed with the internet. For every single detail, they reach out to Google. In this digital era, you can now make good money just by searching the internet. If you’re wondering, this isn’t right and waiting for us to tell you the long list of terms and conditions that actually come with the job. Then you’re free because this is not a bluff and there is nothing else that needs to be done. It is as simple as that, search the internet, and get paid. If you have a laptop and search the internet for every single detail then this job is just right for you. 

In this post, you will get you to know about the ways you will get paid for searching the web. Stick till the end.

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Are you ready to get paid for searching the web? Then let’s go.

Get paid to search the Web

The best thing about this side hustle is anybody can do it. Be it a student or a homemaker. As all you need is a laptop and the ability to search the web. 

Here are a few ways to get paid for searching the web.


As you already know there is more than one way to earn money by searching the web. But one thing you must know is that earning money in this way needs more patience and time. With your dedication and patience, you will surely earn more. For all those who are not familiar with Nielsen, this is a research company that collects information about the market and customers. You can earn money by doing online searches for them. All you have to do is download the Nielsen app. What they do is track your internet usage and share with companies and help them in creating new products and services. Most companies use this approach to understand customer preferences that will help them create new products or services or help them in improving their existing products or services. This company captures information such as which websites do you visit frequently and how long do you stay on these sites. You will earn rewards for the searches you make and once you have accumulated enough points you can redeem them as gift cards at places like Starbucks or Amazon.

Website Tester 

As all the businesses are moving towards digital and are setting up their online stores and websites. It is not an exaggeration to say that websites have become the face of a company. So the need for user-friendly websites has increased more over the past few years. If a website is taking too long to load or difficult to navigate users may not return again. So that is why the need for website testers has skyrocketed. Many companies are paying good sums to people to search and test the website. All you have to do is visit a site and use it and give your feedback that will help them in improving the website. But remember, you will have to finish a sample test before they hire you. Once you’re hired you can receive opportunities to earn and you can cash out them through Paypal.

Research Assistant 

You can become a research assistant and find answers to the questions. There are websites like AskWonder that many businesses pay to hire a research assistant. But before receiving the job you must take a test. This test includes a question for you to answer and once get the position you will be able to access the database with a list of resources, guidelines, and tips. These details will help you in approaching different topics. Another important thing is that the pay will vary based on the complexity of the question given. But on average, you can make around $15 to $25/hour. And this average figure will depend on the type of job you have taken up. When you cash out your payment will be processed within 2 weeks through Paypal.


In the market, there are many applications available that will actually pay you for browsing the internet. You just have to use the internet as you normally do. Nothing more, nothing less. Some of the apps that are available are Swagbucks, InboxDollars, iRazoo, Qmee. However, these sites may have different requirements so make sure you follow. All of them will not have the same redemption schedules and rules. So make sure you understand them. The payment may also differ from site to site. Not only that even in a particular site it may differ from task to task. So choose your questions wisely to make more money.

Bottom line 

Who would have known one could get paid for surfing the internet. Interesting, right. Above mentioned are the ways to earn money by searching the web. If you’re someone looking for a side hustle to make good money then this is perfect for you. This side hustle is quite unique compared to others. As all you have to do is search the web and you will be paid, cool right? If you’re interested check out other articles in the make money section to find interesting articles that will help you in making some extra cash. 

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