Best VPN Affiliate Programs

VPN – Virtual Private Network

A virtual private network is responsible to extend a private network across the public network. It enables online users to process information across the public networks that are directly connected to the VPN. The virtual private network is introduced to provide secure access to the applications and online resources to remote users over the internet. A VPN provides online privacy, anonymity and extra security by creating a personal network from the public internet. There are various VPN services available in the market, These services ensure to provide encrypted connection and security to offer effective privacy.

What is a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network is one of the popular services around the market. It allows users to connect to the public internet via an “Encrypted Tunnel”. This will ensure users about online privacy, protect themselves from unauthorized users and secure personal information. Keeping it simple, the VPN is mostly used to secure the connection to a public Wi-Fi hotspot, ensures browsing data is private and hides IP addresses.

Businesses are moving towards virtual private networks from shared networks. However, having a VPN is important for businesses, as there are many interactions and transactions are processed every single day via the internet. Improving privacy and security with a VPN for business is vital, the user’s IP address can be replaced with one from the VPN provider. Also, subscribers can get IP addresses according to their preferences. Consider, if a person lives in New York, but with VPN, they can appear as an Amsterdam resident or other preferred gateway city.

Why do you need a virtual private network?

  • Hide IP address – Connecting to VPN conceals your IP address.
  • Changes IP address – With a virtual private network will result in acquiring another IP address.
  • Encrypt data transfers – Protect sensitive data while processing over the public internet.
  • Mask location – Users can choose their location of origin according to their choice.
  • Access websites – Users get access to government websites and other blokes sites with VPN.

Introduction to Virtual Private Network Security

Security is one of the major concerns for business and individuals. Therefore they’re using the virtual private network for security purposes from ages. Also, implementing an encryption method and transferring sensitive information over the network is easy and simple. Did you know that WiFi spoofing is a simple method to hack sensitive information? Yes!!! VPN will make sure to protect your data from unauthorized access and hackers. A powerful firewall and antivirus software will protect your information from stolen, malicious attacks and unauthorized access. The online data transfers can be processed in no time over VPN. The integrity checks are performed around the clock and ensure no data is lost and the connection is safe. Users don’t need to worry about the hijack. Because information and traffic will be protected.

Top 10 VPN affiliate programs

Have you ever heard about the term “affiliate programs”? Of course many times. Joining an affiliate program is one of the best ways to quickly earn money. Many bloggers, marketers and affiliates are using their website to earn passive income. Affiliate programs have several ways for affiliates to earn commissions. Being a virtual private network affiliate can be profitable. All you need to do is promote VPN providers on your website or blog.

The VPN affiliate program is on high demand. In fact, the VPN market is thriving. The virtual private network is a popular market to keep a close eye on. Bloggers and affiliates can use their website or blog to earn good commissions. All they need to do is promote VPN providers on their website or blog. Whenever a customer clicks on the link and subscribes to VPN plan,  affiliates will earn commissions. The rate of the commission may vary depending upon the providers.

VPN services are becoming incredibly popular in the market. Do you know, VPN solutions are been projected to be $50 billion within a couple of years. It’s beneficial to bloggers and affiliates to run an affiliate program in this niche i.e VPN. There are multiple reasons to target – security-conscious, people who are worried about paying online, to people who just want to remain anonymous on the internet.

Our team has saved you the infinite hours required to research about the best VPN affiliate program available online. Following are the popular and best VPN affiliate programs to earn passive income.


If you’re looking for high-speed, safe, secure and anonymous virtual private network service, ExpressVPN is the right choice for you. It is a popular and trusted leader in VPN across the globe. As the VPN service is providing excellent services such as unrestricted access around the world, stay secure wherever you go online, VPN service works on every device and more. ExpressVPN provides excellent software-based VPN solutions for multiple operating systems such as Windows, Android, Linux, Mac and iOS devices.

  • Commission rate – Upto $36 per sale
  • Cookie duration – 90 days

ExpressVPN affiliate program

Their affiliate program is “in-house”. you can directly join ExpressVPN affiliate program, you’ll receive the confirmation within 2 or 3 days. ExpressVPN affiliate program is one of the best affiliate programs in the market. As the program is offering a competitive commission to affiliates with fast payouts. Their team is completely focused on building a long-term relationship with affiliates and customers.

Visit website – ExpressVPN

High commissions

Affiliates can earn better commission by joining ExpressVPN affiliate program. Keeping it simple, ExpressVPN offers the best commission in the market. The platform is offering upto $36 on every qualified sale. The cookie duration is 90 days. The payment structure is flexible and attractive. Start promoting ExpressVPN on your website and earn a commission. The more you drive traffic to ExpressVPN, the more commission you can earn. The provider offers the fastest payouts compared to other VPN services. ExpressVPN offers tracking tools, optimization tools and other easy-to-use reporting tools.

Dedicated affiliate account managers

ExpressVPN has a dedicated affiliate account managers to help affiliates, bloggers, influencers and individuals. Their team provides advice and helps you to drive maximum sales. With the help of affiliate account managers, you can create specialized landing pages and drive traffic to ExpressVPN. The VPN provider will share upcoming events, powerful tools, content ideas and more through the newsletter. Also, their team will provide you with SEO tools, content optimization methods and more.

Largest premium and the trusted VPN provider

Did you know that ExpressVPN is one of the largest premium and trusted VPN providers in the industry? Yes!!! It was introduced in 2009. ExpressVPN offers flexible customer support around the clock through live chat. Besides, the provider is offering a 30-day money-back guarantee for their customers. ExpressVPN provides the best encryption and strict privacy policy to ensure a secure connection. No activity logs and browsing history is saved. The platform is capable of operating thousands of servers in “160 virtual private networks” server locations in over 94 countries. ExpressVPN offers an amazing application for every device and operating system – Windows, Linux, Android, Mac and more.

Visit website – ExpressVPN

Benefits of ExpressVPN Affiliate Program

Unblock websites

Few government websites monitor traffic to limited access for certain sites. With ExpressVPN you can unblock the website and get access to your favourite website at your convenience. ExpressVPN sends traffic via an encrypted tunnel, therefore the data cannot be manipulated or inspected. All you need to sign-up to ExpressVPN, download the applications and connect to a nearby server location to unblock the website.

Hide your IP address

It’s no secret your IP address speaks a lot about your website. When your IP address is visible to everyone, you’re probably revealing everything about you – location, identity, online activity and more. ExpressVPN provides a secure and safe VPN proxy service to hide your IP address. Yes, you’ve heard it right. You can easily hide your current location, protect your website and restore the information within a couple of minutes. Whenever you connect the internet with a VPN, it creates a tunnel – internet and device. ExpressVPN will mask or hide your IP address with another IP address. Ultimately, it protects your location, browsing history, identity from the one who wants to know your IP address.

Browse anonymously

Start browsing your favourite website anonymously and protect yourself with ExpressVPN. There are few VPN providers that promise they offer a full set of anonymity but track your online activities. Beware of such VPN services, ExpressVPN is the right service, it never ever keeps your logs or online browsing history. With ExpressVPN, users can stay private, surf anonymously and stay secure. It helps to keep your sensitive information secure from unauthorized or third parties.

Unlimited streaming

ExpressVPN offers an excellent set of tools with unlimited streaming. Enjoy surfing on your favourite website without sacrificing privacy. Start streaming and downloading media or visual content you require with unlimited bandwidth. Get access to your favourite application such as Netflix, Facebook, Prime Video, YouTube, Pokemon Go and more.

Visit website – ExpressVPN


FastestVPN is the world’s best and fastest VPN service in the industry.  It’s time to take back internet freedom with one of the trusted VPN providers. FastestVPN is compressed with top features for online freedom, security and privacy.

FastestVPN is offering excellent commission rates for affiliates. Join the affiliate program and start promoting FastestVPN services on your website, blog and social channels. Earn upto 100% commission on every qualified sale with FastestVPN affiliate programs. Affiliates can get a dedicated and user-friendly control panel to track traffic and sales. Scheduled payout according to your choice. Earn a high conversion rate while promoting FastestVPN. The platform provides flexible customer support, they provide marketing materials that are used to generate more sales.

Attractive features of FastestVPN


Protecting your privacy online with FastestVPN is easy. FastestVPN offers ad blockers, it doesn’t allow annoying ads on your screen. It blocks the unfavourable advertisements. While removing unwanted online ads, it also reduces the malware attacks. Having an ad blocker on your website is safe.


Malware acts as an umbrella for your website. FastestVPN is offering excellent anti-malware where you can easily connect to the server. It provides an extra layer of security and protection.


FastestVPN is compatible with more than 20 devices. You don’t need to install an application to run FastestVPN on your device. The service is compatible with Xbox, Linux, PS4, Roku, etc.

Smart tunnelling

FastestVPN encourages smart tunnelling. Users can route the required traffic with FastestVPN when the application is closed.

Simultaneous connections

FastestVPN can connect with upto 10 devices simultaneously.

Internet kill switch

The VPN provider offers an “internet kill switch” to prevent identity from leaking out. Your browsing history, online activities and other log information are secured.

Multiple protocols

FastestVPN is offering multiple protocols to provide additional security. The protocols include OpenVPN, IPSec, L2TP, IKEv2, etc. Users can select the protocols according to their requirement. These protocols will secure your network from unauthorized access.

Wi-Fi security

Sharing sensitive information and processing the transactions on a public Wi-Fi network is now done securely with FastestVPN.

Smart connect

Users can connect with the powerful server with a single click of a button automatically.


FastestVPN offers NAT firewall. It is the best way to add additional security by blocking unsolicited traffic, hackers and intruders.

Unlimited bandwidth

VPN providers offer unlimited bandwidth. Users can upload and download the files without restrictions.

99.99% uptime

FastestVPN offers 99.99% uptime. The server is available around the clock. Customers will never ever face inconvenience.

FastestVPN affiliate program

Want to start earning passive income with your blog or website? Yes!!! Join one of the best VPN programs – FastestVPN today.

Joining the FastestVPN affiliate program is pretty simple. No registration fee is required. All you need to fill the personal details and click on the submit button. You will be redirected to the FastestVPN affiliate client web page. Here, affiliates can get their unique affiliate links. Get started!!!

Commission rate

  •  Earn 100% on new signup and 35% on renewal – monthly
  • Enjoy 60% commission on new signup and 35% on renewal – yearly
  • Earn 60% on new signup and 35% on renewal – 3 years plan

Cookie duration – 90 days 

Visit website – FastestVPN

Who to promote?

 If you run a technology website or VPN specific blog, you’re eligible to join FastestVPN affiliate program. If you’re running a website but have great social media following, you can apply to this program and promote on social media channels.

Marketing materials

Did you know, FastestVPN provides marketing materials and tools to promote. Their team will provide required promotional materials such as banners, links, text and screenshots, whenever you get registered.


Affiliate will receive payments through PayPal and wire transfers. Affiliates will receive payments on 15th of every month. The commission will be generated for qualified sales only.

Benefits of FastestVPN affiliate program

Browse without limitations

Surf your favourite websites with no limitations with FastestVPN. How often do you get connected to the internet at public WiFi? Many times!!! Whether you’re at a restaurant or airport lounge, you just connect your mobile to public Wi-Fi and browse the website. You don’t think a second about your security. If you do so, you’re at high risk. For a professional hacker on a similar network, it’s not a big thing for them to hack your sensitive data – logins, browsing history and activity logs. Therefore it is important for you to get FastestVPN to ensure data security and privacy by implementing the connection with end-to-end encryption mechanism. With Fastest VPN, users can browse the website without any limitation. No information is hacked and no activity logs are saved by a hacker.

FastestVPN on all devices

FastestVPN understands that people often use multiple devices for several reasons. Therefore FastestVPN works effectively on all the devices. It ensures that all the devices are protected. The best VPN service – FastestVPN is compatible with several devices such as Windows, iOS, Android, Fire TV, Mac, etc. What are you waiting for? Install FastestVPN and enjoy protection on over 20+ platforms.

Access Global Content

People often travel to different countries. If you’re one among them, you can take your content along with you. Get access to your content anywhere at any time. Yes, you’ve heard it right. FastestVPN provides high-speed virtual private network servers. These will allow you to access your content across the globe. In fact, there is no website or content that you can’t access. Hurray!!! Switch to FastestVPN and connect the VPN server location and start browsing the website with high-speed.

Visit website – FastestVPN


Is there anyone who’s unaware of the brand “NORTON”? Of Course nobody. Norton offers powerful antivirus software and security tools for all devices – PC, mobile, tablet, laptop, Mac, etc. Whether you’re shopping at your favourite fashion website or processing payments – Norton 360 is the best place to protect your sensitive information. Norton is offering a secure VPN that includes anti-virus, bank-grade encryption, high device security, SafeCam for mobile, PC and other devices. The provider is offering great products such as cloud backup, password manager, secure VPN and safe web.

Norton affiliate program

The popular security platform has come up with affiliate programs to help their customers. If you’re running a website or have a good social following, promoting Norton products on your platforms will improve your revenue. As Norton is a well-known brand, people will accept the Norton products easily. It means you can earn a better commission. Norton 360 Deluxe is the favourite software for businesses and individuals. It has multiple benefits such as

  • No limits virtual private network
  • Hosted data storage for online backup
  • Powerful firewall to protect from virus and unauthorized access
  • Norton 360 Deluxe is supported on multiple operating systems – Windows, macOS, Android and iOS 

Norton 360 Deluxe adds parental control, VPN, dark web monitoring and more. Besides, Norton antivirus is a well-known brand in the security industry.

  • Commission rate – 20%
  • Cookie duration – 90 days

Norton is offering excellent services such as Norton 360 Standard, Norton 360 LifeLock and Norton 360 Deluxe. These services offer antivirus tools and identity protection service. Keeping it simple, Norton is the best malware protection software, excellent backup software, webcam protection and password manager. Also, Norton is offering unlimited virtual private network service. Norton 360 ensures to provide 3-way user authorization with powerful malware protection.

Visit Website – Norton

Want to protect your business? Yes!!! Get Norton 360 Deluxe today!!! It includes Norton Secure VPN. It’s time to keep your sensitive information safe and secure. No matter whether you’ve connected to home or public Wi-Fi, Norton 360 is the best place to protect personal data. It provides secure VPN, excellent device security such as anti-virus, password manager, etc. Yes, you’ve heard it right.

Benefits of Norton Secure VPN affiliate program

Help protect your online privacy

Norton Secure VPN will boost your online privacy by adding effective bank-grade encryption. It ensures the information you process online is private, safe and secured. No third party resources can access your identity logs, browsing history and more.

Better commission

Affiliates can receive a 20% commission on every qualified sale.

Cookie duration

The tracking is taken care of Norton affiliate team. The cookie length is 90 days.

Online freedom

Start browsing your favourite websites, applications, blogs and blocked sites. Get complete freedom by accessing all the websites in the comfort zone with Norton Secure VPN.

Prevent unwanted tracking technologies

Start browsing anonymously at your favourite website. Also, avoid being tracked and followed online by several advertisers and other industries.

Protect your data

Do you use public wi-fi? Yes!!! Norton Secure VPN helps protect your personal data. No matter whether you’re at the coffee shop or library, browse the website without worry.

Attractive plans

Norton 360 is offering great discounts on their plans. Norton Secure VPN yearly plan starts at Euro 29.99 onwards, Norton 360 Deluxe starts at Euro 29.99 onwards and Norton 360 Premium incl. starts at Eui 39.99 per year. Choose the best plan that meets your need and requirements.

60-day money-back guarantee

Not satisfied with Norton services? No problem. Get your money back within 60 days from a yearly subscription.

Visit Website – Norton


NordVPN is the best VPN service available in the market. Did you know, NordVPN is providing more than 5000 servers around 59 countries. The VPN service is trusted by many people as the provider protect sensitive information with robust encryption techniques. The platform is offering AES-256 CBC encryption through OpenVPN protocol. Sounds amazing right!!! Simply put, NordVPN is considered as the best secure VPN protocol and better choice for the one who is planning to avoid government surveillance.

Choose NordVPN and protect your data online from hackers and unauthorized sources. Access your favourite applications, websites, blogs or entertainment portals securely. NordVPN is providing attractive features such as secure internet, ultra-fast connection, VPN servers everywhere, mask IP address, double protection, block malware and more. On the other hand, NordVPN is helping customers to earn money through NordVPN affiliate program.

NordVPN affiliate program

Become NordVPN affiliate member and earn money. The process is simple, get registered to best VPN affiliate programs. NordVPN team will provide unique affiliate links to promote. Create attractive banners or text content and include given NordVPN affiliate link. You can promote on your website, blog or social media channels. When a user clicks on the banner, they will redirect to NordVPN official website. You will earn a commission for a purchase made by the referred customer. NordVPN have partnered with Commission Junction. The team CJ will handle everything – providing materials to depositing commission amount.

  • Commission rate – Upto 100% on new sign-up
  • Cookie duration – 30 days

Visit Website – NordVPN

Benefits of NordVPN affiliate program

  • High conversion rate – As the NordVPN is the popular VPN provider, the conversion rate will be high automatically. NordVPN affiliate team will also provide promotional material. Follow the material and generate better traffic to NordVPN.
  • Dedicated account manager – Have any query? Yes!!! NordVPN provides a dedicated account manager to provide a solution for your issues. All the inquires with be processed and handled by a best-class customer support agent.
  • Generous commissions – NordVP is offering multiple payout models – one month, six months, one year and two years. Pick the subscription plan according to your choice.
  1. 1 month – Affiliates can earn 100% commission on new sign-up and 30% commission on renewal. 
  2. 6 month, 1 year and 2 year – 40% commission on a new sign -up and 30% on renewal.

Visit Website – NordVPN

IPVanish VPN

IPVanish is a popular VPN service provider. The platform is offering better security access and high-speed connectivity. IPVanish is powered by NETPROTECT and member of the “Internet infrastructure coalition”. If you’re worried about online privacy, choosing IPVanish is the best option for you. As the provider is offering private connection, online freedom and fast speed. The VPN service is supported by multiple operating systems such as Windows, Android, Fire TV, macOS and more.


Surf the website or applications without any trace. IPVanish will make your IP address disappeared. Therefore your online activities will not be tracked by others. IPVanish follows strict zero-logos policies. It means, your identity will be safe under IPVanish. The VPN service will never ever record your activity logs or browsing history.

Secure internet connection

No matter whether you’re using free Wi-Fi at home or hotel. IPVanish will make sure to keep your data secured through encryption. Keep away from network hackers and advertisers.

Backup and encrypt all the files

The best security and privacy is the multi-step approach. IPVanish will encrypt almost everything from your connection through SugarSync. The popular software SugarSync will offer secure file management, encrypt information and provide backup for multiple devices such as a computer, laptop, tablet and more.

  • Commission rate – Upto 100% commission of every new sale generated and Upto 35% for every subscription renewal.
  • Cookie duration – 30 days

Visit website – IPVanish

IPVanish affiliate program

IPVanish is offering fantastic VPN affiliate programs for affiliates, influencers, marketers, bloggers and more. In the competitive virtual private network market, IPVanish VPN affiliate program stood unique in the crowd. The VPN service provider is offering industry-leading commissions, cookie policy and money-back guarantee. Affiliates can earn a better commission on every referred sale. IPVanish has partnered with one of the largest affiliate networks – Groove. Their team is responsible for tracking the traffic, sales, commission and more. Also, the customer support team will offer promotional material to improve traffic and sales. It means you can earn more sales i.e more commission.

Best VPN service

IPVanish provides a dedicated marketing team. They optimize IPVanish landing pages to attract customers. Therefore, referred traffic will get converts in no time. Affiliates can send more amount of traffic by promoting IPVanish VPN services on their website, blog and social media platforms. It is the best way to earn high commission. Keep a note, IPVanish doesn’t promote their products or services on coupon websites or toolbars. It can be advantageous for affiliates to generate traffic to IPVanish.

Free accounts will be created to affiliates, bloggers or marketers upon request. IPVanish provides excellent affiliate managers, the team is especially dedicated to helping affiliates succeed. The affiliate manager will respond through chats, phone calls and email tickets. According to your convenience and comfort, choose the best way to reach an IPVanish customer support agent.

High Conversions

It’s no secret, IPVanish is a recommended and trusted VPN service provider across the world. IPVanish provides attractive features at the cheapest price. Keeping it simple, the value of IPVanish service and products translates to generate more sales for your campaign.

Dedicated and professional support

Have any questions? Yes!!! Connect with dedicated IPVanish customer support and get the solution instantly. The VPN provider has a dedicated team of SEO, designers, email marketers, affiliate managers and more. The team will help you to drive more sales. On the other hand, affiliates can directly contact the Groove account manager. The manager will provide you with promotional resources and training. It will take you to drive more traffic and conversions.

Real-time report

Real-time reports are generated instantly. Affiliates can get access to the Groove affiliate panel to manage their campaigns. Also, review the statistics within a single click.

Why should you join the IPVanish affiliate program?

IPVanish is offering one of the best VPN affiliate programs. It is offering the best commission rate compared to other providers. Did you know, you can earn upto 100% commissions on every new sale and upto 30% commission on subscription renewals? Yes!!! You’ve heard it right. There is no limit to your payment and the recurring commission amount will continue as long as the referred subscribers continue as an IPVanish customer. The initial commission amount will be approved at the end of the month. Also, IPVanish is providing a 30-day money-back guarantee to attract more customers.

Visit website – IPVanish


Avast is well known for free antivirus software. Over 435 million users are using Avast for multiple purposes. Avast is providing excellent service in more than 128 countries. Many people across the globe opt for Avast for many reasons – bonus features, available for free, full-scale protection and more. Also, Avast is offering network security scanner, browser protection, password management, etc. Avast has a rich set of security functionality, considering that the software is available for free. This product is available for various devices such as home computers, PC, laptop, mobile phone, tablet and more.

Let’s discuss Avast Secureline VPN!!! It is specially introduced to provide secure, safe and private connectivity.

It’s no secret many advertisers are tracking your online activity right from browsing history to purchase information. Besides the content blockers on several websites are making it difficult to view the content. Hackers and unauthorised users are diving into your browsing history and collecting bank details whenever connected to free Wi-Fi.

If you’re worried about online browsing, Avast is the perfect choice for you. Get complete freedom while browsing on public Wi-Fi and get rid of content blocks. No advertiser will track your personal information. The VPN encrypts the internet connection within a single click. Avast VPN will make sure to offer true online privacy.

Avast SecureLine VPN affiliate program

Be an Avast affiliate and earn money. Yes, you’ve heard it right. All you need to do is join the Avast affiliate program. Their team will provide you with unique affiliate links. Use these links while promoting the Avast products on your website or blog. Keep a note, create attractive banners while promoting Avast products. This is the best way to impress the audience and encourage them to click on the banner. When an audience clicks on the banner, they will redirect to Avast official website.

Joining the Avast affiliate program is simple and easy. All you need to fill your details and their team will reach out shortly. Avast support team will provide a wide range of attractive banners, text links and other promotional material. Start promoting Avast products and earn upto 25% commission on every qualified sale. The cookie duration is 45 days. Get a chance to enjoy exclusive coupons and offers. Avast customer support will send a newsletter frequently. This will help you to stay updated about Avast products, seasonal offers and more. Top-tire affiliates can receive special rewards.

  • Commission rate – Avast is offering upto 25% commission on every referred sale.
  • Cookie length – 45 days

Visit website – Avast

Benefits of Avast Secure affiliate program

Secure connection

No matter whether you’re at a barista coffee shop or local restaurant, Avast will use bank-grade encryption while communicating via a network.

Privacy protection

The privacy is protected using a trusted VPN protocol. OpenVPN is one of the most trusted protocols to build transparency. No unknown code is performing odd things with your personal information.

Access anything online

Access and engage with your favourite website and stream videos on the move. No user logs and online activities are traced. Get a chance to access blocked websites as well with Avast SecureLine VPN.

Attractive commission

Want to earn passive income? Join Avast SecureLine VPN and get upto 25% commission on every qualified sale.

Trusted affiliate network

Avast has partnered with popular affiliate network – Commission Junction. The team will provide everything – generating unique tracking links, providing promotional material, tracking the sale, depositing the commission amount into your bank account.

Lighting speed

Do you prefer a secured connection with poor performance? Of course no. Avast SecureLine VPN support team has constantly been upping. The service is offering the best server speed and high performance. This will enhance the online user experience.

30-day money-back guarantee

Not satisfied with Avast VPN? No worries!!! Get your money back within 30 days. 

Visit website – Avast


How do you secure your online activities and logs? Many people are using TunnelBear to secure their connections. Simply put, TunnelBear is the secure method to browse your favourite websites and steam popular videos. The popular VPN service will encrypt your connection and protect sensitive information and online activities privately.

Benefits of TunnelBear affiliate program

High security

Unauthorized users or hackers can steal your password or sensitive information over free public Wi-Fi. These connections are insecure. TunnelBear will secure your password and data theft. It blocks hacker and third party sources to keep your online activities safe and secure.

Access global content

There are few websites accessed by local users. The content is available for particular regions online. TunnelBear can modify your current location and allow you to access the website. Open the website and steam the videos anywhere at any time.

Bypass local censorship

People cannot access a few governments websites or blocked applications. TunnelBear helps to unblock these websites and applications just by changing the virtual location.

Protect online privacy

It’s a well-known fact that your network administrators and internet providers can access your data. They can track your online activities. When TunnelBear, you can protect your privacy. No admin or provider can watch you when you go online.

Prevent IP-based tracking

There are analytics software’s available online. It has the ability to track your IP address. Whenever your IP address gets connected to the server to visit a website, that website can track your location and other information. Advertisement agencies can track your online activities with your IP address. TunnelBear will prevent advertisement and other websites by specifying your IP address with a new or temporary IP address.


TunnelBear is a user-friendly application. It works perfectly on every device – mobile, laptop, PC, etc. Protect online activities and privacy with a single application – TunnelBear. All you need to open the application and select the country. Once you get connected, TunnelBear automatically protects your personal information and keeps yourself secured.

Visit website – TunnelBear

TunnelBear affiliate program

Join the TunnelBear affiliate program and generate passive income. All you need to promote TunnelBear on your website or blog. Get upto 50% commission on every qualified sale.

  • Commission rate – Get registered to TunnelBear affiliate program and earn upto 50% commission on all referred sales.
  • Cookie duration – 45 days

How does TunnelBear work?

If you’re running a website or blog, TunnelBear affiliate is the best way to generate passive income using your website or blog. The program is suitable for people who have better social media following.

Start earning money with simple steps

  1. Get registered to TunnelBear affiliate program.
  2. TunnelBear executive will provide unique affiliate links.
  3. Create attractive banners or text links and promote TunnelBear on your website.
  4. Start earning an upto 50% commission on every referred sale.

Website owners or bloggers

Start monetizing your website just by promoting TunnelBear. Create banners or ads and add affiliate links to your content. Many websites and bloggers are generating traffic to TunnelBear by using their bear-filled banners.

Online marketer

If you’ve great knowledge of PPC, savvy content and social media buys, TunnelBear is the best place for you. Join the affiliate program and promote TunnelBear at preferred marketing platforms.

Social bear

TunnelBear is a deeply recommended VPN application for students, travellers, mobile-savvy, students, marketers, influencers and more. If you’ve huge social media following, start promoting TunnelBear VPN on your channels. Tell your friends and family members on social platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Visit website – TunnelBear

Panda Security

Protect your digital life with Panda Security. It’s a well-known fact that Panda Security is one of the best antivirus programs available online. The antivirus software will protect your device from harm. Panda Security offers tailor-made security services for every device. No matter whether you want to protect a desktop or mobile phone, Panda Security works perfectly on every device. One month free trial is also available, subscribe to the free trial and protect your device from malware. The software is compatible with various operating systems such as Windows, Android and iOS. Get Panda Security VPN and browse the internet with freedom. No need to worry about hackers, risk, limitation and more.

Features of Panda Security VPN

  • Secure Wi-Fi connection at home, office and public networks
  • Browse your favourite website or blogs anonymously. Panda Security will protect your privacy
  • Ability to unblock every internet content available. There are no limitations.
  • Hide your IP address. It keeps your location information and other sensitive data away from network admins or other providers.
  • Change your virtual location. This can be the best way to access a website or blog from anywhere at any time. 
  • Browse every content without worrying. Users don’t need to bother about censorship issues

Other features of Panda Security

  • VPN – Anonymous browsing
  • Protection against unauthorized access and viruses
  • Browsing and secure shopping
  • Keep your children’s secure and safe online
  • Data and password protection
  • Remote controls available
  • Technical support available round the clock

Visit website – Panda Security

Panda Security affiliate program

Register to the highest paying affiliate program – Panda Security. Join and start earning in a simple way. Did you know that more than 30 million users are feeling safe and secure under the Panda Security roof? Yes!!! The VPN provides 25 years of experience in this niche. Also, it is ranked as number 1 antivirus by “AV-Comparatives”. Simply put, join the affiliate program and get upto 50% commission on every sale.

  • Commission rate – Panda Security is offering upto 50% commission on every qualified sale.
  • Cookie length – 35 days

Affiliate program requirements

No matter whether you’re running a blog, the price comparison website, social channels, SEM campaign, product review or more, everyone can get started with the Panda Security affiliate program. Everybody is welcomed!!! The more relevant your content to Panda Security VPN, the more you can earn rewards.

Benefits of Panda Security affiliate program

Join the affiliate program and earn upto 50% commission on every qualified sale. Affiliates, bloggers and markets will get campaign planning and execution support from Panda Security affiliate team. The team provides flexible customer support around the clock. Also, creatives are provided to affiliates on demand. It will help affiliates to generate more sales.

Easy to get started

A direct “Panda Security Affiliate Program” is available on the website. Click and get registered to Commission Junction. After successful sign-up, you will get an email from the Panda Security team. It consists of affiliate links and creativities. Also, you can contact the Panda Security affiliate team for additional support if required.

Visit website – Panda Security

Benefits of Panda Security affiliate program

Access every website

Users can access almost every content on the website with no borders. Panda Security allows users to access the content in a secure way. Users can watch their favourite tv shows, browse social media channels, play games and stream sports from anywhere across the globe.

Word class speed and high performance

Panda Security is offering the best speed. There are thousands of servers located across the world. It ensures the best connection speed. Also, Panda Security offers high performance when compared to other VPN providers.

Protect your privacy

Browse your favourite websites securely, privately and safely. The Panda Security team will protect your sensitive data, online activities, logs, browsing history at work and public networks. The VPN will encrypt your personal information, communication and other information to ensure privacy. Keep a note, Panda Security doesn’t collect or share your personal information.

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PureVPN is the fastest and secure VPN service available online. Experience the fastest VPN service with PureVPN. Whether you’re bothered about privacy or high-speed streaming – PureVPN is the perfect option for you. The VPN providers have covered everything such as high-speed streaming, better security, file sharing, best privacy, hide IP address and more.

PureVPN offers customized VPN software. It is an application for multiple operating systems such as Windows, iOS and Android. The popular VPN provider is offering excellent features such as zero-logging policy, money-back guarantee, robust data protection, instant customer support, global VPN servers and more.

PureVPN affiliate program

All are welcomed to join the PureVPN affiliate program. Join the program and start earning a good commission on every sale. Affiliates, bloggers and marketers have access to advanced PureVPN control panel. Affiliates can find out everything right from graphics to track conversions. Also, PureVPN team will stay connected with frequent updates to every affiliate. They provide information about traffic, sales, landing pages, graphic and more. PureVPN provides several payout methods. Affiliates can choose the preferred method that works perfectly for them.

  • Commission rate – PureVPN is offering upto 50% commission on every successful referred sale.
  • Cookie duration – 90 days

Reasons to promote PureVPN

  • Money-back guarantee
  • Upto 50% commission structure
  • Affiliate prize raffles
  • Cookie duration is 90 days
  • Flexible customer support

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Benefits of PureVPN affiliate program

Best commission – As mentioned earlier, PureVPN is offering upto 50% commission on every qualified sale. Also, the VPN service is providing a cookie duration of 90 days.

Real-time tracking – Get real-time notification and updates on affiliate links. Keep a track on your traffic, check how campaigns are performing. Optimize the campaigns to generate more traffic and conversions. PureVPN provides Postback integration for transparency.

Multiple logins – Subscribe to PureVPN account and connect to multiple devices simultaneously. Users can connect upto 10 devices.

2,000+ servers –  Great news!!! PureVPN allows you to connect with a server in no time. The VPN server is providing a global network of more than 2,000 servers. These are strategically placed to help users overcome any restriction.

Other benefits

Access content – Users can access content online without worrying about harm. Watch movies, sports, news and tv shows securely. The VPN provider allows you to visit any website or blog. Users can access restricted or blocked websites as well.

Security & anonymity – Security is the major concern for anybody. PureVPN understands it and allows security around the clock. Your privacy is assured with PureVPN anonymous VPN IPs. Also, the provider offers security services such as military-grade encryption, VPN servers and more.

Blazing-fast speed – A reduction in website speed can kill the joy of everything. PureVPN offers global VPN servers around the world. The dedicated VPN servers offer better connectivity and speed for all the requirements. 

Dedicated affiliate managers – PureVPN is providing extraordinary and excellent assistance for all the affiliates. Enjoy dedicated assistance from a professional at every move. Troubleshoot problems and learn the latest marketing strategies to bring traffic. Improve conversion and earn commissions without hassles.

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Protect your identity with TorGuard!!! Yes, you’ve heard it right. TorGuard is a popular and anonymous VPN provider available in the market. Protect yourself from unauthorized users and hackers with TorGuard. It protects your privacy by encrypting your internet connection and hiding your IP address. This is the best process to browse securely. TorGuard is offering a 7-day free trial program.

TorGuard is offering an excellent feature to their customers. It includes unlimited speed, 3000+ servers, unlimited bandwidth, no logs kept and more. Install TorGuard on multiple operating systems – Windows, Android, Max, Linux, iOS and Wifi routers. The VPN service is offering expert security options to protect your sensitive information with 265-bit AES encryption kill switch and other configurations. The VPN provider offers 3000+ global VPN servers located in more than 50 countries. Users can enjoy unlimited bandwidth. Start streaming your favourite website or blogs anonymously. TorGurad hides IP addresses to make sure your online activities are private.

TorGuard affiliate program

Become a TorGuard affiliate program and earn money while sleeping. TorGuard is a well-known and trusted brand in the VPN market. Thousands of users are using TorGuard VPN to protect themselves while browsing online. Refer your dear ones and send traffic to TorGuard and earn passive income. The affiliate program is offering a 30% commission on every referral subscription. If you’re running a website or blog, you can promote TorGuard and earn extra cash.

Easy Affiliate Promotions

Join the affiliate program and promote TorGuard VPN on multiple platforms such as website, blogs, ads, social media and more. Promote the VPM using your unique affiliate link. The TorGuard affiliate team will provide marketing tools and software for your success.

Express payouts

No more waiting!!! Send traffic to TorGuard and get a commission on qualified subscription. The payments are transferred without delay. TorGuard team will submit all the affiliate payouts immediately through bank transfer, bitcoin, etc.

Marketing materials

Did you know, TorGuard offers marketing material to generate more conversions. Affiliates use banners, text links, images and other promotional material. This will be helpful for every affiliate to generate more sales.

  • Commission rate – TorGuard VPN is offering 30% commission for every qualified sale.
  • Cookie duration – 60 days

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Benefits of TorGuard affiliate program

Earnings potential

Earn good commission promoting TorGuard on your website, blog, social media channels, ads and more. Get commission on every subscription you refer to TorGuard. There is no limitation on how much traffic or customers you send.

No minimums

Feel safe with TorGuard. The VPN provides doesn’t withhold your commission. Send customers and get paid each month. No matter whether you earn $50 or $20,000 commission, TorGuard will deposit the month at the end of the month.

High conversions

TorGuard is easy-to-use and trusted application. Generate traffic and enjoy high conversions. Customers will easily get subscribed to TorGuard VPN. It means you can generate better conversion by promoting TorGuard services.

Dedicated support

Whether you need help while registering the affiliate form or building a comprehensive strategy, TorGuard customer support team is ready to help you. The professional customer executive provides valuable services and provides a solution for every query in no time. 

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Thanks to a virtual private network!!! Many businesses are switching to VPN to ensure additional security, privacy and protection to their public networks. Also, many organizations are using VPN to protect sensitive information from intruders, hackers and unauthorized access. There are thousands of VPN services available online. On the other hand, these providers are running affiliate programs to help their users earn money. Follow the above-mentioned VPN affiliate programs and pick the best one. If you’re running a website or have a huge social media following, VPN affiliate program is for you. The process works in a simple way.

All you need to get registered to their affiliate programs and collect unique affiliate links. Create attractive banners or other related content and use these affiliate links. When a visitor clicks on the banner or content, they will redirect to respective VPN service. Whenever a visitor turns as a potential customer, you’ll earn a commission. The commission rate and cookie length may vary from one VPN affiliate program to another.
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