Best WordPress Hosting Companies Compared

One of the most important factors that cannot be overlooked for making your website successful is web hosting. If your site is built with WordPress then you must have a good WordPress hosting to reach more audiences and make your website a success. However, it is not an easy task, as you know there are many factors involved in choosing a perfect hosting platform. A right hosting platform can not only drive more traffic it will also improve your SEO whilst increasing your sales. 

Even for WordPress hosting there are many hosting options available such as shared, VPS, dedicated and managed. There are hundreds of options available in the market and it is honestly quite hard to choose between them as you don’t know which is good and which is not. It is quite confusing to pick while all of the claims to be the best. 

It is quite easy if you understand the requirements and priority of the website.

Here are a few qualities that your ideal WordPress hosting platform should possess.


See first things first, when you’re choosing a WordPress hosting platform you must check whether this platform is reliable or not. Reliability is quite important for you. As you see every time your website is down, you will lose the traffic. So even if it is for a short time your website should never be down. To avoid such situations you must rely on a hosting platform that is highly co-operative and act quickly if such a situation arises. Before choosing a platform, see how many customers do they have and most importantly check for the reviews and take your time to go around the reviews and comments left on their website. And lastly, ask around in your close friend’s circle before signing up for a Web Hosting platform.

Storage & bandwidth

You need to check the storage and bandwidth that a particular hosting platform is offering. Always remember once you choose a platform it is hard to migrate your website to other platforms if you don’t like it. So if you want to avoid such situations then you must pick the right service provider. So make sure that your hosting platform is offering you good storage at a cheap price. See most of the web hosting platforms charge extra for websites that have a lot of traffic inflow. So see that you’re going to a hosting platform that is offering you good bandwidth and it is better to find platforms that offer unlimited storage and bandwidth.

Great features

From Cpanel to security features, a good hosting platform should provide its users with amazing features. There are many things a website requires to thrive and receive more traffic. So make sure that they’re offering everything that your website needs to grow. You don’t want to look back and regret not having that particular feature in your platform. So one must think ahead of time. Check how many websites you can host on the platform, and see whether it is offering you all the latest technology features and recent WordPress updates along with how many subdomains are allowed. Not only that check what email features it is offering.


One of the most important factors that contribute to decision making is customer support. The customer support should be helpful and take their time out to solve your query. All the hosting platforms claim to have the best customer service but the problem is that you must be carefully checked for the reviews or your friends as it may not be true. Check how many hours is the hosting platform offering services and what forms of communication are they offering. See customer support is important because when you’re stuck in any situation that needs to be resolved, you want an amazing customer support team by your side.

Cheap and affordable

This is the finale in your decision making. What doesn’t agree? Nobody likes spending more than necessary. If you signed up to a hosting plan and later found out that all the features that it is offering are coming for a much cheaper price then you would feel disappointed, right? So to avoid such uncomfortable situations one must carefully compare the prices of all the hosting platforms before making a decision. Beware many companies will lure you in the name of cheap plans.

So check thoroughly for the features. Some of the companies charge extra for upgrading to the plans. So check thoroughly to avoid such extra costs. And the costs for plugins and extra costs are also something that you see beforehand. The only way to get a good deal is by comparing prices and features of all the hosting plans before making your decision.

Here are a few hosting companies that offer WordPress hosting, compare between them and choose a platform that matches the requirements of the website. 

Comparison between different WordPress Hosting 

Name Bandwidth Easy WordPress installation Migration SSL certificate Pricing Review
Bluehost Unlimited Yes Free
(When you’re website meets criteria)
Yes $2.95/month

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WPX hosting Limited Yes Free Yes $24.99/month

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WPengine Limited Yes Free Yes $30/month

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A2 hosting Unlimited Yes Free Yes $2.99/month

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Site ground Limited Yes Free (Do it yourself)
$30/site (professional)
Yes $6.99/month

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Hostgator Unlimited Yes Free Yes $5.95/month

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inmotion hosting Unlimited Pre-installed WordPress Free (3 or less cPanel) Yes $6.99/month

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Hostinger Unlimited Yes Free Yes $2.15/month

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Dreamhost Unlimited Yes Free Yes $2.95/month

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Cloudways Limited Pre-installed WordPress Free Yes $10/month

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tsohost Unlimited Yes Free Yes £3.99/month

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TMD hosting Unlimited Yes Free Yes $5.95/month

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Kinsta Limited Yes Free Yes $30/month

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Pressable Unlimited Yes Free Yes $25/month

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Bluehost WordPress hosting

If you have been searching for a reliable hosting platform for your WordPress site then you must have already heard about Bluehost. It has been in the market for a long time now. Since its inception, it has been one of the most affordable and trustworthy hosting platforms for people. Apart from its amazing features and money-back policy most people are choosing this platform because of its WordPress hosting plans. It is one of the fastest and most reliable hosting platforms.

More than 2 million people across the globe are using it and what makes it special is that it is one of the recommended hosting platforms by WordPress. This platform is specially designed with users in mind. Even if you’re some with no technical background you can easily navigate through its dashboard. It will deliver you with total WordPress protection. You can choose a plan that matches the requirements of your business and each of these plans include a one-year free domain, instant WordPress installation, backups, unlimited bandwidth and storage, automatic updates and 24/7 customer support. 

It offers you services that you can rely on, their WordPress hosting solution provides you with all the features you need to ensure the safe and smooth running of the website. This hosting platform is perfect for getting to know a new blog or website. It is perfect for managing multiple low traffic websites. If you’re a beginner and are trying to build different websites then this is just right for you. However, if you want to grow your business then WP pro is best for you. It is great for managing your growth and it is faster than shared hosting and with WP pro you can host any complex websites with great speed. This hosting plan is especially perfect for managing short term spikes and high traffic. Not only that you can monitor your marketing success along with tracking your website performance.

Website building and much more

If you’re someone who is planning to build an online store then e-commerce plans are best for you. Build your store and it provides you with all the features that you need to make selling online simple and easy. It offers features such as shopping carts, PayPal processing, inventory management and all other essential tools. It is perfect for online shops and high traffic WordPress websites. And you can be assured about money transfers as it comes with secure payment gateways that make payment transfers safe. 

You can build your website here. Honestly, it just takes a few minutes to build a website. It provides you with free themes and plugins that will help you in creating a compelling website. In just a few clicks you can add many powerful features to your website with the help of plugins. It gives you the power of amazing features that allow you to create an amazing website. You can also get your business verified on Google my Business and with this platform, you will also get Microsoft office 365 available.

Not to forget if there are any WordPress updates it automatically updates it for you. Their customer support is present 24/7, so you can contact them, email or chat with them anytime to solve your queries.

This affordable hosting plan is secured by experts and it is offered from three different plans, so choose a plan that matches the requirements of your business.

Check out detailed Bluehost review here


Basic- $2.95/month

Plus- $4.95/month

Choice Plus- $5.45/month

Visit website: Bluehost

WPX hosting

WPX hosting is one of the fastest hosting platforms. It is undoubtedly one of the cheapest hosting platforms available. The page loading speed is pretty incredible and the page speed is guaranteed because they don’t rent the high-spec SSD, they own them. They have optimised machines that perform well even under heavy load, sounds cool right? It is an all-round as it provides you with all the features you require to make your website a success.

WPX hosting offers you unlimited SSL certificates for the lifetime. Amazing right? Free for life. All you need to do is one-click and there you go you have it. Another amazing feature of this hosting platform is that it removes malware for you. Be it an e-commerce store or website, you will be receiving much important information for your customers. If you’re not careful you may end up giving all this important information into the hackers.

So the most important thing you need for your website is security and WPX hosting is nowhere less in offering it. It eliminates any malware or virus that can be threatening for your website and keeps it safe from hackers hands. WPX has also recently launched its CDN i.e., WPX cloud. It is one of the fastest CDN. Their customer service is one of the best, they are friendly and available 24/7 you can connect with them through email, live chat or phone call.

WPX is one of the few hosting platforms in the industry that is offering you so many amazing services at such a cheaper price. All your issues will be fixed and for free by them. Your existing WordPress hosting platform is not up to the mark, they will migrate your site to WPX for free. Hurry up!!! What are you waiting for? WPX is one of the amazing companies as it feeds more than 500+ dogs and cats every single day. Amazing right? It is number one in both G2 crowd satisfaction and Trust pilot. 


Monthly price- $24.99

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WPengine provides you with WordPress Hosting, it is the first to offer you with the best WordPress hosting experience. One you could say that it is the only WordPress digital experience platform. Not only that it offers the best developer experience it also delivers unparalleled scalability, speed and security for your WordPress sites. This platform is designed on four pillars: agility, intelligence, integrations and performances.

All these four pillars have made the site setups simple, workflows easy, maintenance effortless and thanks to them the launches are now less stressful. From custom enterprise solutions to normal WordPress hosting it offers different options that are just right for your business. It is offering a total of 7 plans to its users to choose from, choose a plan that matches your business requirements and it is offering storage of 100 GB and a bandwidth of 1000 GB/month.

Some of its free features include genesis framework, 35+ studio press themes, transferable sites, Global CDN, SSH Gateway, imported SSL certificates and much more. Their customer support is available 24/7 and you can contact them whenever you come across a query. It is offering great add-ons too. But remember you must pay extra for them. It is providing its users with a tailor-made experience. So all you have to do is tell about yourself and add your recommendations and there you go you have your unique experience.

It also provides its users with insights and resources that can help them in growing their business faster. WPengine is trusted by many big names within the industry. With this application, you can build faster, protect and grow your business fast. Build your WordPress site with this platform and embark on a journey of amazing experiences.


Startup- $30/month

Growth- $115/month

Scale- $290/month

Premium- $400/month, Premium 1- $600/month, Premium 1.5 – $900/month

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A2 hosting

A2 Hosting is one of the most reliable and fastest hosting platforms. It is the best WordPress hosting solution. All of their web hosting plans are finetuned and will provide you with the best features that will help you in improving your website. This platform is a member of the WordPress community. If you want your website to be faster and not lose any of your audience then you must opt for A2 hosting. This platform is undoubtedly one of the best hosting platforms. It is a platform that provides you with stability, reliability and scalability. It is fast, affordable and most importantly reliable so you can be carefree about running your website. With A2 hosting by your side, you don’t have to worry about a single thing. It will automatically WordPress for you, no worries about setting up your WordPress website.

It makes your website 20x faster, all thanks to its turbo servers. A2 Hosting is optimised, it is pre-configured with best security and speed settings. This platform’s global data centres will make it possible to host your site close to your visitors. It offers features that make your life easier and your website performance better. Its Litespeed cache will boost your website speed and most importantly it is just right for your server. Simply put, it just reduces the overhead and makes caching more efficient compared to any other PHP-based caching solution.

It is offering four different plans to choose from. Each of these plans is fine-tuned and designed with all the businesses in mind. You can choose a plan that is perfect for your business. Turbo boost is the most popular plan amongst all. It offers you unlimited NVMe Storage, websites, easy and free migration, turbo (20x faster). Most importantly no matter which plans you choose from you will get any time money-back guarantee. 


Startup- $2.99/month

Drive- $4.99/month

Turbo boost- $9.99/month

Turbo max- $14.99/month

Visit website: A2 Hosting

Site ground

Site ground is one of the top-rated WordPress hosting platforms. It is known for its WordPress support too. They offer full-service for a variety of sites. You can rely on them for managing your WordPress site. The WordPress launch is fast, the automatic WordPress installation has made it quite easy, not only that they also have a unique and the most powerful WordPress starter. With this starter, it just takes a few minutes to make a fully functional site.

The one click-install has helped many businesses in launching their WordPress site. It saves you from all the usual business of downloading, installing and configuring WordPress manually. In just a single click you can simply download the site ground and take care of every single thing. They take care of everything from the beginning you can customise your website as you please there is no doubt in that. 

Let us take you through the process of click and install. Once you click on the install the automated installer will get you into the site admin panel of your word press site. Then with the help of the unique starter, you can choose the site designs and also add all other key functionalities of your site such as an online store, contact forms, portfolio, etc. The best thing is that this tool provides you with a collection of all the site designs of professional sites for you to choose from.

All you have to do is select the features and then all those features will be installed in your site automatically. Even if you have no technical knowledge you can create a compelling, functional website from scratch in a few clicks. Don’t you think it is fascinating?

The site migration with site ground is also highly smooth and simple. In just a few clicks it is done. You can either take the help of a professional that will help you with the transfer or you can do it by yourself with the free plugin of site ground migrator. Install the plugin on your website and then get a token from the site ground site tools and then put the token in the plugin. This migrator will move all your content safely without messing up your configuration.

Site migration and much more

Under the professional services, the professional will handle the job for you and rest assured there is no a thing for you to worry, as they will take care of everything from shifting your files to the databases. They are experts and they handle more than 50,000 site migration for a year. So you can be assured that your website is in safe hands. The migrators cost around $30/site. 

Next comes the security and the updates, they offer your website best security, you can be assured that they will protect your content at any costs there is no doubt about that. Because they manage the security of a particular site at both the application level and at the server.  You don’t have to worry about updating the plugin or WordPress software, as you see the site ground automatically updates and makes sure that the plugins and the WordPress application are up to date.

Not only that you can also schedule how quick you want the website to update. Cool, right? You can even completely skip updating in case you need more time to update. You can be assured that they offer amazing security because they keep track of all the vulnerabilities relating to the vulnerabilities of the WordPress. If they find any they patch it up against exploits. They issue dozens of rules every year and even before the developer’s official security update is released they protect your website from any unforeseen adversities.

The site ground also offers unmatched WordPress performance too. The site ground platform is hosted on google and it enjoys the latest hardware and the fastest network that comes with SSD persistent storage. You can imagine how fast and great your website performance will be. The websites hosted on this platform are fast because the site ground by default enables the NGINX direct delivery for every site that is hosted by the site ground.

Wondering what this is and how it will help your website? To explain it simply, because of it there are few items like images that load faster as they are stored in the memory of the server. However this is not the only reason, the biggest impact comes by using the higher levels of the super cacher service and connecting your site with the NGINX-based Memchached and dynamic cache services. This option is available on both the GoGeek and GrowBig plans. 


Other important features

The site ground provides users with an all-in-one optimization plugin. This plugin is specifically created for top-performing websites in your hosting environments. With the SG optimiser, you can use all your caching options available. You improve your site speed by setting it to the optimal PHP version by switching it to the HTTPS option, automated image optimization, GZIP compression, lazy image loading, CSS HTML minifications, etc. 

Site ground has partnered with Cloudflare for the free content delivery network to its customers. The CDN speeds up the load time of your visitors no matter from which geographical location they’re. To speed up it caches the content, exploits RailGun, automated image optimizations, bollocks malicious traffic, etc. This CDN network has a total of 194 locations and is growing so that the pages of websites will load faster. The site ground offers you all the excellent tools that are necessary for maintaining your website and building and maintaining the websites has become quite easy and simple thanks to these well-designed tools. 

It is offering SSL Certificates, all the plans include the free wildcard SSL certificates and Let’s encrypt standard. The standard SSL comes with preinstalled on your website to make it convenient and easy on your site. Daily backups of your account are taken. With a single click, you can also take instant on-demand backups. You can also create unlimited email accounts with the webmail interface. Stopping spam is also easy with the free spam experts service.

Making changes has never been so easy before site ground, you can make the changes like with a staging tool. If you’re an advanced user then they’re offering tools that will make your work simple and easy. It offers tools such as SSH access, Git integrations, PHP Version control, WP-CLI. The site ground is also offering good collaborative tools, you can easily add collaborators, give your clients Whitelabel access to the site tools of their website and ship sites to clients.

With the wide range of tools offered by this platform, one can easily maintain their website and make sure it runs smoothly. All these diverse tools are one of the main reasons why most clients and industry experts love this platform. Currently site ground is hosting around 2,000,000 domains. Opting to Site ground will not only make you less stressed but also more productive. This platform is recommended by the WordPress organisation, Yoast and woo. The help centre is available 24/7, whenever you have a query you can contact them, the customer support executives are always eager to help you and they’re extremely quick to help you in solving. Customer satisfaction is also high. 


Startup – $6.99/month
Grow Big- $9.99/month

GoGeek- $14.99/month

Visit Website: Site ground


If you have been in the business for a long time then you must have already heard about it. Hostgator is highly popular, it is considered among the top 10 best WordPress hosting sites. The reason why most people prefer it is because of its increased performance and faster load times. Your website can get up to 2.5x speed for your website. One of the most important factors for a business website is the loading speed. If the loading speed of a website is not fast, then there are high chances of them losing the visitors. See it is quite simple, if your website is not loading within a few seconds, they will go and look for other websites. There are hundreds of sites available for a particular product or niche.

If you want to be the first choice then your website should also be smart and smooth. But with a host gator, you can put such worries to rest as it offers 2.5x times faster loading speeds thanks to its supercharged cloud architecture, multiple caching layers, CDN and low-density servers. Rest assured, you can be relieved that your website content will be managed effectively and efficiently. Their exclusive cloud hosting services process your dynamic content requests easily. One of the main reasons for faster loading of a website is because of the turbocharging of the WordPress hosting. The control panel of the WordPress hosting is quite simple and easy to use. The WordPress cloud interface is highly focused on usability, reducing the complexities involved in traditional web hosting or any other cloud hosting.

With a single click, you can take auto backup. It is also configurable for the snapshot or full backups. This is not it, with one-click you can even handle the increased capacity requirements and the traffic spikes. It also provides you with easy access to hosting options and email accounts. Only a few of the companies offer the free site migrations, one of them is the Hostgator. It will transfer all your existing sites to the HostGator. The customer support is always here to help you and they include consultation services along with the hosting packages to ensure that you understand and start comfortably.

It also offers you the most popular WordPress templates in the MOJO Marketplace. You will also see that they have offered you valuable tips and tools to help you within the hosting platform. It is offering features such as supercharged speed, Advances security and convenient simplicity. Supercharged speed will increase the loading speed and your web pages will never take a long time to load again. And the HostGator makes it possible by without configuring your CDN or caching.

Performance and hosting packages

It will improve the performance of the website and you can rely on Hostgator as it has always got your back. Advanced security allows you to easily allocate and monitor the additional resources easily. You have total control over everything like your usage. Convenient simplicity will provide users with easy access to the database restores and individual files and the email accounts through one single portal. You can access all your important files from a unified portal, sounds cool, right? The Hostgator is also offering additional features such as value and features and excellent customer support. Value and features offered by the Hostgator are clearly of superior quality.

It offers optimal features such as plugins and templates. This platform is quite different from all the others in the industry. It offers great value compared to the other hosting companies and not to forget it has customer-friendly features and hosting packages. Whenever you’re stuck anywhere you can reach out to their customer support. They’re friendly and would patiently answer any of your queries. They are available 24/7, 365 days, you can either call them or email them. It is offering three plans for the users and the most recommended plan is the standard plan. Each of these plans has its benefits and choose wisely. Choose a plan that fits the needs of your business. 


Starter Plan- $5.95/month

Standard Plan – $7.95/month

Business plan – $9.95/month

Visit Website: Hostgator

Inmotion hosting 

Inmotion has made it to this list because it provides excellent services to its customers. It never compromises the performance. Inmotion has it all, from features to pricing, it is designed by the experts with different businesses in mind. It is fine-tuned to deliver superior security, performance and not to forget it offers the best reliability too. The pre-installed WordPress makes it easy to start a new website. You can start your new website without worrying about anything as you have Inmotion hosting by your side. It also offers a free WordPress page builder too. If you’re a first time user then look no further than Inmotion hosting. This platform makes it seamless and simple. In a few steps, you can build stunning and compelling websites. You can build your amazing modern website using the BoldGrid which is included in the hosting plans.

It offers you amazing features such as drag and drops, free themes, launch under an hour and full customer support. You can either choose the pre-install option or BlodGrid option while you checkout. With the drag and drop option, you will get what you see. You can drag all the features or buttons you want to make your website more efficient. It also offers free themes that are easily customisable. Not only these you can even pre-install on checkout. Cool right. You also get full design and hosting support. As it’s the first time you’re building a site from scratch you can depend on them to help you in building a cool website. No matter where you’re stuck you can always reach out to them for help. They’re always there to help you. 

If you’re someone looking to migrate your site from your existing hosting platform to Inmotion hosting then it is perfect. It offers you free migration and allows you to transfer all the website content and configuration safely without any mishaps. You can make use of this free advantage and if you’re not satisfied with your current hosting platform you can just switch to this platform and improve the performance of your site. If you use this platform the speed of the site is optimised. It offers you free SSD Storage, PHP 7, NGINX and FREE CDN included. You can be assured that you will receive the best security in the industry.

Other Features

Inmotion provides you with the best malware and hack protection along with the automatic backups and much more. Rest assured it handles the updates also well, it has automatic security patches and it provides you with an option to whether to update automatic updates or not. This WordPress hosting platform is managed by the experts and it comes with all the features your website needs to attract more traffic. The best features include pre-installed by the technical expert, data backups, auto-updates, WP-CLI integrations and much more. Also if you don’t understand something or need help the best customer support team is always there to help you, 24/7. With the pre-installed, you can get your website live in a matter of minutes. Inmotion is also offering the free domain for your new website or you can transfer you the existing domain for free.

The speed is incomparable. It just optimises your website fast and makes sure your website never expects a delay in loading. No matter which types your business is, it has plugins that will make your website more functional and better. Be it an eCommerce website or a normal website, they offer everything your business needs. The upgrades are also quite safe, you can install them safely without any worries. You can fill it with full confidence, but if you don’t like it then what? No need to worry as they provide you with a 90-day guarantee.

Simply put, if you don’t like the product within 90-days you can get your money back. The premium WordPress plugins and themes that are included in this platform. In most of the hosting plans, you will receive access to these premium features, You can build completely beautiful, mobile-ready websites without compromising on anything. All these plugins will make managing your website quite simple and easy. The templates and themes offered here are designed according to the latest standards of web design. Some of the premium features are You will get instant access to all the themes and the page templates. It is also offering the drag and drop plugin for WordPress and builds amazing web pages.

Not only that it even allows you to schedule your backups on time and also keep multiple offsite copies. It also provides you with SEO plugins that will improve the site search engine rankings. You can create beautiful galleries with ease, not only that you can also edit images quickly. The enormous benefits of WordPress don’t just confide to the size and speed. It comes at a reasonable price too. If you want your visitors to enjoy the experience of being on your site and keep your site from slowing down then you must make sure that you host the website on WordPress specific hosting platforms. This is one of the main reasons why you can trust this platform without worrying as it is developed and designed by WordPress experts.

All the plans offered by the Inmotion hosting are created with business owners in mind. These plans have everything that will optimize your website, security and has all the tools necessary to make sure that your website performs well. It is offering four best plans and each of them is suitable for a particular type of business. Choose a plan that matches the requirements of your business. If you’re a small business then the appropriate for small business and blogging. No matter which plans you choose they are offering you a free domain.


WP-1000S- Suitable for small businesses – $6.99/month

WP-2000S- Suitable for small businesses and blogging – $9.99/month

WP-3000S- Suitable for developers and growing businesses- $12.99/month

WP-4000S- Affordable and flexible WordPress hosting – $19.99/month

Visit Website: Inmotion Hosting


Hostinger has been around for a long time. It is one of the best hostings for WordPress sites. This hosting offers you a website with everything it needs to become a feature-rich website that attracts the attention of your users. It is both easy and quick. Be it a beginner or a professional you can comfortably use this platform. All the plans in this platform are highly intuitive and simple. It offers the best security within the industry too. Be it big, small or medium business. Not only this business is perfect for the technical or design-related business too. Because it comes with a lite-speed cache engine, SSL certificate and Cloudflare’s protection.

One can say that with all these exceptional features the safety of the website is guaranteed. Not only this the Hostinger also offers a wide variety of plugins that can improve the functionality of a website. These plugins will boost the website and also gives it all the finishing touches your website needs for becoming a compelling website. Themes can make your website interesting and it should match with your website’s concept.

With a Hostinger, you don’t have to worry about themes. It offers you many customisable themes that best suit your website. Choose a theme that is most suitable for your brand and elevates your brand personality. If you are wondering why Hostinger, in this huge list of WordPress hosting companies. There is more than one reason for that, to build a successful website you need a secure, optimized and stable WordPress environment. It is optimised for WordPress. Hostinger has contributed to the WordPress codebase. So one can be assured that they know everything about this CMS. Not only that it also comes with features that will help you in managing your website effortlessly.

They regularly update and make sure that any latest updates are updates. Simply put, they make sure that your website is undoubtedly one of the best platforms that fine-tune your website from time to time to stay in the trend. The pre-installed plugins (cache) are offered by the website. They will make sure that your website visitors have the best experience that is tailored just for them. Hostinger never compromises with the security. By choosing Hostinger you can be assured that your website is in safe hands. Because they will make sure that all your information is always safe. They use infinity360 to monitor all the websites under their hosting umbrella. With it, they crawl all the websites to make sure that they’re free from malware or any other possibilities or threats.

The best thing is that no unauthorised intrusion goes unnoticed, they take proactive measures to make sure that your website is safe and secure any time of the day. What is the point of choosing a WordPress hosting when it is not even fast? Don’t you think so? If your website takes a lot of time to load then your users will not wait for your website to load they will for sure go to your competitors.

If you don’t want to end up in such a situation then you must make sure that your WordPress hosting is the fastest. This is the reason why experts suggest Hostinger as it uses the Litespeed WebServer. This web server is the best in the world because this is specially designed for the WordPress CMS. LiteSpeed also comes with the LS Cache Plugin. This optimizes and makes your site ready to work at peak performance.

Also, it has 8 data centres across the globe that will make sure that your visitors enjoy the best loading speed and you can be assured that your website will never again have low loading speed. It is also providing users with the latest versions of PHP and HTTP/2 so that you’re always a step ahead of your competitors. One of the reasons why people prefer this platform over others is because it is developer-friendly. It will make sure that the developers have a seamless experience while creating a website.

Other Features

Hostinger also gives you control by giving you access to SSH, Git, WP-CLI, phpMyAdmin, SFTP, multiple PHP versions and above all a staging environment. It also offers features (advanced) that will bring out the true WordPress power of the website. As most of its features are discussed above, but there are advanced features that will boost your site, the jet plugin is one of them. Based on the hosting plan you have chosen for your site, you will be given some advanced plugins that can bring a difference to your website.

All these plugins are developed by the WordPress founders. With these plugins, you can optimise, scale and design your website easily. Installing WordPress on your website is quite simple. All it takes is just one click. Apart from usual WordPress installation it also offers people with specific optimisation to maximize the website performance.

This platform uses SSD’s to store the data and files. This is the reason behind the fast loading of the website. It also offers a WordPress accelerator, with every WordPress installation there comes the LSCWP plugin. This plugin will make sure that your website is working 4x times faster as it is combined with the Litespeed enterprise servers. Another best thing about Hostinger is that if you’re stuck anywhere at any time there customer support executives are always there to help you.

Need help adding the new feature or plugin to your site, upgrade your hosting plan or you have any other queries they are available for you 24/7, 365 days. Their time will respond to you back in 60 seconds. Isn’t it amazing? You don’t have to wait for hours or days to get your ticket as they work round the clock you will get a solution in mere minutes.

And you can be assured that all these people are highly experienced professionals in WordPress. If you are hosting your site somewhere else, no worries, migrating your site is quite easy with the Hostinger. Their easy-to-migrate tool will make migration simple and easy. If you don’t know how to do it then there are no issues as their experts will do it for you. And all of this for free of cost. Cool, right?

If you are stuck and need help you can refer to their tutorials and learn everything. These tutorials will help you in learning everything. From starting with WordPress to speeding up your website there are many tutorials for you to access and learn from. It automatically updates in case there are any updates. Be its security or any other core updates or plugins. Not only this, but the Hostinger also takes backup of your data and files every day.

You can be assured that all your important data is secured and protected well. This also allows you to make changes to the replicate website rather than your live website. It is possible because of the staging tool, thanks to this tool life has become easy for the novice and the developers. This platform is offering three different plans and they are great in their own right and each of them caters to a particular type of business. If you don’t think this hosting platform is perfect for your website then you can get your money back within 30 days of the purchase. One of the most common features in all of the plans is the unlimited bandwidth. They truly stand by their mission to make life easy for the web developers and the customers. Even if you don’t have a technically sound background you can still create your website.


WordPress starter- It is perfect for personal websites

Price- $2.15/month

WordPress Premium- It is perfect for the small and medium businesses

Price- $7.45/month

WordPress Business- It offers advanced solutions for the business that generate revenue 

Price- $14.95/month 

Visit Website: Hostinger


DreamHost is undoubtedly the unbeatable WordPress hosting. It is fast, reliable and it is perfectly optimised for WordPress. This platform is trusted by around 1.5 million websites across the globe. Another best thing about this platform is that it is recommended by the WordPress organisation. You can imagine who reliable this platform must be to be recommended by the WordPress organization itself. This open-source community occupies more than 30% of the internet. And undoubtedly it is one of the fastest-growing CMS platforms in the world. Dreamhost is the most reliable hosting platform for your hosting platform.

If you always wanted to build a website that is just perfect then Dreamhost is the answer for you. Be it a blog, small business, medium or big or an e-commerce site. No matter what your business is, you can take it to the internet and Dreamhost will help you in building the best website. With Dreamhost, it is quite easy to not only build a website but also manage it. Dreamhost is also a home for thousands of powerful plugins and gorgeous themes.

These themes and plugins will help you in customising your site. And also you can be assured that they will keep your site safe around the clock. Your website is in the safe hands as they will frequently auto-update your site. Not only great hosting plans it also comes with powerful features too. All the plans offered by the DreamHost come with robust features and amazing add-ons. All these features will make sure that you can build a successful and compelling website. As they work closely with the WordPress organisation, their control panel will also have the latest version of WordPress in it.

The features that Dreamhost offer include the instant WordPress set up, Auto WordPress Updates, Free Domain, Free Privacy Protection, Free SSL Certificate, the advanced panel is simple to use, Automated Backups, Free Email Hosting. Installing WordPress is not at all hard because Dreamhost offers 1-click WordPress installation. With this one-click installer, you can install WordPress in mere seconds. The plans offered by the Dreamhost support your multiple sites. You can get the domain name from the Dreamhost.

This platform will make sure that all personal information is safeguarded. And the best part is that it is done without charging anything extra. Their simple panel gives you admin access, you need to make your website powerful. This advanced panel will let you add users, forward domains, create email accounts (new), let’s encrypt SSL along with the WordPress installation. It is even offering the users with free email hosting too.

Other Features

You can create a custom email name that will help you in promoting your business. Dreamhost will provide you with a custom email address just for your website. The only way to keep your website safe is, to take a back up. With Dreamhost, you can easily take the backup. It automatically takes the automatic backups of the website daily. This platform also offers you with the free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate. With this certificate, you can protect your website as it has HTTPS. It encrypts the traffic along with the boosting SEO (Google). There is no doubt that this platform makes sure that your website has 100% performance and extreme speed. Teaming up with Dreamhost is the best thing that could happen for your website. All of their services come with the top-notch technology and expertise that will help you in succeeding on the internet.

No visitor is interested in the website that has lagging load time. When the information they’re looking for doesn’t appear immediately they will turn to the competitor without any doubt. So if you want to stay ahead of your competitors and take your business forward then the speed and performance of your website are highly important. But here is where the DreamHost differs, it uses SSD instead of the HDD’s. So that your website database queries and loading speed are quicker. Even at the night times, your website will not have the downtime. You can sleep happily knowing that Dreamhost is here to take care of this. It will make sure that your website is up and running even in the middle of the night.

With multiple data centres across the world, no matter where you’re visitors are from they won’t experience lag. Along with multiple data centres, it also has emergency generators, constant monitoring, redundant cooling. So there is no doubt that your site will experience 100% uptime. But if any time you’re stuck and need help the Dreamhost support team is here to help you, they have dedicated WordPress experts, who have years of experience in WordPress and can solve pretty much any problem of yours. This support team is in-house. So you can be guaranteed that they will be available 24/7. If you’re stuck with any issues, be it related to your WordPress or the functionalities of your site they’re here to help you get through it.

You can contact this award-winning team either through the phone or the email. Live chat is also possible between 5.30-9.30am pt. If not you can submit the ticket and they will get back to you as early as possible. Wondering what to do if you’re not satisfied with the service offered by the DreamHost, no problem because they understand that not everyone can be completely satisfied with their services. Although you will like this platform, if there is a chance that you didn’t you can receive your money back, if you’re a shared hosting customer who cancelled within the first 97 days of signing up. And if you’re a dream press customer then you can receive money back if you cancel within the first 30 days.

It is offering both shared WordPress hosting and managed WordPress hosting. Agreed each of them has its own merits and demerits but choose the plan that is right for your business. If you’re a small business that has started recently then you can go with shared WordPress. However, if you’re a huge corporation and require micro-management then it is better to go with the managed WordPress. Managed WordPress offers maximum performance for a particular site and it provides you with pro-level reliability, speed and most importantly security. On the other hand, shared WordPress is cheap, affordable and it is perfect for small websites that are yet to be hit by a ton of traffic. Dream host offers three interesting WordPress plans that are full of robust features that will take your business to new heights. 


WordPress basic

This plan is affordable, it offers all the basics a particular website needs to thrive. It is perfect for a business that is new to WordPress or for the business that is just entering into the online situation.

Price- $2.59/month


This is more fat and optimised WordPress hosting. It comes with professional staging, custom caching+email and daily & on-demand back-ups. 

Price- $16.95/month

VPS WordPress

If you want to support more than one website then this plan is perfect for you. It will allow you to make 5 WordPress sites. This plan is a high-performance platform that comes with backend control and isolated resources.

Price- $27.50/month

Visit Website: DreamHost


CloudWays is the best-managed cloud hosting platform. Building a website isn’t easy, there are so many things to consider and focus on but it will only increase the complexities if you have to worry about the hosting too. With CloudWays you can just direct your focus onto building an interesting and compelling website, as all your WordPress hosting platform issues will come to rest. There is not an ounce of doubt that this plan is one of the best WordPress hosting services.

This managed cloud hosting platform will give your business, no matter what it is flexible and provides you with a choice of how you want your websites to be hosted. CloudWays is known for its simplicity and choice. It is offering you around 5 cloud providers, All PHP apps are supported, unlimited applications and not to forget about the innovative control panel. It is also offering optimised stack, auto-healing servers, built-in CDN, PHP 7 ready servers. One can say that this innovative hosting platform is here to help businesses build and empower their team.

With its managed hosting your business can unleash their potential and take their website to new heights. In a matter of mere minutes, you can take your website to live. Say bye to complexities to setting up your website and within a few minutes, you can take your website live. You can even create web apps and manage them quite effectively. These apps can be both effective and collaborative. No compromise when it comes to performance. This platform is dedicated to providing users with fast and better performance. Its seamless scalability and ironclad security will no doubt keep your website safe.

So you can be assured that they’re offering the best security. Everything is under your control, you can choose the server, application, server size everything. Simply put, you can customize your website and make sure you can manage your website without worrying about a thing. If you have any queries you can always contact their support team, they’re here for you 24/7,365 days. If you want to enhance your support experience, you can choose the advanced support add-on. It not only enhances the support experience and provides you with a close partnership too. But if you want the help of senior support engineers then you choose premium support addon.

The senior support engineers come as an extension to your team to solve any worries. Whenever you’re stuck be it about the apps or website building they’re always here to help you. They’re also offering you 24/7 real-time monitoring. You don’t have to worry about backups too as they automatically backup all the data in your website so that you never lose your data again. This platform is well-versed with WordPress and they have an excellent idea on what takes away all the worries that your website may face. It takes away all the hassles relating to the cloud server, it gives you an option to scale your website as you want.


Other Features

CloudWays comes with features such as advanced caches, breeze plugin, PHP version, etc. With the advanced-cache breeze plugin, you enhance the performance of websites. It comes pre-installed with your WordPress website. CloudwaysCDN will improve the response time by reducing the latency. SSD hosting offers your website the maximum speed and reliability. It is better than traditional disks, as it is accommodating modern website demands. Optimized Stack of CloudWays includes NGINX and Apache as the web serves, along with it comes the MYSQL/MariaDB and PHP-FPM as databases for better performance of the website. While coming to the security Cloudways has so much to offer.

It is providing you with SSL certificate, Dedicated firewalls, login security, database security, application isolation, IP whitelisting. They regularly perform the firmware patches and upgrades to make sure that your WordPress website stays safe from any potential threats. With an SSL certificate, you can gain the trust of your visitors and you can ensure that their data is transmitted encrypted. You can deploy all of it for free in just a click. Data security system prevents anybody without authorization to access your data so that you don’t end up becoming a victim of any vulnerabilities and threats.

Although multiple websites are hosted on the same server, it isolates each of them to prevent them from getting affected by other websites. Cloudways provide you with two-factor authentication to detect any of the suspicious login attempts with login security. Whenever anybody tries to login into your website it automatically sends you the notifications to keep your website and server safe. IP whitelisting helps you in creating a list of IP’s to block or you can also create a list of IP’s for SSH/SFTP access to your database and account.

If you are already using another hosting platform but would like to change to CloudWays no issues, as migration with this platform is quite simple and easy. One migration by their engineers is done for free. You can also use the migrator plugin that can help you migrate for free. All you have to do is fill a form and the rest will follow. This platform offers simple hosting solutions for everybody. They understand your business needs and cater to them. Be it hosting for individuals, hosting for e-commerce, hosting for SMB’s, hosting for agencies.

It has around 60+ data centres across the globe. So you can choose a data centre that is near to your targeted audience and let your visitors experience the best performance of the website. Nobody likes late loading, the slower your loading time is the faster you will lose your visitors. So with CloudWays, you can be assured that there will be no delay in loading time and it will also improve your page loading time. Want to know more about the hosting platform before you make a decision? No problem they are offering you a three days trial version and once you like it you can get choose from their plans. All the plans are pay-as-you-go plans so there is nothing for you to worry.

You can host as many websites as you want and pay for the cloud server only at the end of the month. They charge payments monthly and hourly. You can start for free for all the plans and then start paying. It is offering three plans and the $42/month plan is the most popular. Another important point is that all these plans include DO hosting charges. You must remember that all the plans come with these below-mentioned features.

  • Unlimited WordPress Installs
  • Varnish, Memcached, and Redis
  • SSD-Based Hosting
  • HTTP/2 Enabled Servers
  • Staging Area and URLs
  • Free WordPress Cache Plugin
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Dedicated Server IP & Firewall
  • Automated Backups
  • SSH and SFTP Access
  • Server Auto Healing
  • Server and Website Cloning
  • Team Management
  • 24/7 Real-time Monitoring
  • Git Integration
  • Easy Server Scaling
  • WP-CLI Pre-installed
  • Multiple PHP Versions
  • Regular Security Patching
  • 24/7/365 Live Chat Support



This plan comes with 1GB RAM, 1 core processor, 25gb storage, ITB Bandwidth.


This plan includes 4GB RAM, 2 Core processors, 80GB storage and 4TB bandwidth. 


This plan includes 2 GB RAM, 1 core processor, 50GB storage and 2TB bandwidth.

Visit Website: Cloudways


This WordPress hosting is specially designed to keep your website at it is the best game. Tsohost especially focuses on optimising your websites and making sure that your website is smart, secure, fast and reliable. More than 6,00,000 people have relied on this platform to get their businesses online. All the packages offered by this hosting platform offers are optimised too. And not to forget the perks they come with. Setting up is also highly easy with this platform, yup, you heard it right, no more worrying about setting up, because this hosting platform will make sure that your website is set up without any interventions. Installing wordpress is also quick and simple, in just one click you can install it to your website.

It is also offering a variety of themes for you to choose from, you can pick a theme that reflects the personality of the website. Once you found that theme that you’re interested in you can start building your website. Their packages are well managed too. So they give you enough space to be as creative as possible. This way you can give your users what they’re expecting. Simply put, you can stand to their expectations while making sure that your website performance doesn’t deteriorate anyway behind the scenes.

There is not an ounce of doubt that this website is the best wordpress hosting platform compared to others in the industry. Wondering why? Because this hosting platform is an industry favourite, as you can see it with the no.of installs it has done till date. It includes features like cPanel Control Panel, In a blink set up, easy admin, speed, unlimited bandwidth, steely security, 99.99% uptime, free website migration and customer service with calibre. Cpanel Control panel allows you to manage your website with ease with all the legacy Cpanel software.

Other Features

In a blink set up will allow you to install wordpress in a single click when you purchase any of the hosting packages. Easy admin will make managing your website simple and easy, all thanks to their common sense, clutter-free control panel. You can be guaranteed about the speed as they employ all their optimisation techniques along with all the latest tech. So you can be assured that your website will never have issues with speed. They understand the importance of space for a website, it needs unlimited bandwidth to grow and that is what this platform is offering.

They don’t restrict the bandwidth and you don’t have to worry about paying for using the extra. You can be assured that your website is in safe hands, this platform comes with sophisticated monitoring, multiple powerful software firewalls along with plugins and custom rules. They will diligently protect your WordPress site against any kind of threats. It is also guaranteed that your website will have 99.99% uptime. Because they monitor any threats and patches that can be problematic for your website and repair them. They’re offering free migration, so without spending a single penny you can easily migrate your existing site to this platform. If you have any doubts their team is available 24/7 to answer your questions. Whenever you come across any queries relating to wordpress hosting you can contact them. They work 24/7 to resolve your tickets, you can either contact them through live chat or phone.

Their team will even help you in picking the best package for your website too. This support team is filled with wordpress experts, who understand it perfectly so you can rely on them to suggest the best plan for your website. In case you’re not satisfied with the plan you can get your money back within 30 days of purchase. And no hidden fees are involved. Most importantly they also include free domain names in the price too. It is offering four different plans for the users. You can choose a plan that matches the requirements of your business. Each of these plans has something special to offer for your website. The ultimate plan is the most recommended.

It is suitable for complex sites that deal with heavy traffic. The economy plan is quite suitable for starter websites. Deluxe plan is quite suitable for the multiple sites that need more flexibility and space. The maximum plan is quite suitable for sites that have high-res photos and videos. All these prices include VAT. Economy supports one migration, Deluxe supports 3 basic migrations, ultimate supports 3 migrations and maximum supports 5 migrations. 


Economy- £3.99/month

Deluxe- £5.99/month



Visit website: Tsohost

TMD Hosting 

TMD Hosting is also one of the top 10 WordPress hostings. This fully managed hosting platform makes it easy for your business to build and maintain a website. They understand the importance of page loading speed and how it can affect your website. So they have combined the 3 layer cache along with premium solid-state drivers to ensure that your web pages will never face loading issues again. This platform guarantees you 16 times faster loading speed for your website. You could say this is one of the main reasons why most people are taking an interest in this WordPress hosting platform. And its advanced features are also playing an important role in making this platform the best hosting platform.

TMD Hosting is also using the WordPress best practices to pre-configure your web hosting plan so that they can offer you a hassle-free experience and best performance. It also protects your website from any malware that threatens to ruin your website. Their senior administrator’s staff daily updates to ensure the safety of the website. They have also added an extra layer of security with a web-based firewall. It is powered by the BitNinja to safeguard your website from any online threats. Free daily backups, they constantly take the backup of the web site’s database and they can weekly copy your files. In case of any adversities, you can be assured that you have backups of your data readily available. And you can be assured that all these back-up restores are performed by the specialists.

The git version controls will make sure that you never lose track of all your changes. You can even streamline daily admin tasks for your convenience with WP-CLI. Every component in the DS computing. Each of these components in the infrastructure is doubled making sure that you achieve high availability and 99.999% time. They promise you an isolated environment too. Your server will be provisioned in an isolated environment. It provides you with greater monitoring and security. They monitor all the servers 24/7. Every mailbox you create for your needs can be protected from unwanted messages and all this protection is done in real-time.

Other Features

This spam expert in the industry-leading anti-spam tool that will protect you from spam messages. It comes in all DS packages for $9.95/month. From new WordPress websites to the existing WordPress. Apart from immediate activation, free domain registration, 24/7/365 premium support, free WordPress installation by a specialist. Existing WordPress comes with free WordPress transfer, unused months compensation, zero downtime, free database transfers, 24/7/365 premium support. Everybody knows that CMS is the most used CMS platform in the world and this platform is highly knowledgeable about this platform.

So they offer you tutorials and articles to understand WordPress related topics. If you have any questions, contact their support team they’re here to help you. These people have 10+ years of experience and are loaded with knowledge and patience so approach them in case of a dilemma. It is offering three different plans for you to choose from. Choose a plan that best matches the requirements of the website. Among these three plans, business is the most recommended plan. It is best suitable for the multiple website hosting and those that have growing traffic. Where the starter plan is perfect for starting a new website and Enterprise is more suitable for complex websites that drive huge traffic.

A business plan offers 2x performance and the Enterprise plan offers 3x performance. So it is suitable for brands that receive heavy traffic. Each of these plans has different features so before making a decision take your time and then select. In case you don’t like the service of TMD hosting you can always get your money back within 60 days of purchase. There you go, you have a fully managed hosting platform that makes hosting a website simple and easy. And with all these plans you get a free domain, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited SSD space. So what are you waiting for? Choose this hosting platform and make sure your website reaches new heights. Here are the pricing details.


Starter- $5.95/month



Visit Website: TMD hosting


Kinsta is a premium hosting platform that serves both small and large businesses. This platform is a managed wordpress hosting platform that helps you in taking care of all your needs regarding your website. They run on a cutting edge technology, so you can be assured that your website will receive all the support it needs and not to forget Kinsta also takes the support pretty seriously. It provides you with excellent features that make running a website simple and easy. Their basic services include ultimate speed, daily backups, secure like Fort Knox, free migrations, daily backups, google cloud platform, fully managed. With Kinsta handling your website you can be tension free and as they will make sure that your website is running perfectly without any worries.

They do scaling on-demand, always monitor your site and make sure to doesn’t have any problems. Since your website is in the safe hands, you can go and handle other important issues at your business such as working new plans to take you to new heights. You can be assured that support is their main priority, they have wordpress experts to help you whenever you come across an issue. Lastly, this platform is designed with beginners in mind, but that doesn’t mean that it is not for developers.

It has all the advanced features that developers will fall in love with. Installing is quite simple, you can either install or use the pro solutions right away. Kinsta offers you the best site management called MyKinsta. It offers you a dashboard overview of all your sites. MyKinsta is the centre for all your sites. You can do so much on this dashboard, it provides you with all the information relating to your sites such as bandwidth, tracking, visitor stats, etc. Not only that they also help you in creating SSL certificates, but you also don’t have to go around and search for the tools, as it conveniently in one location making it easy to find them. It is also home for a wide range of analytics such as architecture performance, website resources, etc.

There is not an ounce of doubt that this site management tool is highly powerful and it also provides you with granular access rights that allow you to manage users. They make sure that your website is always secure. That is all thanks to their state of the art technology such as LXD software containers, Nginx, PHP 7.4, compute-optimized VMs, MariaDB. All these softwares would make sure that your website is never slow again, it will load in the blink of an eye. They will also provide automatic scalability, high availability and lastly the complete resource isolation.


Other Features

You can be assured that with Kinsta protecting your website you will never again have to worry about your site getting attacked every again. Because it takes both passive and active measures to especially stop any threats or attacks from hackers or any third parties. So you can be assured that your content is always protected and kept safe.

They continuously monitor for any patches or attacks and fix them in time, so you can be assured that you will never lose all your important data to hackers. It also comes with DDoS attack detention, software-based restrictions, hardware firewalls, SSL support. So no matter what time, you can be assured that your site is secured and monitored 24/7. Kinsta has employed the best infrastructure, from their software to hardware, each and everything.

They will only use the latest framework versions installed and are up to date. If your existing site is on some other platform, no problem. Kinsta will migrate your site for free. And migration is secure and you can be assured that you will not be losing any of your data. Their migration team will take care of everything, and there is not a thing for you to do as they will make sure that the migration is perfect, as they are experts in it. You will assign a temporary domain for your migrated site and before making it live, they will make sure that everything is alright. As said they guaranteed that your site will have good uptime, they will make sure of it. They check the status of all the sites they’re hosting every 2 minutes.

They will back up your site every single day so you can be assured that in case anything happens to your site, you can activate the backup site with just a push of a button. If you want to increase the number of backups, you can, by paying an additional fee they will increase the frequency of the backup of your site, they will take backups of your site every 6 hours or they will even take the backups every hour too. They offer you efficient communication too, you don’t have to worry about standing in line for hours to resolve your tickets.

As they have customers across the globe they are available 24/7. So you resolve your queries faster than you thought. As they have google cloud platform data which has 24 data centres, you can choose a data centre that is nearer to you, so that you will never experience low loading speed and never lose visitors again. You can easily either upgrade or downgrade from your existing plans. It has no fixed-term contracts and if you don’t like it within 30-days of purchase, you will get instant prorated refunds. If you subscribe for a year, you get two months for free.

This platform hosts enterprise and agencies of all sizes. Apart from the dedicated VM’s, higher plans are also available. Before you decide to purchase a plan, you can try their demo version. All the plans come with hack fix guarantee and free migration. And if you are satisfied with this hosting platform then you can choose a plan that best matches with the requirements of your business. It has 10 plans for your businesses, each of these plans has different features, so choose a plan that suits your business.

There are optional add-ons also available with each plan, they add more power to your website. The best part is that this hosting platform also provides people with a free e-book on how to improve the speed of your wordpress site. You can rely on this book, around 15+ years of experience is included in it. Be it a beginner or an advanced developer, everybody can take away something from this book. It comes with strategies that you can use today. 


Starter- $30/month

Pro- $60/month

Business 1 – $100/month, Business 2 – $200/month, Business 3 – $300/month, Business 4 – $400/month

Enterprise 1- $600/month, Enterprise 2 – $900/month, Enterprise 3 – $1200/month, Enterprise 4 – $1500/month

Visit website: Kinsta


Pressable is the managed wordpress hosting. It is simple, scalable and fast. You can design, build and launch your successful wordpress websites on this hosting platform. There are many reasons why you should choose pressable. One of them could be that they understand wordpress better than anyone else because they’re experts and are quite clear in what they want. Another reason could be because it offers services to every business, be it small, medium or large. It even offers services to enterprise-level companies. It is not an exaggeration to say that wordpress works best with pressable. This platform offers its users with unmatched performance and reliability. It has the most powerful data centres that house sites such as,, You will build and host your websites on these data centres only.

Pressable guarantees 100% wordpress compatibility, 99.99% guaranteed uptime, knowledge and insights into the latest updates and releases of wordpress. It also makes sure that your website has the optimal website speed, performance and power. This platform comes with specialized infrastructure, security, caching, collaborator access, SFTP Access, Staging environments, CDN, 99.99. This platform comes with specialised infrastructure that is built and maintained by the greatest mind behind the wordpress and this is exclusively for hosting the wordpress. Your site will receive the highest level of security, reliability and speed. It also doesn’t compromise on security too. From malware scans to DDoS protection are few of how they tackle the security issues of the website.

Not only that, they just lock down their servers and also regularly scan the servers to prevent intrusions. As the caching of this site is built-in you don’t have to worry about the configurations or plugins. Your wordpress files are stored and will be offered to the visitors without any delay. It also allows you to control the permissions and collaborator access. Not only that it also provides you with the two-factor authentication that adds an extra lining to the security of the website and makes sure that all the data in your website is safe and nobody can access this data without the authorization.

The inbuilt SFTP access will help you in gaining secure access to your wordpress web server and files, it provides you with all the control you need to protect the sites. You can also improve or update the sites of your clients on the unique staging environments offered by the staging environments. Simply put, it puts an end to all your worries of editing a site live. The global CDN makes sure that you’re connected to the optimised network that makes sure that your website is consistent and fast. It comes with a unique dashboard that helps you in managing your wordpress site with ease. You can clone with one-click and it makes migration also pretty easy.

Other Features

Not only that it offers domain management and much more. It comes with tools such as Free SSL certificates, simple migration, personalized onboarding, one-clicking cloning, wordpress training and Jetpack premium. The Free SSL Certificate makes sure that the connections between the server and your site are secure. And it makes sure that they are secure with the let’s encrypt free SSL certificates. Migration is simple with Pressable.

You can either let their team handle it or do the migration by yourself with the automated plugin. No matter which method you choose it is free. With pressable, you can easily clone your client website. The one-click cloning tool makes sure that you can effortlessly clone any website. Personalized onboarding will make sure that your transition to this platform is simple and seamless. You will receive access to jetpack premium for free.

It includes the backup tools, themes, marketing and site statistics, SEO tools, security features and backup tools. This platform also comes with leading wordpress training software. From adding plugins to managing posts your team can speed up a lot of things for free. If you need their help their team is always ready to help you. They’re available 24/7 and if you face any queries you can contact them to solve the issue, be it about the wordpress CMS, website or malware protection. And you can be assured that all these people are experts in wordpress and have more knowledge and experience so they will make sure that all your worries disappear. This platform comes with four different plans so you can choose among these plans the one that matches with your requirements. 


Personal- $25/month

Starter- $45/month

PRO- $90/month

Premium- $155/month

Visit website: Pressable


As we have come to the end of our list, you must understand all the features of each of these sites. We have provided you with detailed knowledge about each of these sites and their functionalities. Hosting is the first important decision you make regarding your website. So make sure that you don’t make a wrong choice and end up regretting it. Check all the platforms and their plans, compare them with each other and then come to a conclusive decision on which platform suits your website the best.
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