A2hosting Review

Wandering to buy the best web hosting provider for your website? Yes!!! Look no further than A2 hosting. Businesses who are running their website using A2 hosting have a good taste. According to a recent analysis, A2 Hosting stands as one of the best web hosting providers.

About A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is one of the popular and oldest web hosting providers in the market. It was founded in 2001. The hosting destination is offering high-quality services and its incredible benefits make it stand out from the crowd. The web hosting destination offers excellent hosting solutions and provides 99.9% uptime, fast loading time and more. After months of research, our team has finally found the perfect hosting provider i.e A2 Hosting that is offering unlimited bandwidth, better storage, easy-to-use user interface and customer support.

Did you know, more than 97% of A2hosting reviews by customers are positive? Because the provider offers 20x faster servers and other outstanding features at an affordable price.

What are the products and services of A2 Hosting?

A2 Hosting is offering great products and services for their customers. Let’s discuss the products and services in this A2hosting Reviews. 

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a web hosting where a physical server is responsible for hosting multiple websites. Many businesses or users use the resources (tools, software, storage, bandwidth, etc) on a single server.

Shared hosting is the best option for websites with low traffic. A2 Hosting is highly popular for its shared hosting subscription plans. The startup plan starts at $2.99 per month. Popular plan of shared hosting is “TURBO”, which starts at $9.99 per month. The TURBO plan offers attractive features of A2 Hosting, growth and Turbo. Business can have more power i.e unlimited websites, free site migration, automatic backup, money-back guarantee and more.

Best WordPress hosting

Enjoy the best WordPress hosting solution at A2 Hosting. The solutions offered by A2 Hosting are fine-tuned. The startup package is starting at $2.99 onwards. The provider is also offering “Managed WordPress hosting subscription plans” for their customers. These are shared hosting plans that are specially optimized for WordPress. Also, the WordPress hosting has additional WordPress features such as staging, WordPress experts for assistance and more. Every plan consists of a rich set of features such as unlimited website, free site migration, money-back guarantee, automatic backup and more.

LiteSpeed Cache – Choosing the “Turbo Server Solution” is the best option for online business. As the solution offers an extra speed boost with “LiteSpeed Cache” for your WordPress. It is an effective plugin used to communicate with the Turbo server and LSCache. As a result, your website loading time will gradually decrease. Because LSCache is automatically built into the service. Ultimately, the overhead is reduced and the caching process is processed more effectively when compared to other popular caching solutions.

VPS Hosting

VPS stands for a virtual private server. Did you know, VPS hosting is the popular web hosting solution you can opt for your site. A VPS uses virtualization tools to divide the physical servers into several virtual servers. Every server will have the capability to run the operating system and other applications.

A2 Hosting is offering three types of hosting plans. Want to know about them? Continue reading the A2hosting review.

  • Core VPS
  • Managed VPS and
  • Unmanaged VPS

It’s a well-known fact that VPS hosting provides great security and stable solutions compared to shared hosting. Also, shared hosting doesn’t provide dedicated server space. The cost of a VPS is less when compared to a dedicated server. Many medium-level businesses choose VPS hosting to run their website. As the website has medium-level traffic, VPS web hosting is the perfect solution for them. The medium-scale organizations don’t require the resources such as storage, bandwidth and other tools of a  dedicated server.

Reseller hosting

Want to earn passive income, reseller hosting is the right option for you. Reseller hosting is a popular web hosting service where the user has the ability to use their allotted resources to host their websites or blogs on behalf of 3rd parties. The user can earn millions of dollars through reseller hosting. A user purchases the web hosting service at affordable prices and sells them to their customers and earn profits. If you’re a designer or developer, you can upgrade and make changes on the existing web hosting. As the A2 hosting is offering a user-friendly cPanel, developers can easily use the operations using the easy-to-use dashboard.

WordPress hosting

When searching for incredible WordPress hosting for a website or blog, be well prepared to choose the host that is offering high performance. Hurray!!! The top-notch WordPress hosting service is now available at A2 Hosting. The provider offers fast and reliable WordPress hosting for all businesses. The web pages will load with upto 20x faster than other competitive WordPress web hosting services. Host on A2 hosting blazing-fast turbo servers. The account includes PHP7 and free SSL for extra protection. A2 Hosting is great to announce as a member of “WordPress Community”.

A2 Hosting experts strive all the time to provide better support and services for their customers. That way customers are enjoying high performing, reliable and great customer support from WordPress hosts at rocket-bottom prices.

  • Automatic setup – You don’t need to worry about the installation of WordPress files. A2 Hosting experts will make your process easy by pre-installing WordPress files for you.
  • Upto 20X faster – Start hosting your website or blog on A2 Hosting Turbo Servers and enjoy upto 20x fastest WordPress Hosting.
  • A2 Optimized – A2 Hosting is pre-configured with the world-class speed, flexible and security setting.
  • Free SSL – Protect your website information with SSL. The “Let’s Encrypt SSL” is pre-configured and available for free for your website.
  • Global servers – Business can host their website near to visitors through global data centres.

Drupal Hosting

Drupal hosting service has been recommended by Drupal for the past few decades. No matter whether you’re running a blog or site, SwiftServer platform at Drupal offers high-performance. Also, you can select “Turbo Servers” to enjoy 20x faster page loading. The Drupal tool is pre-installed and the experts at A2 Hosting will optimize your account. Finally, the A2 optimized will stop the guesswork on how to improve the page loading speed. Also, A2 optimized offers auto-configuration in order to get excellent performance, safety and security settings. There are amazing benefits of choosing Drupal hosting. Learn more by continue reading the A2hosting reviews

  • Guru Crew support – A2 Hosting provides friendly support to their customers. Provide valuable services around the clock.
  • Free account migration – Experts at A2 will move your website to A2 Hosting at free of cost.
  • Money-back guarantee – Choosing an A2 hosting is risk-free. As the provider offers a money-back guarantee anytime.
  • 99.9% uptime – A2 Hosting is committed to providing 99.9% uptime. As the users rely on incredible and ultra-reliable servers.


Joomla is a content management system. CMS is used to edit and publish the content online. Joomla is used to handle and manage several sites across the world. Businesses can build their website and give an elegant touch, user-friendly interface and personalize according to their interest. There are thousands of quality templates and attractive features are available at Joomla. It offers ultra-reliable web hosting solutions such as free SSL, free site migration, excellent features at Joomla hosting.

Easy set-up – Getting started with Joomla is pretty simple. As the service starts with easy installation. You will get an opportunity to have a Joomla automatically on their accounts during registration. Also, you don’t need to think about uploading or downloading the files to get started with Joomla. In fact, Joomla will be waiting for you once you get started building your website.

Flexible cPanel – Users can easily manage their accounts, database and storage effectively using Joomla cPanel. There may be a time when you feel like not wanting to have a Joomla hosting immediately. When you get started and want to use the Joomla software, Softaculous is the solution for you. The Softaculous service is available at cPanel, Start installing the Joomla with a single click.

Risk-free – Joomla hosting is the risk-free solution. It promises a “money-back guarantee” if you’re not satisfied with its service. But for sure, you’ll relish using Joomla hosting.


Magento is a popular e-commerce destination released in 2008. This hosting is offering outstanding flexibility and comfort allowing users to personalize their website and enhance the customer experience.

Are you planning to host a Magento site at A2 Hosting? You’re on the right path. The excellent “SwiftServers” and “Turbo Servers” are used to load the site faster i.e upto 20X than other hosting providers.

A2 optimized – Yay!!! Your Magento service is pre-installed and also A2 optimized on your account. The A2 optimized offers an automated configuration to boost your website in terms of performance and security. Therefore you can concentrate on building your website, creating quality content and promoting your brand.

High performance – A delay of 1 second while loading the page will have more impact. The bounce rate increases, SEO ranking and conversion rate will gradually decrease. No more worries!!! A2 Hosting and Magento are offering “SwiftServer platform” to improve performance. Hosting your site on an optimized server of your choice, free SSD are few advantages of selecting A2 Hosting.

Developer friendly – The experts at Magento hosting are working harder and concentrating on loading accounts with the incredible version of the software. The available development software’s are PHP 4.4, MySQL 5.6, PERL 5.10, free SSL, Apache 2.4 and more.

Every web hosting service is fine-tuned and ready for you. 


If you’re running an e-commerce platform, OpenCart is the perfect e-commerce tool and shopping cart destination for you. An OpenCart offers powerful tools for their customers. These tools are used to build and run the e-commerce business. OpenCart hosting is specially optimized for high performance. Get the powerful OpenCart hosting from A2 hosting and avail several benefits. The software offers multiple server locations, advanced caching, free SSL, free SDN, user-friendly and more.

OpenCart is an effective online management store software. It is completely based on PHP using HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and MySQL database key components. The hosting platform provides great support and services for several countries. On top of it, OpenCart is available for free under “General Public License”.

User-friendly: OpenCart is the best place for a beginner. As the provider offers a user-friendly dashboard with easy-to-use menus. Keeping it simple, OpenCart is straightforward software. As the software provides virtual file structures, ready-made templates, thousands of applications or extensions and more.

Speed: Slow-loading web pages can be frustrating for customers. Slow app connection can make the customer drive away from your website. Webpage loading speed plays a vital role. OpenCart has considered “SPEED” as an important factor. The platform guarantees to improve the page loading time and hold your customers on your website.

Server Reliability: The reliability of your website is important to consider. Therefore having a reliable web hosting provider helps to improve the server reliability. Since the web hosting provider operates around the clock and guarantees you’ll never get disappointed in the coming days.

Security: It’s no secret that security plays an essential role in online business. The OpenCart hosting will ensure great security in the long run. Protect the sensitive information that is transmitted on the web by visitors through security bridges. OpenCart will make the security process easier for businesses and visitors.

Flexible customer support

Have any queries regarding hosting? Yes!!! Feel free to connect with A2 Hosting and get a solution instantly. The team will help you with the right decision. A2 Hosting has professional and experienced customer support teamwork 24/7/365. Connect to A2 Hosting agent through phone, live chat and email. 

If you’re a newbie to the hosting. There are hundreds of articles to improve your hosting skills. These articles act as handy tools to get quick solutions to sticky situations. If you want to speak with the customer support agent, there are various contact options available at A2 Hosting such as customer support, contact sales, contact billing, call us and live chat. Depending upon the requirement users can submit their ticket, make a call or chat with agents.

Connecting to live chat at A2 customer support can be a daunting task. The agent can take more than 5 minutes to hop on. This can be a time-consuming process for users. But once the agent gets connected, the process will run smoothly. Agents will provide valuable solutions in no time. Customer support teams are friendly and provide genuine solutions within less than 45 seconds. Customers are having a great experience by connecting with A2 Hosting. 

Free Site Migrations

Want to move your website? A2 Hosting will do it for you. The experts will move your website to the server without charging a single penny. Free site migration is applicable to every plan. You need to connect to A2 Hosting customer agent to migrate your site. Make sure to provide your cPanel details to the agent. The supportive agent will take care of your migration

All you need to do is reach out to their customer support department with your cPanel account credentials, and the rest will be taken care of by the agent. If you’re planning to choose shared hosting, the plan includes one free site migration. When you choose reseller, VPS or dedicated hosting, you will get free 25 site migrations. You need to provide the credentials of your cPanel, or else A2 experts require additional work. This work might be time-consuming and charge a little extra amount.

Powerful Tools

Thanks to A2 Hosting!!! The provider offers an excellent content management system, user-friendly tools, website builders and more. The provider works effectively with popular CMS. You can easily install various hosting services such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento or OpenCart with few simple clicks. You don’t need to hire a developer or designer to work for you. Also, you don’t require coding skills to install or run these tools.

If you want to increase the performance of your website, then “A2 Optimized WordPress” is the best plugin for you. It is included in Turbo plan, the plugin ensures to improve the performance of your website and keep your website speedy. On the other hand, A2 Hosting is also offering a dedicated website builder “SiteBuilder”. This website builder can be beneficial for the one who doesn’t want to spend their time on learning programming languages. The SiteBuilder will help to build an excellent and high-performance website for you.

The plans offered by A2 Hosting are compatible with “Cloudflare CDN account”. This is used to improve website performance. The images, videos and other large files will load quickly. If you’re running an agency, hosting multiple websites under a single roof can be difficult. Therefore A2 Hosting is the best solution for webmasters and agencies. As the provider is offering excellent and powerful developer-friendly tools. Users can get admin-level access, free backup and more.

E-commerce and Security

Running an e-commerce business? Struggling harder to sell your product or services? Yes!!! A2 Hosting is the platform you need to visit. As the provider is offering several e-commerce tools. Let’s dig about the security in this A2Hosting Reviews.

A2 Hosting is providing excellent and effective e-commerce services such as AbanteCart, OpenCart and more. These tools are used to build an online website with no hassles. It can be a better option for beginners. They can set-up or install the application within a click of a button. Magento is the best e-commerce application, beginners can make great use of this app while creating an online store. The application offers various tools and easy drag-and-drop element to make the process user-friendly.

It’s no secret you require “HTTPS” website to increase trustworthiness. A2 Hosting provides SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to your website. Therefore the SSL will encrypt the information between your website and customer’s information. Hence the customers need not be worried about their transactions. As every transaction are processed in a secured way. 

Data Centres

Data centres play a crucial role in website performance. As the data centres of the A2 Hosting are located across 3 continents. It is one of the key reason for choosing A2 Hosting. The data centres are located in Michigan (United States of America), Singapore (Asia) and Amsterdam (Europe). Businesses can have easy access to the nearest server. Ultimately, the closest server will enhance your website speed and performance. These servers are continuously monitored and maintained by A2 Hosting professionals around the clock. As the servers are specially taken care of by A2 Hosting, your website will rely on their safety and security.

Developer Features

Developers will enjoy using A2 Hosting. As the provider is offering powerful features to developers as well. If your a developer or programmer, you can easily run an online site using several tools offered by A2. The latest version will be upgraded to your account. Therefore, you can always be on the top list while running a website. The hosting destination is also offering performance-tuned databases. It includes MySQL, Perl, Ruby and more.

The special tools with a “Linux based solution” are PHP, FTP, MySQL, Python, JS, SSL, Free SSH access and more. Besides, the powerful tools with a “Window-based solution” are NET 4.x, MVC 5, Silverlight, Classic ASP and more. These are the few tools available at A2 Hosting for web developers.

Money-Back Guarantee at Anytime

The term “Money-back guarantee” can make customers happier. Because the money-back guarantee will increase users satisfaction with their hosting purchase experience. A2 Hosting is offering a money-back guarantee to get users to try their products or services. If you’re not fully satisfied with A2 Hosting, you can get your money back. The provider is offering a standard “30-day money-back guarantee”. Users can use A2 hosting as their wish, they can run into any issue within one month period and get a full refund. No additional questions are asked.

However, the popular hosting providers have done few modifications to the policy over a decade, customers are enjoying this benefit. Now, A2 hosting is offering a money-back guarantee at any time. Yes, you’ve heard it right. You can get complete money-back within one month. Consider, you’re happy with the A2 Hosting services and subscribed for 3 years. If you’re not satisfied after 6 months, it sounds like a horror story right. No worries!!! Connect to agent and request for refund. You will get a prorated money back for the remaining period. As the A2 Hosting is offering excellent features and powerful tools, the chances of requesting for money-back will be less.

Be caution, there are caveats with A2 Hosting. Let’s discuss in this A2hosting review.

The refund amount will be reflected in the PayPal account. There are few services that are not refunded i.e domain registration, migration set-up and more.

High Security

A2 Hosting is offering “HackScan” to ensure safety and security. It’s no secret “Online”, “Safety”, “Security” and “Speed” don’t work smoothly hand-on-hand. Because, additional security services such as scanning, firewall and other security mechanisms will often slow the user down. Say big thanks to A2 Hosting, it provides HackScan for their customers. The security software will offer a 24X7 monitoring service that is capable of scanning the virus or malware and providing additional security services. Keep your website safe from other day-in and day-out attacks.

One of the effective ways to keep your website secure is by preventing malware or issues before it breaks out. A2 data centres are scalable. The website is protected from DDoS breaks out. When the DDoS attacks increase there may be chances for your website to move offline. Therefore A2 Hosting will handle sudden issues and unexpected surges.

Pros and Cons of A2 Hosting


Speed: A2 Hosting is 2X faster web hosting. No matter whether you’re running a blog with a large number of videos or a website with several images, A2 Hosting will load your webpage within a fraction of seconds. The platform is offering a “Turbo” plan for its users. Here the turbo servers are responsible for 20X faster web page loads compared to other standard hosting plans. Choose Turbo plan to run a high-performance website.

Progressive and advanced features: The better plan, the better features are available at A2 hosting. Their premium plan is offering interesting advanced features such as com[plate isolation, customize server resources, free site migration, staging areas and more.

Developer tools: A2 Hosting provides a rich set of developer tools to enhance the website. The latest version of software and tools are provided for developers by A2.

Regular Backups: Great news!!! Your business important information is safe under A2 Hosting. The expert will perform an instant backup. They keep seven backup copies of your website. The backup feature is available in the premium plan such as “Drive”.

Server locations: Business can host their site in America, Europe or Asia.

Unlimited storage & bandwidth: Users can enjoy unlimited storage. Keep a note, your files cannot exceed more than 600,000. Hence bandwidth is not unlimited either.

Window-based hosting: A2 Hosting is offering Window-based servers to run their website effectively.


Uptime: A2 hosting is providing low uptime. Their experts are focusing more to improve the uptime.

On-demand backups are charged separately: If you’re planning to request for on-demand backup for your website i.e creating an own backup may charge extra. It means you need to purchase their backup add-on.

No PCI Compliance: Choosing a web hosting with no PCI compliance can be difficult for business. The provider doesn’t support “PCI Compliance” out-of-the-box. This is not a good solution to run an e-commerce website.

Complicated checkout: If you’re a newbie to A2 hosting, the checkout procedure can be a confusing and difficult task for you.

35 concurrent HTTP connections: HTTP connection are important while transferring the data. All the shared hosting subscription plans are provided with 35 concurrent HTTP connection to a server. These are limited and not enough for a few sires. 

When to Use A2 Hosting?

Are you running a medium scale business? Yes!!! You might require unlimited storage and bandwidth to run your website.

A2 Hosting is the perfect reliable solution for your business.

The platform is offering excellent features, applications and advanced tools that many competitors are not offering. For example, there are few features such as a staging area, WordPress, Magento and server-side caching are not included by a few popular hosting providers.

According to a recent analysis of A2hosting review, it is the best solution for new bloggers who require an effective host. Also, the provider is a better choice to run small and medium scale organization who are looking for high-performing features and services. Developers can use A2 Hosting to earn passive income. Reseller hosting is the best way to earn money, developers can buy and modify the features for better. Hurray!!! A2 Hosting is the way to earn money.

It’s an excellent option for people who are looking to host a “Windows-based” project.


A2 Hosting is the perfect solution for businesses who are looking for reliable web hosting providers at pocket-friendly prices. The web hosting provider knows the importance of website performance. It aims to provide amazing services at cheap prices. Small and large businesses can get benefited with A2 Hosting. There are several pricing available at A2 Hosting. Choose the plan that meets your business need and requirement. Let’s discuss in detail about the pricing plan in this A2 hosting review.

  • The basic plan of shared hosting, WordPress hosting and VPS hosting starts at $2.99 onwards. If you’re running a single website, a basic plan is sufficient for you. It includes one website, 100 GB SSD storage, free and easy site migration, money-back guarantee and more.
  • Reseller hosting bronze plan starts at $13.19 onwards. The plan is offering excellent features such as 30GB storage, 400GB transfer, 20X faster turbo option, free SSL and SSD, money-back guarantee, WHM control panel and free eNom reseller account.
  • Buy domain at rocket bottom prices at A2 hosting. Users can buy and transfer their domain easily with A2 hosting. The provider is offering various domains such as
  1. .biz – $17.45 USD per year
  2. .com, .info, .net and .org, .ca and .us – $14.95 USD per year
  3. .cc – $19.95 USD per year
  4. .co – $34.95 USD per year

Hidden Facts about A2 Hosting

  • User-friendly –  A2 hosting experts are struggling harder to make the job easier for businesses. Users can easily sign up within a few simple steps. Experts at A2 hosting ensure that users don’t feel difficult while installing, transferring or running their website. 
  • Payment Methods – The hosting destination is offering several payment methods to improve the convenience for users. Businesses can pay their payments using their credit card, Skrill, net banking, PayPal, and PayU Latam. Choose the payment method that is comfortable for you.
  • Account activation – The A2 hosting account will be activated instantly. Users don’t need to wait for a longer period for activation.
  • Hidden charges & clauses – The renewal prices are pretty high when compared to the introductory period. Also, if you want to cancel the plan then you need to cancel the subscription 15 days before the renewal period. Or else, automatically the charges will be added.
  • Non-refundable – The domain name purchases are non-refundable.
  • Site migration – A2 hosting offers only 1 site migration for basic plans.
  • Upsells – There are only a few upsells available.
  • Control panel & dashboard experienceA2 hosting offers easy-to-use cPanel and flexible dashboard. These can be handled by non-technical people as well.
  • Eye-catching services – The best hosting destination allows users to install applications and CMS. Sounds amazing right!!! There are several hosting options available at the checkout page. It includes Joomla, WordPress, Magento, OpenCart and more.

Do Myvu Recommend A2 Hosting?

Absolutely YES!!!

A2 Hosting is recommended service for small, medium and large scale businesses. The provider is delivering world-class performance from the past few years. Besides, the professionals at the customer service team are friendly, creative and helpful. There are many benefits of choosing A2 Hosting, as every plan includes amazing benefits such as free SSL, free site migration, 30-days money-back guarantee, better uptime and more.

If you’ve any issue while hosting, you can request for money back on a prorated amount of unused time. Refund policy ensures the users to feel safe under A2 Hosting hands. The only downside of A2 Hosting is they provide high renewal fees. Also, when you choose an expensive shared hosting plan i.e “Turbo”, the provider will offer only one site migration for free.

The bottom line of A2Hosting Review

It is a well-known hosting platform across the globe. A2 Hosting provides cutting-edge technology, outstanding tools at cost-effective prices. Businesses can install the application instantly and migrate their website with zero cost. The provider has covered every hosting functionality. Money-back guarantee and flexible customer support make it a kick-start point for many businesses.

9.5 Total Score
A2 Hosting

Money-back guarantee
Customer support
User friendly
Value for money
  • Excellent customer support
  • Anytime money-back guarantee
  • Server locations
  • Robust hosting packages
  • Advanced features
  • Speed
  • Uptime
  • No PCI compliance
  • On-demand backups are charged

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