Places to Sell Your Antiques


Did you know selling your antique will bring you a good amount of money? Yes!!! But you need to sell them to the right place to earn a good income. Many people sell their antiques at local stores to get fash cash, if you’re not looking for fast cash, you can get more money then selling them on local stores. 

Let’s discuss the best places to sell your antiques online

The below-mentioned websites will let you sell your antiques and earn good money. With these available options online, you can sell your antiques for the people who reside locally and globally. The type of products may vary from one store to another. Read completely and find the best selling website that is suitable for your item.


Etsy is a one-stop destination for unique products that cannot be found elsewhere. The platform lets their sellers list unique and antique items. If you’re looking to sell your antiques at the best price, selling them on Etsy is the best option for you. The best-selling antiques on Etsy are jewellery, home decor, wall art, vintage clothing and accessories.

No matter whether you’re selling home decor items or jewellery, the item must be at least 20 years old. If your item is not 20 years old, you cannot sell them on Etsy. The listing fee for the first 4 months is $0.20 per item. Once your antique item got sold out, you need to pay a 5% transaction fee. The payments will be transferred to PayPal or other payment methods.


Bonanza tagline “everything but the ordinary”, no ordinary items are encouraged on this platform. Over 12000 sellers have voted Bonanza as the best selling platform. The best part of selling your antiques on Bonanza is you don’t need to pay a fee for listing or setup. But when you sell your antiques on Bonanza, you need to pay a 3.5% transaction fee.

Whether you would like to sell perfume or sunglasses, Bonanza is the right choice for you. Capture images of your antiques and open an e-store within a few simple clicks. Sellers can import their antiques from Amazon, eBay, Etsy and Shopify. Sell your antique products on Bonanza and get a high margin. 


Whether you’re looking for buy or sell antiques, look no further than Offerup. The platform almost works similar to craigslist. Offerup showcases the products exclusively for local customers. Similar to Bonanza, Offerup doesn’t charge a single penny for listing your antiques on their website. Offerup has a dedicated webpage for antiques, it means customers can easily find and purchase antiques in no time. Sellers can sell antique items for various categories such as home decor, jewellery, fashion accessories and more. Capture the image, write a compelling description of the antique, list them on Offerup. When a customer purchases your antique, you need to pay a 7.9% transaction fee to Offerup.


Antiques are the most selling items on eBay. The platform is a suitable place to sell Asian antiques, silver, decorative items, jewellery and more. Showcase your antiques in the best way possible to attract buyers. Take clear pictures of the antiques, write a detailed description of the item, price competitively. Also, offering free delivery can sell your items quickly. Private sellers can list their antiques for free. But, whenever an item got sold out at eBay, the seller needed to pay a 10% commission from the total purchase price.


Facebook is the world’s leading social media platform. Apart from connecting with your friends, you can sell antiques on Facebook marketplace. Yes, you’ve heard it right!!! The marketplace allows sellers to list their antiques for free of cost in the ad. This ad will be displayed for the local users. Listing your antiques on the Facebook marketplace is a simple and straightforward way. Creating a list on the Facebook marketplace is free. Visit “Facebook Marketplace Community”, select on “sell something”. Now click on “Antiques and collectables” from the list. Add photos, description and location. Since Facebook has more than 10 million followers, your antiques will sell in a short amount of time.


eBid and eBay work almost similarly. However, the major difference between eBay and eBid is “Fees”. eBid offers lower charges than eBay. No matter whether you sell an antique bracelet or sunglasses, you need to pay 3% on every referred sale for eBid.

Many people are unaware of the eBid website, the site is providing its services from past 1999 onwards. Currently, eBid has more than 3 millions products listed on their website. Also, the website has a great audience base, it means you can easily sell your antiques and earn a good income. Click on “Start Selling” and list your products for free. The best selling antiques on eBid are art, coins, furniture, clothing, accessories, jewellery and more.


ArtFire is the leading platform to sell handcrafted jewellery and antique products. The website offers mobile-optimized shops and powerful tools. Whether you’re running a small or large business, open your shop within a few simple clicks at ArtFire. There are three shops available such as

  • Standard shop – $4.95 per month
  • Popular shop – $20 per month
  • Features shop – $40 per month

Build your shop at ArtFire without hassle. The promotional tools will offer to share your items to popular search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.


eBay is the favourite place for most of the sellers. But, there are other marketplaces such as Etsy, eBid, Facebook marketplace, ArtFire and Bonanza are also amazing places to sell your antiques. Sell your antiques and make some good cash. All you need to do is open a store, capture images, write a compelling description and list them on selling websites. Whenever a customer purchases your antique, you need to pay a commission on every referred sale. If you sell your antiques on eBid, you need to pay 3% of commission and eBay charges 10% commission on the referred purchase. Choose the selling website that is suitable for your requirement. Start earning good money by selling your antiques online.
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